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  • The Best PC Games Released in 2017

    After several delays and great anticipation, 2017 is bound to offer quite a selection of video games. For one, there are all sorts of various themes and storylines and find something to your liking. Plus, older games are making a comeback with their latest sequels for those trying to look back on the older days of PC gaming. Anyway, the following are some of the best PC games selected just as a preview of everything that awaits you.
    Battlefield 1
    Themed by the events of World War I, this video game is bound to offer any passionate player an escape from the everyday reality. You can enjoy the role of a first-person shooter in multiple battles, sieges and compromising situations. With excellent graphics, this video game can make your imagination come to live.
    Resident Evil 7
    This sequel of the horror series practically revolves around the constant underlying topic of survival. Horror reaches a new dimension as creatures of all forms try to stop you from escaping the doom.
    First-person orientation just like the previous video game offers players a chance to be Ethan and meet the Baker family infected with an unknown virus in Louisiana. All in all, the graphics of Resident Evil 7 are not for the faint of heart.
    Titanfall 2
    The comeback of the original Titanfall this year is bound to offer improvements in almost every field. With greater swords and more advanced robot designs, you are free to expect battles of any magnitude.
    The single player campaign puts you in the position of the pilot Jack Cooper and the giant robot that needs to find his destined pilot. Beware, the end of the storyline can even make you happier than a bunch of LadyLucks free spins at the last moment.
    Yet, there are some video games that aim to bring some color into the general gloom. The characters in this game take you on all kinds of adventures which will open new worlds in front of your eye. Yooka is a green-colored creature that hangs out with its best friend Laylee, a witty bat
    with a big pinky nos. They are the heroes of this story as your guidance should help them save the books of the world from the greedy hands of the villain, Capital B.
    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
    If you’re looking to immerse yourself into some strategic network, this is the game for you. Created especially for PC, this game is bound to surprise you with its lifelike appearance.
    Agility and stealth are still crucial to survive, but this version of Metal Gear Solid allows the player to choose between multiple solutions in order to activate your strategic center. Any classic video game player can enjoy the perks of The Phantom Pain.
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    After The Stick of Truth, this second part of the franchise has definitely proven itself as the best video game version of South Park. Playing through it makes you feel like watching the latest episode, only you are in charge of their actions and battle outcomes.