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  • Surely its time for Apple to Reduce its prices ?

    Apple are after the success of the Apple iPod, The Apple iPhone, the Apple iPad, the Apple Watch and the Apple Mac the wealthiest company in the world with a turnover that most countries cant match, but sadly we all pay a massive premium for the products.

    The Apple iPod these days isn't the seller it was but in the old days it was the best music playing device you could get anywhere in the world, the days of the Apple iPod Classic, the Apple Ipod Touch and the Apple iPod Shuffle may not be as successful as they was a good 6 years or so ago but the part in history they hold is so important too all of us who like to hear music on the move.

    The Apple iPhone is now on its number 7 release and its easily the best selling phone of all time and continues to astound everyone with new innovations on each different release and despite the very high price the name apple seems to keep it at the very top of the mobile gaming scene despite all the android and windows phones that have been released by the likes of Microsoft and Samsung, Sony and that's just to name but a few.

    The Apple iPad much like the Apple Iphone is the king of the tablets, the build quality and high definition streaming make the apple iPad the king of tablets and that's despite a massive amount of tablets released under the android and windows operating systems. The closest tablet to the ipad are the Samsung galaxy tablets.
    The ipad gives you the best experience of tablet usage you can get but again at a cost which is double or treble the cost of any other tablets on the market.

    For me the Apple Watch is more of a gimmick than anything else much like the fitbit watches or the Samsung galaxy gear watches, all these watches remind me of the calculator watches of yesteryear, like all watches they are limited by the size and the usage just isn't easy, you cant easily browse the internet or phone people or do half as much as you can with a phone, call me pessimistic but sorry I don't agree with them :P

    The Apple Mac is a very premium Laptop with the Apple OS installed, for people with money its probably the best laptop to buy, yes its got build quality on its side but surely its not worth an extra thousand pounds over a an Android or Windows Based Laptop, for me I will never pay that much for a laptop no matter how good they think it is.

    Apple do make quality devices but pricing is at a premium, most of us want to play at a fairer rate.

    Getting back to Apple, will they reduce their prices, we all know that their profit margins make them one of the worlds biggest and most powerful companies, maybe the only way to make them lower prices is to stop buying, but will the world do it ?, it doesn't seem so does it ?