View Full Version : HDL/HDAdvnace issues

March 22nd, 2008, 23:22
I a v7 fat ps2 with the mem card exploit. I got the ELF files for both HD programs and have tried running them from the mem card as well as from a flash drive. Unfortunately, both programs freeze up on the flash screen. Anyone have any ideas? I unfortunately dont have the discs for these programs.

March 23rd, 2008, 00:17
That's OK... the latest MC ELFs have been improved over the original HDLoader versions.

You were a little slim on the info your provided, but that's OK. If you knew everything to look for, you'd likely not be here, right?

I'm assuming that you have a HDD/Network Adaptor plugged in and are using the HDL 8c version of the ELF. Also, I assume by 'flash' screen, you mean the big blue HD LOADER splash before it goes into your game list. Another assumption: You're running the HD Loader ELF from the uLaunchELF menu.

My GF's HD Loader will crap out sometimes if the HD has come loose and just needs to be re-seated. Official SONY HDD's have a mounting bracket that keeps it from jostling about. Look for an amber light in the front 'grille' of your PS2. If it's flashing, you know the HD's active. Also, I'd recommend running the ELF from the MC, rather than the USB drive just to be safe.