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  • Review: Wii 5-in-1 Laser Pointer Gun

    Wii 5-in-1 Laser Pointer Gun
    Manufacturer: PEGA
    Site: Buy from Goldenshop
    Price: $14.00

    Overview : Improve your shooting skills with this 5-in-1 laser pointer gun.

    • High quality 3rd party product.
    • Easy to install.
    • Natural Nunchuk trigger combined with the functional innovation of the Wii Remote.
    • Ergonomically balanced and weighted gun, comfortable for 1 handed or 2 handed gamplay.
    • Maintains Wii Innovation Motion.
    • Secure and easy installation. Extended grip for the directional control of the rear nunchuk analog joystick.
    • Full access to all buttons and digital pad.
    • Can be used as handgun only.
    • Can be used as tommy gun.
    • Comes with laser targeting - operated by 2 AAA size batteries.
    • The Nunchuk can be separated easily.
    • The folding angle of the Nunchuk can be adjusted.

    Quality/Usability : All these light gun are just plastic shells so you can fit your Wii remote and Nunchuk into them. There are different kinds of light gun attachment whether they are shaped differently or colored differently. But these 3rd party peripheral manufacturers will add anything to their products to attract potential buyers. This time, PEGA has included a laser pointer underneath the gun.

    Honestly, the moment I saw this attachment, I knew there was going to be a lot of faults with this. There are two attachments. One is for the Wii remote and the other is the attachment for the Nunchuk.

    The top of the main base has a cover. This allows you to insert the Wii Remote control and secure it in place. The tabs that keeps this cover secure feels so cheap and flimsy. Every time I open it or close it, I'm afraid that I may break it. On both sides of the gun is a small opening. This allows you to put the Nunchuk cable through so you can connect to the Wii Remote. So if you're a lefty, you'll have the cable coming out from the right side and if you're a righty, you'll have to cable coming out from the left side.

    The front bottom of the gun houses a laser pointer. Yes, the same laser pointer that you use for presentations or annoying people. Underneath the laser is a battery compartment. This battery compartment houses two (2) AAA batteries to power the laser pointer. The trigger itself though feels sturdy and reaches the B button on the Wii Remote. I personally wished it was close to the B button so I dont have to pull so far. Underneath the trigger is a small button. Pressing this button will turn on the laser pointer. The laser pointer fails horribly. It works..as in it points but not where you would think it would point. Instead of pointing straight, its pointed way off to the right. If you're sitting fairly away from the screen, the pointer will be pointed to the right of you. The further away you are, the more way off it will be. See attached images for picture of what I mean.

    The Nunchuk attachment holder was poorly constructed as well. The Nunchuk holder is detachable but when its on the base, its not held securely or clipped in place. So you can easily slide it off. This is bad if you're in an intense gun battle and moving your hands around. When the Nunchuk holder is on the base, you are allowed to adjust the position of it by pushing it up. This only works when you hold the gun below your waist but even this feels uncomfortable. If it adjusted down than it would of been better. If you have your right hand on the trigger and your left hand on the Nunchuk, your left hand will be touching your right wrist.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Wii 5-in-1 Laser Pointer Gun is one light gun shell you do not want to bother with. The only good things about the accessory is the laser pointer. It actually works and it feels comfortable, if you hold the gun on the left hand and Nunchuk on your right. You can also detach the Nunchuk holder and just hold the Nunchuk controller in your hands. Everything about the 5-in-1 Laser Pointer Gun is poorly constructed.

    Images via comments
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