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March 19th, 2008, 23:42
Mr305 (http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,4884.0.html) has posted an entry into the Neoflash Coding Contest:

Nickname : Mr305
Project name : Academic Aid Scholastic Suite
From : U.S.A.
Division : PSP APP
Original enter : NO (Rentering for one more time)
Support Motion : YES
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10 : Yes. 4th Place

Project description: : This is an educational tool for PSP which "aids" students in areas of Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus/PreCalculus, Physics I and Physics AP and any type of math with use of inbuilt calculator.
It spans a total of 45+ Equations. The usage is simple: user simple inputs the variables for equations/formulas and it does pages of tiresome work automatically and INSTANTLY.

Rev. 749 -> Rev. 753
> Improved Blackboard a little more
> The titles and functions of Convert Radians to Degrees were interchanged. Fixed.

Rev. 749
> Motion Kit support added.
- Tilt PSP Up or Down to navigate between items
- Can be used for Scrolling in equations like Quadratic formula and geometry of two points.
- Full sound + motion
- Makes a notification when it has been unplugged or not inserted during start up.
- Motion Kit SHOULD be plugged in BEFORE THE application has initialized for Motion functions.
> Numerous Usability fixes in Calculator.
> SQRT and CBRT function has been implemented in Calculator.
> Extensive GUI changes (Honestly, I laughed looking back at older versions 3.0)
- New BlackBoard Subject selection display algorithm
- Improved and SMOOTHER animations.
- Removed Annoying fades when switching between screens.
- New PIC1.png & ICON0.PNG
- Removed compression artifacts on BlackBoard.
- Improved Background
- New navigation sounds
- New text color scheme.
> Switched to Kernel Message Box systems; removed Old "Press Triangle for Credits" message.
> Added two new formulas: Find determinant of 2x2 matrix or 3x3 matrix.
> A newer implementation of Quadratic Graphing with new GU method; removed old VRAM pixel based graph and it was INVERTED!
> Bug fix in Quadratic Solution where factoring wasn't done correctly.
> Improved Load times but SIO initializing code neutralizes the speed.

Quote from: Currently Implemented Stuff

1) Quadratic solution and statistics of Axx+Bx+c equation
> Equation Solutions
> Factored form
> Discriminant
> The intercepts
> Derivate
> Graph
> Area under the graph
> Equations minimum
2) Statistics of two points
> The distance
> The midpoint
> The Slope
> The Cartesian Graph
> You can choose to override scale(Not-Recommended) or Let it choose the best fit from 1 Cm to 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 units; which ever fits the best.
3) Find Square Root, Cube Root or Nth root of an integer.
4) Arithmetic Sequences
> The term at a particular position in the sequence
> The actual series is shown 5 at a time
> The sum of terms from 1st term in the series to the the chosen number in series.
> Press L & R to change the series rapidly; Left & Right changes it slowly.
5) Geometric Sequences
> Same as above.
6)Logarithm solver
7) Find Determinant of 2x2 matrix
8 ) Find Determinant of 3x3 matrix


1) Newtons law of universal gravity.
2) Average Acceleration from velocity and time
3) Final Dist from Initial Distance, time , velocity/speed and (Optional) acceleration.
4) Final Velocity from Initial Velocity/speed, Distance & acceleration
5) Distance of projectile thrown straight up/down.
> Ability to override the Acceleration due to gravity.
> Lets you choose the time
6) Maximum Height/X-Range(the horizontal distance) of a Projectile [w/ Angle]
> Shows The maximum height that can be attained
> Shows the maximum range the object can reach.
> The X-velocity
> The Y-Velocity [before reaching peak height]
> The final Y-Velocity after reaching the peak height.
> The Final vector of the projectile
> The time to reach the peak. [total time = peak time * 2]
> All values are shown in degrees.


1) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a cylinder

2) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a Sphere
> Lateral and total surface area
> The Volume
3) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a Hemi-sphere
> Lateral and total surface area
> The Volume
4) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a cube/cuboid
4) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a cylinder
5) Area of a triangle from 3 sides[ i.e the herons formula]
6) Area of an equilateral triangle
7) Radians <-> Degrees conversion

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