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  • The Flow's upcoming HENkaku exploit has not been patched out by new 3.68 Vita firmwar

    Heres some good news for PSvita users:

    Last Monday, we saw the unexpected release of a new firmware for the PlayStation Vita. The biggest question that seemed to run through people's minds was, "did The Flow's exploit get patched?" Now, it appears that he's gone through and tested out his new unreleased hack for 3.67 on the latest firmware, and it has been confirmed that the upcoming exploit has not been patched out, and The Flow already managed to get Henkaku on it. This doesn't mean we'll be getting a 3.68 hack for certain, but it does mean that the door is open for future exploits on this firmware.

    Though this is good news, those that want homebrew on their Vita shouldn't update just yet. As always, if you have the coveted 3.60 FW, stay on it, and if you're above that, it's still unwise to update to 3.68 as of yet. While The Flow is hard at work providing players will an exploit for higher firmwares, and there's a possibility of a 3.68 FW hack being possible at some point, there's still no scheduled timeframe for the 3.67 exploit, and he's not announced anything other than his recent findings in regards to 3.68.

    via https://gbatemp.net/threads/the-flow...rmware.501207/
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