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    by Published on September 16th, 2019 16:59

    After years of murmurings and speculation, 5G internet is finally upon us. Whilst the signal strength, speed and availability is largely dependent on your location, the majority of UK users should be able to access 5G pretty readily by the end of the year.
    In essence, 5G is a supercharged version of the 4G internet most of us currently enjoy on our mobile devices. Users will benefit from lower latency, faster download speeds and more stable connections, all of which will lend themselves to a better gaming experience. But what does the advent of 5G mean for gaming as a whole?

    Reaching For The... Clouds?

    As innovative a concept as cloud gaming is, it needs a quick and stable connection in order to fulfil its full potential. Although PlayStation Now hasn't been the rip-roaring success that it promised to be, it has done a decent job in introducing the concept of cloud gaming to the general public. With projects such as Google Stadia set to launch at the end of the year, the timing couldn't be better, and 5G could well be the platform which allows Cloud gaming to reach new heights. It also won't hurt that Cyberpunk 2077 has recently been confirmed for Stadia - this will only further the growing interest in the technology and by this time next year, cloud gaming may have already taken its place at the top table.

    The Impact on the Online Gambling Market

    As the online casino industry evolves, the need for more powerful technology increases. With most online casino platforms now offering live casino and immersive experiences, those with slow internet connections are somewhat disadvantaged. However, 5G will allow players to experience live streaming on the go and will also help those who play online slots too. As those who play Gemix slot and other similar games can attest to, modern online slot games are awash with various different bonuses and features, as well as HD graphics and high-quality sound. From a mobile gaming standpoint, those with faster internet speeds will have no problems enjoying these extra features on their mobile device. In addition to this, the advent of 5G will also allow developers to add more to their games in the coming years.

    Competitive Gaming and eSports

    The European eSports market is worth a whopping €240 million (£212 million) thanks to games such as Fortnite and PUGB. Those who play battle royale games will already be well aware of the importance of internet speeds. To this end, companies in China are already exploring the capabilities of 5G technology and assessing how it can benefit eSports moving forward. With the renaissance of PUBG and Fortnite on Android platforms, it's not difficult to see how faster internet will benefit players who prefer to do their gaming from their mobile device.

    The Future of 5G

    At the speed with which technology advances and evolves, it's difficult to predict the future. Many 5G sceptics will simply cite virtual reality technology as an example of something which has failed to deliver on its many promises. When all is said and done, isn't 5G just a slightly faster version of 4G? Can it really change the gaming landscape as much as it promises to do so on paper? The truth is that no-one really knows. However, if we revisit the topic again in a year's time, we may just have the answers.

    by Published on September 12th, 2019 19:16
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    2. Genesis News

    Hugues Johnson got in touch with us again to point at his final version of his Sega Genesis game Retail Clerk ’89.
    Retail Clerk ’89 started as a personal exercise to learn Sega Genesis programming. It’s now a complete, albeit short, game demo. Although originally inspired by Phantasy Star II and III it morphed into more of an interactive fiction / casual adventure game.
    Unless you find bugs and let Hugues know, this might be the final release.+

    https://pdroms.de/sega-genesis-megad...9-genesis-game ...
    by Published on September 12th, 2019 19:15
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    2. Nintendo Wii News
    Article Preview

    • And they said it couldn't be done. Almost seven years after its release, @Fullmetal5 (the same developer behind str2hax and flashhax) has finally managed to find an exploit compatible with Nintendo's so-called "unhackable" Wii Mini and crack it wide open! Instead of using internet browsers or loading code from the SD card slot, both of which are (in)famously absent from the Mini, this new approach takes advantage of a vulnerability found in Broadcom's Bluetooth driver to gain arbitrary code execution and run a payload from the included USB port. This finally lets homebrew enthusiasts have fun with the console, and may also open the door to online play as well with the help of hacks and a LAN adapter!

      While the exploit is making good progress, having already reached 90% completion for the Bluetooth stager and also being consistent enough to be called usable, there's still a lot of work to be done before a public release is available. There's also the possibility of HackMii Installer being incompatible with the Mini's version of IOS, in which case further new exploits will need to be found in order to make it work. You can get an idea about the state of the project in the roadmap below, which was written and shared by the dev itself:

      Quoted from Roadmap written by @Fullmetal5 (from the Discord server):
      Just to give a small roadmap: (So that people can get an idea as to what needs to be done now)

      1. Write a bluetooth stager to upload payloads (%50 complete) (Note: this was stated to have reached 90% in later posts)
      2. Write something to load larger payloads from usb.
      3. See if the HackMii Installer's exploits work against the versions of IOS that are there (If they are similar to the Wii U's then it may already have exploits but it's possible they are different)
      4. If the HackMii Installer's exploits don't work then I will need to write my own. (Shouldn't be too bad, IOS is known to be buggy. Also I'll probably do this step anyway for the fun of it.)
      Click to expand...
      The exploit doesn't have an official name yet, but it's currently being referred to as "bluehax". Right now it's being tested on some specific games, however, there's a real possibility it will work out of the box with the Wii's System Menu alone due to its nature, thus removing the need of a dedicated game. It only takes a computer with a Bluetooth interface to make it work: there's no definitive usage guide just yet, but it should be as easy as running a program on your PC, hitting the SYNC button on the console, et voila - you're good to go! There is a small catch, however: development is targeting just Linux and no Windows version is planned. If you can get behind that, you'll soon be able to enjoy that sweet, sweet homebrew on the tiniest Wii Nintendo has ever made!

      Source 1 (Twitter)
      Source 2 (Discord server)

    by Published on September 11th, 2019 21:13
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    2. Sega Dreamcast News

    • Exactly 20 years ago today, the SEGA Dreamcast launched on store shelves across North America. When it released, the Dreamcast was an impressive console for many reasons--it officially brought SEGA's flagship series, Sonic the Hedgehog, into 3D with its 9/9/99 launch title of Sonic Adventure. There were other standout titles as well, such as Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Skies of Arcadia and Soul Calibur. And even to this day, you can still feel the effects of some of the Dreamcast's best games, with the upcoming Shenmue 3 finally continuing the tale of the series, and even having the collector's edition reference its platform of origin, by coming in a Dreamcast-styled case. Phantasy Star Online 2, a sequel to the 2000-released RPG Phantasy Star Online, which started on the Dreamcast, is also getting a western release, sometime next year. Of course, the Dreamcast is also remembered for being SEGA's final foray into the hardware market, before they bowed out and became a third party software company. Regardless of the highs and lows, the Dreamcast is sure to be fondly remembered by many. What's your favorite memory of the SEGA Dreamcast?

    by Published on September 11th, 2019 20:46
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo continues to use the courts in its efforts to crack down on people selling circumvention devices for its systems. Sir Richard Arnold today ruled in the Switch maker's favor in a High Court of Justice case, granting an injunction requiring the UK's five main internet service providers to block their customers' access to four websites offering "SX Pro" hardware and software to jailbreak the Switch.
    "The injunction sought is necessary to prevent, or at least reduce, substantial damage to NCL [Nintendo Co., Ltd.]," Arnold ruled. "It appears that substantial sales of the circumvention devices have been made in the UK, that substantial quantities of pirated games have been downloaded in the UK and installed on Nintendo Switches using the circumvention devices and that NCL has sustained significant losses as a result."
    Justice Arnold noted that Nintendo has been unable to identify the people running the websites, and cease and desist orders have either been ignored or prompted the sites to change their URLs. Take-down requests sent to the sites' hosting providers were likewise ignored, and while YouTube, Amazon, and ebay have squashed listings regarding these sites and devices upon request, they aren't stopping them from being replaced.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...-hacking-sites ...
    by Published on September 11th, 2019 20:44

    At today's Apple Special Event, Apple showed off more details for its upcoming premium mobile game subscription service Apple Arcade, including a release date of September 19.
    The service will cost $4.99/month, with a one-month free trial available at launch. Over 100 premium games will be available upon release from studios such as Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Capcom, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman, ustwo games, and others.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...s-september-19 ...
    by Published on September 11th, 2019 20:42
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    2. Nintendo 3DS News,
    3. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo is using its legal muscle to take ROM sites down, apparently one at a time if it has to. As reported by Polygon, the Switch maker yesterday filed suit against the people behind RomUniverse, a site prominently offering ROMs and ISOs of games for dozens of current and older game systems, including the Switch and 3DS.
    The suit alleges that in addition to violating Nintendo's trademark and copyrights, the site has for the last decade been profiting off the distribution of unauthorized copies of games by selling a premium membership that allowed users to download larger numbers of ROMs at higher speeds.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...-sues-rom-site ...
    by Published on September 6th, 2019 20:42
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    2. Nintendo DS News
    Article Preview

    melonDS is a Nintendo DS emulator by Arisotura which aims to provide a high degree of accuracy while still keeping performance in mind.
    melonDS 0.8.3 comes with a solution for a couple of annoying outstanding issues such as audio stutters!

    This year, the emulator has seen a great deal of progress including the addition of an OpenGL accelerated renderer and imminent JIT/DSi builds which will continue to increase the emulator’s versatility.
    Now, melonDS 0.8.3 has been released which comes with the following:

    • An issue relating to Ctrl+K hotkeys was fixed so now you can map ‘special’ keys like Shift and Ctrl to buttons again
    • As a solution to audio and frame limiter issues, three different syncing solution have been introduced namely:
      • Limit framerate – the oldschool way of doing things but it’s a tad different from previous implementations as it tries to find an average framerate over several frames so as not to limit games that run at 30FPS internally too aggressively
      • Audio sync – Use this if you want 0 audio stuttering at the cost of a less stable framerate
      • VSync – synchronises the emulator’s framerate with that of your monitor (typically 60/75/120/144FPS) but may not work properly with games that alter their framerate by modifying VCount. Only works on the OpenGL renderer when running on Windows

    • OpenGL initialisation no longer fails on OpenGL 4.1 or earlier (melonDS’ renderer requires OpenGL 3.1)melonDS isn’t only interesting for PC users but also for console users since a functional port for the Nintendo Switch already exists and a limited scope PSVita port may be possible in the future!
    • Audio output is now done at a standard 48000Hz frequency instead of 47430Hz to improve compatibility with poorly written audio drivers
    • Some accuracy improvements and minor fixed as per the commit history on GitHub

    Furthermore, beta builds of JIT-enabled and DSi-compatible version of the emulators will be coming but these are based on melonDS 0.8.2 and melonDS 0.8.1 respectively for the time being.
    To grab melonDS for your PC and emulate the DS to your heart’s content, check out this link.

    by Published on September 6th, 2019 20:37
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    On the PSVita front, we have an update to EDuke32 Vita which is a port of the popular Duke3D engine EDuke32 which comes with various features such as support for rendering at higher resolutions and great mod support. Now, Rinnegatamante has updated the PSVita’s port to version 1.6 which brings along:

    • BAT scripts can now be used which let you easily define custom launching parameters
    • Support for GRP files in SSI format has been added
    • Support for internal MID tracks has been added
    • Overwriting savefiles now works
    • Minor improvements including improved engine time accuracy, a better cache size detector and minor fixes to prevent memory corruption

    To grab EDuke32 Vita 1.6, you can either get it via VHBB (Vita Homebrew Browser) or by downloading the VPK directly from here. Rinnegatamante can be donated to via Patreon.

    by Published on September 6th, 2019 20:36
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    2. PS1 News
    Article Preview

    If you’re not in the loop when it comes to PSC hacking, BleemSync is the earliest and most well-known comprehensive hacking solution for the mini-console.
    With BleemSync, you can unleash the power of your PlayStation Classic and turn it into the ultimate cheap emulation machine! (Image Source)

    Compared to other hacking solutions like AutoBleem and RetroBoot, its main aim is to provide a feature packed experience that lets you make use of everything that the PlayStation Classic has to offer including the ability to play its built-in games, add your own games, use emulators and network support among others.
    Other than a large amount of features, it also receives updates every few months and now, BleemSync 1.2.0 has landed with the following new stuff:

    • The built-in version of RetroArch has been updated to version 1.7.8 which was released last week
      • This update comes with lots of features such as an AI service that enables text-to-speech and translation among other things. More about the RA update can be read here.

    • Folders, which are managed on-console with an application created specifically for that purpose
      • Both stock and external games can be put in folders

    • Network support has been added which lets you update RetroArch cores/assets, play certain multiplayer games online and more
      • There doesn’t seem to be a list containing all supported WiFi/Ethernet adapters but it’s been confirmed that the TP-Link WN725, ASUS AC-53 NANO, Insignia Gigabit Ethernet are supported. Included network modules can be found here.

    • An on-console game manager allowing you to edit game entries and remove them without having to use a PC
    • Various improvements and fixes such as better serial identification in the Transfer Tool, a better game database and a fix for issues relating to launching multi-disc games with the built-in emulators
      To grab BleemSync 1.2.0 and make the most out of your PlayStation Classic, check out this link which contains both the download links and the instructions required to set up BleemSync. The folks behind BleemSync (ModMyClassic) can be donated to via Patreon or PayPal (link above).


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