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    by Published on April 19th, 2020 22:12

    COVID-19 already has experts talking about the worst economic downturn in a century, but one games industry analyst believes any negative impact on the next-generation consoles won't be fully seen until after the launch period.
    In a report released today, Ampere Analysis' Piers Harding-Rolls evaluates the impact the pandemic is likely to have on a number of sectors within gaming, both in the near-term and on a longer timeline.
    Barring supply chain issues or game development delays, Harding-Rolls expects both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to launch this November with price tags between $450 and $500. But even at those prices and in the middle of a global economic calamity, he expects the early adopter crowd to bolster the numbers.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...1-says-analyst ...
    by Published on April 14th, 2020 11:11
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    2. Nintendo Switch
    Article Preview

    • A system software update is available, would you like to update now? Nintendo put out a new firmware version for the Nintendo Switch today, adding a bit more than the typical stability we're used to. Version 10.0.0 brings some new features to the system, including the ability to remap your controllers and save custom layouts for Joy-Cons, Switch Pro Controllers, and the Switch Lite buttons. There's also a new section in the system settings that lets you toggle displaying your play data to others, or deleting it outright. Those that want to spice up their profile icons can do so, with six new Animal Crossing: New Horizons images that have been added. Another useful feature in 10.0.0 also allows users to transfer games from their system storage to a micro SD card, or the other way around. This works for game data, updates, and DLC, but it does not work for transferring save files to an SD.
      Ver. 10.0.0 (Released April 13, 2020)
      Added a bookmark feature to News.
      This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite news items.
      • A maximum of 300 news items can be bookmarked.
      • An internet connection is required to view bookmarked News items.
      • News items that are no longer available cannot be viewed, even if they were bookmarked.

      Added an option to transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card.

      • Users can now transfer downloadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory to an SD card (and vice versa).
      • Note that save data and some update data cannot be transferred to an SD card.

      Added an option to remap the controller buttons.

      • Analog stick and button configurations can now be changed for each paired controller.
      • Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors.
        • Custom configurations are stored on the Nintendo Switch system.
        • Configurations can be customized for the following controllers: Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Button configurations can also be customized on the Nintendo Switch Lite system.
        • This feature is not available for other controllers.
        • On each system, up to five favorite custom configurations can be saved for Joy-Con (L), five for Joy-Con (R), five for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Five configurations can also be saved as favorites for Nintendo Switch Lite.

      Added a new section in User Settings for Play Activity Settings.

      • The options for "Display play activity to:" and "Delete Play Activity" have been moved from Friends Settings to the new Play Activity Settings.

      Added new selections to the lineup of user profile icons.

      • Select from 6 new icons from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game for your user.

      General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
      Click to expand...


    by Published on April 13th, 2020 21:57
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    2. Nintendo Gamecube News

    Dolwin v0.12 is released. Dolwin is a Nintendo GameCube Emulator for Windows. Dolwin is an emulator of Nintendo Gamecube console. This platform is based on PowerPC-derivative processor, produced by IBM Corp. and codenamed Gekko. Dolwin mainly purposed to emulate homebrewn applications.

    Dolwin v0.12 Changelog:
    This release is an intermediate (WIP).

    It was decided to slightly move the original plans for adding a recompiler and transfer them to 0.13.

    This is due to the fact that the planned sound support, as it turned out, requires significant redesign of two Flipper components: DI and AI.

    Redesigned interface for interaction with the DVD subsystem. It has become closer to the real interface of the connector. (#62)
    Added support for DVD Audio and ADPCM decoder (#63)
    Supports AI DMA (#20)
    Sound output using DirectSound (#20)
    Problems with sound synchronization still remain, but they are associated with some architectural limitations and how to fix them is also clear.

    This release does not include traditional documentation (the Docs folder), but I’ll add a couple of documents that were created during the development process.
    I hope that they are useful to someone else :=)

    Be healthy)


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/04/dolwin-v012.html ...
    by Published on April 13th, 2020 21:53
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    2. Snes News

    pSNES v4.3 is complied. pSNES is a SNES Emulator for Switch. The main goals of this snes9x port are: have a basic but user friendly user interface on non windows devices; use a recent rendering interface for speed and effects support ; cross-platform and code portability ; easy updates of snes9x core (no modifications to the original sources).

    * Support save states
    * Support cheats (put a "rom_name.cht" file with game genie codes in cheat folder)
    * Support 2x, 3x, fit, fit 4/3 and fullscreen hardware linear scaling
    * Support software filtering (tv2x, smooth, supereagle, 2xsai...)
    * Support titles, previews, and icons images (png), named as the rom name with png extension instead zip/sfc, in their respective directory (to be created if needed).
    * Support database file for rom handling. You'll need a "db.xml" file located alongside the application. The current "db.xml" file comes from dat-o-matic, and contains a complete "no-intro" romset. Your rom files must be zipped and named as per this set (http://datomatic.no-intro.org). You can enable/disable this option from the option menu (restart required).

    Currently supported devices
    * Linux (sdl1, sdl2)
    * Nintendo Switch (libnx, sdl2)
    * Sony Ps Vita (vitasdk, vita2d)

    pSNES v4.3 Changelog
    psnes: fix audio crackling
    psnes: hide unneeded options from options menu
    psnes: allow listing unknown files in rom listing
    psnes: add BLOCK_INVALID_VRAM option
    psnes: add TRANSPARENCY option
    psnes: add DISPLAY_MESSAGES option
    psnes: add FRAMESKIP, TURBO_MODE and TURBO_FRAMESKIP options
    psnes: allow frameskip on switch, while not really needed...
    psnes: update snes9x core to latest version (03/31/2020, 432fc08498b33190a41ae659c3c5fccbeb5b8b3e)
    psnes: include all pFBN changes since last pSNES release (a lot)
    all: add SHOW_REAL_NAMES ui option to show zip names (or fbn names) instead screenscraper name in rom listing
    all: lower videos previews size (1/2 size, 20 seconds instead 36).


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/04/psnes-v43.html ...
    by Published on April 13th, 2020 21:27
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo spent big on TV ads last month, especially to promote Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it looks like no other gaming brand came close to touching a similar total spend.
    According to data shared by VentureBeat and iSpot.tv, Nintendo spent an estimated $14.6 million on TV ads last month, $3 million more than it spent in February.
    That money went toward 20 different ads that aired over 3,000 times, with seeing the largest budget for a single ad.
    Nintendo was the only gaming company to spend over $1 million on TV ads, with the second-biggest spend coming from Bethesda at an estimated $866,000 split between two ad spots. $499,000 of that went toward the Doom: Eternal official launch trailer.
    Xbox spent the third most, with $641,000 across four ads and its biggest spend -- $269,000 -- on a Doom: Eternal ad in partnership with Bethesda.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...v-ads-in-march ...
    by Published on April 13th, 2020 15:30

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake was the best-selling boxed game in the UK last week.
    The anticipated RPG sold half of the last major game in the franchise, Final Fantasy 15, which arrived at the start of December in 2016. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has suffered from severe distribution challenges caused by the coronavirus crisis, with physical game stores closed throughout the UK due to a Government-imposed lockdown. It's also ill-advised to compare sales for a game released in April with one launched during the Christmas sales window.
    The Square Enix title did manage to sell double the launch sales of last week's classic PlayStation remake, Capcom's Resident Evil 3.
    Although High Street shops are closed, the number of boxed video games grew again last week by 2%. Since the start of the lockdown in the UK, over one million boxed games have been sold, and if you include the week before -- which featured the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizon on Nintendo Switch -- that number jumps to 1.5 million. These are the sort of sales figures you would typically expect to see in the build-up to Christmas.
    The number of physical games sold in the UK so far this year is up by just over 3% year-on-year -- a drastic change from just a few weeks ago when the market was down by more than 20%.
    But it's not been new games that has driven this year-on-year increase, but older titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, FIFA 20 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, alongside console bundled games such as Forza Horizon 4, The Last of Us Remastered and Horizon Zero Dawn. Console hardware sales have spiked considerably over the past few weeks as consumers look for entertainment during the coronavirus lockdown, and it appears this has resulted in new console customers entering the market.
    After a few weeks of decline, Nintendo Switch games have sold strongly this week as more consoles were made available -- although they have since sold out. As a result, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe rose 317% in sales week-on-week and jumped from No.25 to No.5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons also saw a 14% sales bump, and rose up one place to No.3.
    There was also a very small number of Ring Fit Adventure games released into the market last week, which saw the Switch game re-enter the charts at No.25 with an 192% sales increase.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...et-grows-again ...
    by Published on April 11th, 2020 21:16

    The number of physical video games sold in the UK has increased, despite a nationwide lockdown that has seen most High Street games retailers closed.
    Over 350,000 games were sold last week, a rise of 3% week-on-week. That means more than one million physical games have been sold in the UK over the last three weeks. Prior to any lockdown or social distancing measures, game sales were tracking at around 150,000 units a week.
    Despite the result, the big new release of the week did underperform compared to its predecessor. Resident Evil 3 sold fewer than half the number of units of last year's Resident Evil 2. Of course, with so many stores closed and people told to stay at home, it's entirely possible that the game performed much better as a download. Digital download data is not available.
    The other new release of the week was the PlayStation 4 exclusive Persona 4 Royal, which makes No.5.
    Games bundled with PS4 and Xbox One hardware continues to perform well, due to another strong week of sales of games consoles over the past week. Titles such Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and The Last of Us Remastered continue to have a presence in the Top 20.
    The same cannot be said for Nintendo Switch games. With standard Switch hardware almost entirely sold out, games such as Mario Kart 8: Deluxe have fallen sharply down the charts. Mario Kart 8 is currently down at No.25, the first time it has fallen out of the Top 20 in over three years.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...in-three-weeks ...
    by Published on April 7th, 2020 11:21
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    2. Genesis News

    If eskayelle’s TMNT of Rage Remix and Extreme Mania hacks had a baby, it’d be this game…
    More enemies, faster opponents, one life to live, and one difficulty setting… MANIA.
    Prepare to test your mettle against Shredder, Mr. X., and the Syndicate’s fiercest fighters.
    Think you can make it all the way to the end of the game? There’s only one way to find out.
    Download the final (???) game of the TMNT of Rage trilogy and take the Syndicate to town today!

    https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5040/ ...
    by Published on April 7th, 2020 11:19

    As more and more people are stuck inside due to the spread of COVID-19, those who already play video games actively are increasing their playing time, social play, and spend.
    Nielsen has shared data from a survey of 3,000 active gamers, defined as those who had owned at least a PC, PS4, Xbox One, and/or Nintendo Switch, play games at least one hour per week on average, and had purchased at least one game in the last six months. The survey covered the US, France, the UK, and Germany.
    Of those, at least 20% of active regular game players in each country are now playing games even more often specifically because of COVID-19.
    This is especially true in the US, where 45% are playing more frequently, with 38% of gamers in France saying they were playing more, and the UK with 29%.
    Understandably, there have also been increases in playing with friends online rather than in-person. 29% of those surveyed in the US are playing online with others more often because of COVID-19.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...players-inside ...
    by Published on April 6th, 2020 21:43
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    1964 - Carnivorous Edition (2020/04/05) is compiled. Unofficial fork of 1964. 1964 is a free Open Source N64 Emulator. It is one of the top Nintendo emulators arround that you can get with a high game compatibility rate.

    1964 - Carnivorous Edition Changelog
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Fixed GLideN64 mipmaps
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    New GLideN64 texture pack for GoldenEye (HUD only)
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Added DirectInput plugin
    Updated readme FAQ and install guide
    Updated GLideN64 (Public Release 4.0)
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Recompiled RSP.dll
    Added beta crosshair to texture pack
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build (split-screen supported)
    Updated readme FAQ
    Updated 1964.ini to use correct defaults for all ROMs
    Updated readme FAQ (thanks to Graslu00)
    Added 30fps cheat for GE\GF
    Replaced No Audio 1964.dll with No Audio.dll (more stable)
    Updated readme FAQ (thanks to DuskyLW and Pheonarx)
    Updated N-Rage plugin to 2.3d
    Added counter factor settings to 1964.ini for GE\PD
    Updated Glide64.ini to use new buffer swapping for Perfect Dark\GoldenEye: X
    Inserted Goldfinger 64 CRC to 1964.ini\Project64.rdb\Glide64.ini
    Cleaned up readme
    New Glide64 texture pack for GoldenEye (HUD only)
    Removed standalone Perfect Dark speed-hack (now included in 1964)
    Unpacked UPX compressed dlls msvcp60d.dll and msvcrtd.dll (caused antivirus false positives)
    Replaced ASPack'd zlib.dll with unmodified zlib.dll
    Replaced saves with more complete saves
    Updated readme guide and FAQ (thanks to Graslu00 and Oxygen)
    Fixed typo in readme (thanks to Rekrul)
    Updated GLideN64 (Public Release 2.0)
    Inserted GoldenEye: X 5e CRC to 1964.ini\Project64.rdb
    Inserted GoldenEye: X 5d CRC to 1964.ini\Project64.rdb
    Removed GE-MP (unfinished and source of false positive antivirus detection)

    Rewrote PD speed-hack (thanks to Ryan Dwyer)
    Added option to auto hide cursor on launch
    Will ask user which video plugin to use on first launch
    Fixed borderless fullscreen bug on ROM close
    Added borderless fullscreen mode
    Always disable autoload cheats on start up
    Fixed Memory Pak corruption for players 2\3\4
    Added 60fps firing rate fix to GE
    Added region checks for GE\PD hacks
    Adjusted filename for loading RSP.dll
    Only update Project64.rdb if using Jabo
    Status bar shows correct CF on launch
    Default rdram\counter factor set to - 1 & 8mb
    Opening cheats will now restore mouse cursor
    Fixed show\hide cursor bug when returning from dialog window
    Cheat settings will load from 1964.cfg
    Combat boost now works at 60fps
    No longer reset counter factor settings for GE\PD
    Tweaked the default window size
    Improved timing stability for GE\PD
    Fixed GoldenEye TLB gamehack that caused issues with 24MB ROM hacks
    Removed maximize button
    Added option to increase PD speed-hack frequency
    Reduced PD speed-hack inject rate (less aggressive)
    Fixed bug that caused game to soft lock when unpaused
    Fixed Memory Pak corruption on first write
    Improved GE\PD ROM detection for loading default settings (supports Perfect Dark +)
    Added PD speed-hack from Mouse Injector (more stable)
    Will ask user for ROM folder on first launch
    Profiling stats disabled by default
    Changing states will display the new slot # in the Status Bar
    Reverted relative filepath for saves\plugins as it caused issues with Windows 10
    Removed CTRL+R hotkey for RSP plugin settings
    Fixed bug with ROM properties window not displaying the correct defaults for GE\PD
    Lock counter factor to 1 while Overclocking
    Default counter factor set to 2
    Extended overclock to 18 times (requires powerful CPU)
    Removed overclock profiles (combined all in one exe)
    Integrated overclocking into menu
    Fixed save issue with uncommon characters in filepath
    Removed registry functionality (uses 1964.cfg instead)
    New icon provided by deuxsonic
    Maximum Kernel Frequency on by default
    New option - Set Maximum Kernel Frequency (thanks to deuxsonic)
    New option - Disable Status Bar
    Cursor is unhidden when opening plugin configuration windows
    Backported 1964 1.1 cheat engine (better compatibility)
    TAB now hides status bar (thanks to deuxsonic)
    On first load, set input plugin to Mouse Injector in registry
    Unpause only when entering fullscreen
    Fixed cursor hiding while changing plugin settings
    Fixed show\hide cursor bug (TAB now toggles cursor)
    Changed filenames - caused emu detect issues in W10 (thanks to Stunning Cactus)
    Auto enable\disable RSP emulation for GoldenEye 007\Perfect Dark (ROM name detection)
    Adds ROM CRC to Project64.rdb when running new ROM (for Jabo compatibility)
    Default plugins set to Jabo - Mouse Injector - Azimer
    Romlist shows filename by default
    Set Perfect Dark\GoldenEye: X to EEPROM 16KB (ROM name detection)
    Two overclock profiles - six\nine times
    Compiled non-overclocked 1964 version - for slow cpus\novelty

    Mouse Injector
    Version 2.0 Released
    Adjusted Discord Rich Presence text and descriptions
    Adjusted UI
    Rewrote BONDDATA scanning
    Lowered FOV range for speedrun build
    Adjust weapon position for override FOV
    Compensate for override FOV while in aim mode
    Limit SetCursorPos execution
    Updated Copyright
    Sanity check pickup threshold before overwriting
    Created speedrun build (removes FOV advantage and pickup threshold adjustment)
    Version 1.9 Released
    Lock crosshair X axis when driving the tank while tank equipped as weapon
    Override camera y axis pickup threshold (from -45 to -60)
    Added enum ...

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