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    by Published on April 15th, 2018 19:56
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    Recently i hacked my unused PSvita and PStv and now they are both awesome, heres an app you will use in both:

    If you a PSVita fan, you know 'bubbles' is the best way to launch your 'homebrew', well good news, the ABM team is back with v5.00:
    This useful application allows you to make personalized bubbles with 'icon' and 'title' of your PSP content (HBS/PSX/ISO/CSO) quick and easy, using the 'LMAN' plugin, forgetting completely of the tedious and long manual method.

    Adrenaline Bubbles Manager (ABM) purpose is to create the bubbles and necessary links to boot chosen psp iso/cso/pbp files with adrenaline v6.x through Lman's plugin adrbblbooter, all done within the ps vita, but, ABM does not change cpu speed, any issue related with that should be mentioned to Lman or the_flow[


    1. Install Adrenaline v6.1 Make sure Adrenaline works correctly, to be able to boot Adrenaline opening it just once, it is highly recommended to add the following line below the kernel line in ur0:tai/config.txt.
    2. After taking care of step 1, then you can start using Adrenaline Bubbles Manager to create bubbles for your PSP/PSX content.

    Changelog 5.00

    • Added submenu for Extra Setting.
    • Added ability to inject images to ABM bubbles.

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/ONElua/Adrenaline...nager/releases

    NEWS SOURCE: Adrenaline Bubbles Manager updated to 5.00 (via) Wololo

    http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/vi...o-v5-00.46805/ ...
    by Published on April 15th, 2018 00:51
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    2. Sega Dreamcast News

    Heres a bit of Dreamcast News, makes a refreshing change:

    Okinawa Rush is a martial arts platforming game with RPG elements, many items to collect and unique FengShui system. The game is currently in development and will come to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Dreamcast!
    Based on the “golden era” of video gaming with many influences from the old arcade games of the early 90s whilst introducing a deep, fluid, fighting engine, unique features and a constantly evolving character system.

    – 3 Playable characters.
    – Fast, fluid combat with unique fighting engine.
    – Intense boss battles!
    – Parry anything system.
    – FengShui item system.
    – Co-op two player mode.
    – Customisable training Dojo
    – Train your hero for optimum power and speed.
    – Online highscores and time-attack. Ingame “splits” for speed-runners!

    via https://pdroms.de/dreamcast/okinawa-...ercial-dc-game
    by Published on April 14th, 2018 22:03
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    2. Pandora News

    Heres a massive emulator release for the Pandora Handheld:

    RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable.
    List of included libretro cores:
    NES: FCEU, Nestopia, QuickNES
    SNES: PocketSNES, SNES9x-Next
    GBC: Gambatte, TGB Dual
    GBA: Meteor, VBA
    Genesis / Sega CD: Genesis Plus
    Saturn: Yabause (Very slow!)
    Playstation: PCSX-ReARMed
    Atari 2600: Stella
    Chip8/16: Maxe
    Arcade: iMAME4all, MAME078, Final Burn Alpha
    Mednafen cores: PCE-Fast, WSwan, PSX
    Natives: NXEngine (Cave Story), PrBoom (Doom)
    – Latest Retroarch stable release.
    – Updated SDL 2.0.8 (thx to ptitSeb for updating his github repo so quickly) and SDL2 Image 2.0.3.
    – Updated source code in src folder.
    – More info: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/r...-7-1-released/

    via https://pdroms.de/pandora/retroarch-...us-for-pandora
    by Published on April 14th, 2018 20:25
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    2. PS4

    Im not updating my PS4 but for those of you interested, heres the release notes:

    As usual the only 'changelog' entry is: “This system software update improves system performance” and normally that means something has been patched, which @Mathieulh has confirmed the currently available webkit exploit is closed, but no big deal as it was not a kernel one anyway, but it does mean Sony keeping an eye open what is being released out there in the wild.
    Firmware 5.53 is now giving you more options to choose how much data you want them to collect from your console. This includes data about online services (which cannot be deactivated), and navigation data (how you use the console. That part can be turned off). In general, my personal recommendation would be to share as little data as possible, independently of your use case.

    If you choose to update (which we don’t recommend if you expect to hack your console one day), head over to the settings to reduce the amount of data you share.
    As you can see above, the new firmware allows you 'cut down' the amount of 'public data being shared out' which is most likely the main reason for this update as Facebook got into trouble recently with this, but if you looking for 'future hacks' don't upgrade yet!

    NEWS SOURCE: PS4 Firmware 5.53 has been released (via) Wololo

    http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/ps...eleased.46793/ ...
    by Published on April 14th, 2018 20:13

    The Theme Park that was on my doorstep now has a documentary thanks to TPW:

    The American Adventure Theme Park opened in Ilkeston, Derbyshire in 1987 and throughout this documentary we look back through the history of what was one of the most popular theme parks in the UK. We share the story of how a theme park that was once home to millions of visitors struggled to survive and now sits empty.We look back through the development of the park in the early years thanks to home footage captured during peoples visits. I share my fond memories of the park and visit for one final time before the bulldozers come in. We share an insight into the future plans for the site, along with looking back on our favourite memories of The American Adventure Theme Park. This documentary wouldn't of been possible without the fantastic home video footage captured by the many visitors to the park over the years. A full list of YouTube channels with full length videos from The American Adventure can be found in the end credits of this documentary. This footage was used under the YouTube fair use policy for educational purposes. I'd highly recommend visiting these channels to watch the full individual videos.

    by Published on April 9th, 2018 20:33
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    Yet another awesome release for the Nintendo Switch:

    It's a driver that lets you use your JoyCons/Pro Controller with your PC with a lot more functionality than the default Windows driver (Analog stick support, Gyro Controls, Combining JoyCons, etc...)

    The above text answers the common first big question: "What actually is this thing and why should I use it?", and below is the overview settings, features and comments from its developer @mfosse regarding this awesome new release which allows us to finally fully enjoy the proper usage of your Nintendo Switch JoyCon and PRO controllers on your Gaming Desktop PC or Laptop rigs.
    Settings and features (some settings are only in the config file!)

    • Pro Controllers are supported (because someone is going to ask)
    • Combine JoyCons
      • Combines a pair of JoyCons into a single vJoy device

    • Reverse Stick X/Y
      • Reverses the X/Y direction(s) for both sticks

    • Gyro Controls
      • Enables controlling the mouse with a JoyCon like a WiiMote

    • Prefer Left JoyCon
      • By default, the right JoyCon is used (if found), this forces the program to use the left JoyCon (if found)

    • Gyro Controls Sensitivity X/Y
      • Controls the sensitivity -> higher = more sensitive
      • The X sensitivity also controls the gyro sensitivity for Rz/sl0/sl1 in vJoy

    • Gyroscope Combo Code
      • A number that tells the program which button or set of buttons to use to toggle gyro controls
      • To figure out what number to put in the config, look at the Gyro Combo Code when you press your desired keycombo

    • Quick Toggle Gyro
      • Changes the behavior of the Gyro toggle from a standard switch, to a "always on unless keycombo is pressed" mode

    • Gyro Window
      • Opens up a visualizer for the JoyCon's gyroscope

    • Mario Theme
      • Plays the Mario theme on the first connected JoyCon at startup

    • Debug Mode
      • Prints debug info to the console

    • Write Debug to File
      • Writes the debug info to a file

    • Force Poll Update
      • Don't enable this, probably

    I'm already aware of this post, but some of the info is pretty out of date, and I figured I should make an official thread.

    I've made two reddit posts about this now, and occasionally browse this forum, but still haven't made a post on here about this yet.
    Like with the reddit post's I've made before I'll do my best to answer any questions or comments you have.

    I don't have a full tutorial on how to use the program at the moment, but I have a basic outline of what to do on the GitHub page, I'll update this if me or someone else makes a full tutorial. If you're willing to make a tutorial contact me and I'll put it on the GitHub page (as well as here)

    Other Links:

    As much as I wish my code was perfect, it probably isn't so if you find any bugs or want to request a feature, you can do that here.


    NEWS SOURCE: JoyCon-Driver v0.98 for PC (via) GBATemp

    http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/re...-for-pc.46721/ ...
    by Published on April 9th, 2018 20:28
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    Kgsws has ported Doom to the Nintendo Switch, heres the release news:

    Of course there is an 'official DOOM' for the Nintendo Switch, but there is nothing better they being able to load up some 'original and modded WAD' files and enjoy them finally on your v3.0.0 Switch console using the now ported 'kgDoom' version by scene developer @kgsws that was released earlier this Easter weekend for all nineties to enjoy some classic FPS action!
    x0x0 said:
    kgsws released few hours ago on github completed code to compile his kgdoom for Switch.

    Working with HBL, support saves, lua scripting, analog targeting. The one bug i discovered is cannot back to HBL after start the .nro. I hope he fix this very fast.

    I uploaded ready nro with doom1 shareware wad - just put folder to sdcard. You can use other wads, but u need to google them.

    MORE INFO: --> https://github.com/kgsws/kgdoom/tree/lua-scripting
    Manual: --> https://github.com/kgsws/kgdoom/tree...ripting/manual

    NEWS SOURCE: kgdoom by kgsws (via) GBATemp

    http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/release-kgdoom-for-nintendo-switch-ported-by-kgsws.46722/ ...
    by Published on April 9th, 2018 20:17
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    2. PS3 News

    I recently hacked 2 PS3s one a release day BC PS3 and also a silver phat PS3, so pleased i waited to do it and heres another cool release for the scene:

    We reported on before in March regarding the upcoming project called PKG Linker from developers @DeViL303 and @pink1 and now after lots of freeback, they have completely rebuilt the their project and here is list of all the new amazing features:
    pink1 said:
    New Features

    • Complete GUI overhaul
    • Better error handling for corrupt pkgs
    • Saveable settings
    • Server control and better server error handling
    • Better IP/adaptor detection
    • Better port control, now settings controls app and server
    • Minimise to tray
    • Tray notifications for important actions
    • Tray controls while app is minimized
    • PS3 side server controls via new server setup item on the XMB.
    • Now detects package signing type and lists it in the app and on the XMB
    • Ping Tool for checking PS3 is reachable in direct connection situations
    • PS3Xploit Resigner Tool - all packages in unsigned folder can be signed with one click
    • Warnings when packages in folder have changed but pkg list not updated.
    • Warning when port has been changed but server not restarted.
    • Auto list generation when its required, like after saving new settings.
    • Theme settings, colors, Light/Dark.
    • Help section with trouble shooting for connection problems

    NEWS SOURCE: PKG Linker 2.0 (via) PSX-Place

    via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/re...han-cfw.46725/
    by Published on April 9th, 2018 19:47
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    2. PS4

    Catching up on a lot of releases, heres one for the PS4 hacking scene:

    @TheDarkprogramer is back with yet another one of his neat utilities to help you increase the 'greatness' on your exploitable PS4.
    TheDarkprogramer said:
    Hi Guys;

    Here is another release this will convert ps2 iso's into ps4 pkg's:

    Simply give it a ps2 iso then give it a Content ID ( Must be in format TTTTNNNN) T = Text N = Number and give it a title enjoy and keep it retro.

    Special Thanks to @cfwprophet and @wildcard for there help in supplying info to get this project done!

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogram...eases/tag/v0.3

    via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/ps...amerxxx.46772/ ...
    by Published on April 9th, 2018 19:42
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    2. Nintendo 3DS News

    Heres a updated version of the Snes Emulator for the 3DS from bubble2k16:

    Never thought I'd be making such a major change to this emu anymore, but here it is:

    v1.30 released:

    Improved sound synchronization.
    Added BlargSNES DSP Core (experimental) for performance. The original Snes9X DSP core (default) suffers from sound skipping in some games like Aladdin and Gradius 3. You can choose which DSP core to use from the Options menu. The BlargSNES DSP Core sounds similar to the Snes9x Core for most games. Sounds like Final Fantasy 3's the howling wind sound different.
    Added support for Tengai Makyou Zero English Patch (for hopefully all future versions)

    download https://github.com/bubble2k16/snes9x_3ds

    via http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic...1ddeae2018e3e7

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