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  • 3DNes V2 Release - NES Virtual Reality Emulator

    Now this is different, a Nes Emulator that Runs in 3D, awesome news:

    3DNes V2 has been released with many new features and improvements, as you can see listed in the 'changelog' below, and incase you never heard of playing NES ROM's in 3D, check it out!
    3DNes Overview

    • Play NES games with an unique 3D experience
    • Support any display resolution - window mode or full screen
    • Support game speed adjustment
    • Support Save/Load states
    • Support zipped roms
    • Create your own 3D interpretation.
    • Share/Get 3D customizations at the 3DN Repository
    • Play with Virtual Reality Headsets Via Oculus or SteamVR - Pro Feature
    • Retina Rendering Mode - Pro Feature
    • Character Tracking Camera - Pro Feature

    Change Log

    • [Improvement][Pro] Virtual Reality Re-Implementation: positional tracking, short view distance -> you will truly feel the depth of everything
    • [New Feature][Pro] Retina Video Rendering Mode
    • [Improvement][Pro] Camera Tracking Mode
    • [New Feature] Light Direction And Intensity Customization
    • [New Feature] Shape Customization Properties: Offset, Rotation, Scale, Layer (5 layers), Geo (5 types), Transparency ...
    • [New Feature] Shape Animation and Deformation
    • [New Feature] Multi Instance : one 2D shape can be mapped to multi 3D sub-shapes
    • [New Feature] Texture Editor : Custom Texture is a must for sub-shapes to be any useful.
    • [New Feature] Scripting: the almighty tool to make the very final adjustment of shape properties before rendering
    • [New Feature] 3DN File Size Mass Reduction
    • [Improvement] Sound Emulation And Rendering Improved
    • [Improvement] Video Rendering Performance Optimized
    • [Modification] Trinus Plugin Removed
    • [Bad News][Backward Compatibility Breaking] V2 are not compatible with 3DN V1 files

    MORE INFO - OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://geod.itch.io/3dnes/devlog/26...nes-v2-release

    via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/3d...mulator.46593/
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