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Nyrthos: Indie 2d arpg strikes back!

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After a few months of silence, BeerDeer games released their first video teaser video for “ Nyrthos,“ an upcoming 2D isometric action RPG for web browsers, Anroid and iOS. Watch it here:

Nyrthos has also lauched pre-ordres; at this time for a special starting price – 9.99 USD. Pre-ordering will grant you access to the Alpha version of the game, which is scheduled to go live on the 31st October. So if you want to be one of the first people to enter the world of Nyrthos and try and test out the game along with wanting to support the developers, definitely check it out!

At the heart of Nyrthos is an ARPG, but with a lot of other elements.
Not only are the screenshots similar, but Nyrthos also draws a lot of influence from the Diablo and Gothic series. Killing monsters, leveling, learning new skills, abilities and looting is the core of the game.

We are also borrowing mechanics from other genres, and trying to make them work in our world. You will be able to build certain structures, manage resources and do other stuff quite uncommon in RPGs.

One of our key goals is to create an ”expanding world.“ We would like to develop the game world and craft the story together with our players based off of their votes and actions. Though this might prove to be a near impossible task, we are very excited to sail into these waters.

Nyrthos also features a day, night and weather cycle that strongly impacts the game world; simply put, the night is very dark and deadly, so many actions have to be performed during the day. The cycle influences enemies, spawnable items, resources, events, and other stuff.

The alpha will start on PC and MAC, and will possibly spread to other platforms.
Right now, we are somewhere in between. Not quite at the release point yet, but too far to keep the game for our own eyes. People kept requesting some form of an early access, so we decided to give it a go. And why not? Some players just want to play the finished product, but today, there are also many players that enjoy this as a part of their gaming experience; they like to watch the game grow and they like to be a part of its history from the very beginning. These are our offer s target.

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