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    by Published on August 25th, 2019 23:06

    Looking to have some fun this weekend? If you’re in the U.K., you might just want to head over to a theme park nearby. These adventure parks have some of the best and sleekest rollercoaster rides. They are as great as the multiplayer or online bingo games you play on your PC, offering some great experiences and fun.
    Today, we are going to look at the ten top best rollercoasters in the UK. Let us know what you think about our ranking.

    #1. Stealth

    Stealth which is located at Thorpe Park has been dubbed as the fastest rollercoaster in the country. The ride can accelerate from 0-80mph.

    #2. Wicker Man

    Wicker Man is one of the few wooden built rollercoasters in the UK. The ride has some special effects such as fire, smoke, and water, which will get you screaming.

    #3. Saw; The Ride

    This ride is located at Thorpe Park, and it is the first rollercoaster to be inspired by a horror movie. Are you ready for a 100-degree drop? Then Saw is what you need.

    #4. Dragon's Fury

    Dragon's Fury is one of the popular rides at Chessington World Of Adventures. It is a family favorite; therefore, you have to make it early to the ride to get some space.

    #5. Oblivion

    Oblivion is the third-fastest rollercoaster in the UK. It can accelerate to a speed of 68mph. The ride which is located at Alton Towers is a record holder of the most profound drop; 180-foot vertical drop.

    #6. Rita

    Rita is also located at Alton Towers. If you love fast rides, then it is what you need. It can go from 0-60mph in less than 24 seconds.

    #7. Nemesis Inferno

    Nemesis Inferno might not be the fastest ride in the UK, but it is one thrilling rollercoaster. It accelerates at a speed of 50mph as you plummet into a volcano.

    #8. Colossus

    If you get scared quickly, then the Colossus ride is not for you. The ride which is located at Thorpe Park will have you feeling disoriented.

    #9. Big One

    The Big One was one of the fastest rides in the UK until Europa Park, located in Germany, opened. Also, it is the tallest rollercoaster in the UK.

    #10. Drayton Manor

    The Drayton Manor has been described as the best rollercoaster for all ages, including children. Also, you can enjoy the biggest Thomas Shop here.

    by Published on August 25th, 2019 23:01

    Consoles were a game-changer in the video gaming world. There have been a total of eight generations of consoles with the ninth one on its way. Once Sony releases PS5 in November, we will be heralding a new age. You may then want to take a relook at PC gaming. Sure, casino games with a betfair casino promotion code or other online games will still be fun, but when it comes to hardcore gaming, not many machines can come near to the PS5.
    The eighth-generation which is the current one has been announced as the best one yet. So this begs the question which is the best console that has been released in this generation that is the creme de creme of them all? In this article, we will rank the best consoles in the eighth generation. Let us know what you think. .

    #1. Sony PlayStation 4

    PS4 has time and again been dubbed as the best console in this generation. It was released in 2013 as the predecessor of the PS3. The consoles feature some games such as Bloodbornewhich are only available on the console. Also, it has a stylish design, a fast processing power, and the graphics are top-notch.

    #2. Wii U

    You might be surprised to see Wii on the list since it did not have the same market success as other consoles. But if you are a fan of Nintendo, then you understand why it one of the best. The console had a unique approach such that Sony and Microsoft copied it. Also, the best thing about was that it could feature any game and also the best part is that online was free.

    #3. Nintendo 3DS

    Before Switch, Nintendo 3DS was the best console in the video game industry. It was cheap, long battery life, amazing graphics, and big games. For instance, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon and Super Mario are some of the best games to be featured on this console.

    #4. Xbox One

    Critics have argued that Microsoft could be running in the same spot as Sony, but they have bad games. But the graphics, the controller and the overall console are one of the best in this generation.

    #5. Nintendo Switch

    Since Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017, it has gone to have some of the best games in the video game industry. For instance, Super Mario Odyssey has been ranked 97/100 by Metatric.
    Other notable mentions in the eighth generation are PC, Oculus Rift, Steam Box, and PlayStation Vita.

    by Published on August 25th, 2019 22:58

    Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) has finally announced their plans for the future of the Marvel films. During the San Diego Comic-Con 2019, it announced plans for Phase 4 and 5. Phase 4 will run for only two years, making it the shortest. However, you will be glad that Black Widow, and the Eternals will be showcased in 2021. That being said, the future of Spiderman 3 remains in dark now, with Sony potentially pulling out of the MCU universe.
    Phase 5 will include new movies with new characters after Avengers; Endgame marked the end of Phase 3. Here are all the movies to expect in Phase 5.
    Gamers will take delight in the fact that several MCU characters are seeing their own games, as the Spiderman on the PS4. You also have Captain America as a slog game that you can play online. Many MCU fans today love to try out online slots games with pinnacle online codes, for instance.

    #1. Blade

    MCU revealed that a Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali would be released in 2022. Ali has won an Oscar two consecutive times for Best Supporting Actor.

    #2. Black Panther 2

    Black Panther became the best solo movie for Marvel last year. It won various awards such as Best Motion Picture. Fans thought that it would be part of Phase 4, but it will be released in theatres in 2022.

    #3. Captain Marvel 2

    Captain Marvel which was released earlier this year was a big hit at the box office. It had a success rate of $1.1 billion. Kevin Feige announced that Brie Larson is the biggest hero in Marvel. She will likely take up the role of Captain Man or Iron Man in the future Avengers.

    #4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

    This was one movie that was supposed to be part of Phase 4. However, James Gunn, the writer-director, was fired but soon rehired. Gunn is currently working on DC's Suicide Squad, which will be released in 2021. This will give him enough time to work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 which will be released in 2022.

    #5. Fantastic Four

    The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and the Torch will be making their way to Marvel. It is one of the most anticipated movies.

    #6. X-men

    After Fox introduced their own X-men, Marvel has to wait for two years to release The New Mutants. However, they do not have the rights to use Fox's characters. But since the film will be released in two years, it gives MCU enough time to develop their script and characters.

    by Published on August 22nd, 2019 16:27

    Before console and online gaming, and during the early days, many of the best games came in paper form. Despite video games becoming so incredibly popular and increasingly affordable over the years, many of the best paper games maintained some of their hard-copy-using audience. As the years have gone on, however, video games have revisited these classic paper-form games to bring them to the modern online audience as well as provide a quick and easy way for old fans to rekindle their enjoyment of the games. These are some of the most-loved paper form games from across the format that have earned acclaim in the online space.

    From book pages to online streaming

    While many will argue that the tabletop, pen and paper role-playing games are the classic form of paper gaming, the role-playing gamebooks certainly boasted a strong audience. In the books, you would read a page, make a decision at the bottom, and then turn to the indicated page to find out what happens next. You choose your journey, make the decisions, pick up items, and level up attributes. In the UK, the Fighting Fantasy books mixed the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure-style with dice rolling from tabletop RPGs.
    Most recently, Choose Your Own Adventure has been used as inspiration for an online game/interactive movie in the form of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, on Netflix. In Bandersnatch, you choose the direction of the movie/game, with many users wondering how you can get to the end and actually win. Unfortunately, Bandersnatch came under fire from Choose Your Own Adventure, with the gamebook brand citing trademark infringements.

    From local shops to websites

    Source: Pixabay
    Quite possibly the most popular paper game among adults is the lottery. The huge jackpots, weekly or bi-weekly draws, and news coverage of the lottery results all help to make it a very appealing game to play. Going down to a local shop, writing down some lucky numbers, and then paying to play the lotteries available in the country is still very popular, but many people have turned to the digital offering to make the process more convenient and diverse.
    Nowadays, people can claim online lottery tickets to play their lucky numbers in their domestic and continental lotteries, such as the EuroJackpot, from the convenience of their home or on the go. The experience is the same and made much more convenient, but the possibilities are much greater. Thanks to the internet, people can buy online lottery tickets to any of the biggest lotteries from around the world. For example, someone based in the UK can get a ticket for the massive PowerBall in the USA or Spain’s multi-billion El Gordo.

    From paper decks to digital decks

    While not as popular anymore, the likes of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards were all the rave less than 20 years ago. Collecting, trading, building decks, and battling were enjoyable and a test of skill and now, it’s even easier with to play with the online offering. Recently released and possibly the best reincarnation of a classic card game for consoles is Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution for the hybrid touch-screen console, the Nintendo Switch. The rather deep game of Duel Monsters is made even easier by the Switch game, with prompts as to when moves can and cannot be made.
    The game boasts many story modes that take fans through the ages of Yu-Gi-Oh and over 9,000 cards. Players compete in battles in the story to earn cash and cards, using the cash to open packs for more cards. Best of all, there aren’t any microtransactions, so players have to play, win, and earn their way to getting better cards. Then, they build decks, use them in the story mode and compete online against fellow duelists.
    Gamebooks, lotteries, and trading card games all enjoyed their time in the sun in paper form, and now they boast popular versions in the digital space and online.

    by Published on August 20th, 2019 19:51

    This year's Christmas release slate is an unusually quiet one.
    Some of the blockbusters that have historically dominated the Q4 sales window are absent. EA has no blockbuster multiplayer shooter this year, and instead has a single-player Star Wars adventure to plug the gap. Ubisoft has just the solitary AAA release this quarter, and it's not Assassin's Creed or Watch Dogs. And although they're not always a Christmas fixture, there is no Fallout or Elder Scrolls or GTA, either.
    Yet what may look like a weakness to games retailers is an opportunity for everyone else. Christmas 2020 will likely be dominated by another new console showdown, with major first and third-party games trying to achieve decent market share on consoles with a smaller install base.
    This Christmas there will be well over 150 million console owners in the market, and with some of the big players absent, it's a real chance for everyone else to capitalise.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...christmas-2019 ...
    by Published on August 19th, 2019 21:43
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    Around 3 hours ago, pwn20wnd who is one of unc0ver’s authors (together with Sam Bingner) took the community by surprise and tweeted out that unc0ver 3.5.0 got released with support for iOS 12.4 which is the latest version of iOS meaning that it’s obviously signed and ready to be installed.
    Unlike other times when a new version of iOS got jailbroken, this time it wasn’t because a new exploit, making use of a previously disclosed vulnerability, got released but because sock_port (the exploit by Jake James used to jailbreak iOS 12.1.3-12.2) got unpatched on iOS 12.4 (released on 22 July) after it was patched on iOS 12.3.
    Apparently, this security blunder was discovered by Ahmed Aldeab 2 days ago and after it was verified by leading jailbreak developers, pwn20wnd got to work by updating and testing a new release of unc0ver presumably before Apple becomes aware of what happened and pushes a new version of iOS to patch the issue.

    http://wololo.net/2019/08/18/jailbre...d-in-ios-12-3/ ...
    by Published on August 19th, 2019 21:32
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    Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

    # Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.12
    # Patreon release date: 2019-08-09
    # Public release date: 2019-08-16


    http://www.emulation64.com/view/3005...512b-released/ ...
    by Published on August 19th, 2019 21:31
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    Shadowrun by Sega Genesis, is an action and RPG game based on the popular PnP role-playing game Shadowrun. This series combines the classic fantastic elements of role-playing games with cyberpunk element, mixing magic with the matrix, achieving a unique gameplay.
    There are two versions of Shadowrun in the 16 bit generation, which as it is easy to deduce, are the 1993 Nintendo version and the 1994 SEGA version. The main difference between both productions, is that the SEGA version delves more into the Shadowrun universe, allowing a nonlinear free-style gameplay with a narrative more typical of a role-playing game. Also, it offers the opportunity to test some the characteristics features of the franchise such as forming a team with different archetypes, buying and accessorize firearms, make a powerful spell book, installing cybernetic improvements called cyberwear on your characters, hacking the matrix with a fully upgrade cyberdeck, and above all, the great opportunity to realize a Shadowrun!
    There is nothing wrong with the Nintendo version, but if you are a fan of RPGs you probably want to try the SEGA version.
    Some flaws that some people mention in the original version of Sega are that some missions can be somewhat repetitive, and the punishing difficulty for the reason that it is not easy to progress in the game, since the money and experience points rewards are low; also the combat can be sometimes difficult since, although there is a very decent arsenal, in practice it is reduced to one or two useful weapons.
    The main objective of this new hack, Shadowrun 2058, is to eliminate these drawbacks and at the same time get closer to the original rules of Shadowrun second edition, which is the generation on which this game is based. Some of the improvements offered by this new installment are: better rewards for fulfilled missions, total review of weapons and armor allowing more fluid and less frustrating combats, cheaper and more accessible objects and improvements, and many other improvements detailed in the project page.
    If you ever played Shadowrun and you didn’t like it because of the aforementioned flaws, or maybe you really liked but you expected some things to improve, the hack developer hope you give it a second chance and now you enjoy a more complete experience this time you run in the shadows!

    https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4116/ ...
    by Published on August 19th, 2019 21:29
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    As a popular game whose localization for the SNES was highly memorable, the script writing for Final Fantasy VI is a topic frequently discussed in fan circles. But the sheer number of translation errors in its original English release, compounded by the alterations and inaccuracies found in later versions, have had the result of obscuring and distorting many of the details of the story.
    In response to this, user hairy_hen decided that it would be appropriate to rewrite the script for Final Fantasy VI, in order to create a version for the SNES that faithfully presents all of the story and character details found in the Japanese original. Drawing upon his experience as a story editor, and closely following the live translation featured on Legends of Localization, hairy_hen went through the entire game and rewrote the dialog line by line, in order to restore all of the missing and distorted information. With the details presented in a correctly translated form, the internal logic of the story becomes much clearer. The focus of the plot is more unified and comprehensible, and the flow of each conversation becomes consistent in tone and coherence.
    The overriding goal was to be as accurate to the intent of the original script as possible, but to keep the text in a form that would read naturally in English, rather than trying to replicate the quirks of Japanese grammar. With debates about the wording of specific lines often overshadowing discussions about the story, hairy_hen found it necessary to take an objective approach to the merits and shortcomings of previous releases. Consequently, while he did retain some of the memorable “flavor text” from earlier versions, he eliminated any changes in the dialog that interfered with the meaning of the story, and generally preferred to rewrite rather than hang on to the earlier phrasing.
    The character of Cyan, whose speech had been somewhat mangled in previous releases by incorrect application of archaic grammar, was rewritten most extensively of all. Researching works dating from the time of Early Modern English allowed Cyan’s dialog to be written in a way that convincingly reflects the usage from this period, while remaining clearly understandable to a modern audience. Additional documentation about the specifics of the style is also provided.
    The project’s aims also included the translation of non-story text; and therefore the game’s enemies, items, spells, and other abilities were renamed for the sake of accuracy. Most of these used the official names from Square Enix, but some were changed as needed in order to more closely reflect the Japanese originals. Mistakes in their accompanying descriptions were also corrected. To streamline the experience of the player, bug fixes were applied to eliminate potentially game-breaking glitches in the original code, and a few small enhancements such as B-button dashing were included for convenience. The Japanese title screen and uncensored graphics are also present in this version.
    Since the Legends of Localization video series made it plainly obvious just how many previously undocumented translation mistakes the game actually contained, the necessity of creating a version that would rectify all of the issues became clear. This release, therefore, is aimed at anyone who prefers to play the game in its original form for the SNES, but without any of the associated textual problems. With its focus on story, Final Fantasy VI: Retranslated is designed particularly to appeal to those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of the game, and to experience a version that adheres as closely as possible to the intentions of the game’s writers.


    http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=29094 ...
    by Published on August 19th, 2019 21:27
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    A few months ago, a contact reached out to me with an irresistible offer. I would be given the opportunity to experiment with an insanely rare, prototype development kit PlayStation Vita. The only ask from my source is that I somehow dump the boot code. I’ve spent the last seven years hacking every last bit of the Vita from exploiting the kernel to extracting hardware keys with AES fault injections. In that long journey, I’ve gotten intimate with every model and revision of the Vita so it seems inevitable that I would find myself with the very first prototype. The DEM-3000L is actually more rare than the DEM-3000H that recently made headlines having been sold for $20,000. Although I cannot confirm this independently, my source claims that the DEM-3000H units were distributed to early game developers while the DEM-3000L was used internally at Sony to develop the system firmware. The history of this particular DEM-3000L was that two of these were originally found side by side at a Chinese landfill. They had extensive water damage (I was told they were “at the bottom of a lake”) and was carefully repaired. One of the two (the one with the broken display) eventually made it to me.

    If you want to learn more about hardware glitching, the ChipWhisperer Wiki is a great place to start. If you get a ChipWhisperer Lite hardware, you can follow the tutorials there to learn more. Our work was all done on a ChipWhisperer Lite along with some molecule mods that enables features such as eMMC packet triggering, multiple glitch units, edge triggering with extra GPIO inputs, extra clock divider options, and more. You can also find some Vita-specific scripts for the ChipWhisperer for glitching and for DFA. Finally, if you want to learn more about the Vita, the HENkaku wiki is the place to go.
    The DEM prototype glitching summarized in this article was done live on Twitch over exactly two weeks. If you want to see the whole process from inception to completion, they are all recorded in vods. Be warned though, more time was wasted going down wrong paths and making mistakes than actual progress–but that is how real hacking works. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and provided help and moral support, and to xyz for providing the exploit to trigger the reset handshake.

    full article here https://yifan.lu/2019/08/16/glitchin...ce-of-history/ ...

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