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    by Published on November 15th, 2017 21:43
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    Like most people i love playing Snes games on my phone or via emulators on PC and other systems. Just checked out PlayAsia for news and they have news that a new controller is being released Soon.

    8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller Gamepad is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows & Mac OS

    Examples: iPhone, iPhone5S, iTouch, iPad, Samsung Note II, Galaxy series, Android Pad
    Windows XP, vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc


    • Rumble vibration
    • Motion controls
    • Turbo function
    • USB-C

    Heres a looksy:

    Its going to retail at $39 for those of you interested. Check it out Here, Also comes in a UK coloured version Here. ...
    by Published on November 15th, 2017 21:05
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    2. Sega Dreamcast News

    Wow this is absolutley Awesome, a Dreamcast VMU - which is a Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit with a Raspberry Pi built into it, the screen is dinky, but props to the installer, heres a video

    Heres the info:

    Quick demo of my Dreamcast VMU with a Raspberry Pi! Very playable if not incredibly small!! Sound wasn't enabled at this point but it does have full sound check out my build log here: http://www.sudomod.com/forum/viewtopi...

    PS YES I know it's a vertical video.. was easier to do in one hand! For an 11 second video I think it's ok ...
    by Published on November 15th, 2017 20:43

    Been a while since I posted and in the downtime I finally deleted a heck of a lot of posts from the forums and removed any content that google deem offensive, so now we after a 2 year break are back in google search, not only that but I also got us redeemed by google adsense. So a clean bill with which to restart a fresh beginning.

    DCEmu UK will always be a Homebrew and Emulation and Gaming Network but also a side project of mine will be a Theme Park News Site, always loved Theme Parks and cant wait to post news and the best in vlogs.

    Hopefully ill get a few visitors back but this is really for me to get reinterested in Homebrew etc and my own view of the world.

    Thanks for Listening, I hope I don't disapoint ...
    by Published on August 9th, 2017 20:56
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    2. Wii U News

    The Nintendo Switch hasn't been out that long and already the hackers have started on this console:

    As expected after the recent Switch browser hacking mapping out sysmodules and gaining kernel access, game cartridges can now be dumped, and the scene group BigBlueBox already released a few titles. Check this forum topic for more info. Sorry for the late news post, been a bit busy lately."

    More Info : http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?na...ticle&sid=3618 ...
    by Published on August 9th, 2017 20:50
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    2. PS4

    PS4 Hacking fans will love this latest item of news:

    Most of the good stuff, tools, plugins for the exploitable PlayStation 4 console firmware on v1.76 uses CTurt's original PlayGround web interface to launch them, but recently now @modz2014 has started a GITHub project page to port it over to the newer v3.x firmwares.

    Source --> http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?na...ticle&sid=3621
    by Published on August 9th, 2017 20:47
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    2. Wii U News

    For fans of WiiU Hacking heres some great news:

    dimok has posted a brief tutorial and coded Linux tools to inject WFS blocks via USB over at gbatemp.net. This is primarily for those who updated to firmware 5.5.2 by mistake and are interested in restoring HBL or haxchi on their Wii U. I have uploaded a complete pack with a save exploit here. The procedure is pretty advanced, and the tools are compiled for a Linux (32bit) system, to use on Windows (or Mac) you need to compile/port the source code yourself. This also requires an SEEPROM dump from the target console.

    More info --> http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?na...ticle&sid=3622 ...
    by Published on August 7th, 2017 21:35
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    3. Console Hardware News

    So im browsing the internet looking for news and either I am way out of date or the stores where I live are, Samsung are selling a 200GB Micro SD Card, ive heard of a 64GB card but a 200GB Card is ridiculous, heres the specs:

    Max. Read Speed: 90 MB/s
    Max. Write Speed: 10 MB/s
    UHS-I / Class 10
    Water / Temperature / Shock Proof SD Adapter Included
    Now if this had been on ebay I would have thought it was a load of tosh but here it is at Play Asia --> http://www.play-asia.com/sandisk-ult...u63?tagid=3527 ...
    by Published on August 7th, 2017 20:47
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    A new custom firmware has been released for the PSVita this release only supports 3.60 firmware:

    HENkaku Ensō is the evolution of the HENkaku jailbreak that opened the PS Vita and PSTV to a new universe of customization and user created content. Install it once and your Vita will be permanently hacked--no need to apply it after each reboot. Just enable HENkaku, install the following vpk, launch it, and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Does this work with firmware 3.61/3.63/3.65? No.
    How do I use this "vpk"? You need to install HENkaku first. Then open up molecularShell and press "Start" to enable the FTP server. Then connect using a FTP client and copy the vpk to "ux0:/data". On your Vita, browse to "ux0:/data" and select the vpk to install it. Then you should have a new bubble in LiveArea which you can launch to install ensō.

    More info https://enso.henkaku.xyz/ ...
    by Published on July 18th, 2017 21:30
    Article Preview

    Source: Terminator Genisys: Future War via Facebook
    Two years after the release of Alan Taylor's Terminator Genisys, it looks like Arnold has made good on his "I'll be back" promise and returned in the new free to play mobile title, Terminator Genisys: Future War.

    The game, which released May 17, gives players the option to fight with the T-5000s or human resistance. After choosing which side to align yourself with, the action immediately kicks off as a tutorial walks you through the basics of building and maintaining your own base. A cursor will point you in the direction of what you want to choose while an NPC explains why the choices were made. Gradually the tasks become more complex, but it's always clear why specific tasks were done. After about five minutes, the tutorial ends and Future War finally gets a chance to shine. 

    Right away, the player is in full control of their base. Military units can be created, ammunition can be manufactured, and factories can be upgraded but the choice is up to you and it seems there are no wrong answers on how to play. For example, sometimes scavenging materials is more effective than creating them. If your army outnumbers an opponent, you're able to collect a fair amount of material without losing much. On the flipside, if you choose to build up resources with the one day of VIP access you get after starting the game (this allows you to speed up processes in the game that would normally take much longer or gave a steep discount on desired goods), you could build up your level and warehouses more quickly. This might mean you have far fewer units, but in the first day of play, there isn't much of a chance to get attacked anyway. 

    Either way, it's all up to the player's discretion, which is a nice change of pace from the handholding that many MMO strategy games (especially those on mobile) tend to bog themselves down with - one video game trait that a gamedonia article says developers should do away with. This also makes the player feel like they play a bigger role in the game at large right out of the gate. By giving full reign of the game, immersion comes that much more naturally in a style of game that prides itself on progression by way of learning. 

    Source: Terminator Genisys: Future War via Facebook

    And thankfully the immersion doesn't stop there. Future War's art style evokes the same dark, dystopian feel that the movies strive to accomplish time and time again. Taking a brief look at the game's website shows exactly what the game has to offer, with the iconic Skynet robot staring down Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800. Scorched deserts, shells of bombed out buildings and neon lighting combine to create the gritty world that really makes Terminator unique. 

    When the player builds up enough units and resources, they can then venture out into the online world to gain points toward the online leaderboard. This is the basic goal of the game. The player with the highest dominance is the best player in the world. But when you're the best player in the world, more people have a reason to want to take you down. This is nowhere near a foreign concept among mobile games, but developer Plarium handles the familiar leaderboard system well, dividing the top players from the top clans as well as the player's personal ranking. It's nothing special, but it gets the job done.  

    Overall, Future War is quite fun and has enough gameplay diversity and daily quests to keep things fresh for a few hours each day. Not only that, but the game runs smoothly on bootup and controls intuitively, a trait than any mobile game worth a darn is sure to have according to Forbes' formula for making a  successful mobile title. Properly managing your base for an optimal return of dominance will be what separates serious players from the casual lot, but both types of players will be equally satisfied with what the game offers them. So if you like the Terminator franchise or are interested in mobile MMOs, this game is worth a try as it's free to play.

    Terminator Genisys: Future War is exactly what a mobile game should be. It's immersive, it keeps you tasked, it's free and it gives you the option to pay money for a boost in play. If you happen to give this one a chance, you might just find a new obsession.  ...
    by Published on July 15th, 2017 16:44
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    2. Xbox One

    Wow some awesome emulation news and on one of the present generation consoles, Retroarch the multiconsole emulator has been ported to the Xbox One, heres more info:

    Retrix currently supports the NES, SNES, SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear, SG-1000, Megadrive, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and in the future many other platforms.
    Here's how to take advantage of Retrix on Xbox One:

    1. Download the .APPX package for the Xbox One (29.4 MB)
    2. Once downloaded, to install Retrix on your Xbox One, you need to switch your console over to developer mode, this is the most complex step, you can either follow this guide by Team Pegasus, or spend an one-time fee of $19 to Microsoft.
    3. Enjoy! Retrix supports the local game for two players, and all credit goes to Albertofustonini to create and maintain the Retrix project.

    More info --> http://team-xecuter.com/retrix-retro...d-to-xbox-one/

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