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    by Published on April 18th, 2019 09:15

    Tired of playing online? While you can always try out the Play Frank promo code to play some great online games, you may also want to try out console gaming.
    Now, when it comes to consoles – it’s just PS4 and Xbox One. We will talk about the latter.

    Xbox One is one of the best consoles in the gaming world. Moreover, with Game Pass, you can now access various Xbox one games. You can play your video games also on Xbox 360, Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Here is a look at some of the best games for beginners in 2019.

    #1. Apex Legends.

    There is a new contender for the battle royale in the gaming world. It is about time that Fortnite moves aside for a few. Apex Legends is one of the best games which you opt to play in 2019. It has been designed by the creators of Modern Warfare, Titan 2 and Call of Duty. It has fantastic characters who will fascinate you.
    The game is free to play on Xbox One although it is available on other platforms such as PS4 and Windows. However, you will need to download the game, and that will cost you.

    #2. Devil May Cry 5

    How would you like to slay demons in one of the best video games ever? Devil May Cry 5 was one of the first video games to be released this spring. The sequel is very similar to its predecessor. It follows the lives of Nero who is present in Devil May Cry 4. However, there is a new character known as V who has been added in the video game. The combat system is quite remarkable which will give you a chance to unlock various skills. Moreover, it has a good soundtrack which provides the game with the kick it needs.

    #3. Fallout 4

    If you are looking for a video game which you can explore then Fallout 4 is the game that you need. Although some might not consider it as the best of all combat video games, it is still worthwhile for beginners. You have both love and war, and that is enough to keep you intrigued.

    #4. Sekiro: Shadows die twice

    If you are looking for Samurai action then you should watch out for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This new video game is a new release from Software which is known for its Soul Series. It is one which a lot of gamers have been anticipating.
    The protagonist of the game is Shinobi who you will take his role. It starts by hero finding that his Lord has been kidnapped, and during the scuffle he gets his arm severed. Therefore in place of the arm a prosthetic is placed which is equipped with various gadgets and weapons. You can use the prosthetic to fight off your enemies. The game will test your skills and your patience; thus you have to be resilient.

    by Published on April 16th, 2019 20:19

    With 2020 fast approaching, gamers have been wondering what the future has to offer. After checking out the top sites and chat forums, we have discovered the most anticipated games of 2019 and they come in all different kinds of genres, so you are bound to come across something that gets your gamer juices flowing! Check them out here.

    Casino Online Gaming

    New online casino games at Novibet have been said to have made it to the top of casino gaming lists. Enjoy brand new casino releases which are included under table game and card game releases. These games have been developed using the most modern gaming tech available which promotes high definition graphics, interactive gaming options and social gaming options. Access these games from your mobile device or your PC.

    Resident Evil 2

    One of the most anticipated remakes to hit the gaming world is Resident Evil 2. It arrived in stores in the beginning of the year and has been all the range in the months leading to its release. The storyline revolves around lead characters Kennedy and Claire, who find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse world. The games is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


    Play this release online in multiplayer mode and enjoy the recent gaming development from EA’s BioWareStudios created to unite groups of players. Anthem was released in February 2019 and delivers an interactive gaming experience which is action packed and filled with incredible features.

    Metro Exodus

    The theme is set in Russia and the era is a post-apocalyptic, designed and developed like many other action packed game, Metro Exodus stands apart from similar genres by delivering unpredictable scenes and gaming options. The smooth and clear graphics enhance gaming experiences delivering an action filled gameplay. Fight your way through a number of levels in order to survive and enjoy visual graphics depicting gruesome scenes from the game. The gaming development was released in February 2019 and can be played via PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

    Devil May Cry 5

    As the name suggests, the Devil May Cry 5 takes on legions of demons in in depth fighting skills and gaming features. The characters makes this gaming development one of the most anticipated ones of 2019 and has been a hit amongst gamers since its release earlier this year.

    The Division 2

    Take care of the bad guys in New York in this multiplayer online game which requires shooting fighting skills. Released in March 2019 you can play Devil May Cry from your PlayStation 4, Xbox One and your PC.

    2019 is filled with gaming releases and you can play them in multiplayer mode to enhance your gaming experience as all modern games have been designed to be powered on this platform. As far as 2020 goes, well, if the gaming industry is anything like it has been from 2018, we can expect to see it flourish even more so and thanks to modern tech such as VR and virtual reality software, we hold our breath in anticipation of what could be.

    by Published on April 12th, 2019 17:39
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    New from Hydr8gon

    NoiES for Switch

    I present to you my own original NES emulator for the Switch, NoiES! This entire emulator was written from scratch by me. I started this project just to teach myself about how emulators are made so that I can work on larger projects in the future, but it went farther than I originally expected and is now pretty much a full-fledged emulator, apart from some minor inaccuracies and some missing mappers.

    But there are already other NES emulators for the Switch, why use this one?
    Well, no reason in particular. As I said before, this was more a learning experience for me, but I ported it to the Switch for the homebrew bounty and I might as well release it. I suppose the biggest advantage I can offer is that since I developed the entire emulator core myself I am very familiar with it and can easily dive in to fix bugs and add new features.

    Minor inaccuracies?
    Yes, well, I've yet to test my CPU timing for cycle accuracy so no promises there. There are also some minor timing issues with the PPU, particularly with the MMC3 IRQ counter, which can be seen in the slight vibration of the status bar in Kirby's Adventure. Another odd bug I found is that I can't seem to navigate the items menu in The Legend of Zelda. Oh, and the audio system is still kind of a work in progress, so you might notice crackles (especially in docked mode!), missing sounds, or things that sound slightly off. (Wow, doing a great job selling it here)

    Right. Every ROM has a mapper; it's basically what loads different portions of the ROM memory into the CPU memory for execution. I've implemented mappers 1 through 4, which should cover a large portion of the NES library. If you have any particular games you want to play that aren't supported, tell me the mapper number (the emulator will tell you which one it is if it isn't supported) so I can place higher priority on implementing it. ...
    by Published on April 12th, 2019 17:36
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    New from romain337

    Here is a quick and dirty port of GrafX2 the famous paint editor that we all love.
    I just created a Makefile and put all the needs inside, then added a bunch of defined(__SWITCH__) here and here. Just diff the source (included) against the original to see what changed if you ever want to add things on it.

    I do not plan to support this project so feel free to take the source and maintain it on github yourself. Maybe in 6 month or more I'll add proper mouse support or something.

    Things that don't work:
    - on screen keyboard (it appear but nothing can be typed with it)
    - no lua scripting
    - no tiff support
    - 1280*720 resolution. It seem like a bug in SDL2, but really, I don't know.

    Things that work:
    - drawing \o/
    - loading/saving (if you can type into the textbox).
    - ...

    All credits to the original authors of this program.

    The original project is on gitlab: ...
    by Published on April 12th, 2019 17:34
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    The classic MS-DOS shooter by Ken Silverman finally running native on a portable platform! This is based off the enhanced SDL port for Windows and Linux with enhanced textures and 60fps rendering.
    Includes the complete game and uses Adlib emulation for the music. If there are any bugs or feedback then please let me know. The game is also in the Homebrew AppStore.

    Known bugs:

    Highscore and game saves can't get a keyboard input for name entry so they default to the name Ken or use the Switch account name if you are signed in. If there's an available on-screen keyboard for this part then let me know!
    Replacing the data files with the files from Ken's Labyrinth 1.0, the game loads fine but none of the controls work

    Change log:

    3.2.2: 2019-04-02
    * USB keyboard and mouse support for Nintendo Switch

    3.2.1: 2019-03-03
    * Anisotropic filtering now supported on Switch

    3.2.0: 2019-12-18
    * New audio device selectable in the setup menu: Adlib random instruments. This will play
    the music tracks with randomly selected instruments. If you don't like the instrument settings
    you can select it again and it will load a different random set.
    * Changing audio settings now no longer requires you to quit the game. All changes are immediate
    * Switch - Now dynamically switches to 1080p from 720p when connecting to the dock and vice versa.
    The setup menu will also reflect the current mode. ...
    by Published on April 12th, 2019 17:09
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    2. PC News

    QEMU v4.0.0-rc3 is released. QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.When used as a machine emulator, QEMU can run OSes and programs made for one machine (e.g. an ARM board) on a different machine (e.g. your own PC). By using dynamic translation, it achieves very good performances.When used as a virtualizer, QEMU achieves near native performances by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU. A host driver called the QEMU accelerator (also known as KQEMU) is needed in this case. The virtualizer mode requires that both the host and guest machine use x86 compatible processors. ...
    by Published on April 12th, 2019 17:04
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    3. Gameboy News,
    4. Nes News

    higan v106r132 is released. higan (formerly bsnes) is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:
    - Famicom
    - Super Famicom
    - Game Boy
    - Game Boy Color
    - Game Boy Advance

    higan also supports the following subsystems:
    - Super Game Boy
    - BS-X Satellaview
    - Sufami Turbo

    higan Changelog:
    * Update to v106r132 release.

    byuu says:

    - improved waveOut DRC handling to match bsnes v107.1
    - removed Famicom::APU::setSample() and replaced with Emulator::Stream
    - updated genius, map-analyzer, board-editor to new version of hiro
    - updated genius, map-analyzer, board-editor to use nall::Instance
    hiro objects
    - removed Emulator::Game (failed experiment at code reuse which was
    never used consistently)
    - resynced Super Famicom/boards.bml to include 1CB5B-01 and 1K1X-10
    - Super Famicom: hard-forked bsnes; removed ppu-fast and speed hacks
    from higan
    - UI: removed "Show Hacks" from the settings menu
    - Super Famicom: minor cleanups on PPU variable types (nothing
    - fix carry flag calculation bug in uPD7725/uPD96050 core
    - don't render the screen during overscan area if overscan is
    disabled; fixes Top Gear 3000 sprites
    - note: I don't know if overscan can be enabled mid-scanline, but
    it's somewhat likely ...
    - added code to validate all peripheral locations on system load to
    remove renamed/deleted peripherals from the tree
    - remove FDS disk slot on cartridge disconnect rather than cartridge
    - all cores: scheduler.reset() called inside load() rather than
    power(); as peripherals often create threads prior to power()
    - removed binary=library rules from Makefile; since higan doesn't have
    any use for it (it remains an option in bsnes)
    - added icarus support for MSX2 and MSX2+
    - added higan stubs for future MSX2 and MSX2+ support
    - added MSX keyboard skeleton class (need to decide how to name the
    keys before implementing the actual key bindings) ...
    by Published on April 12th, 2019 17:01
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    VitaHex, a developer famous for making PS Vita games inspired from other games, has released his spin on the Dark Souls franchise.

    The game has similar elements to the Souls games. There is a large map to explore filled with deadly enemies.
    Combat system works well, basic combo attacks and rolling are there. It is very important to lock on you enemy before going for an attack by pressing the down arrow key. You start the game with 3 health potions only, so use them wisely.
    There are no checkpoints or save options yet and all the menus are missing but I’m working on all those elements and they will slowly appear in future versions of the game.

    You can download Fallen Knights at the following url
    To install the vpk on your homebrew enabled PS Vita I recommend to use VitaShell. Also it is recommended to have the reF00D plugin installed. ...
    by Published on April 11th, 2019 18:23
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    GLideN64 is a new generation, open-source graphics plugin for N64 emulators

    GLideN64 Public Release v4.0 Changelog:

    The second big topic of this new release is fixing of regressions.

    Unfortunately, each big release is brings not only new features and fixes, but also new bugs. Complete testing is very hard and tedious process. Fortunately, users are founding and reporting us about issues. One of my goals for this release was to fix all known regressions. I combed project's bug tracker for such bugs. To my surprise, many reported issues were actually old and very old regressions. I even found regressions, which were made before the very first public release. I fixed all these issues and I hope that this release will not bring many new ones.

    New features.

    1. As you know, GLideN64 has special mode for precise emulation of N64 depth compare. This mode helps to fix many minor and some major issues with depth compare, but it has some limitations:
    serious performance drop in some games
    incompatibility with Multi-Sample Anti Aliasing (MSAA)
    Logan McNaughton aka loganmc10 found OpenGL extensions, which helped us to weaken the performance issue greatly. Now you can use N64 depth compare freely if your hardware supports required extensions. This mode is still incompatible with MSAA, but now we have a solution. I implemented Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing (FXAA) , which you can enable along with N64 depth compare.

    2. Ultimate solution for "remove these darn annoying black boarders" issue: Overscan feature. Now you may crop output image as much as you want.

    3. User profiles. You may create profiles with different settings and switch between them. For example, you may create a profile with 2D fixes enabled to play 2D games, or create a profile with N64 depth compare + FXAA enabled.

    New supported games

    I already mentioned implementation of new microcodes, which finally made it possible to run any game with HLE. However, there are still games, which can't run properly because they do something weird what GLideN64 does not expect and can't emulate yet. Example of such game is Super Bowling 64. The way that game programmed makes it hard to emulate on PC hardware. Finally I found a way how it can be done. That fix then helped me to solve split screen issue in NASCAR 2000. Another example of hard to emulate issue is multiplayer mode in GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark with 3 or 4 players. It was fixed too.


    It is impossible to list all solved issues. We closed more than 175 issues during this release cycle .
    You may read my change-logs on Patreon for details.

    Thanks to all backers of "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine" crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We hardly would take that task without your support.
    Thanks to all my patrons on I very appreciate your support.
    Thanks to all users of Your bug reports and feedback greatly help us to improve quality of the program.
    Very special thanks to olivieryuyu, the author of incredible microcode decoding

    via ...
    by Published on April 11th, 2019 18:18
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    2. Wii U News

    Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

    Cemu v1.15.4b Changelog:

    # New in 1.15.4b:

    general: Fixed memory searcher tool not displaying some values
    general: When certificates for online mode are missing or corrupted Cemu will now print a warning to log.txt when they are accessed

    H264: Stability improvements

    GX2: Fixed crash when R10_G10_B10_A2_SNORM texture format is used
    GX2: GX2ConvertDepthBufferToTextureSurface() will now reset global depth clear to 0.0 as a side effect since Dragon Quest X relies on this behavior

    nlibcurl: Fixed crash bug in free() wrapper
    nlibcurl: Implemented curl_multi_fdset()
    nlibcurl: Added support for CURLINFO_CONTENT_TYPE and CURLINFO_REDIRECT_URL

    nn_boss: Fixed crash when running unregistered task

    nsysnet: Stability improvements

    # New in 1.15.4:

    general: GamePad view now works with OSScreen API (used by some homebrew)

    debugger: Various stability improvements and bug fixes

    H264: Added full h264.rpl module implementation (#25)

    CPU/JIT: Implemented PSQ_L type 9 (single U16 load) (#30)

    GX2: Fixed a bug when determining vertex winding order for primitive RECTS with non-standard vertex shader attribute mapping
    GX2: Fixed a bug in texture copy operations with non-zero mip levels (#19)
    GX2: Added support for texture formats X24_G8_UINT and D32_FLOAT_S8_UINT (#9)
    GX2: Minor optimizations

    nlibcurl: Several crash bugs fixed

    input: Added support for hot plugging configured controllers while a game is running

    nn_boss: SpotPass files are now cached across Cemu sessions and only redownloaded if they are outdated
    nn_boss: Added support for RawDlTaskSetting API in tasks and file handling (#31)
    nn_boss: Fixed incorrect http headers in web requests
    nn_boss: Fixed a bug in task.StopScheduling()

    nsysnet: Improved robustness

    (#xx) refers to bug tracker issues fixed by this change. See

    via ...

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