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    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:59
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    Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3

    Publisher: Capcom
    Developer: Backbone Entertainment
    Player: 3 (on/offline)
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platform: XBLA (Reviewed), PSN

    Overview : It is the second sequel to Capcom's Commando arcade game, first released in 1985 and then ported to nearly every system of the time, (including the BCC Micro which I owned, played and sucked at). Lucky for me this game is a lot easier (or I have gotten a lot better, but I doubt that) as its obviously aimed at western audiences with it modern American animé/cartoon stylised graphics.

    Features :

    Only on Xbox LIVE: Players who purchase Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 will be automatically eligible for the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta test: (only until August 20th or sooner)
    • Three playable soldiers with their own unique characteristics.
    • Multiple weapons, including rocket launchers, grenades and shotguns.
    • Controllable co-op vehicles
    • Support for up to three players simultaneously, both online and on a single console.
    • Four difficulty levels, which automatically adjust based on the number of players in the game.
    • Comprehensive scoring system.
    o Score Multipliers allow players to maximize their points tally.
    o Online Leaderboards

    If you played any of the old school shooters back in the 80s / early 90s, you will know what to expect. Not much of a plot, but we all new that it was never going to be like that. The characters basicly a rip of Arne (Commando film) and Rambo, but they have also have a token black girl, to cover both gaming minority's, how PC of them. The presentation is nice and slick, and general well done, personally I like how the jazzed up the pause menu. But as for in game graphics your not going to be blown away, its just simple, nice and bright, cell shaded graphics.

    But this game was never about great story or great graphics, its all about old school gameplay, and thankfully they have gotten this right. There is no strategy involved here, bar shoot exploding barrel and destroy enemy spawn points, This is about making thing go BOOM and mowing down thousand of soldiers (its ok, they are bad guys, you can tell because they are not American). Just like the films the games are inspired by, this is just plain dumb fun.

    Surprisingly, it slows down the very odd time in 3 player + explosions, a game with this graphic level, you would think, should not have this problem.

    The campaign is short (complete all levels in 1 hour) and repetitive (lack of enemy variety) but vehicle sections and a few uninspiring bosses breaks up gameplay. Multiplayer and secrets helps replay, but not enough to keep you playing the game for more than a few hours.

    Old school high scoring could have helped longevity, but because of constantly respawning enemies, high scores can be achieved by slowly playing though rather than using any skill making the highscore leader board pointless. The game is also much harder in solo, than in multiplayer even thought it ups the amount of enemy's for when paling in co-op. You can select which stage you want to play until you complete the whole game, which can be annoying if you died in the last level, but then that just the old school way.

    Conclusion: So, it wants to be an old school game, and it succeeds. But that's the problem, these games were great back in the day, but only if you played them for a few hours. But at 800 MS points ($10.00/£6.80/€9.30), I don't think its good value for money. But if your a fan of the original games, then its worth trying it. Or if you are a huge Street Fighter Fan you have bought it already and have been handing my ass to me via Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta. (I really suck a Street Fighter).

    - Old School gameplay
    - 3 player Co-op fun
    - Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta

    - Short
    - Repetitive

    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:58
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    The World Ends With You Review by pas (for the I-touch4DS Compo):

    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Publisher: Square Enix
    Developer: Square Enix / Jupiter
    Genre: Touchscreen Beat ‘em up
    Players: 2

    Overview :
    The World Ends With You is a awesome, really stylish game that is a new approach to RPG’s by the RPG Masters themselves, Square Enix. It’s weird art style took the gaming world by storm, much like their last Masterpiece ages ago: Final Fantasy VII.

    But let’s begin at the start:

    Gameplay :
    The Game has quite a complex Gameplaysystem and Story, so I will have to split this part up into several segments.

    - Story:
    First of, to mention the story. You wake up as Neku Sakuraba in the wonderful (the pun was intended) city, shibuya. Slowly, your are realizing what is going on around you:
    You are part of a Game, a big game that takes off every year and decides players who need to participate. After realizing what’s going on you will find some kind of Pin that allows you to read peoples minds, but that isn’t all, this pin isn’t the only pin you will encounter, infact you will encounter A LOT of them, so stay tuned for a detailed explanation on that later in the review.

    You will also met several People, the first of them being a trendy teenager girl called “Shiki”. Together with your partners you will then fight numerous battles, do quests for driving forth the main storyline by defeating enemies (more on that later) and solving puzzles.

    Moving the Main Character from place to place (e.g. walking) is done by pointing the stylus into any direction of the touchscreen to have neku and companions follow it “Phantomhour-glass-style”.

    If your Character reaches the end of the screen you will either enter a new restrict or the Screen will scroll, allowing you to see new unseen places.

    - Battle-System:
    Now on to mention the most interesting part this game has to offer besides the deep (!) story and extensive question: the Battle-System.

    You can enter a battle at any time when standing around in Shibuya by pressing the Player Pin Button in the bottom right corner of the DS’s Touchscreen to reveal peoples thoughts and – in this case even more important – Noise swarming around them.

    If you tap one of those Noises you will automatically enter Battlemode which works like that:
    On the Top Screen you have your Partner and on the bottom, you – as neku. You will have the enemies on both screens and need to defeat them on both screens in order to be successful.
    Your partner is controlled by the d-pad while you yourself (neku…) are controlled with stylus movements, swipes etc. Different kind of attacks can be applied by equipping pins, those again can be earned by fighting and defeating enemies in chain battles (up to 4 or more battles right after each other with no health refill) or just buying them in stores and stuff like that. To round this up, the Battlesystem has a lot more to offer than mentioned above, so has the Game itself, various Minigames like Tin-Pin-Slammer (Beyblade-ripoff ?) and others keep you busy for quite some weeks, therefore this deserves the full score:

    Graphics :
    Like mentioned before, the Graphics in this game (including the cutscenes) are really stylish, and totally fitting the Game’s setting of the modern Japano City.

    This deserves extra points because it was done so well:

    Sound :
    One word: Earworm Danger
    Once you started playing this game and heard for example the song Deja-vu you won’t be able to get those little pieces of art out of your head so soon again, which is a good thing, and combined with the smashing count of 35 tracks deserves yet again 5/5 since it includes songs for everyone.

    Replay Value :
    This is the first department which is a bit tricky to handle. The game offers a lot, a extensive storyline with secrets to be unlocked (I don’t mean your regular secrets… the secrets in this game are special, but to find that out you have to play it yourself since I won’t spoil the fun), a very customizable Battle system and Characters, each with their own story. Still, this game can have quite some replay value if you want to take a look at every pin, see every secret and beat every enemy, but that is not enough to keep some players playing it, so this section will get a 4/5.

    Conclusion :
    It is nice to see Firms taking a different approaches on subjects, which in case of The World Ends With You / It’s a wonderful world was a full success and makes hope for more like this. I for one totally think Square Enix has gone into the right direction with this game and therefore deserves the full score and nothing less:

    Final Score:
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:58
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    This review is gonna be a bit different from usual. Although I'm reviewing an amazing piece of homebrew, to be able to fully play it you'd need two files from the actual game, which is roughly still 10 USD. Since its still technically a commercial game...

    Also, seeing as this is a homebrew release of a rather old game, this review will be more reminiscient of past Miniviews. My normal reviews won't be this small.

    Producer: id Software
    Developer: id Software
    Genre: Revolutionary FPS
    Port by: Elaun
    Download: http://dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=115909

    Proving that one of the best shooters ever can be remade, and still be fun today.

    One of the original fully rendered 3D shooters
    Ok, lets get one thing straight; this game was released in 1996. Naturally then, by today's standards you can't expect much. But comparatively speaking, this game had THE best graphics for its time. Fully rendered 3D models and environments were both new and unseen by the time. Everything from weapons to monsters are fully rendered in #d with bloody haunting textures that seem to be id's passion with their FPS genre. The textures are made to be freaky and scary, and at the time, they were the freakiest thing you've ever seen. Quake looks better then most PSX games easy. Water effects are plain and simply, basically just a texture you can move through. Gun fire effects are part of the guns themselves, which are actually all 3D models themselves. Blood effects and splattering were exceptional for its time in '96, and also controversial (OHZES NOEZ! BLOOD! CALL JACK THOMPSON!) In other words, Quake looks even better then a NDS, Wiiware, or XBL game these days. Heck, it even looks better then most PSP games.

    If you saw this when it first came out in '96 you woulda crapped yourself.

    Back in the days of the blood-curtling splatter of enemies that have just been turned into blood and piecemeal, Quake existed and set part of the standard. Enemies moan and grunt as they take damage, and everything from zombies to yetis splatter in a glorious SPLAT! sound. Even Mathew Kain (the player) groans and screams from time to time as you take damage. However, sound effects were the best part of sound effects. Voice acting doesn't exist, and music is only decent. When it comes down to it, while the haunted-house style music is fitting and definately works, its a far-cry from the masterpiece soundtrack that id produced with its classic Doom. Whatever works I suppose...

    Zombies. The original splattering enemy.

    Wiimote control? In Quake? ****ING AWESOME!
    Quake has always been a great classic shooter that set a new standard with its revolutionary ideas and gameplay. But for decades the style of playing the classic FPS has held many a game down in the way of gameplay style. But no longer, and that fact has been ripped to shreds by even the gaming community itself with Elaun's amazing port of Quake to the Wii. For me especially (being a huge long time Doom and Quake fan) this port is the extra twist I've and many other FPS fans have always wanted from this golden-age classic. The Wiimote control works great; the sensativeity is well tuned and the amount of force it takes to turn the screen is almost just right. Although it could take a little more fine tuning, the implementation of motion control in Quake has been professionally done (at least in my opinion. This beats Red Steel's crappy POS control by a mile.) Beyond the great new motion control, Quake is back and just as good as its ever been. With the exception of slightly long load times, Quake has been ported almost perfectly. Minor errors such as the screen-to-HUD ratio exist, but the are easily overlooked. Quake still features its super-actiony bloody shoot-em-up adventure that fans know and love. Featuring a huge cast of weapons to combat an even bigger cast of enemies, Quake is just as good as it ever was. Gun mechanics work perfect (as usual for id. They invented it!) and the autoaim helps the wiimote control to work even better. Powerups such as Quake dmage and the enviro suit help you to blast some mayhem to the monsters. 4 episodes and tons of levels and puzzles for each, this is a game that will hold you a good long time. Not as long as Doom, mind you (start minding!) but its still a long and fun time while your at it.

    Well, very small review, but lets finish it up, ay?

    Major Selling Points:

    ◄ Great Wiimote support
    ◄ An amazing classic, remade for the present
    ◄ A trip back to the 90's best.

    Major Breaking Points:
    ◄ Aging classic
    ◄ Little to no story

    Story: 3/5
    Quake does actually have a subtle story about a decent story of a marine fighting the early Strogg in order to collect Runes to save the earth. Sadly, you would hardly know this if yo didn't read the manual.

    Graphics: 4/5
    Still holding up brilliantly today, Quake shows some of the best that the 90's had to offer during its time of golden age games. Sadly, time has been a bit rough to it...

    Sound: 3/5
    Sound effects are amazingly done and well implemented. Music, not so much.

    Gameplay: 5/5
    A HUGE inhale of fresh air is breathed into Quake through the new support of Wiimote control.

    Value: 5/5
    Yep, value. Its a new rting in my reviews :P. As for it then, Quake is worth every penny, as long as its about 5-10 dollars. It may be homebrew, but it comes with shareware, and to play the full game on wii you need to actually buy the game. Fully worth it.

    Port(not added to the final score): 5/5
    Awesome. Now all we need is a Doom port with motion support.


    Quake is looking better then ever, and the new controls give it a totally new feel to it. Amazing game made even better.

    NOTE: I did NOT make or help make the port. This review is a fan review of Quake and its new root on Wii homebrew, and you can give Elaun the credit for the port.
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:58
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    Old game(mid-2007) but many people have no clue about it.

    Publisher: Microsoft
    Developer: FASA Studios
    Genre: FPS
    Players: 1-16
    ESRP: $19.99 (For Value rating)

    Shadowrun is a game that is like its Sega genesis brother in name only. Unlike its RPG roots, Shadowrun for Windows and Xbox 360 is a fast paced FPS that makes you rely on more then just your weapon. To defeat your opponents, you must also make use of 5,000 year old magic powers. As a member of either the RNA, a huge corporation wanting control of this newfound magic, or the Lineage, an ancient order trying to keep the magic at its natural roots.

    So much story potential. None of it used.

    Shadowrun does has a story. The RNA, a global organization and the Lineage, ancient tribes, are feuding over a magic that could change the course of history itself. A neat story isn't it? Well, it could have been. Thats just it, though, COULD being the key word. Shadowrun has about as much storyline as Wolfenstein 3D. That is, no story at all, but a great setting. However, setting is only a small part of a grand storyline. Shadowrun has a huge potential for a storyline; it features everything from dwarves to elves to trolls, all set in a futuristic world where culture is still a very important part of life. What potential. But this game is all about its multiplayer, and it shows. The only "storyline" it has is 6 ten minute tutorials showing you how to use all of the magic, weapons and classes as an RNA combatant. Beyond that, even characters are perfectly lifeless. Commands in multiplayer don't even have actual human voices. Its a robot for every class and every team. Honestly, this game busts here.

    Guess which one will win. Go on, guess.

    Amazing magic effects vs. Sub-par character models
    Let the fight begin. I'll start off with the good. Effects for magic are simply amazing. The light show is great, and for the most part, magic is all about the lights and pretty colors. Teleport is a flash of orange blur that brilliantly lights up with a bit of red and blur. Summon magic creates a monster of either yellow or flourescent blue that sparks to life and beats the living crap out of the enemies. Strangle spawns shining blue or orange gems on the ground with a great shining effect. Even the absorbing power of the dwarves looks radiant when its in effect. Now magic is nice, and I've probably made that overly clear by now. Back to the other stuff. The character models are boring. Interesting at first, trolls and elves and ect. lose their interest factor after you've killed about 3 of them. They all look the same, and even when they are dead they have the exact same face expression as when they first spawned. To be fare, the Lineage do look a bit unique, with an art direction like that of Native Americans. But the RNA are just bland, basic and boring. Gun models are all uninspired; they work. But they are just average. No interesting ideas or art direction went into these weapons. Backgrounds are pretty well done, especially those of the Lineage-based levels. Which comes to make one realize that while the Lineage have a great artistic ideas about them, the RNA are boring, right down to they're RNA-themed levels.

    Mars probably has more life in it then Shadowrun. Music-wise anyway.
    Shadowrun doesn't have any music. If t does, I don't even remember because it must have been too boring. To its credit, music probably wouldn't have helped too much anyway. Still, some nice action themes would have added a bit more to its credit here, and the total lack of music is purely, mind-numbingly annoying. Its annoying because, without music, only sound effects are present to clear the sound of that extremely annoying AI that serves as the voice for all of players in the game. Which brings me to that point, possibly the only thing more annoying in the game then the lack of music is the robotic female voice that says all of your and your teamates commands. Blahblahblahblahblah. Other sounds. Gun sound effects, while just as inspired as the weapons, do what they are supposed to. No big awesome booms or anything of the such, but they work. Magic and Tech sound off like the 4th of July. They have varied and wide sounds to each of them(for the most part) and sound above average, though still not anything amazing. Shadowrun is rather dead when is comes to all things sound-wise.

    Look at me! I look like everyone else!

    Magic and machinery DO go well together
    Shadowrun relies primarily on one thing to get its point across--and thats its combination of magic, tech, and weaponry. In Shadowrun, you get Tech upgrades and Magic upgrades that you buy from a menu at the start of each game like Counter Strike. From this menu you also buy weapons and ammo, from Shotguns to katanas. This is Shadowrun's best feature easy. The addition of inspiring and awesome magic and tech to the game give it its uniqueness is the face of thousands of same-faced FPS. Ranging from everything between Teleport, a magic that lets you move 3 meters in any direction, even through walls, to gliders which allow you to basically fly. You really will feel as though you are a superhero in Shadowrun. Magic and Tech are inspiring and reat fun. So what about the rest? Guns, as previously mentioned, are totally uninspired and bland. They do what they are told, and thats about it. The katana may be the only interesting weapon, and even that is only slightly above average. Weapons are boring. So how about the classes? Classes consist of 4 types; elves, trolls, dwarves, and humans. Although its kinda unnecessary, the addition of these classes and they're unique abilities adds a great deal of joy to the game, at least for a while. Its fun seeing how each class will help you in your online play against others. Combat works. By that I mean, its solid, and fun. They are many irritants however. For one, anyone who is a chronic sniper will be sorely disappointed by this game; sniping is a no-zone. The sniper rifle is just painful and frustrating to use. Grenades take too long to explode. The pistol is worthless. Rocket launcher ammo cost too much. There are a good bit of annoyances in the game that usually just get ironed out over time and experience by the devs. It being a new project and IP for them, you have to be a little impressed by they're ideas. Still, a game is a game, and new or not, it a mixed bag. Most of Shadowrun is. And C'mon, this is coming from a guy with Shadow in his name. I really wanted this game to be good.


    Multiplayer IS this game. Literally!
    This game screams multiplayer. Two reasons: One, it doesn't have a story, and two, the only other game mode IS multiplayer. Granted you can play with bots that aren't too dumb, but this game was created and breed for multiplayer. So it should be noted that multiplayer is actually quite fun, mainly via XBL. Connection issues are present, but not as much as IGN and others have made me think. I honestly don't know if I've even played with Vista gamers yet, but who knows. And unlike most 360 games tat have been out this long, Shadowrun still does have a decent host of people that still play it online. 16 maps and 3 game modes will keep you for a good while, though the achievements may be a little too specific for you to try to get them all. The first six are cake.(Which may or may not be a lie. Eh? Portal reference.)

    Time again then to finish up.

    Major Selling Points:
    -- Magic and Tech both cool and fun
    -- Different classes add to the experience
    -- Great Multiplayer fun

    Major Breaking Points:

    -- No story mode
    -- Weapons are bland
    -- Gets repetitive after a while
    -- Sound is near painful

    Story: 1.5/5
    So much potential, but its not explored. At all.

    Graphics: 3.5/5
    Character models for RNA and they're levels are boring. Lineage, Magic and Tech FTW.

    Sound: 2.5/5
    Meh. Its all here(except music) but its all average. Magic stands out as good.

    Gameplay: 3.5/5
    Magic and Tech are great additions that ought to be in more games. Weapons are boring, classes are cool, but little annoyances pervade.

    Replay & Multiplayer: 3/5
    This game was made for Multiplayer, and it works well. However, with no story, it gets repetitive after a few.

    Value: 4/5
    At $20 for a game this quality its quite a steal. Still, its only for those who love the multiplayer.


    Shadowrun is a mix of great ideas, bad ideas, and great execution and bad execution. Its a game that is the most of a mixed bag I've ever played. some will hate it with a passion and some with love it like a drug. It really comes down to your personal preferences.
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:58
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    Platform: PS3
    Developer: Polyphony Digital
    Genre: Racing Simulation
    Players: 1-16
    Price -
    PSN - £25
    Blu-ray Price - £20-£25

    Overview :
    You all know this game, a platform for all racing simulations. Ever since the first Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 1, people knew this game was going to go far, and my god it did.

    This game is somewhat classed as a demo, it was intended to be a little taster for whats to come (isnt that what a demo is anyway).

    Right from the greatly respected Gran Turismo 4 for the PlayStation 2. This game has quickly gained a vast fanbase, and all the games in the series are a must have for any racing fans.

    Gameplay :
    Right, this game has always been based on attention to detail with how the cars handle, it really shows. The physics are totally amazing, you need to use your racing lines to get good laptimes. You take a corner too fast, your plowed into a tyre wall.

    Each car has there own characteristics (weight, bhp, torque) and you can really tell. The weights of the cars are a big factor in this series, you need a light car to get round suzuka at any speed. The tuned lotus handles like a go-kart!

    When you finish the A Class you unlock a section called the Quick Tune, which is needed for the S Class. The a thing called performance points are thrown into play.

    A quick runthrough of performance points are, the more powerful, the less the weight and the better your tyres are, the more performance points you will have for that car. In the S Class you will come across races that have a MAX performance points limit. So you can't take a F1 into a low end car race.

    The quick tune is very important in the S Class. You need it to sometime downtune your car, or tune it up. While you can tune your car, to your personal prefrences like "toe in and outs" etc.

    There are quite a good selection of cars to say this is a teaser. There are sections for Car Brands and a section for the Gran Turismo tuned concept cars.

    The track selection is low, the well known real tracks avalible to race on are Suzuka, Fuji and daytona raceway. All of the tracks apart from Suzuka and Fuji, and quite boring. They are all very well made though.

    Online play is actually quite well done, while you get the noobs that do not know how to race and knock you off the track at ever given moment. You get the good games with people who can race. One of the recent updates for the game, applys something that makes people flash when they are out of control or about to someone. I dont like this, it takes the realism out of the game. The lack of a ranking/stat system takes all of the fun out of it. But the cash bonuses you recieve for a race makes you forget about it.

    The AI are better and more intellegent than ever. There lines aren't always spot on, they try and get out of the way when your stealing the slipstream. They are great.

    The penalty system SUCKS. You have the AI bump into the back of you, you get a ramming penality (you slow down for a certain number of seconds) while the offender screams past you. This is always happening, and in a important Class S race its the last thing you want.

    Graphics :
    What can I say? Ground breaking. Full 1080p, perfect models, perfect lighting. Perfect perfect perfect.

    The cockpits of the cars are all detailed as they should be in each car. Not a part out of place. Get into the F1 and try not to be amazed by the detail on the steering wheel. I dare you.

    All the tracks are beautifully designed just as they should be. Not a texture out of place, not a sign out of place. Not even a tree out of place. Perfect!

    I would go as far to say this is the most graphicly advanced game on the PS3 so far. (Maybe uncharted close?)

    Once more, PERFECT.

    Sound :
    The sound is alot very good in this game. All the car engines sound very realistic. Yet there is 1 problem....

    The tyre "squeals". Seriously, did they get this off GT1? They are way to high, to matter what car your in they sound the same. Trust me, around the Daytona Raceway its not fun "EEERRRRRRRRRR" round every corner. This needs a big improvement for the real GT5.

    The soundtrack is horrible for my music tasted. Its all plain boring dreery crap. The worst soundtrack out of all of them in my opinion, but it wont be marked down on the overall score because its my music taste.

    Replay Value :
    This game has little replay value, when the races are done, they are done. You get little eurge to get all gold, because you will have raced the oval about 100 times to get the F1 car that costs 2,000,000 credits. The online play ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:58
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    Because I'm stuck in boring WV with nothing else to do, and this game saved me from total boredom.

    Publisher: 2K Games
    Developer: Venom Studios
    Genre: FPS
    ESRP: $9.99

    In PREY, you take the role of Cherokee-by-genetics Tommy, or Domasi, as you and the ones you love get abducted into an alien ship. There you must battle your way to your girlfriend and try and get off the ship. During this time you must learn to use your special Cherokee powers--or die trying.

    A Cherokee Classic
    In todays world of thousands of developers spewing out FPS like fireworks on Chinese new year, it becomes a chore to find one with a good storyline nowadays. Prey's horror-action-sci-fi-love story gives fans what they really want in a FPS story--the same thing as they want in an RPG. Great character development, an engrossing sci-fi love story, and all around high-budget production makes this FPS a story-side winner. Whats more, its based around the ideology of the Native Americans and they're stories. This game will make you think Cherokees are even cooler then you already did. The story is well done, through both its voice actors and presentation. The environment, while it tells a subtle tale about the aliens and they're culture, it really isn't a major part of the storyline. The inclusion of legendary radio host Art Bell into the telling of the story from Earth's view really helps to tell about the effects that Tommy's experience is having down on gaia as well. To be blunt, this is the kind of imaginative creative ideas that we want to see in FPS games; like Bioshock or Half-Life 2.

    Quake 4 and Doom 3-esqe
    PREY is a very pretty game. Think Quake 4 with slightly enhanced graphics that runs at a constant 60fps. This game has nearly no glitches whatsoever graphically(or technically, for the most part.) and no clipping issues. Enemies models and textures are a mix. While the Hunters and Elite hunters look rather boring, just about all the other enemies look awesomely Quake 4-y. That is, they look like mutant demons from the deepest spawns of hell itself. Particularly worth noting are the part human-part scythe-part elephant mutants that hop around and slash at you with huge razor-sharp claw(s). If it wasn't so dark most of the time the enemies would be even more disgustingly pretty. Which brings us to the lighting. PREY runs on the Doom 3 engine. If any of you remember, Doom 3's lighting was the worst part of the game. While the severity of the lighting problems have been taken care of, PREY still suffers from overly dark corridors and black hallway ends. Unfortunately, your little pissant lighter does little to help the darkness problem. still, its a minor problem because unlike Doom 3, its totally bearable. Theres only one part in the entire game as dark as Doom 3's issues, and its only one enemy to fight. The backgrounds pop out at you, and the messiness of each room looks of sci-fi gloriousness. Everything in PREY is alive, both metaphorically and literally. Even your living guns look great, the art direction in this game is awesomely unique. For a sci-fi FPS, this one is sure different then the rest of the crop.

    THIS is a puzzle!

    Splatter of alien guts. Now in 5.1.
    Lets not beat around the bush here. PREY sounds awesome. Lets start with voices. The voice acting starts off a little weak. Jen and Tommy seem to be a little hesitant with they're lines while Enisi starts and stays strong through the whole thing. Withing a few minutes of the game though, the character pick up they're talent and don't lose it. Especially during the last few levels, where Tommy's rage peaks. The voice acting is almost natural with Tommy and Enisi. Jen, although becoming stronger as the story continues, never really gets to the level of realism the other characters do through the story. All of them do great voiceovers though. Sound effects. Sound effects make PREY's sickeningly twisted alien world come to life. The weapon fire is good, though a little uninventive, but the sounds the weapons MAKE are great. The aliens chatter and the sound of portals opening and closing are high-budget SFX. The music is made by the same man who made the music for Oblivion and Guild wars. So suffice to say its professionally made. Music comes in at off times but it comes in nonetheless

    So this is what an alien school looks like

    Inventive and new ideas come together like PB&J
    PREY is a prethera of inventive ideas. Everything from Deathwalk to living guns screams LOOK! IM A NEW IDEA! AND IM WELL IMPLEMENTED! PREY's gamelay revolves primarily on the nature of all FPS, that is, with awesome weapons and action. But its neat new innovations allow for some really intelligent and mind blowing puzzles as well. Also is the inventions of portals and the ability to change gravity itself. Thats right, this game was the first game with portals in it. Portal came wayyy after. Anyway, many of the puzzles revolve around the idea of manipulating gravity. The design of these puzzles are amazing, and will melt your brain through your ears. Gravity manipulations also gives way to some interesting fights, where your enemies may be standing at any degree here. The enemies are actually rather stupid. The AI won't win any prizes for they're intelligence, but the unique level design fixes this for some difficult, even hard fights sometimes. Many enemies in the game don't need too many smarts; they're big, powerful, and aggressive. Another awesome innovation is the spiritwalk-- a Cherokee ability where you leave you body and can walk through things such as forcefields and press switches, kill enemies, or pick up items. Oh, and you can't die in Spiritwalk, making it insanely useful in scouting ahead, as you could basically sit by the enemies and stare at them as they fruitlessly try to shoot your spirit form. Its also very useful in solving the many puzzles in PREY. Also, when you die in the game, you respawn EXACTLY where you died. Its like having a Vita-Chamber from Bioshock wherever you go. This actually doesn't make the game much easier somehow; its hard to explain why. But when you die, you enter a mode called Deathwalk, where you shoot at the Spirit Wraiths to determine how much health and spirit you respawn with. Even the weapons are inspired. Every weapon is a life unto itself; they're all alive. And I mean that literally. The guns you have are and shoot organic matter, a very inspiration and logical idea for an alien ship. Prey is all about the innovative ideas, and they make the story mode one hell of a ride. Not everything is perfect though. The level design tends to get repetitive in areas, and some glitches ocur that make it an annoyance to continue sometimes. Hunters will get on your nerves within hours of the game. The story will make you keep coming back to the game for more.

    Alien ship

    Invisible Assassin - 25G
    Multiplayer. To be fully honest with you, this game's strength isn't in in multiplayer. This is in no way writing of PREYs multiplayer as bad, just that it isn't the point of the game. Its multiplayer is rather average. Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch are fun, but do get a little boring after a while. The story mode took me a good 12-15 hours to beat and there is another difficulty mode. However, Multiplayer is by no means bad; its great fun while it lasts. Walking on walls shooting at your friends is always a nice change from the norm.

    Alright then.

    Major Selling Points:
    -- Deathwalk and Spiritwalk- Dying is actually fun!
    -- Mind blowing puzzles
    -- Manipulation of Gravity
    -- Unique and interesting storyline

    Major Breaking Points:
    -- Action is broken at odd times
    -- Glitches do mess up the story sometimes
    -- Story's on the short side

    Story: 4.50/5
    Venom Games' Native American tale of love and aliens is about as unique as it gets. A little more development could have been spent on the aliens side.

    Graphics: 4.5/5
    Solid framerate and technically good. Great art direction, but a little dark at times.

    Sound: 4/5
    Music is great but weirdly placed. Sound effects and voice acting work great.

    Gameplay: 4.5/5
    Great new innovations to the FPS genre give this game a great new feel, even if the main shooter mechanics are only alright.

    Value: 5/5
    At $10, this game is the best deal you'll find in this year or any other. PREY would still be worth $40.

    Replay Value & Multiplayer: 4/5
    The story is fun but short. Multiplayer will add a bit of time.


    PREY comes at you with great new ideas and pulls them off with such skill, its a new idea itself. The only iffy part is the shooting, but everything else is great.
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:58
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    Publisher : Taito
    Developer: Taito
    Genre: Arcade Shooter
    Players: 1-4
    Price: $19.99

    Space Invaders is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a party that EVERYONE is invited to (just pay $19.99) lol

    This time around, Space Invaders comes shipped with some strategy by giving you a power up every time you hit four ships of the same color continuously. On the right side of the screen, you will find a power up bar, once you grab a power up, that bar will instantly start draining, so you better use your power wisely. If you want to save the power for later, simply hold the right trigger.

    If you see a shiny color changing ship hover across the top of your screen, hitting it will take you to a bonus level, complete that level, and you will be rewarded.

    Aside from a new look and slightly new feel, A new element is added: BOSS BATTLES! Yes, you heard right, now you can easily see each and every pixel forming a ship.

    Boss battles normally consist of one or two big ships, and a bunch of little ones, though the small ones may seem like a bother at first, DO NOT BE FOOLED! for they are the key to power ups, and power ups are they key to victory.

    Only three to go, and this guys are in for a blast! (if you have played the game, you will know what I am talking about)

    Space Invaders Extreme. As the name suggests, the game feels like they gave "extreme" amounts of drugs to the game making YOU think you are high. The game has DDR like backgrounds which seem to swirl and melt as you progress through the game. Even though the space ships still look the same but shinier, The game overall looks great, And it is the small details here and there that make it so.

    Is it just me, or are the aliens forming question marks? Don't worry, I am confused too.

    This game has techno music as its companion to to the visuals and it works great, what is even More amazing, is that every shot and explosion created, fits perfectly with the song.

    Each level comes with a brand new track that will keep your ears too busy to hear your mom asking you to clean up your room.

    Replay Value:
    Like most arcade games, Space invader has a great replay value, you will find that whether you have five minutes or two hours, you will be able to pick this up and start playing.

    normal bullets can usually do the job, but nothing beats a good ole hyper beam!

    YEA! that's what I'M talking about!

    Humpa doompa dompa dee doo, what do you get when you combine great graphics, addicting game play, and great tracks to go along? a must buy for you!

    I give this game a:

    my review survey
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:57
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    Publisher: Tecmo
    Developer: Team Ninja
    Genre: Third-Person Action
    Number of Players: 1
    Price: $15 (can be downloaded to xbox 360 hard drive)
    or $10 if you can find a used copy in a store.


    You play as a ninja by the name of "Ryu Hayabusa" and start out with a "special" sword, you later unlock more weapons and moves as you SLOWLY progress through the game by violently slaying fiends (demons, monsters, evil creatures, my LMS teacher, call them what you will) with well lasting AND animated combos.

    This kunai smells funny


    The gameplay is simple, go in a room, get killed, go in it again, and try to survive by locating patterns in you'r eneimes movements, block and counter attack when needed, or simply smash every face button on the controller and hope for the best, as the enemies fall, they will drop orbs that can ethr give you health or money to upgrade your character.

    Aside from having weapons, you also have magic called "NIMPO" you can preform this spells when you are found in a difficult situation as they will assure you a critical hit on an enemy, even on one of those amongst the most law defying fiends. But use them with caution, as this "NIMPO" will not come back on their own, you have to recharge them with a potion that costs money.

    Hmmm....is it just me, or is the big guys face inside out.


    This game looks better then most if not all wii games out there, seriousley, I am very surprized by what the regular xbox can do, the level of detail on ryu is astonishing, from the metal plate on his head, down to the kunais found at the side of his legs, everything is very well polished and well thought out animations can only help.

    CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW THE PICTURE (it ecceeded the 500 pixels width rule)


    Depending on what weapon you choose to adopt as your own, you will hear different sounds, if you have a sword you will hear constant metal bashing against the your oponent's armor, if you choose a staff you will hear the sound of wood banging against whatever it is that you wish to hit with it, tho one thing you will always hear, is the sound of wind being broken by the peed of your attacks.

    The background song MUST fit in well with the game due to the fact that i don't remember hearing one .


    Once you are done with the game on normal difficulty, you can always go back and beat it on hard to unlock new costumes, other then that, i see no other reason to.


    This game is going to spit on your face and laugh at you while you are naked because you just saw ryu's big breasted friend. The cutscenes are the most cinematic and well preformed I have ever seen in a game making you wish they were longer.

    so, ya doin anything this saturday?

    I give this game:
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:57
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    Article Preview

    Information About The Game:
    Mario Kart wii is Kart racing game developed by Nintendo EAD and produced by Nintendo


    Many gamers (both casual and hardcore) have come to like the Mario Kart series. Can you blame them, it still is a fun racing game with some wacky antics and great replay value. With Mario Kart Wii being the latest in the franchise, fans expected to see a lot, and boy did Nintendo deliver. With new courses, new characters, 12 player online mode, inclusion of bikes, and of course motion sensing controls make the game one of the best in the series.

    In this new edition to the Mario Kart series, you can use 5 controllers to play the game. The 5 being...
    1. Wii Remote
    2. Wii Wheel
    3. Wii Classic Controller
    4. Wii Remote w/ Nunchuck
    5. Nintendo GameCube controller

    The Nintendo Gamecube controller and the classic controller being the easiest, the Wii remote w/ nunchuck being the most akward, and the Wii Wheel being the most fun. Being the fact that the Wii wheel was included with the game and that it is a fun way to play, you will probably use that one the most.

    Online Play in this game is probably the best online experience you will come to have on the wii. No lag, 12 players, and the ability to play online with 2 players on one console is great. That was one of my big concerns in Super Smash Bros Brawl. In the online mood, you can either race or battle. Each one you have a diffrent point system to show whether or not you are good at the game. It also includes the Mario Kart Wii channel, which is great to use so you can check online stats without popping in your disk. A nice feature is when you see the other players you are about to face, it shows on a globe where they live and there Mii (and the location is fairly accurate)

    New Characters include Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, Diddy Kong, King Boo, Funky Kong, Rosalina, Dry Bowser, Toadette, Birdo, Bowser Jr, And of course, you can play as your favorite Mii! So THere is a lot to unlock and a lot to enjoy! The new stages are fun and exciting but the "classic" stages are now kinda boring in comparison. THe single players is basically the same thing as Mario Kart DS, but that can be considered not a bad thing. The problem is, on 150cc and on Mirror Mode, It has Rubber Band A.I (If an AI opponent falls far enough behind the rest of the drivers it suddenly receives an enormous boost in speed) Which can make the game very difficult. There Also a lot more items to enjoy that are all fun. But the downside is, this game is more luck then skill, more so than other Mario Kart games.

    Look we all know that the game is not HD, but the game looks surprisingly good. The Shadows were vastly improved from the other game and Character design is great.

    Classic Mario music remixed, and new tracks are what you can expect sound wise in Mario Kart Wii. Of course you will here the occasional WAHOOOO!!!!!, or YIPPIE!!!!!, or LETSAGO!!!!!!!, but other then that no deep phrases, Only complaint is hearing Diddy Kong's saying which sounds very bad, and i have no idea what he is saying. It is like AKILLIE!!!, What the hell is that, and since I play as Diddy Kong a lot, it annoys the hell out of me. I know, I know, I am nitpicking

    Replay Value:
    A Crapload of replay value considering the new tracks, characters, and a great online mode. You will keep coming back for more and more and more. and more...

    Mario Kart Wii is a fun game that you will come play over and over again. It has some flaws, but you can get over that to find solid gameplay, a nice online mode, and a lot of new features. One of the best on the Wii, and the best Mario Kart ever (of course, in my opinion).If you got a wii, buy the game.

    Sound 4/5
    Graphics 4.25/5
    Gameplay 4.75/5

    This has been a ninja9393 production. ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:57
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    BioShock Review

    Developer: 2k Games
    Publisher: 2k Games



    A new FPS has shown up with promises of great gameplay and great story without needed muitplayer to make it successful (unlike halo :P )

    We will see how true to those claims the game really is...


    Notable Awards:
    • 2007 PC Game of the Year
    • 2007 Xbox 360 Game of the Year
    • 2007 FPS Game of the Year
    • 2007 Overall Game of the Year



    A regular First Person Shooter, nothing out of the ordinary here.



    The game is a 1 player only.



    The game begins with you in an airplane in the late 1950's when it suddenly crashes and our the only survivor or so your lead to believe ...

    You then come across this big tower in the middle of no where in the ocean, you enter and soon take a sub down to the city of Rapture...

    You soon get ambushed and eventually found out it was a bad idea to come down here. The first plasmid is introduced (think of it as magic in a RPG) after your encounter with a Big Daddy, even though you dont actually fight it, its still a pretty sight to take and dont want to mess with.

    And soon your tangled up in this rescue operation for atlas and...

    Well im not gonna spoil the story for you,
    you will just have to play and find out,
    its such a great story



    Game is typical among all FPS except for the plasmid system, which allows you to strike enemies with electricity, fire, and a few other elements.

    The way you combine these powers with your surroundings is up to you.
    For example you could shock an enemy in the water for extra damage, and it will shock all other enemies in the water also.
    You could light a propane tank on fire then use telikenieses to throw it at your enemies for extra damage , ect...
    its all up to you.

    You will also need powers to melt ice, or freeze things to advance in the game.

    The weapons are nice with upgrades and all the works and make you fell invincible at times.

    Another pretty cool thing was the hacking minigame which is a remade version of the PC classic PIPE:

    Multiplayer would have been good in this game, whats better then shotting your friends and complete strangers with plasmids?
    But its still very good without it as you can see from the awards.

    There was no lag or anything in the game that I experience, everything ran smoothly



    The graphics on this game are very well done.
    From the glossy look to the water, everything looks very nice compared to other FPS's.

    Some Pics to show its "awesomenesses"


    Audio / Sfx:

    The game contains a rich classical score and well as may songs popular from that time era that sometime play in the background.

    Such songs as:
    Papa Loves Mambo
    Waltz of the Flower
    How Much is that Doggy in the Window
    Oh Danny Boy

    and a few other as well...

    Also there whole classical score is free to download from their site:

    Over all its very well done and pulls it off with the game well.

    The voice acting it also extremely up to par.
    They have a real emphasis to them from the Irish talking Atlas to the little sisters and as well as the Big Daddy sounds are pretty creepy.


    Replay Value:

    The game doesnt exactly have a replay value to it.
    After you finished, you will want to put it away until you fell like play it again a couple of month later, like me.



    This game is really something to look at on how new games coming out these days instead of the usual rubbish we get today should be. This game is extremely good and is recommended to anybody who has a 360 or even PC (and soon PS3 also )


    • Excellent story
    • Voice Acting
    • Weapons and upgrades
    • Many plasmids to choose from
    • Graphics
    • Musical score

    • No Multiplayer


    Final Score:

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