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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 15:56
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    Prankster AVR PS3 USB Dongle ecliPS3
    Manufacturer: Prankster AVR
    Site: Buy from OzModChips / Buy from ModchipCentral
    Price: $39.95-$44.99

    Overview : Prankster AVR is a small USB stick device which can be easily programmed with custom code to prank your friends. It uses the ATmega family for its internal IC. This means it can be programmed very easily with a simple click of an exe file from your PC.

    The code that will ship with the device emulates a CAPs lock key being switched on and off every couple of seconds:

    tHE DEviCE JuST LookS LiKE a noRMAL uSb StiCK, So IT MIght TAke SoMEone a WHile to FIguRE ouT whAT is GoING on.

    Features :
    • Caps Locker - Will toggle the caps lock key on the keyboard
    • Numlocker - Will toggle the NumLock key on the keyboard
    • Help me! - Will press F1, which will bring up the help screen on your PC
    • Who is BOB? - Will write "BOB" on the screen if you are in a text editor (word etc). Who is bob?!
    • FBI - Same as above, but with the words FBI
    • ET phone home! - Will press the Home key and move the cursor to start of the line
    • Schizophrenia - Will Page up or down!

    Quality/Usability : This thumbdrive looks like an ordinary thumbdrive but its not. This device is meant to prank your friends and/or family. When the dongle is inserted, it plays all kinds of tricks such as toggling CAPS lock, NUM lock, cause the screen to move up and down and many other new tricks. First, you'll need to download the Prankster application. This allows you to choose the prank of your choice. To load the prank, insert the Prankster AVR into a USB on your computer and open up the .exe file you just downloaded and extracted.

    Once the program is open, you're given a few selections to choose from.

    Once you've chosen which prank you want, it will give you a new window with the intervals of how often you want the prank to be played.

    *Note: Your CAPS lock and NUM lock will toggle. So you will need to make sure that CAPS lock is not ON and NUM lock is not off.

    From there, there isnt much left. Pretty much just give it to your target, sit back and laugh. Pretty lame huh? Considering it says "Prankster AVR" on the stick itself and its not a storage device. But if you own a PlayStation 3, you're in for a treat! The Prankster AVR's bootloader was actually "hacked" by a 3rd party (code by Charlie Brown; main reversing by syph0r) to be able to run HEX files and to match the bootloader of the ecliPS3 (another Jailbreak USB clone device). However, once you convert this into jailbreak device, you're unable to go back to a pranking device as the original bootloader has been overwritten with that of the ecliPS3. But now that crappy bootloader is now overwritten with ecliPS3's, basically any PSGroove or PSFreedom based hex file for any board type can now be imported (both AVR and PIC based boards are supported). However, should this review be now turned into a ecliPS3 review?

    Requirements :
    • PS3 Console (fat or slim)
    • Console (firmware) version 3.41 only
    • Remove all discs from the drive
    • Do not connect any devices to the console via USB
    • IMPORTANT: The console must be completely switched off before using Prankster AVR. For fat versions, use the switch at the rear. For slim versions, simply remove the power cable. This is extremely important for the process to work correctly when you start the console.

    ecliPS3 Features :
    • Fully updatable via USB on your PC using an encrypted bootloader
    • USB Plug and Play solution that installs in seconds without any need to open up the PS3.
    • Supports any available type of firmware for the PS3. PSGroove, PSFreedom and so on.
    • Can load directly PSGroove .hex files and Payloads .BIN files
    • Can be removed once started. No need to have the USB key always into your PS3!
    • Does not break your warranty seal.
    • Compatible with all PS3 models, both Fat and Slim.
    • Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA.
    • Optimized and enhanced code (most competing products simply use available code)
    • Disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
    • Supports most games and homebrew applications.
    • Easy-to-use software for backing up, managing, and playing games from external USB Hard Drive.
    • Playing games from HDD is much more enjoyable, benefiting from greatly enhanced seek and loading times.
    • Supports installing homebrew application on PS3 and external USB media.
    • Simple and clear illustrations will guide you to install step by step.
    • ecliPS3 is supplied blank. Users can download the latest “Firmware Manager” from our website and choose what firmware they prefer to install from the many available!

    Instructions on How to Load ecliPS3 firmware, HEX (.hex) Files, Import Payloads (.bin) or ERASE files :
    Required files:

    You must "hack" the Prankster AVR by using PrHackster.exe. If you used the Prankster.exe to try out the prank, its best if you remove the dongle and reinsert it back into the USB. Double click on the PrHackster.exe and it will toggle the Scroll and NUM lock. This overwrites the Prankster bootloader and replaces it with ecliPS3's bootloader. If successful, it will display a message saying that activation is done which will now be recognizable with Eclipse's Firmware Manager and to launch ecliPS3 Upgrader (Firmware Manager). Before you launch the firmware manager, you MUST download Microsoft's Visual C++. Without this, Eclipse's Firmware Manager will not work and will give an error when you try and open it.

    Eclipse's Firmware Manager looks similar to that of PS Samurai's.

    On the Upgrader software, you're able to load their own proprietary file (ecliPS3 FIRMWARE), PSGroove HEX (.hex) files, Import payload (.bin) files or ERASE the files on the Prankster AVR. So, if you want the latest updates, you can simply load the HEX files and than load ecliPS3 files when it becomes available if you wanted to. To load the files, select the method you want to load your files whether it be ecliPS3's firmware, HEX files or importing payloads and select the file you want to load. Once selected, click on START and the software will begin to upgrade the dongle with the file you selected. Once completed, it will pop up with a message and click OK. Now, you're able to remove the dongle from the computer and into the PS3.

    What makes the ecliPS3 bootloader different from some of those on the market is that no matter what HEX file you use, it will work (at least for the ones I've tested). So there is no need to be afraid if you load the wrong HEX and that it will damage the dongle or corrupt the bootloader.

    Tested HEX files : (HEX collections)
    • Arduino
    • AT90USBKEY
    • Benito
    • Blackcat USB
    • iLLNESS P3Free
    • Maximus AVR USB
    • Minimus AVR USB
    • Olimex
    • Open Kubus
    • PS3Key Open Version (for AVRKey)
    • Teensy 1.0
    • Teensy 2.0
    • Teensy++ 1.0
    • Teensy++ 2.0

    I've tested pretty much every HEX file available with both Hermes v4b and Karatoko's PL3. All HEX's were ranged from 8MHz to 16MHz and all worked with no problems and even the LEDs worked as well. I was unable to remove the USB from the case as its glued but was informed that it contains a 16kb chip.

    Operation :
    Once the power to your console is completely disconnected:
    1. Turn on the console (PS3 Fat with the switch, PS3 Slim connecting the power cable)
    2. Insert Prankster AVR into a USB port on the PS3
    3. Start up the PS3 and press the EJECT button.
    4. The LED (which should have been red initially) will change to green.
    5. If the above process worked, there will be a link to “Install Package File” in the game menu.

    In order to make sure the Prankster AVR dongle worked flawlessly, I had to uninstall all my homebrew applications that I had originally installed. To install applications or any homebrew applications, you will need to download and save the .pkg files to a USB drive such as thumbdrive or harddrive. To install, simply insert USB drive to the PS3 and navigate to "INSTALL PACKAGE FILES" on the XMB under GAME. Select the file you want to install by pressing X and it will automatically install the file. All applications installed and loaded without any problems.

    Conclusion : Overall, I dont know what to call this product or even consider this review as. Prankster AVR, where its an actual pranking device? Prankster AVR, where its just another jailbreaking device? Or ecliPS3, since once the Prankster AVR is hacked, that's the bootloader that is installed. I'm so confused! None-the-less, Prankster AVR is another jailbreaking device (if you intend it to be) but is able to load any...and I mean ANY HEX files you install without the fear of it corrupting or bricking. Since it accepts all HEX files from any board, you won't have to wait for a specific HEX file to be compiled when a new update is released. Whichever comes out first, you're able to use it. If you're the type that likes to experiment and try new things, you can even use this to see if the compiled HEX works before loading it on the actual device. Since the product is a pranking device and the idea is to prank someone, it's best if the words/logo "Prankster AVR" wasn't printed on the casing. Kind of defeats the purpose.

    Please note that none of the "upgrade" products listed in this site are endorsed by Nintendo, Sony and/or Microsoft. DCEmu Reviews and DCEmu Network does not condone piracy. The primary functions of a "modchip" and/or "flashcart" are to allow you to play imported games and homebrew software that you legally own or simply just for experimenting with hardware. We in no way endorse piracy, and encourage all users to do the right thing and support the developers/manufacturers that support them. We do not take any responsibilities for any use outside of these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 15:46
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    Article Preview

    Gioteck PS3 Sixaxis Real Triggers
    Manufacturer: Gioteck
    Site: Buy from Amazon
    Price: $4.99


    How many times have your fingers slipped off the L2 and R2, and always at a crucial moment in the game? RealTriggers put a stop to that happening ever again!

    Simply put... if you use a Sony™ PS3 Controller, and your serious about your gaming, you should be using these!

    Quality/Usability : The Gioteck Real Triggers isnt really new. Its been available for sometime exclusively in Europe. The Real Triggers are made of two plastic pieces that clip over the L2 and R2 triggers on the PS3 controller. By doing so, this makes the triggers bigger and provides a ledge.

    The Real Trigger has the same color, texture and feel as the actual trigger itself. This makes it feel like it was originally on the controller and not a cheap plastic 3rd party attachment. It doesnt feel out of place at all.

    Having tested it with a couple of racing games and shooters, there was an improvement in my controls as well as the comfort when I hold the Dual Shock.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Gioteck PS3 Sixaxis Real Triggers improves the L2 and R2 triggers on the PS3 controller. Whether you have a Sixaxis or Dual Shock controller, the Real Trigger will fit. This seems to be available only in Europe (at the moment) but it seems that Gioteck plans to release it globally. When? No idea but they should release it soon. The price is very very reasonable but hopefully the shipping doesnt cost as much as the triggers themselves.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 15:09
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    Original PS Jailbreak PSJailbreak USB
    Manufacturer: PS Jailbreak / PS Downgrade
    Site: Buy from HolidayCarts

    Price: $99.00

    Overview for PS Jailbreak : The worlds first PS3 Modchip is here — PSJailbreak! Using just a USB drive and a software exploit, the PS Jailbreak apparently does what so many have tried doing before it: allowing homebrew software — to run on the PS3. It only works on 3.41 firmware.

    Only the original PS Jailbreak will support official new features and software exploits, don't get caught out with a clone, buy the original real deal today! THIS DOES NOT WORK ON FIRMWARE 3.42 OR ABOVE UNTIL A NEW EXPLOIT/METHOD IS FOUND!

    PS Jailbreak is also capable of downgrading. PSDowngrade is FREE and unlimited with all PS Jailbreaks! You MUST have an original PS Jailbreak to use this software. Each dongle has a special serial number that is verified during the process of downgrading.

    Specifications :
    • PS Jailbreak is a USB plug and play solution that installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal in tact.
    • Easy to use installer and GUI takes you step by step.
    • Compatible with all production models FAT and SLIM. Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA
    • PS Jailbreak disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
    • Supports all games (it does not allow backups of Blu-Ray movies, DVD movies or past consoles games)
    • Backup games to your internal hard drive or external hard drive through USB, and boot directly off GUI. Eliminating the need for expensive Blu-Ray burners and costly blank media.
    • Play backups off your hard drives 2x as fast as off the Blu-Ray drive. This eliminates lags and glitches to provide you with smoother game play.
    • Open up your console to a new generation of homebrew applications. Load homebrew apps/games off any USB hard drive/flash drive.
    • Fully updatable with new features/updates by connecting PS Jailbreak to any computers USB port.

    Quality/Usability : I will be splitting this review into two parts. First part will be about the PS Jailbreak itself and the second part will be about the PS Downgrade.

    PS Jailbreak is the pioneer and the reason why we have the ability to jailbreak our PS3's. I won't get into who found/started what but PSJB was the first to bring the product to the market/scene. They have gone through a lot of criticism, heat, not to mention Sony's MIB team (lawyers) and lawsuits. Some resellers got burned as well due to Sony winning a court junction and seizing all PS Jailbreaks. However, that has not stopped resellers or PSJB. They are back and stronger with new features. If you've seen or know about how jailbreaking a PS3 works, this is nothing different. Don't forget where PSGroove/PSFreedom got it from.

    But of course, once there is a hot product, the flood gates of clones start to appear. The PS Jailbreak that you see online from reputable new sites were "betas" and eventually clones started to use the same casing to pass off as authentics. The final product still looks exactly the same but there are some slight differences. The authentic and final version does not have a cutout on the top of the dongle (as shown below). Also, the PS Jailbreak logo is no longer printed on the dongle, rather it is now etched onto the metal casing and the opening in the back is now sealed with clear epoxy. But of course, if you purchased a PS Jailbreak and it costs under $80, you just bought yourself a clone.

    Requirements for Jailbreak :
    • 3.41 firmware must be installed on the console
      *Please Note: If you want to increase the size of your internal hard drive make sure to do it before upgrading to 3.41
    • Download Backup Manager or homebrew applications/games and copy it to any external USB storage device formatted with FAT32.

    Operation :
    1. The console MUST be fully OFF (NOT in STANDBY mode) before connecting the USB PS Jailbreak. Depending on the console version you MUST:

      PlayStation 3 - FAT. Just turn off the console from the rear switch.
      PlayStation 3 - SLIM. It is essential to disconnect the power cord from the back of the console.

      Connect PS Jailbreak to any USB port on the console, taking care not to have anything else connected by USB.
    2. Press the POWER button on the console and then pressed the EJECT button. You will see the two LEDs on the PS Jailbreak illuminate while powering ON the console (10 seconds), then one of several things can happen:

      - The Green LED is lit. This means that the PS Jailbreak is working properly.
      - The Red LED is lit. This means that the PS has not loaded correctly Jailbreak. Usually this happens when not properly pressed Power sequence and then Eject.
      - If the end result is the bright Red LED, we repeat the process from the beginning with the precaution of disconnecting the power cord from the back of the PlayStation 3 Slim or cut the current from the switch at the back of the PlayStation 3 Fat.
    3. Once PS Jailbreak the device is loaded correctly, connect the USB external storage device with the Backup/Open Manager or your homebrew applications/games to the console.
    4. Go to the GAME menu and then to the option "Install Package Files", select your Backup/Open Manager or your homebrew applications/games.
    5. Once install is completed, at the end of the Games menu, your installed files will appear. Select it and run.
    6. If you chose Backup/Open Manager, follow the instructions of the manager.

    Even though PSJB is the pioneer of PS3 jailbreaking, they are the slowest in releasing updates. With releases of Hermes and KaKaRoTo PL3 payloads, PS Jailbreak had nothing. No updates with the latest payloads or even of their own. They left PS Jailbreak owners waiting or even having to spend additional money to get a USB development board just to have the latest payloads. While people were able to go on PSN (before Sony blocked that exploit), PS Jailbreak owners had to sit and watch. This also goes for their Backup Manager. Once developers found out how to reverse engineer and make their own, PSJB team just sat there. When the team did finally release an update to Backup Manager 1.1, we all thought it was going to be groundbreaking and something totally new. Instead, it was a complete dud with no new features or anything jaw-dropping.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Original PS Jailbreak PSJailbreak USB is the first USB jailbreak device for the PlayStation 3 and opened the gates to what we have now. But the lack of support such as updates for the PS Jailbreak dongle, Backup Manager and constant delays really hurt its reputation. The price point also hurt them because not many people wanted to spend $100+ when they can simply purchase a USB development board for under $35 and get the latest support from other developers. I can justify spending $100+ if there was constant support and updates. The engineering department are smart and I give them the credit but their marketing strategy isn't. The specification above states that it supports all games. At the moment, it does not but this also goes for the open source PSGroove. Disables forced software updates? Not really.

    If I start to see more coming from the PSJB team, I can justify spending $100. But in its current state with rarely any updates to help with compatibility with games and lack of update to their Backup Manager, I'd stick with PSGroove. But now that PSJB released PSDowngrade, this helps ease the pain of having to spend $100, if you're in need of a downgrader and a jailbreak device.

    Please note that none of the "upgrade" products listed in this site are endorsed by Nintendo, Sony and/or Microsoft. DCEmu Reviews and DCEmu Network does not condone piracy. The primary functions of a "modchip" and/or "flashcart" are to allow you to play imported games and homebrew software that you legally own or simply just for experimenting with hardware. We in no way endorse piracy, and encourage all users to do the right thing and support the developers/manufacturers that support them. We do not take any responsibilities for any use outside of these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 12:52
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    XCM Bestilt Controller Mod
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from TotalConsole (white) / Buy from TotalConsole (black)
    Price: $37.99

    Overview : 360 Elite has a HDMI port, its only missing motion sensing. XCM Bestilt is a simple to solder, bottom half of the 360 controller pad shell with a MOTION SENSING feature built-in. You can turn the tilt feature ON or OFF. See the video for a preview.

    With an easy installation that requires only 5 wires, and a supplied bottom wireless controller plate, you will be able to enjoy motion sensitivity gameplay for a new sensation on Xbox 360.
    • Available in Black or White color
    • On/Off Switch to enable/disable the tilt function
    • Bottom wireless controller faceplate included

    Quality/Usability : The Xbox 360 came out a year before the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3. With the release of the Wii and PS3, both nex-gen consoles feature motion sensing controllers except for the Xbox 360. Microsoft has not addressed this issue but 3rd party peripheral manufacturers have and have stepped up to fill in the void.

    Team Xtender aka XCM is first out of the gate with their Bestilt. It is available in two colors, white and black to match whatever colored controller you own. Each Bestilt includes a Xbox 360 backplate with the chip already on the backplate with wires attached. It would have been nice if they had included a torx screwdriver to help assist with opening the back of the Xbox 360 backplate.

    Performing this modification will require some soldering experience. If you do not have any experience with using a soldering iron, its best to have someone who does help you. That is of course, unless you dont care on spending additional money on another controller if you mess up. Hey, at least its a $50 or so controller rather then a $400 system.

    The Bestilt requires you to solder 5 wires to 5 points on the Xbox 360 PCB board on the controller. Of the 5 points that needs to be soldered, 3 of them are fairly easy as they big enough to solder to. The other 2 however are fairly small and near each other. I actually have no experience with soldering so I took a shot at this. I messed up my controller when I went to solder the two small points. So I went out and bought another controller in hopes that I wont mess this controller up as well. Being more careful the second time around, I was able to soldering the wires successfully. Once the wires have been soldered on, its smoother sailing from here.

    After closing up the controller, its time to test out the Bestilt. The switch to turn ON and OFF the motion sensing is located on the case but where the battery is located. Honestly, this is a very bad location. Each time you want to turn it ON or OFF to switch between motion sensing and analog, you must take the battery out. Of course, if you're using a wired controller, you do not have to deal with the battery. Trying to access the switch will require a pen or something sturdy to be able to flip the switch unless you have long nails or very skinny fingers.

    Having tested the Bestilt with Blazing Angels, the controlling was smooth and pretty accurate. It may take a little practice getting use to the motion sensing controller as pressing a button to fire will cause the controller to move which in turn, moves your character or vehicle. I also tested the controller mod with Project Gotham Racing 3. Again, the controller faired well and the game responded very well with the controller.

    You can view a video of the Bestilt in action:

    http://www.youtube.com/v/sSgdl7WEdK8" width="425" height="350"

    Conclusion : Overall, the Team Xtender Bestilt Controller Mod is a very unique product. Xbox 360 owners can no longer be felt left out when it comes to motion sensing. Unfortunately, since this is not an Official Microsoft product, developers do not have plans of developing games that uses motion sensing like the PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Wii. The procedure to get the Bestilt working can be troublesome to those who do not have the soldering experience. What would of been nice was the ability to customize settings on the Bestilt such as instead of having to press a button in PGR3 to accelerate, just tilting the controller forward to accelerate or tilting the controller back would brake would of been great.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 12:52
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    XCM XFPS 360 PRO
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from Divineo US / Buy from Divineo China
    Price: $85.00


    Overview : Let’s be honest, first person shooters just weren’t pioneered to be played on a bog standard Xbox 360 controller. Ask any First-Person-Shooter (FPS) fan out there what method of control they find optimal, and you will find the resounding majority shout out mouse and keyboard! The days of getting your fingers in a twist while trying to grapple with those un-friendly analog sticks are over. The XFPS 360 is here to present Xbox 360 gamers with the ultimate way to play FPS titles – with a Mouse & Keyboard! That’s right one technologically advanced converting device which intelligently re-maps controls onto either a standard PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse. Its pure plug and play heaven from the word ‘go’, the transition from PC FPS guru to Xbox 360 FPS champ is virtually seamless. The XFPS 360 is suitable for gamers of any skill level, ‘newbie’s’ can at last score their first frag and ‘pro’s’ can fire out those virtual bullets in a style Rambo himself would admire.

    The PRO version comes with 2 extra wheels with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mice on the market.

    Features :
    • Compatible with most PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse combinations, those expensive FPS set-ups have not gone to waste!
    • Instant plug and play technology
    • Ideal for use with all FPS titles such as Call of Duty and Halo series
    • Highly durable modern ‘black’ coloured shell
    • Brings all new auto fire functionality to the Xbox 360
    • Allows gamers to use PS2’s Dual-Shock 2™ controller on the Xbox 360 ™
    • Enjoy enhanced performance on titles such as Pro Evolution Soccer 6, which originally debuted on the Playstation™.

    XFPS 360 is also compatible with:
    • PS 2 Light Gun
    • PS 2 Racing Wheel - The XBOX 360 steering controller is very expensive, but you can use the PS 2 steering wheel for it now
    • PS 2 Dancing mat
    • PS 2 Guitar

    Quality/Usability : As we have already reviewed the original XCM XFPS 360, this will just talk about the new feature that was added to the XFPS.

    If you have not read our review on the XFPS 360 or know what it does exactly, it allows the use of a keyboard and mouse on the Microsoft Xbox 360. Some gamers who have purchased the XFPS 360 had complained about certain things and XCM listened to their customers and decided to fix these problems.

    The original XFPS was black and the PRO version is white. This makes the XFPS' easy to identify which one is which. But the color change wasnt the main reason. The reason for the change was some compatibility issues with some mouses that were available. Not everyone has the same mouse and all mouses are manufactured differently. There was no way to adjust the sensitivity on the original XFPS. So some gamers complained that it was either too sensitive or not sensitive at all.

    With that said, XCM has added a X and Y sensitivity dials to help adjust the sensitivity. All buttons and switches are the same, just that the dials are located on the top of the XFPS PRO. The X dial is on the left and the Y is on the right. With this, you can now use any mouse and be able to configure to perfection to use with any FPS game you play. You can also make adjustments even during game play.

    All other features that were featured on the original XFPS 360 still remains on the XFPS 360 PRO. So you wont be losing anything...just gaining.

    You can view the list of recommended mouses at XCM's site.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XFPS 360 PRO is just a improved version of the XFPS 360. With the release of the PRO, the original XFPS dropped in price. The original XFPS released with a retail price of $80. The XFPS PRO has a retail price of $85, which is $5 more. Bad thing for those who ordered the original XFPS will have to shell out an additional $85 just to get the PRO version.


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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 12:52
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    Talismoon PSU Energyser
    Manufacturer: Talismoon
    Site: Buy from Divineo US / Buy from Divineo China
    Price: $20.99

    Overview : Replace your original power supply with a standard ATX Computer power supply of your choice. Now you can have an inexpensive replacement, or, opt for more power, less noise, or both! The PSU Energyzer requires no assembly or wiring - just plug it in, turn on your PC power supply, and turn on your Xbox 360.

    The PSU Energyzer is a special cable with an OEM Xbox 360 power plug on one end, and a 20 pin ATX connector on the other.

    Please note that the original Xbox 360 Power Supply provides 203 watts, and 12v DC current at 16.5 amps, and 5v DC at 1 Amp. For the PSU energyzer to work, your PC power supply must provide this much SUSTAINED power at a minimum. Many PC power supplies are rated for PEAK power instead of sustained power, so you must check the label of your power supply to see if it provides enough sustained power.

    Quality/Usability : Talismoon PSU Energyser is an alternative to the brick sized power supply for the Xbox 360. The Energyser is a cable that connects directly to your PC. Once its connected to your PC and turned on, it draws its power from the PC to power your Xbox 360.

    This eliminates having to use the power supply that came with the console and frees up a wall outlet for other devices. There was no slow down, lags or any problems running the Xbox 360 through the cable. The console acted normal and ran fine just as if it was plugged powered through the original AC adapter. But you have to make sure that the power supply on your PC is able to handle the power to be able to run your console.

    Of course, this only works if your Xbox 360 and PC are near each other as the cable isnt that long. But long enough.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Talismoon PSU Energyser cable is a great spare power supply or replacement to have. Only drawbacks would be is if your PC is either far away or in a different room from the Xbox 360 and if in order to play with the Xbox 360, you have to have computer turned on. I know some like to turn off their computers and some leave it on for days/weeks. But it does free up a wall outlet.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 12:52
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    Nyko Intelligent Remote 360
    Manufacturer: Nyko
    Site: Buy from Nyko
    Price: $19.99

    Overview : Control your Xbox 360 and TV with 1 remote. Never be burdened with programming remotes again. The Intelligent Remote 360 is a self programming remote for the Xbox 360 that learns the functions for other remotes without the hassle of universal codes or software. Simply select the function on the remote that you would like the Intelligent Remote to learn, point the remotes toward each other, and with the press of a button the data is transferred instantly. This allows for convenient access to the 360’s functions while using other common devices like the TV, Stereo, etc, all from the same remote. The Intelligent Remote eliminates the need for switching between remotes and takes the hassle out of the setup.

    Features :
    • Control your Xbox 360 and other devices like the TV, stereo, etc, with one remote
    • Built-in "Smart" function learns from existing remotes, no codes or software required
    • Back-lit buttons are clearly marked and simple to use
    • The remote turns on and off automatically to maximize battery life
    • Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included)

    Quality/Usability : Nyko's Intelligent Remote 360 covers majority of the basic features of media playback. What is nice about the remote is that you can have it "learn" commands from other infrared remotes allowing the remote to control your Xbox 360 and TV.

    Although Nyko's Intelligent Remote is similar to Microsoft's Universal Media Remote, there are some slight differences. IR is wider (measures approximately 1 inch deep, 8.25 inches long and 2 inches wide), two buttons have been added under the mute control (AV and SET) and the START button replaces the Media Center button that would have been on the Universal Media Remote. The backlight lights up green when a button is pressed but is not as bright. The remote also weighs approximately 5 ounces with two AAA batteries installed (batteries included with Intelligent Remote).

    What makes the Intelligent Remote unique and different is the "smart" feature. This allows you to map functions from other remotes onto 22 buttons. In order for the remote to learn these functions, you have to face the Intelligent Remotes infrared sensor and the other remotes infrared sensor at each other. Although this is a great feature its not always 100% accurate. Its a hit or miss and only way to find out if the Intelligent Remote has "learned" the function is by trying it out. So it can get annoying.

    What can also get annoying sometimes is that the START button can be misleading. Pressing the button brings the Xbox 360 into the dashboard directly rather than pausing like it would on a controller.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Nyko Intelligent Remote 360 is a great alternative to Microsoft's Universal Remote. With a cheap price tag of $19.99, its affordable. Although, certain buttons and functions can get annoying. The two AAA batteries last a good before you have to replace them.

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    Nyko Charge Station 360
    Manufacturer: Nyko
    Site: Buy from Nyko
    Price: $29.99

    Overview : Always have an ample supply of battery power when you need it most. The Charge Station 360 gives gamers the power to always keep two Xbox 360 wireless controller battery packs charging at all times. The Charge Station includes the dual port charging base and two rechargeable battery packs. Easily plug the Charge Station into the wall to keep battery packs charged. It takes just 4 hours to fully charge 2 battery packs. LED charge indicator lights designate when each battery is fully charged. The high quality NiMH batteries are designed to work with Microsoft wireless controllers and each provide an average of 25 hours of additional play time. They can be recharged repeatedly eliminating the need for costly AA batteries.

    Features :
    • Dual port rapid battery pack recharge station
    • Fully charges two battery packs in about four hours
    • Includes two high quality NiMH rechargeable battery packs
    • CE approved for safety and quality
    • Each battery pack provides up to 25 hours of play
    • Dual color charge status indicators
    • Plugs directly to home power socket, no USB port or long wires required

    Quality/Usability : Not having to tied to the Xbox 360 by using the wireless controller is a great product. You can roam around freely without even tripping over wires or tripping other people. But the battery is taking a toll. Nyko has released the Charge Station 360. The kit includes two NiMH battery packs and a plug-in-the-wall base station. Unlike the Microsoft Play & Charge Kit and Nyko Power Kit, both require the Xbox 360 to be on in order to charge the batteries. With the Charge Station 360, it can charge two dead battery packs within 4 hours. Charging one battery takes only 2 hours. On the plug-in-the-wall base station, there are LEDs that alert you when the charging is in progress or when it is complete.

    During our testings, charging was on par to that of what Nyko claims (2 hours for one battery and 4 hours for both batteries at the same time). During gameplay, although we havent officially timed how long it lasted but Nyko claims to hold charge for 25 hours. Now, keep in mind, this is probably from non-stop playing. For us, the controller can last us a good 2-3 weeks if not more (1-2 hours of game play each week).

    The battery packs color is identical to that of the controllers color. So it will blend right in with the controller.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Nyko Charge Station 360 is a must own for anyone who uses the wireless controller and plays frequently. Not only will you get more play time, but you also wont have to worry about your battery dying on you. For a price tag of $29.99, you cant pass this up.

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    Nyko GameFace 360
    Manufacturer: Nyko
    Site: Buy from Nyko
    Price: $20-28

    Overview : Get your Game Face on! Personalize your Xbox 360 with the GameFace customizable faceplate and skin kit. This two piece faceplate houses personalized templates placed between a high-grade clear polycarbonate front plate and a stylized base plate. Download the easy to use design software at www.nyko.com and instantly create faceplates using your favorite game characters, images, photos, patterns and more. Print the final creations on the 15 blank templates using any home printer or try one of the 6 pre-printed designs also included in the kit. The templates fit snugly between the faceplate pieces and snap into place on the front of the Xbox 360. With the GameFace 360, you get everything you need to make up to 16 custom faceplates right away all from the comfort of home.

    Features :
    • Personalize your Xbox 360 with your favorite game characters, bands, photos, drawings and designs
    • Includes base plate and clear front plate, 15 blank templates and 6 pre-printed designs
    • Includes easy-to-use Game Face software. Create and print your own designs
    • High quality construction, designed for easy installation and removal
    • Software downloadable here. Requirements: PC or Mac computer, internet connection, home printer

    Minimum System Requirements :
    • PC with Windows XP/2000 or Macintosh with OS 10.2 or higher
    • Dial up/broadband internet connection and compatible browser
    • Home Printer (with 8 1/2" x 14" compatible tray)

    Quality/Usability : One of the nice unique features of the Xbox 360 was the ability to customize your console faceplate. With that, Nyko released the GameFace 360 which retails for $20, to help those with a sense of creativity and those who want a unique system that is different from the rest.

    The Nyko GameFace 360 consists of a silver back plate and a clear front plate. In between the two plates, you place one of six preprinted paper templates or a custom design printed on one of the 15 included blank sheets. Each paper template has punch-out holes for the Xbox 360's disc tray, memory card and all face ports.

    Although the included preprinted templates are nice, they arent the best looking things. If you're looking to pick up the GameFace 360, you're not looking to get it for its preprinted templates but to customize it with your own style and image.

    In order to print your own design to be used with the GameFace you must download the GameFace software from Nyko's Web site. The software is compatible with Windows PCs and Macs. The software itself is fairly simple. Just download the program, extract it and start the application. Once the program has launched, a blank document in a shape of a faceplate is shown with a few editing options for you to choose from. The software allows you to import JPEG, GIF, Bitmap or TIFF files. Once you have loaded an image, you have the ability to rotate the image, scale the image, increase or decrease the contrast and brightness, inverting colors, adding grayscale and blurring images. The application is like a mini-Photoshop.

    Speaking of Photoshop, if you happen to have the program on your computer, Nyko offers a downloadable PSD template for you to use for you more advanced Photoshop users.

    Printing the templates are easy. Removing the template off the template can take a little patience as they can tear easily. Once you have removed the template, placing the paper template on the clear faceplate may be difficult as it doesnt line up with perfectly and may result in the paper being creased. Removing dual faceplate/sheet combos is a little difficult as well since you wont be able to remove all three at the same time. Be sure to take your time as you only have a limited amount of templates (15) to play with.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Nyko GameFace 360 is a great product for those who would like to give their Xbox 360 a unique and stylish look. Nyko offers a great range of flexibility when it comes to customizing the faceplate by either using their software or using Photoshop. Although you are limited to 15 blank templates, Nyko will be releasing replacement templates for those who have run out of the allotted 15.

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    Evolve360 Chrome Controller Faceplate
    Manufacturer: Talismoon
    Site: Buy from Divineo China
    Price: $16.95

    Overview : Thanks to the Talismoon Evolve 360 controller faceplate range, you can now take the customization of Microsoft's next generation gaming machine to a new level! The Evolve 360 controller faceplate features everything you need for some serious fine tuning of your controller in one complete package. Talismoon Evolve 360 plates do not only shine with vibrancy but also through a unique combination of plastic construction provide a reinforced shell for increased resistance and a longer life.

    Ultra-gloss finish is the result of meticulous handling throughout the production process, to the point where the final customer is the first person to actually touch the finished product.

    Right from the beginning the Xbox 360 is all about customization; now it's time do this prophecy justice with Talismoon Evolve 360 controller faceplates!

    Quality/Usability : With the inclusion of an installation guide, torx wrench and screwdriver, installation would be very easy. The quality of build is top-notch. Talismoon has never disappointed anyone with their line of products. Unfortunately, no buttons or joysticks included so you'll have to use the original. The faceplate fits perfectly on the controller without any problems. If you're loosing in a game against your friend, just turn the controller a certain way and blind them =).

    • 1x complete Xbox 360 controller faceplate
    • 1x screwdriver
    • 1x tamper resistant torx t8 wrench
    • 1x installation guide

    Conclusion : Overall, the Evolve360 Chrome Controller Faceplate is a great product. The chrome will give the controller a unique and different look. Only problem with chrome is the potential fingerprints and smudge marks appearing. If you're anal and dont like marks, you might want to avoid this.

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