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    by Published on November 9th, 2010 17:10

    Hi everyone. This is a port of Mednafen's PC Engine emulation to Android, and my first ever emulator port. I've only tested on a Droid/Milestone for now but hopefully it will run on other devices. I'm planning to have regular updates with more features/optimizations and other emulator ports in the future.

    Hope you'll enjoy it Smile

    Update: Version 1.2.0: supports homebrew PS3 consoles (runs HuCards only).
    Update: Version 1.3.0: PS3 port supports bin+cue format CDs.

    PCE.emu is PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator written in C++ for Android, iOS and PS3. It uses the emulation backend from Mednafen and is built on top of the Imagine engine. The source is released under the GPLv3 license.

    Coming in future updates:
    • Additional speed optimizations
    • Updated GUI with more control & display options
    • Native Wiimote support (may require Android 2.0+, I'm still looking into it)

    The Android version is designed for the Motorola Droid/Milestone, but should work on devices with similar specs. Actual speed depends on a combination of CPU clock speed and the how fast textures upload to the device's GPU. The PS3 version will run on any homebrew-capable console. The iOS version runs on any compatible device but an ARM Cortex-based CPU is recommend (iPhone 3GS and newer). Get it for your platform on the Downloads page.

    • Accurate emulation and high compatibility rate.
    • Zip file support
    • CD emulation via loading cue files, you must have a system card rom named syscard.pce in the same directory as your cue files.
    • Cue files may use external audio tracks in Ogg Vorbis & Wav (PCM, ADPCM, etc) formats (not working on PS3 currently)
    • Optional on-screen multi-touch controls in addition to keyboard controls (needs Android 2.1 for multi-touch)
    • Backup memory and save state support, one auto-save and one manual slot for save states
    • No user activation or other nonsense

    Performance Notes (as of version 1.3.0):
    • Android : 55-60fps with hucards on a 550Mhz Droid running Android 2.2. CDs may need slight overclock (600-700Mhz) to run at similar speeds depending on the game's screen mode. On-screen controller can cause a small speed hit so disable it when not in use, will be optimized in the future.
    • iOS: 60fps on iPhone 4 with hucards & CDs (~50% cpu utilization). 20-30fps on iPod Touch 2nd gen.
    • PS3: 60fps with hucards & CDs.

    Default Controls for Android:
    • D-pad : navigate menus (Up & Down), Left to go up a directory in file picker, Right to select highlighted entry
    • Z, X : Buttons I & II
    • Space : Select
    • Return : Run
    • Menu : open/close the main menu
    • L : go directly to Load Rom menu
    • Q : Save State
    • W : Load State
    • Search : Fast-forward in-game
    • Back button : Exit game or go back in menus

    Controls for iOS:
    • Touch top-right corner : open the main menu
    • Touch bottom-left corner : Fast-forward in-game (deactivates upon next input elsewhere on screen)

    Controls for PS3:
    • D-pad : navigate menus (Up & Down), Left to go up a directory in file picker, Right to select highlighted entry
    • Cross : confirm/select menu entry, Button I
    • Circle : cancel menu entry/go back, Button II
    • Select : Select
    • Start: Run
    • L2 : open/dismiss menu
    • R2 : Fast-forward

    Currently known issues/bugs:
    • No international character support in gui
    • Not really a bug, but when running on a case-sensitive file system make sure your CUE file specifies references in the same case as on the file system.
    • PS3: only 1 controller is supported
    • PS3: loading a CUE file with external audio tracks causes the system to lock up
    • PS3: sound is not synced properly, causes slight distortion in the audio

    Source: Mednafen Forum / PCE.emu Homepage ...
    by Published on November 8th, 2010 15:31

    ThatOtherPerson is spitting out PS3 homebrew games as if he was a broken water fountain. It seems like theres always a new homebrew game every week or two. I want to know how he's going to keep up or how many he's going to release or what else he has in mind.

    This is an early version of a simple tank game involving two large armies.

    Move – Left analog stick
    Aim – Right analog stick
    Shoot – R1

    I'm not sure if its compiled with Sony SDK or the open source SDK PSL1GHT so I will not be attaching the files.

    Source: PSX-Scene ...
    by Published on November 5th, 2010 15:03

    CodeZombie has released the first 100% legal PS3 homebrew. This is the first PS3 homebrew game to use no copyrighted code. The game was coded from the ground up, entirely with the PSL1GHT SDK. Here is what CodeZombie had to say about his release:

    Pongus is a simple pong clone, demonstrating the basic features of the PSL1GHT SDK.

    Right now, it’s in a playable state, with enemy AI, collision detection, Speed advancement and simple controls.

    I am aware that there is already a much better pong clone available for the ps3, but that package contains leaked sony code, and is illegal to distribute.

    This package is the opposite, written completely with the Open PSL1GHT SDK. No Sony code was used to write this game, and thus, is able to be freely distributed, source and all.


    We have also attached the files for your convenience.

    Source: PSGroove ...
    by Published on October 21st, 2010 15:21

    Money hungry? A while ago, EA stated that NBA Jam will be FREE with NBA Elite. Since NBA Elite has been delayed, it has been revealed that EA will now be charging full price ($50) for the stand-alone NBA JAM release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Would you still pay for this remake?

    Retailers are now listing NBA Jam for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and in the process have revealed the release date and price for the game. It was just a week ago that we learned NBA Jam HD would be a full retail release and not a downloadable offering. Many expected the game to end up being sold for the standard $60 given that the Wii version went for $50 and did not include online play or the HD graphics.

    NBA Jam will go for $50 for the 360 and PS3 matching the Wii version. Even at $50 though it could be a tough sell given that EA Sports had framed NBA Jam as being “free” in NBA Elite 11. This however presumes that consumers were actually looking at NBA Jam as a bonus and not the main selling point of that package.

    As earlier speculated the game is set to release on Tuesday November 16th. It will include everything the Wii version had such as Remix mode, but to go along with that online co-op play has been added and Remix mode will also be online. Continue on for the full feature list and leave your thoughts in the comments!

    An Enhanced Original! – EA SPORTS’ version of NBA JAM has the off-the-charts fun factor of the original with updated gameplay that looks and feels better than ever – in full HD!

    EXCLUSIVE TO Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 – Play Online! – Play Classic 2-on-2, Co-op Team Play, and Remix games ONLINE with a jam-packed progression system, unlockable challenges, and hundreds of rewards.

    Classic Campaign… With A Twist! – As fans try to beat all 30 NBA teams in the Classic Campaign journey, they will face some extra challenges: secret 2 on 2 Boss Battles against NBA Legends!

    Unlockables Galore! – Players of NBA JAM can earn and unlock more than 100 cheat codes, secret characters and legendary NBA players. Secret characters were a big part of the original and EA SPORTS is committed to keeping the spirit of past unlocks alive (wink, wink).

    Many Ways to Play the Game! – Fans can play Solo, Versus (against another player) or Co-op (with another player against the AI) modes. No matter how you like to play the game, you will have tons of fun playing NBA JAM.

    A True “Pick up and Play” Experience! – The control system is very simple for those new to sports games yet they also have enough depth to satisfy passionate gamers who seek challenge around every corner.

    Source: PASTAPADRE ...
    by Published on October 14th, 2010 16:29

    Yes, I'm a bit late with this news but its still news worthy because we all have been waiting for it since the PS3 launched back in 2005. GT5 has been in development for 6 years (it has been worked on even before the PS3 was released worldwide) and we're going to have to wait a little bit longer.

    It was announced today that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd as originally announced, but the game will be coming this holiday season.

    We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay. Creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are all confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

    Check back here on the official Gran Turismo website for further updates.

    Sony didn't give much of an explanation when it announced Gran Turismo 5's delay yesterday. For something a bit more solid (just a bit), we turn to series producer Kazunori Yamauchi himself.

    Returning to Twitter for the first time since September 22, Yamauchi apologized to fans today and explained that the reason for the delay was that it was taking some time to finalize some of the game's more complicated systems. Apologizing again (two apologies in the same Tweet!), he asked that players wait a bit more.

    Yamauchi quickly followed up this apology with some good news for those worrying that this is actually a stealth delay to 2011. A follower pleaded with him to get the game out by the end of the year. "I believe we won't keep you waiting until then," replied Yamauchi. —via Andriasang

    Source: Official Gran Turismo

    *UPDATE* 10/14/10
    So it seems the "finalizing some of the game's more complicated system" is updating the SDK to 3.50.

    An insider close to Sony is chalking up the recent delay of Gran Turismo 5 to the recent PS3 hack that has made waves over the last few months, pinning blame on a last-minute SDK switchover. This comes following yesterday’s revelation that GT5 would miss its November 2 release.

    A source on the Blu-ray.com forums suggests that looming fears over piracy prompted the setback. Shortly after PSJailbreak and its variants made the rounds, SCE issued a mandate requesting that titles with a post-October release date must be compiled with 3.50 SDK libraries. Here’s the post in full, which has since been removed for reasons unknown:

    Like I said it is manufacturing issues. I had it confirmed today.

    The problem arose when SCE mandated SDK 350 on all games releasing after after October, GT5 was about to go gold running on SDK 341, but it has been delayed by around a week so that they can update to SDK 350. This has caused a big headache for the manufacturing side, given how big this game is missing the gold date by even a week can cause a months worth of delay as slots are already taken up at this time of year for Blu-ray movies and such. So Sony had to find a 3 week slot big enough to make 7m+ copies of this and get them shipped out.

    If you want to blame anyone, I would direct it at the pirates and hackers, SCE never had any real SDK restrictions before firmware 3.41 was compromised.

    Certainly sounds plausible. While a switchover to the new SDK is hardly a big deal, you have to factor in QA testing, which can easily take an upwards of a few days to complete, depending how extensive. That, factored in with setting a revised manufacturing date, can easily lead to a delay of this nature.

    Fans can rest assured, however, that GT5 will make 2010. While Sony has not yet pinned down a firm date, it’s still on for a “holiday release.”

    Source: eXophase ...
    by Published on October 12th, 2010 17:32

    Fan Axxess allows gamers to obtain all DLC for WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 for single 800 MSP / $9.99 payment

    As publishers continue to dabble with new ways of offering ‘added value’ to gamers through digital content, THQ has revealed a new model to accompany the release of WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011.

    Those who buy the game will be offered the chance to buy a ‘Fan Axxess’ pass. Doing so will allow them to download all future DLC for the title at no additional cost. Content will include playable characters, alternate costumes, new arenas, a character customiser and an in-game badge to “recognise the game's biggest supporters”.

    Fan Axxess will cost 800 Microsoft Points, or $9.99 on PSN.

    “The Fan Axxess program for WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 offers consumers a very attractive value proposition to significantly enhance the virtual WWE experience,” THQ’s executive VP of core games Danny Bilson stated.

    “We have some of the most passionate fans in the industry, and we are pleased to offer them an opportunity to access premium gameplay content, customization features and recognition for their loyalty for one price point.”

    THQ has already announced that the game will ship with a single-use DLC code that is required to access the online mode. Pre-owned buyers will have to pay extra to take the game online.

    How do you feel about this if other developers/publishers goes this route? Let us know what you think about this DLC deal.

    Source: MCV ...
    by Published on October 12th, 2010 17:18

    Everyone knows CD sales are down. The solution? Bundle it with a videogame. That seems to be the trend these days, the latest one coming from Lil Wayne, who has partnered with the makers of "Def Jam Rapstar" and Best Buy to give away his latest album "I Am Not A Human" to anyone buying the game. There are limitations. The giveaway only lasts from Oct. 12 through Oct. 19, and only in Best Buy locations.

    The deal was struck between Rapstar creators Def Jam and 4mm Games, and Wayne's label Cash Money Records. Wayne's single "A Milli" is also featured in the game, which is a sort of rap-centric karaoke game that lets users record and share video of themselves performing.

    The news comes on the heels of a similar album-game bundle from Soundgarden. The reunited group is piggybacking on the newly released "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" videogame, attaching a copy of the greatest hits retrospective "Telephantasm" to 1 million versions of the game.

    That was a one-week exclusive made available to "Guitar Hero" fans a week before the album was otherwise available for sale. Soundgarden also provided an exclusive track to the game, "Black Rain," and the full "Telephantasm" tracklist is available in the game as downloadable content.

    This practice of bundling albums with games inspired the RIAA to revise its rules on awarding Gold and Platinum status to albums. "Telephantasm" for instance was given Platinum status as a result of the 1 million bundle, as the units were non-returnable. However, since the product was scanned by retailers as a video game, sales were not able to be counted by SoundScan as an album purchase and therefore were not reflected on Billboard's charts.

    So far, these experiments have been limited to music-focused games like "Guitar Hero" and "Rapstar." It will be interesting to see if artists start doing the same with other types of games that enjoy even more widespread popularity, such as the "Modern Warfare" franchise or other action based titles.

    Source: Billboard ...
    by Published on October 12th, 2010 14:26

    Here is a tech demo for a first person shooter I’m working on. Everything in it is now and will continue to be completely destructible. Use the left analog stick the move, right analog stick to aim, R1 to shoot. There is no gravity at the moment but you can use the triangle and X buttons to move up and down. There is also no set objective or challenge at this point. It really is just a pure tech demo. But I think its still pretty cool already. So have some fun digging into walls and let me know what you think of it.

    Left analog – Move
    Right analog – Aim
    R1 – Shoot
    Triangle – Up
    X- Down

    Source: PSX-Scene ...
    by Published on October 11th, 2010 16:36

    PS3HaX member ThatOtherPerson has released a homebrew game called Maze Generator, its a game, in which you have to find your way out of a maze, here is a quote from the original post:

    Maze Generator is a simple game I’ve made with randomly generated mazes. You play as a red circle and can navigate the mazes using the directional pad. A new maze is generated when you reach the red square at the end.

    Unlike the previously released Wii and PC versions it doesn’t have music, a textured background, a menu, or multiple options for maze sizes and you cant watch the mazes being generated. But what it does have that they lacked is a 3d camera system. You can move it around freely using the analog sticks.

    I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue working on improving this. I’m fairly happy with how it is already but if people like it or have any suggestions for improvements then I’ll gladly return to working on it.

    *UPDATE 10/13/10*
    Source code is now attached

    Source: PS3Hax Forum ...
    by Published on October 11th, 2010 02:27

    Lachrymose over at ps3exploits has been busy after releasing his PS3Pong. This time, he has shared his latest game development, BreakOutX. The game features 5 levels, Brick difficulty, and Ball physics. Source is included in the download below; don’t forget to follow him on twitter!

    md5: 3a8c0d70884950a6bbb0fb173095be59

    Source: ps3exploits ...

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