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Gameforge cancels Star Trek: Infinite Space

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MMO failed to gain traction amongst marketers and publishers, claims studio

Gameforge has cancelled development on free-to-play browser title Star Trek: Infinite Space.
The Germany-based publisher was forced into canning work on the MMO, which was to be based on the Deep Space Nine universe, as it had struggled to find a suitable marketing partner for the title.

Plans for the game’s beta had previously been put on hold in November whilst the studio attempted to bring a publishing partner on board, but those efforts appear to have now failed.
"Since Autumn 2011 we've been trying hard to find a publishing partner for Star Trek - Infinite Spacel, unfortunately our efforts did not result in success," read a statement on the game's website.
"Therefore we made the difficult decision to cancel this project completely. Cancelling this project is a very sad thing for us to do as well. Unfortunately sometimes a good concept for a game cannot be realisd according to plan in a successful way."


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