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    by Published on December 19th, 2017 16:32

    The Best Apps for Android Wear

    The Android Wear smartwatches are excellent right out of the box, but there are a number of applications you should download as well in order to make using yours as good an experience as it possibly can be.

    If you have recently purchased or received an Android Wear smartwatch, then you are probably very keen to get all the info you can from the device on your wrist in the most efficient, enjoyable way possible. There are many perfectly fine Google apps that will do all of this, and of course you can play Online real money pokies by means of it as well, and this article outlines which apps are the best for you to download, install and use today.

    You will need to download these to your Android smartphone first, and then the operating system for your Android Wear will assist you in getting them onto your watch. You need to head to the Play Store on your watch, scroll down until you get to the Apps on Your Phone option, select it, and then go from there!

    Arm Yourself with Android Pay

    After you have made sure that your Android Wear smartwatch has NFC, then one of the best applications is Android Pay. Much in the same way that you may have been using your smartphone to make payments using contactless technology, you can do this with your Android Wear watch now too. After you have added your bankcard to your device you are all set for total payment convenience!

    Get Going with Google Fit

    This app may even come pre-installed, but if not, make sure you get it. Google Fit is the go-to health tracking application for Android Wear. Thanks to the fact that it belongs to Google, syncing your smartwatch with the app on your phone for seamless collection of your health data is as easy as pie.

    Kick Disorganisation Out with Google Keep

    Even if you are already using this great app on your phone, Google Keep is worth downloading onto your smartwatch as well. It is really handy for things like shopping lists, and you can keep both your hands free while making sure you have everything you need as you go.

    Talk to Anyone Thanks to Google Translate

    This application is incredibly valuable when you are out in about in foreign climes. While we all would love to speak at least six European languages to facilitate conversation when travelling, most of us don’t, and having this application to translate short phrases can be invaluable.

    Cancel Convolutions with Citymapper

    As long as you reside in a city that the application covers, Citymapper is better in many ways than Google Maps, thanks to how reliable its bus and train times are. You can create turn-by-turn alerts to let you know when to change trains or get off the bus, as well. Citymapper is wonderful if you need a little help getting to where you are going but don’t want to stare at your phone the whole way there. ...
    by Published on December 19th, 2017 16:29

    No Forced Microtransactions for Square Enix Console Games

    One of the hottest topics in the gaming industry right now is microtransactions. Even though the larger game publishers like Take Two and EA have stated that they are probably going to be a vital part of future selling models, fans have been very resistant to the idea. This was most notable during the Star Wars Battlefront 2 backlash that recently occurred.

    Not all of the leading industry figures see microtransactions as the best way forward, however. In a recent interview with MCV, Yosuke Matsuda, the CEO for Square Enix, made it very clear that his company is not very likely to force microtransactions into each and every one of its console releases any time soon.

    This Selling Model Just Doesn’t Always Work

    Matsuda’s reason for this is that he doesn’t feel that this type of selling model always works for console games. He stated that, when you think about the manner in which console games are created, and take the volume of content and huge amount of effort that goes into creating them into account, there is something in all of that which doesn’t work well with the concept of microtransactions. The real money entertainment online gambling Canada provides could probably be grouped in the same category as console games too. Payment for play is upfront and immediate in the case of the latter, and there are not additional costs that players must consider as the game gets underway.

    Console Games are Different to Mobile Ones

    While microtransactions have become widely accepted as part of mobile games that offer free play, Matsuda acknowledged that this kind of welcome would not necessarily extend to paid for console games. He said that players had different expectations and desires where console games are concerned, and that they are not viewed in the same way that mobile games are.

    Square Enix is Not Averse to Service-Based Games

    This is not to say that Square Enix is totally averse to the release of additional service-based games by any means. Earlier this year, Matsuda stated in a message to the company shareholders that the games-as-service model would definitely be taken up. He explained that the days of single-player games having primary status in comparison to multiplayer games were gone.

    Multiplayer games have taken the lead, according to Matsuda, and it has become standard for these to be designed with long-term play in mind.

    It will most likely be the case, then, that Square Enix will carry on with the type of DLC model that is being used in Final Fantasy 15. They have stated that people have purchased these games, and they as a company wanted the games to be enjoyed and played for as long as possible. This meant that additional aspects were added after the game got completed, in order to provide players with further things to enjoy.

    The company is not likely to completely eschew microtransactions totally, however, as is evidenced by the fact that they appear in Final Fantasy 14. This is most likely as a result of this game being a huge multiplayer online role-playing game that is additionally available on PC. ...
    by Published on December 19th, 2017 16:26

    $15 Million Raised for Manticore Games

    Two executives previously in the employ of Zynga have managed to raise $15 million for Manticore Games, their brand-new gaming studio. It has been eight years since Jordan Maynard and Frederic Descamps launched their previous gaming start-up, the industry they assisted in shaping with A Bit Lucky. A Bit Lucky is a social game development company that provides multiplier games that unfold in real-time, and brings in over $100 billion in revenue globally.

    A Resurgence in the Popularity of Personal Computer Gaming

    Much in the same way that the easy access to top real money slots online has caused a surge in popularity for internet-based gambling, games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and League of Legends have resulted in a resurgence of gaming on PCs. In fact, user-generated content from within the gaming community has gone on to produce a string of incredibly popular hits, including Defense of the Ancients 2 and Rocket League.

    Manticore Games Hopes to Harness These Trends

    These trends are precisely what Maynard and Descamps hope to harness with their brand-new gaming studio, Manticore Games. Situated in San Mateo, this company is an independent developer of very high quality hardcore multiplayer personal computer and console games and services.

    An Undisclosed Game in the Wings

    With a new round of $15 million led by Benchmark, Manticore Games is working hard on an unknown game that will make use of the very same passion that users have in order to develop an innovative gaming experience.

    Benchmark’s general partner, Mitch Lasky, stated that he had been very eagerly anticipating working with Maynard and Descamps for many years.
    He revealed that they have been having an on going conversation regarding unique ways in which value and fun could be created for players, and he was very pleased to be able to assist them in building their exciting new company. Lasky’s previous early-stage investments include Discord, Outpost Games, Playfab, Riot Games, Snap, Gaikai, and Natural Motion.

    Manticore Will Focus on PC Gaming

    Focusing its energy on personal computer gaming, Manticore is busy with the task of creating a new manner of multiplayer play that makes use of content that users generate, says Descamps. He went on to say that tapping into the community power in terms of innovations extending into game design and play is very powerful, and allows developers to get a far better idea of what players were looking for.

    As Manticore is cooking up its first game, would-be players can look forward to a level of strategic gameplay and complexity similar to that found in the titles that are in the forefront of the PC gaming world currently.

    The Financing Has Been Rounded Out

    The founders’ pedigree and their plans for a brand-new game have been enough to attract other investors focused on games in order to round the financing out. Extra investors in the company’s $15 million round include Correlation Ventures, Macro Ventures, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, SV Angel, and CrunchFund, along with a number of other high-profile tech and gaming entrepreneurs. ...
    by Published on December 17th, 2017 23:15
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    Some news for the Vita Hacking scene that is exciting folks is the ReNpDrm by CelesteBlue, heres some more details:

    ReNpDrm is a kernel plugin for HENkaku/taiHEN-enabled PSVita/PSTV consoles by CelesteBlue (ePSP Bubble Installer and co-developer of Firmware Reinstaller). ReNpDrm constantly refreshes the system’s activation files so that it achieves its purpose of granting unrestricted access to PSN.This plugin will bring along the following:

    • Activation for unactivated consoles (or consoles that Sony rudely deactivated..) so that you can play your legally purchased digital games again!
    • Full access to PSN will be restored without the possibility of losing your activation files.
    • You will be able to purchase and download games from PSN again so you needn’t pirate games if you want to run them off your memory card! This is particularly great if you wish to benefit from the somewhat regular PSN sales!
    • Applications such as LiveTweet can also be downloaded so you can get access to the slim suite of smartphone-esque applications again!
      Unrestricted PSN access will soon be a thing again!

    This plugin doesn’t bring this stuff along:

    • You won’t be able to run games that require FW 3.61 or above but you can download them.
    • It won’t let you download games you don’t own (just in case you thought you could steal off PSN..)

    more info --> http://wololo.net/2017/12/17/explana...npdrm-excited/ ...
    by Published on December 17th, 2017 22:00
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    Heres a new version of the Amiga Emulator for Playstation Vita, heres the release info:

    Uae4All2 Vita_mod v1.54 is released. Use4All2 Mod is an Amiga emulator for Vita. This is my mod of the latest Vita version of this great Amiga emulator that was ported by Cpasjuste. Depending on when you read this, this mod might be ahead or behind his version. Uae4all2 is a Amiga emulator, based on uae4all openpandora-port sources.

    Uae4All2 Vita_mod v1.54 Changelog:
    - more choices for setting mouse speeds in steps of 0.25 now
    - a button can be mapped to "slow mouse" in custom controls. When that button is held down, the mouse pointer speed is greatly reduced. This is useful for precisely positioning the cursor.

    Download - https://github.com/rsn8887/uae4all2

    via http://www.emucr.com/2017/12/uae4all2-vitamod-v154.html ...
    by Published on December 17th, 2017 21:29
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    2. Nintendo DS News

    The Nintendo DS Emulator MelonDS has had a quick bug fix release, heres the release notes:

    melonDS v0.6b is released. melonDS is an open source Nintendo DS(NDS) emulator. melonDS is part of a second wave of DS emulators. There are a few other emulator projects that are part of it, which you might have already heard of. Either way, check them out!

    melonDS Features:
    * almost-complete 2D graphics
    * 3D graphics (software renderer) with texturing, alphablending, lighting
    * input: keyboard and joystick, touchscreen
    * backup memory
    * booting from the BIOS
    * resizable video output window, preserving aspect ratio of individual screens

    melonDS Changelog:
    As promised, the quick fix release is out. There are a few other goodies too.

    download http://melonds.kuribo64.net/

    via http://www.emucr.com/2017/12/melonds-v06b.html ...
    by Published on December 17th, 2017 21:12
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    Heres a new browser exploit for the Nintendo Wii, i have 4 Nintendo Wiis Exploited and love playing emulators and older games on them, heres the news from Eurasia:

    Fullmetal5 over at gbatemp.net has released a browser exploit for Wii called FlashHax. Quote: 'This is an exploit in the Wii's Internet Channel which can still be freely downloaded from the shopping channel. This exploit is entirely loaded over the internet so you don't even need an SD card for this. The goal in the future is to have a little app store where you can launch any homebrew app without having to go through the Homebrew Channel or mess around with preparing files on an SD card. Unfortunately this doesn't work for the vWii since Nintendo doesn't allow you to download the Internet Channel on the vWii. Although if you install the channel through homebrew it should in theory work (untested tho).' Thanks goes to hitman43 for the heads up

    via http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?na...=7689&forum=88 ...
    by Published on December 17th, 2017 21:00
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    5. Sega Dreamcast News

    Just in time for Xmas comes the final release version of ScummVM 2.0, heres all the release info and a load of new games are now supported:

    Just in time for the holidays, the final release of ScummVM 2.0 is here! This version adds support for 23 brand new old games, including almost all of the 32-bit Sierra adventures:

    • Cranston Manor
    • Full Pipe
    • Gabriel Knight
    • Gabriel Knight 2
    • King's Quest VII
    • King's Questions
    • Leisure Suit Larry 6 (hi-res)
    • Leisure Suit Larry 7
    • Lighthouse
    • Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe
    • Phantasmagoria
    • Phantasmagoria 2
    • Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
    • Police Quest 4
    • RAMA
    • Riven: The Sequel to Myst
    • Shivers
    • Space Quest 6
    • Starship Titanic
    • The Dark Crystal
    • Time Zone
    • Torin's Passage
    • Ulysses and the Golden Fleece

    There’s more than just new engines, too! Many existing games have been improved, a lot of work has been done to improve the overall audio and video systems, and some players will also enjoy improved joystick support and various small enhancements suggested by other users. A more complete list of changes in this release can be found in the ScummVM 2.0 release notes.
    And now, a big round of thanks and congratulations to everyone who made this release happen.

    With no further ado, download ScummVM 2.0, our gift from us to you this holiday season.
    Release team, signing off until next time!

    This release is also for Dreamcast, Playstation Vita, Playstation 3 and also Windows:

    More info: http://scummvm.org/downloads/ ...
    by Published on December 15th, 2017 23:55
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    For hackers of Nintendo Wii heres a nice beta update of the USB Loader GX, heres the release info:

    USB Loader GX SVN r1267 is released. USB Loader GX is a program to be loaded on a Wii console. The main purpose of this program is to load Wii games from a USB hard drive, but it includes much more than that.

    USB Loader GX SVN Changelog:
    * Set Nintendont as default gamecube mode for new loader install.
    * Set the Nintendont video scale option on 2 lines.
    * Added the Nintendont video scale option to individual game settings.
    * Added parental control option to block change of loader's Layout (requested)
    * Updated Language : FR, PT-BR, IT

    download https://sourceforge.net/projects/usbloadergx/

    via http://www.emucr.com/2017/12/usb-loa...svn-r1267.html ...
    by Published on December 15th, 2017 23:49
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    2. Wii U News

    Cemu the Nintendo WiiU Emulator for Windows has a new release, heres whats new:

    - Improved compatibility.
    - Graphic bugfixes.
    - Improved Amiibo support.
    - Various smaller tweaks and new features.

    download http://cemu.info/

    via http://emu-russia.net/en/ ...

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