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  • PKG Linker 2.0 - Serve Packages to your PS3 (HAN/CFW)

    I recently hacked 2 PS3s one a release day BC PS3 and also a silver phat PS3, so pleased i waited to do it and heres another cool release for the scene:

    We reported on before in March regarding the upcoming project called PKG Linker from developers @DeViL303 and @pink1 and now after lots of freeback, they have completely rebuilt the their project and here is list of all the new amazing features:
    pink1 said:
    New Features

    • Complete GUI overhaul
    • Better error handling for corrupt pkgs
    • Saveable settings
    • Server control and better server error handling
    • Better IP/adaptor detection
    • Better port control, now settings controls app and server
    • Minimise to tray
    • Tray notifications for important actions
    • Tray controls while app is minimized
    • PS3 side server controls via new server setup item on the XMB.
    • Now detects package signing type and lists it in the app and on the XMB
    • Ping Tool for checking PS3 is reachable in direct connection situations
    • PS3Xploit Resigner Tool - all packages in unsigned folder can be signed with one click
    • Warnings when packages in folder have changed but pkg list not updated.
    • Warning when port has been changed but server not restarted.
    • Auto list generation when its required, like after saving new settings.
    • Theme settings, colors, Light/Dark.
    • Help section with trouble shooting for connection problems

    NEWS SOURCE: PKG Linker 2.0 (via) PSX-Place

    via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/re...han-cfw.46725/
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