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  • Fuse v1.5.4

    New version of the Spectrum Emulator released:

    Fuse v1.5.4 is released. The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse) is an emulator of the 1980s home computer and various clones for Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.

    - Spectranet emulation
    - SpecDrum emulation
    - Disciple emulation
    - Movie recording to FMF files
    - SpeccyBoot emulation
    - GTK+ 3 Support
    - Many Win32 enhancements
    - POK file support
    - PZX file read support
    - Plus lots of bug fixes

    Fuse v1.5.4 Changelog:
    * Miscellaneous improvements:
    * Add *.FMF as an allowed filetype to file selectors (Sergio Baldoví).
    * Save SCR from current display file (thanks, Einar Saukas) (Fredrick
    * Use 44.1KHz as default sound frequency (Fredrick Meunier).
    * Various minor bugfixes.

    download http://sourceforge.net/projects/fuse-emulator/

    via http://www.emucr.com/2018/06/fuse-v154.html
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