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  • Final Fantasy 2 NES (English) cartridge Appears on Ebay - The Only One Ever Made

    Recently there has been some truly amazing collectors items appear on Ebay, nothing bigger than that Amazing Auction that went for over a Million dollars of many different Video Game sets for N64 and much more.

    Well today our attention is turned to another listing on Ebay of THE ONLY ENGLISH FINAL FANTASY 2 NES Cartridge

    Heres some info and pics:

    This is a 100% authentic sample cartridge for the American version of Final Fantasy II for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
    As most of you are no doubt aware, the original version of Final Fantasy II was never released in the United States. This particular cartridge was put together by the fine folks at Square Soft USA (a very small company at the time) to display at the 1991 Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The plan was to release the game later that year, but instead, Square scrapped its 8-bit NES plans to focus on the new 16-bit Super Nintendo.

    A pre-production sample cartridge for any video game from this era is rare indeed, but for one to survive for a game that was never actually released is something of a miracle. Having that unreleased game be a part of one of the most important franchises in video game history is basically unheard of.

    I have been the proud owner of this cartridge for over nine years now, and as far as I am aware, this is the only legitimate copy of the game that exists. Any other copies you have seen of Final Fantasy II for the NES have been bootlegs, this is the real deal.

    It has been stored securely since it was originally purchased in 2003, and until I took the photos for this auction, it had not touched a console since that time.

    Do not let the "sample" text on the label fool you: the entire game is playable, in English, from beginning to end.

    If you are a Final Fantasy fan or collector, it's hard to imagine a better item to sit at the centerpiece of your collection. The "holy grails" of the video game collecting world are only going to appreciate in value as time goes on, so if you want this, now may be your only chance.

    Heres a video of the game in action:

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