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  • Welcome to the New DCEmu in 2016

    Im the first to admit I let the site and network down, but slowly but surely im going to rebuild this as the network for homebrew and emulation and hacking, theres a long road to go, nothing happens over night so first off I needed to sort the sites out and condense them to a clear and manageable state, then the forums have also been reduced and again ads removed etc.

    Soon I will begin newsposting and getting myself back into my hobby of over 15 years, doing this site work has started to give me the buzz I lost a long while back and the more I do the more I will enjoy it, without going overboard.

    I look forward to bringing you a much better DCEmu than you've seen for a while

    thanks to anyone still visiting
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    1. i337's Avatar
      i337 -
      I remember seeing you around on the forums back around 2006. I'm pretty sure your avatar hasn't changed the entire time. I'm just getting back into the emulation scene after many years away and this was one of the first places I checked. Guess I have some good timing!
    1. shadowprophet's Avatar
      shadowprophet -
      I do like the new look of Dcemu. I hope 2017 finally brings us Ps4 homebrew. I miss the software exploit day. The psp homebrew days. It almost shocks me at how long ago that was now.

      Man I feel old.
    1. Eviltaco64's Avatar
      Eviltaco64 -
      This is great!
    1. Shrygue's Avatar
      Shrygue -
      Yes, here's hoping for a rebuilt and better DCEmu!
    1. Lorphos's Avatar
      Lorphos -
      I noticed I received spam to my dcemu email address. Has the site user database been stolen by spammers? Did they also get my password?

      I changed my password and my email address, just to be on the safe side.
    1. Black Jackal's Avatar
      Black Jackal -
      Been a long time since I've been on this site. Good to see it's still around!
    1. Zack's Avatar
      Zack -
      Glad to see the site is still alive and kicking!

      @Wraggster, this is totally unrelated, but... Do you still have the old theme DCemu used to use back in the VBulletin 3.x days? If so would you be willing to share it?

      Thanks and good luck with the revival !
    1. kontrast's Avatar
      kontrast -
      Old user with new name back aswell. Glad to see people still here . to 2017 and beyond!
    1. LyonHrt's Avatar
      LyonHrt -
      Good luck mate, don't really come here too often, but give me a shout maybe you can entice me