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  • Project Lunar v1.0.5 NOW AVAILABLE!

    Project Lunar is a fully fledged modification tool for the SEGA Mega Drive / GENESIS Mini. It allows users to add games, mods and ports whilst also including a large array of extra features and quality of life improvements. It consists of an on console payload and bespoke desktop application for the PC and is extremely easy to use.

    Project Lunar feature list

    • Add your own selection of SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis roms to your console with use on the stock UI
    • Manage your games, mods and configs via purpose built desktop PC application
    • Full NAND backups before any customisation
    • RetroArch bundled with Genesis GX Plus & PicoDrive. (MS,GG,MD,32X, MEGA CD support) (Also capable of playing other consoles by adding additional RetroArch cores)
    • Performance tweaks and boosts (fix lag issues) (1.0ghz > 1.344ghz, ZRAM compression, DRAM SWAP)
    • NAND (console only) and USB support
    • OTG support
    • exFat, NTFS, FAT32 filesystem support
    • Extended gamepad compatibility
    • USB2 and USB3 device support
    • Customisable boot menu with built-in additional option menu & network manager.
    • Ability to autoboot to selected boot items. (i.e. boot directly to stock UI)
    • Additional third-party controller support
    • Automatic Error recovery system (automatically reload to bootmenu if Stock E error occurs)
    • Launch boot menu or RetroArch from the Stock UI
    • EmulationStation support (optional mod package, USB only)
    • ‘Fix’ stock scanlines by toggling smoothing off within stock emulator
    • Bundled Wi-Fi support (Realtek 8188eu + 8187)
    • RA MD mini cores downablable via RA using network adapter
    • RA scraper and EmulationStation scrapers work using network adapter
    • SSH/SFTP via RDNIS support
    • Boot menu, splashscreen and music are all customisable
    • Additional mod package support

    Project Lunar Desktop App features

    • Easy to use interface to allow installation/removal of PL on console, and console management.
    • Bulk addition of ROMS
    • Zipped ROM support (.zip)
    • New MegaDrive/Genesis games integration is totally seamless in stock UI, with a scraping function providing description, cover art, spine, release year, developer, players, icons, etc. for (almost) every game.
    • Automatic IPS patching within desktop app
    • ScreenScraper, TheGameDB scraper support. (Scrape all the details, cover art, and metadata for your games online when adding them)
    • Automatic spine art generator. If spine art doesn’t exist, PL will generate it for you
    • Mod management. List, add and remove consoles mod via the mod management tool
    • Customise stock UI/Emulator features
    • Interactive assistant to assist users with the install of Project Lunar
    • Easy sync to either NAND or USB
    • Recovery mode (for console repair situations)
    • Automatic update checks. Every time game manager is opened, it will check for console updates online.

    Project Lunar 1.0 caveats

    • Bluetooth support is 80% done, however we want to improve support with broadcom bluetooth devices to extend compatibility. Due to this we have delayed releasing it until 1.1
    • Xinput and SONY HID drivers are bugged. This means xbox based input devices are not properly working and PS4 controllers (when connected with usb) produce lag in the default emulator. This is something that is being worked on and an update will be pushed out when it’s available.
    • Individual game selection for sync within desktop is not supported within 1.0. It will be added ASAP

    Features to come in 1.1 (or) future rolling update

    • Folder support. Technically we can implement folders as of 1.0, however we want to do it right and integrate it as seamless as possible.
    • Launch different console games from stock UI
    • Custom command “executors” per game. Again, executors are available within 1.0 meaning that you can run any emulator, app or command from the stock UI. This can be done via scripts on the command line however desktop integration will be available in 1.1
    • Bluetooth support
    • Desktop app sync via Wi-Fi/Ethernet. This is also available as of 1.0 but we want to improve it. It is also capable of handling multiple consoles on the same network.

    1.0.5 Project Lunar feature list

    • Overhauled Stock Savestates (fixed some flaws with the stock M2 code in terms of save states. This is important as it allows for proper folder integration moving forward. We have also laid the foundation work so we can manipulate the SRAMs in the future)
    • Added Desktop UI executor support. This allows you to run any console emulator from the stock UI. When adding a game, you can select what RA core you wish to use to run it. We also extended the scraper support to allow for all consoles. This means you can now add problematic Mega Drive games to run via RA like Hyperstone Heist or add 32x and Mega CD iso games to the stock UI.
    • If scraped box art is horizontal (i.e. SNES EU/US box art) rotate it automatically so it fits better on the stock UI
    • Added .7z compressed rom support. (You can add .7z roms)
    • Added compress rom addition support. When adding a rom not intended for the stock emulator, you can chose to have it uploaded compressed.
    • Added Stock Emulator “Pixel Perfect Mode” option. This will dynamically resize the game screen depending on what the emulator wants it to be instead of force stretching it. (Golden Axe is a good example)
    • Added “Force theme” option. You can now force a specific region background theme for the stock UI whilst retaining your language. I.e. Japanese theme but with English text. (Please note if you force US from a EU console you will get missing boxart as the EU console doesn’t come with all the artwork for some reason)
    • Added save state repair. If you have had an issue with save states disappearing into random games etc, you can now run the save state repair by clicking: Tools > Advanced > Fix misplaced save-states (This will also clean up your NAND of any left over save states where the rom doesn’t exist any more.
    • Cleaned up uninstall where a file would be left over on uninstall.
    • Overhauled the main menu save handling (008) so you no longer need to reset your menu settings (i.e. language) when installing/uninstalling.
    • Added .SMD support
    • Fixed and re-added The Games DB scraper so you now how two options
    • Added performance improvements for ScreenScraper. (Also add some reliability fixes)
    • Added workaround fix to allow install if NAND flag incorrectly set.
    • Numerous bug fixes

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