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March 21st, 2008, 21:00
Hey everyone I just got Remote joy working with my ps3 controller on my pc monitor after 3+ hrs of searching/fustration and thought i would share the experience with everyone.
I have 3.90 m33-2 and Windows XP SP2.

Extract the RemoteJoy archive and ps3 controller archive.

*** How to setup LibUSB for the PSP ***

1) Hook up your PSP to your PC via a USB cable.

2) Install the PSPLink v3.0 OE app by copying the PSPLink folder from
"PSP FW 3.XX OE" to your ms0:/PSP/GAME380 folder (no this isn't a typo it was part of a guide i followed and it worked so...if it ain't broke don't fix it).

3) On your PSP go to Games and run the PSPLink v3.0 OE program. This will cause
the USB on your PSP to activate and Windows should tell you that it has
detected a new device (PSP Type B) and wants drivers for it.

3) Choose Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) then click Next

4) Select I will choose the driver to install then click Next

5) Click Have Disk then click Browse and steer to where the LibUSB/driver
folder is from the RemoteJoySDL archive and highlight psp.inf then click Open.

6) Click OK and you should have a PSP Type B listed in the window. Click Next

7) Click Finish. Congratulations! LibUSB for the PSP is installed.

You can check to see if it's installed and working correctly by going to your
Device Manager and select View -> Show Hidden Devices.

You should see a category appear named LibUSB-Win32 Devices and inside there
you should see PSP Type B. Right click on that, select Properties and in the
General tab make sure it says Manufacturer: Sony.

************************************************** *****************************
If it does not say Sony then you most likely have to fix your IDStorage
************************************************** *****************************

***How to setup PS3 controller for the PC***

1) Install libusb-win32-filter-bin-

2) connect your ps3 controller via usb

3) open a comand prompt (Start>Run>Type "cmd" w/o the quotations and hit enter.)

4) drag ps3sixaxis_en.exe to the cmd prompt and hit enter. (if your controller doesn't respond hit the PS button)

5) check control panel game controllers for your ps3 controller.

***Adding the PS3 controller for use with remotejoy***

1) In the RemoteJoySDL/PC folder i have included a PLAYSTATION(R)3Controller.map file i made for use with remotejoy.

2) In the folder RemoteJoySDL open one of the following in notepad:

Start-RemoteJoy.bat - for a window
Start-RemoteJoy-FPS.bat - for a window with FPS display
Start-RemoteJoy-FS.bat - for fullscreen
Start-RemoteJoy-FS-FPS.bat - for fullscreen with FPS display

3) after the variable ex. "-s" add "-m PLAYSTSTION(r)3Controller.map" and save.

*** How to setup Remotejoy for the PSP ***

1) Copy the PSPLink folder from the PSP FW 3XX OE folder to your
ms0:/PSP/GAME380 folder.

2) Copy usbhostfs.prx and remotejoy.prx from the SEPlugins folder to your
ms0:/seplugins folder. Add the lines in game.txt and vsh.txt to your game.txt and vsh.txt files respectively. If you do
not have a vsh.txt and game.txt in your ms0:/seplugins folder then just copy the one
I've provided. Now enable them in the recovery menu and set the game cpu speed to 333mhz.

*** Note ************************************************** ******************
You MUST have installed the Windows LibUSB drivers before you can do anything
further! Do so now if you haven't.
************************************************** ***************************

3) Once you've got all that settled it's time to run the apps. Have the folder
open with the .bat files ready.

Double click on Start-USBHostFS_PC.bat

4) Turn on your PSP and go to Games and run the PSPLink OE icon. The app will
start on your PSP and your screen will go black with a line of text. You should
now see a "Connected to Device" line in the usbhostfs_pc.exe command window.

7) Double click on Start-PSPSH.bat

8) Double click on one of the following:

Start-RemoteJoy.bat - for a window
Start-RemoteJoy-FPS.bat - for a window with FPS display
Start-RemoteJoy-FS.bat - for fullscreen
Start-RemoteJoy-FS-FPS.bat - for fullscreen with FPS display

You can hit Esc in the window or in fullscreen mode to exit Remote Joy SDL

************************************************** *******

Have fun running your psp on your pc. Also i have replaced the remotejoy.prx with one that works while saving in God of War and other games that previously froze.

March 29th, 2008, 22:15
how do you get the sound on your computer? coz im gonna use this to record in fraps, and i would like to some how record the sound also, i have this cable 3.5mm both side one side is blue one is green/
if i hook one end to the soundcard one end to the psp remote would it work? or do i need to turn on my mic and put it on the psp speakers

June 21st, 2010, 17:33
is there a way in which you could get the analogue stick working with RemoteJoy SDL?

My PSP's screen cracked as well as the analogue stick messing up and I hoped to use my PS3 controller to play Peace Walker, but it seems pretty pointless if I cant use the analogue stick. Help would be much appreciated.