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    The DCEmu the Homebrew Gaming and Theme Park Network is your best site to find Hacking, Emulation, Homebrew and for the first time Theme Park News and also Beers Wines and Spirit Reviews and Finally Marvel Cinematic Univers News. If you would like us to do reviews or wish to advertise/write/post articles in any way at DCEmu then use our Contact Page for more information. DCEMU Gaming is mainly about video games -
  • Focus on Joypad News

    Continuing my work updating the DCEmu sites, making sure they work properly and updating links and making new additions etc.

    Today its time to look at our Joypad News site which focuses on the latest releases/news of Joypads and gaming accessories. The news is from all corners of the world and the sometimes wacky ideas released for consoles.

    The site is half automated posting and the other half by me and has nearly 4 years of news on it which you can check out via the news archive on there.

    Check out Joypad news here -->
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