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  • SNES9X v1.57 released!

    Snes9x is a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation; which includes some real gems that were only ever released in Japan. Snes9x is the result of well over three years worth of part-time hacking, coding, recoding, debugging, divorce, etc. (just kidding about the divorce bit). Snes9x is coded in C++, with three assembler CPU emulation cores on the i386 Linux and Windows ports.

    Snes9x changelog:

    - Various seta010 emulation fixes. (kps501)
    - Pass blargg OAM tests with proper write behavior. (BearOso)
    - Prevent interlacing in BG modes 1-4. (BearOso)
    - Corrected IRQ and NMI emulation to allow more games to
    work properly. (BearOso, OV2)
    - Use 1 instead of 0 for initial PPU left window coordinate,
    fixing garbage in left column of pixels in some games. (turhope)
    - Added interpolation option hack for DSP. (kps501, mudlord,
    - Added sprite-tile limit disabling hack. (Tatsuya79)
    - Added libretro's fast snapshot support. (OV2)
    - Add overclocking hack that increases IPC (retrotalker)
    - Fix controller initialization issues preventing some games
    from using multitap. (retrotalker)
    - Proper write behavior for register $2122. (BearOso)
    - Fix transparency issue with Star Fox asteroids. (redguy, BearOso)
    - Increase SuperFX speed to more accurately represent
    hardware, and fix bugs with Stunt Race FX and Yoshi's
    Island. (BearOso)
    - Resize viewport on state load. (retrotalker)
    - Many fixes to variables not saved or saved incorrectly in
    save states. (Dwedit)
    - Pass decimal tests in blargg's math test ROMs. (BearOso)
    - Remove memory leak in loadzip.cpp. (bonimy)
    - Fix screen size not reverting when overscan is turned on
    then off mid-frame. (BearOso)

    - Include DirectDraw libraries and compile with DirectDraw
    support by default. (OV2)
    - Add a link to DirectX installer in error message displayed
    when the needed DirectX libraries can't be found. (OV2)
    - Save window position when exiting via menu (OV2)
    - Make custom ROM dialog resizable. (OV2)
    - Fix various cheat dialog issues. (OV2)
    - Remove d3d9x DLL dependency by using DirectXMath. (OV2)
    - Remove rarely-used HLSL shader option. (OV2)
    - Add InitialSnapshotFilename support. (BearOso)
    - Disable BG toggle keys by default. (BearOso)
    - Proper centering and cropping for overscanned and
    regular height modes. (OV2)
    - Remove ability to disable the SNES's hires modes. (OV2)
    - Added a Super Famicom-style icon resource to the EXE. (BearOso)

    - Partial support for new cheats format. (OV2)
    - Fix MacOS build. (marconett)
    - Set default for new config options. (tmkk)
    - Fix compilation on Mac OS Mojave (meepingsnesroms)

    - Massive update of libretro code to latest downstream. (fr500, kps501,
    OV2, twinaphex,
    m4xw, kxyxz,

    - Use datarootdir instead of datadir on install. (orbea)
    - Fix --with-system-zip configure flag. (BearOso)
    - Draw interlaced fields when ready. (BearOso)
    - Initial Wayland support. (remicalixte)
    - Allow XV only in X11. (BearOso)
    - Add Wayland support via EGL. (BearOso)
    - Significant rewrite of OpenGL driver to support newer
    standards. This won't work on cards < OpenGL ~1.5. (BearOso) - Changed frameskip option to speed throttling option with simpler, but more relevant methods of speed control. (BearOso) - Add support for relative-style save slots. (ichigo-0, BearOso) - Remove XML config file format in favor of one more like Win32. Make joystick bindings and more options human- readable and editable. (BearOso) - Try more device nodes when initializing OSS. (BearOso)


    via http://www.emulation64.com/view/2916...v157-released/
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