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  • kgDoom for Nintendo Switch

    Kgsws has ported Doom to the Nintendo Switch, heres the release news:

    Of course there is an 'official DOOM' for the Nintendo Switch, but there is nothing better they being able to load up some 'original and modded WAD' files and enjoy them finally on your v3.0.0 Switch console using the now ported 'kgDoom' version by scene developer @kgsws that was released earlier this Easter weekend for all nineties to enjoy some classic FPS action!
    x0x0 said:
    kgsws released few hours ago on github completed code to compile his kgdoom for Switch.

    Working with HBL, support saves, lua scripting, analog targeting. The one bug i discovered is cannot back to HBL after start the .nro. I hope he fix this very fast.

    I uploaded ready nro with doom1 shareware wad - just put folder to sdcard. You can use other wads, but u need to google them.

    MORE INFO: --> https://github.com/kgsws/kgdoom/tree/lua-scripting
    Manual: --> https://github.com/kgsws/kgdoom/tree...ripting/manual

    NEWS SOURCE: kgdoom by kgsws (via) GBATemp

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