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    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:57
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    Platform: Wii (WiiWare)
    Publisher: _No Company
    Developer: Nnooo
    Genre: Puzzle/Strategy
    Players: 1 - 4


    Pop is a very simple game...You pop bubbles to earn points to try to get a highscore while avoiding obstacles and getting power-ups.


    The main point of Pop is to pop bubbles of different shapes, sizes, and colors. You get points and time, added to your time limit, with every bubble you pop. There are different power-ups, such as Nuke, which creates a small explosion ring around the bubble it was in, and Time Warp, which slows down the bubbles' flow, making it easier to pop more bubbles in less time. There are combos/chains, and multipliers to help you get more points for your pops. Multipliers can be found in bubbles, but can also be obtained from chaining bubbles. There is also an advanced mode, where you try to get 9,999,999 points before Wave 16, and multiplayer mode, in which up to four people can play, each trying to get the highest score.


    The graphics in Pop are very simplistic, yet stylish and relaxing. Each level brings along a new color of something, whether it be the background color, or a new colored bubble. There are also different shapes and sizes of bubbles. Personally, the graphics are better than some I've seen in other current generation games. Up next is the music section of this review.


    The soothing, yet sometimes hyped up music in this game adds to the good aspects of Pop. Throughout the Waves, different music plays. This music can be either relaxing and calm, or fast and motivating. Whatever style of music is playing, you will enjoy most of the music in this game. Second to last is the control section of Pop's review.

    Replay Value:

    Some may think pointing the screen for the length of the game may get agrivating or boring, whether it be from stiffness or pain of the arm or something else. Personally, I think Pop is the opposite. You are so busy busting bubbles that move at high speeds while trying to keep your time limit up, that you forget about the pain. The cursor may jump around a little bit, but it is usually steady and smooth. Last but not, the replay value...


    Pop may seem boring from screenshots or videos, but it isn't. Even though each Wave has the same designs (Background, bubbles, etc.), Pop's addictiveness will block out the slight repetitiveness. Now that I've covered every judging point that most people look at in games, I'll add up the scores and give my final opinion.

    Overall Rating:

    If you want my recommendation, I say get it...It's a great game, and for $7, it's a steal. I was excited for this game, and that swayed my thought of this game from thinking it's cool, to really awesome. All of my opinions in this review are truthful (Not affected by swaying), and I really do recommend this game to casual gamers (Even though the majority of users here are hardcore gamers) and hardcore gamers alike.

    Thank you for reading this review. Go Pop! ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:57
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    Article Preview

    Published by: XGen Studios
    Developed by: XGen Studios
    Genre: Action
    Number of Players: 1-4
    price: $5.00

    the explanations are simple, but pretty to look at

    In this game, your goal is to defend your castle by killing the enemies that will be coming at you from the left, to do so, you need to upgrade you castle's strength, number of healers, mages, archers, and off course, you must have a steady and quick hand to launch up those little demons with their shenanigans.

    Gameplay: 4/5
    This game has a surprisingly deep game play.
    you start out with JUST your square shaped hand (that is what i can make of it, it may be something else ) and you grab enemies and throw them up, or down, fast enough to kill them, so far so good huh? but there is more, as you progress through the game, you will get new powers such as a bucket of paint in which you can drop enemies in, and they will shortly after become your allies, etc.

    Tho it is too bad that on the later levels you NEED others to come and join you, otherwise you will be stuck on the same level for hours until you level up one or more of your powers to a certain point.

    Graphics: 4/5
    This game has horrible graphic, fortunately, they were meant to be bad, so that makes them good
    and it DOES fall pretty easy on your eyes, and you will also appreciate the fact that as the sun sets, you get a nice twilight looking effect, the clouds are held by string and they move quite fast, and the characters have pretty good animation.

    Sound: 3/5
    I enjoyed the song from the title screen, and even tough some sound effects fit perfectly with the games unique art style, when you get farther into the game, a constant screaming sound begins to crawl on your ear, and it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the same two screams EVERY TIME over, and over, and over. again!

    Multiplayer: 4/5
    Even tough the first 12 levels would not be hard to a three year old, when you go into the thirties, you WILL need a friend to tag along with you, and if one friend isn't enough, how about two more? that's right! this game can be played with up to four players!

    Price: 5/5
    This amazing game is only $5! making it one of the cheapest games on the wii right now, yet, has a higher quality then most full priced games on the wii.

    Replay value: 5/5
    Although not much changes on the second play through, that is not necessarily a bad thing, the game is complex enough to be played in a slightly different way, but simple enough to remind you that if you have ten minutes in the morning before you go to school or work, this game will be your best choice.

    Control: 5/5
    Not much to say here, unlike the flash version of this game where you can constantly miss the enemie's head or don't throw them hard enough to kill them, this issue has been fixed on the wii version, the only times you might miss your oponent is when you have 25 guys on-screen at once, and you are just wildly swinging your wii-mote up and down while quickly tapping the "A" button hoping to throw some of those little guys around.

    This game is worth getting if you are looking to buy a wiiware title, but don't want to spend a whole lot, it has great replay value, and i asure you, it will not grow boring if you have friends to play it with.

    final score:

    PLEASE TAKE ONE: my review survey! ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:57
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    Platform: SNES
    Publisher: Squaresoft
    Developer: Squaresoft
    Genre: RPG
    Players: 1

    Overview :Quote from the WIKI:
    "The story of Rudra no Hiho is divided into three major scenarios, each with a different main character: the soldier Sion, the priestess Riza, and the sorcerer Surlent. As the player enters new areas and accomplishes different tasks, the human race's final 15 days slowly ebb away in a predetermined day/night cycle. The player is free to play the scenarios in any order, and may even leave one storyline to follow that of another character for a time. The actions of the characters in one location and time may have an effect on the others, as well, both in the general story and in gameplay. For example, if one group of characters leaves a sacred relic somewhere, another character may come and find it on a later day in his own part of the game. After successfully completing all three scenarios, players must take on a fourth, featuring the roving thief Dune and the heroes from the previous three chapters in their final confrontation with the game's major villains."
    Gameplay : 5/5
    I'm going to give this one a 5 just for it's innovation. The fact that there's 3 different character stories that completely effect one another is awesome.

    You're given 15 days before the "cleansing", and each character's story starts on the first. Say one you play one character's story for a while, and on the third day you do something that effects the world (helping out someone which in turn gets him to open up a shop... Just an example). If you play another character's story, on the third day the shop will be opened. If you hadn't helped that person, the shop would not be there.

    That's cool and all, but if you ask anyone that's played Treasure Of Rudras what stood out to them I bet you 100 bucks they'll say "the mantra system".

    The mantra system is this game' way of handling spells. You go to the mantra menu and type in names for spells much like you would the hero's name. Then the spell bases it's element and it's strength/attributes on what was entered. Each character can then use all of the spells in "the mantra pool".

    This can be both fun and funny. Trying out random words can be very pleasing. For instance, I typed in "Queef" and got a wind damage to all enemies spell. If you type a word that has no element, it will spell out the word in battle when you use it (dealing physical damage). This can be funny in that you can type in an insult, and it seems that you're calling the enemy names. Or, you can take the serious approach and learn mantras from talking to certain people. You can also get spells from enemies, as they say the mantra when they use them. As long as you can remember it long enough.

    The only bad thing about this, is that every single spell is available from the beginning (though you're not gonna have enough MP to cast the good ones). This can lead to some huge spoilers easily, as the desire to look them up online can be great.

    Graphics : 4.5/5
    The graphics in this game have a lot of similarities with Bahamut Lagoon. The enemies look freakin' awesome, AND they're animated... But if you ask me, this game pulls it off a bit better. The animations are much more smooth, and there's more of them to go around.

    However, some of the battle backgrounds and level maps seem a bit empty and inconsistent. You'll be one place and think "These, are some majorly sweet graphics", then you'll get to the next level and say "Oh, maybe I was wrong... A little".

    But, I'll give it credit. The good graphics more then make up for the mediocre ones. I have a feeling that the graphics were done by Brown & Brown (most well known for the Secret Of Mana series and the Magical Vacation games for the GBA/DS). Though I can't find any info to confirm/dismiss this theory.

    Sound : 5/5

    Yes, a perfect score. Because, well... This game has a perfect "score" (HAHAHA, I made a funny). Only thing bad I can say about it is "I wish this game's music sucked just a little, for the sake of having something bad to say".

    Honestly, the soundtrack is by far my favorite on the SNES... Even beating out Chrono Trigger. The music is so diverse, and fits what's happening so well. It's hard to think about how they pulled of making such epic songs on the SNES' SPU.

    Which, is why I posted 3 songs. It was just too damned hard to pick one. Trust me, I would post more if I didn't have to worry about the load times.

    Replay Value : 4/5
    I'd say that the replay value for this game is higher then most other RPGs, if only for the fact that you may want to go back and mess with the spell system a bit. Having knowledge of higher level skills at the beginning can make for an interesting play through. Learn some crazy strong attacks and see how fast you can beat down some of the enemies that gave you trouble before!

    Conclusion : 4.5/5
    This by far is one of the greater games that came about at the end of the SNES' life. Being the last true turn based RPG that Squaresoft produced, it's a must play. The only games I would suggest over this are Terranigma (my next review), Star Ocean and Tales Of Phantasia.

    Just be warned... This game is DAMNED HARD!!!

    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:56
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    Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Nintendo
    Genre: SIM
    Number of Players: 1
    Price: $10

    Pokemon Ranch also known as Pokemon Farm is a game where YOU (a mii of choice) are helping your friend make a ranch for pokemon by adding more pokemon to it (via ds wireless) by doing so, the farm grows in size from the inside out.

    NOTE: You do NOT take care of the pokemon in this game in ANY way, you can't feed them, pet them, or play with them.

    OK, in this game, you can look at the pokemon you have withdrawn from your copy of "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" into the farm and you can..............take pictures of them, and make them look at you....and...........this is pretty much a mii channel for your pokemon, they walk arround interacting with eachother and you smile because they are making funny faces or animations.

    You can see if your friend wants some specific pokemon for his/her farm (not sure wether it is a boy or a girl) then go to your pokemon game on the ds and catch it, take it to your farm and you might be rewarded.

    Every day, a new pokemon joins your farm, but it is chosen at random and there is as far as I have seen, no way to get rid of them, this could becoma a problem after a while due to the fact that you may end up with an army of one specific pokemon.

    I knew they would take over the world some day! and to think no one belived me!

    The amount of detail put into each and every pokemon is astonishing! You can tell right away that each leg was greatly taken in consideration before any walking, running, or jumping animation was formed..........that is what I would have said if this game had been released 17 years ago, in reality, this game brings disappointment to anyone looking forward to seeing their pokemon on screen as they did on "Pokemon: Battle Revolution"

    On the bright side, attacks look alot better then they do on the ds game, contact between two pokemon is made when a tackle occurs, a flame attack will reach the opposing pokemon, ect.

    hmmm.....pikachu's ears are floating.

    There really aren't alot of sound effects in this game, or music, but what is there is there and it works.

    I see you guys like to be happy, well I got a friend you should all meet, his name is (insert a bad guys name here)

    This game has a pretty good replay value, even though there isin't a whole lot to do, but just looking at what you'r pokemon are doing is interesting enough to keep you watching for a while.

    If you own a ds, a copy of "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" and you REALLY enjoy pokemon, then this is a game you won't regret buying, but if you don't, then there really isn't a whole lot of fun to be had here.

    I give this game a:

    Here are some pics i took from my pokemon ranch:

    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:29
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    WarioWare: Smooth Moves
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Nintendo
    Genre: Action
    Players: 1 (up to 12)
    Get From: Goozex US/CAN / Goozex EU

    Overview : The WarioWare team took an idea so wacky, it could only be made with the latest technology: the Wii Remote! Wario stumbles into an old building called the Temple of Form. Inside, he finds a mystical treasure called the Form Baton. There are many ways to hold and move the baton (called "forms"), and legend has it that if the holder follows the forms, he can overcome any challenge. With this discovery, the form craze spreads and soon everybody is doing their best to master the moves.

    Features :
    • Revolutionary Fun: With hundreds of microgames, this game is just as wild as you'd expect from the name WarioWare, but the gameplay has been revolutionized. Under Wario's tutelage and with the help of the Wii Remote, players will swing, spin and squat their way to victory.
    • Tons and Tons of Microgames: With more than 200 lightning-quick microgames and controls that range from scribbling to flailing, WarioWare: Smooth Moves takes interactive gaming to a whole new level. All players need is confidence, a Wii Remote and their best moves.
    • Off-Screen Party: With games that are as much fun to play as they are to watch people play, WarioWare: Smooth Moves brings the party to its feet. It's hilarious for players and audiences alike.

    Gameplay : The concept of the WarioWare franchise is based on a bunch of speedy mini-games in a row. Players will choose from a map along with available missions. Each mission has a different mini-game to each. WarioWare Smooth Moves uses every aspect of the Wii-mote. You use 15 different positions to perform certain actions and challenges. For instance, you would try to balance the Wii-mote on your palm, or hold the controller like you're throwing a dark or just minor movements such as hula hooping or steering a car. Each mini-game takes only a few seconds and you move on to the next mini-game. You are only allowed four fails before the game is over.

    Nintendo packed in over 200 mini-games. While majority of the mini-games are entertaining, some aren't as fun and are challenging. Each mini-game is unique in its own way. They can vary from just inserting grannies dentures, to balancing your character a on a ball to moving and doing a hula hoop motion. There are unlockable mini-games when you complete. In story mode, you can beat the game within three to four house and unlock everything in five to six hours.

    Multiplayer is by far the most enjoyable way to play WarioWare. Depending on the mini-game, you can play up to 12 people. Unfortunately, there just enough modes for multiplayer. There are about 4 modes to choose from as opposed to 8 on the GameCube version; Mega Party.

    Graphics : Graphically, there isnt anything to drool over, but its still fun to look at. If you have played previous WarioWare games, this follows the same concept and look.

    Sound : As you pass/fail each mini-game, the music becomes faster and picks up the pace with each mini-game. The music fits perfectly with each mini-game.

    Replay Value : To get your money worth, replay value plays a big role in games. Considering this is a party game, you would think there would be replay value but WarioWare falls short. You wont be bored after an hour or two of play but single player mode is short. As mentioned, you can unlock everything with in five to six hours.

    Conclusion : Overall, WarioWare: Smooth Moves is a nice party game. The game falls a little short in replay value when it comes to single player mode but the multiplayer kind of makes up for it but still lacks in the number of modes available. But if you do have a bunch of other players, the best mini-game on Smooth Moves has got to be Hot Potato.

    Score: Very Good

    Images via Comments ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:23
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    Article Preview

    PSP RPGs are here and there, they're everywhere they're up the stairs and behind the chairs. Yes, i did make that off the top of my head as I went but the point stands that there is an abnormal amount of sh**ty PSP RPGs out there. And then there are some good ones. Then there are some o.k. ones. Yadda yadda. Breath of Fire III seems like your average RPG, turn based, plot, stuffzes that make it an RPG...you know how it is. So lemme get to the review before you jump to conclusions....

    You start out as a dragon (huh?) that ends up being found, abandoned as a human child, found by a duo named Rei and Teepo, 2 juvenile thieves. You soon become family, and have a time together...until two assassins named Balio and Sunder attack you and your family, who presumably kill Rei and Teepo after you black out. You soon set out to try and find them, in the way learning of your origins as a half-dragon, half-human race, and the most powerful in existence. Along you way you befriend a princess, a guardian, a wacko scientist, and a list oft friends as you journey to find out just what happened to you and you dragon race.

    Graphics are sprites. But they are some darn fine looking sprites. However, for the first part of the game, the main character's sprite doesn't look much like the character himself, so it really doesn't matter. backgrounds are full 3D, however, and look pretty nice, not terrible and not stunning. They're just what they need to be.

    Now for a turn based RPG (which I used to hate, btw) this one is pretty deep. Physical attacks, magical attacks, over 100 spells, weapons, armor, secondary armor, rings, quite a lot of stuff you can customize your characters with. but theres different strategies that you have to employ in every different battle, as all enemies have resistance, weaknesses, abilities, stats, all that may seem normal for RPGs, but Breath of Fire forces the player to take each one of these factors into consideration, as your normal strategy will almost never work all the time later on in the game. Each character that joins you, too will have they're owns abilities you must factor in. You may find yourself frustrated at times, but I'm just a really impatient person myself. But boy, playing as dragon Ryu sure is fun!

    Sound is fine, at least for what it is. It wouldn't have killed them to add some voice acting to the scenes, though would it? Music is so-so, and the battle cries are still in Japanese. Eh....

    Replay value...well, its standard for an RPG. You should get a good 30 hours of gameplay, but theres little to do except collect items and dragon genes after your done.

    Graphics: 3.5/5
    Great sprites, decent battle animations. Nothing special, but their fine for what they are.

    Sound: 2.5/5
    Everything works, but it still would've been nice to have seen some voice acting.

    Gameplay: 3.5/5
    Pretty nice and deep for a turn-based RPG. Multiple strategies for enemies, all which must be utilized to the best of your characters abilities. Unfortunately, you have to guess the strategy for many opponents.

    Presentation: 4.5/5
    An interesting storyline through the whole experience will keep you coming for more. Combat is easy to learn as well.

    Replay value: 3/5
    Like I said, a good 25-30 hours of gameplay, but after that, your done.


    it was tough debating whether it'd be a 8, 7.5, or an 7...but its age is starting to show. Still, if you want a mix between old school and new age RPG that still is pretty fun, look no further. ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:23
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    I was hoping for something like God of War or ninja Gaiden when I rented Viking. I was hell-a-off....

    Viking: Battle for Asgard
    Publisher: SEGA
    Developer: Creative Assembly
    Players: 1
    Genre: Action Adventure

    You are Skarin, a Viking warrior mortally wounded in battle. On the edge of death, you are visited by Freya, a Norse goddess, who summons you to become her champion. You must defeat the goddess Hel and her undead army before they take over all of the land. To do this you must recruit an army, and use it to liberate the land.

    Viking mythology was never this boring
    The game starts off with a cutscene where you jump straight into the plot. Thats basically it. There is no lead up whatsoever to the general plot, making for an extremely annoying beginning of the game. The story at best is rather shallow, as it never really goes beyond anything except for the classic hero vs. villain mentality that pervaded many a 1970's movie. Thats not unnecessarily a bad thing, though, and could easily be overlooked. However, when you own character is the most static in the game, it becomes amazingly irritating to see no emotion or life from your character whatsoever. At the beginning, you learn of your father's death in the battle that almost claimed yours as well. What does your character say or do to express loss for his father? Nothing. Not a single thing except that you have a new mission. Character development in this game is absolutely gone, and the characters are the most static I've seen in a long time. The game is also uber violent, which may be the single redeeming quality here. I've never really cared much for violence, but when there is so little else to hold this games story and atmosphere up, you have to aim low. Blood and guts will follow you everywhere. This goes beyond God of War and Conan, as you do finishers that could only be replicated in games like Ninja Gaiden 2. However, that barely replaces the messy story and the lost everything else about the presentation. Menus tend to be confusing, and even the achievements are weird (wanna know how I got a gamerscore ending in a 2? This game.)

    Bloody mediocre
    Onto graphics. To its credit, Viking does sport some nice looking character models, and the magic effects look fine and nice. Environments need lots of work though. Enemies look great, especially when your cutting them to shreds. The blood flying every which way and the entrails (starting to get a little queasy here)splat in full texture. Unfortunately, you'll be seeing the same enemies very, very often. Back to environments for a minute anyway. The main lands and grassy plains that you fight on a plain, boring, and uneventful. Castles and forts actually look interesting, though, but thats only from the distance. Up close they get bland and repetitive, showing good artistic direction, but terrible execution. The ocean water looks like waves of white lines, and caverns all look exactly the same. To clean up the point, none of this necessarily looks bad, it just doesn't look good. Mediocrity rules this games graphical direction in almost every which way you can think of.

    It doesn't look bad. It just doesn't look good.

    Have I gone deaf? No wait, This game is just dead.

    Sound. As far as music goes, there is absolutely nothing. There is basically no music whatsoever. The only music there ever is only happens during fights, so your mind basically blocks it out. Even then there is nothing to hear. Sound effects aren't too shabby though. The fierce attacks of enemies and the slashes that your sword makes into their lower sternums are glorious. Unfortunately, these sound effects repeat themselves over and over and over constantly, and once you've heard some of the sound effects, you've hears all of the sound effects. Voice acting is terrible. Mostly the acting consists of fake British and Norse accents (whats a norse accent sound like, anyway?) spewed to a very badly written script. Some of the Viking warriors have some decent lines to say though. Don't must your TV when playing this, but to be honest there isn't much to hear.

    Hack-and-slash is fun, but repetitive
    For those of you willing to forgo storyline and sound, and deal with mediocre graphics, you've still got some interesting gameplay going for you. You may think differently when you first begin, though, as your best attacks include mashing the A button over and over (even more then dynasty warriors). If your patient you'll get a few more combos, and eventually some pretty sweet magic attacks. Gathering your Viking warriors is pretty fun for a good while. Getting gold and doing quests extend the fun you have a good deal. Did I mention, the Vikings you release join your army? They do. These utterly massive armies lead to some really awesome epic scale battles in the game, as you and 1000 Vikings battle thousands of Undead enemies (Really think of this--the game can take thousands of enemies and allies on screen at once. Thats one da** good engine!) The epic battles get even better when you get the ability to summon dragons, who tear the battlefield into pieces (not literally) and rip apart undead like a lawnmower in Dead Rising. Like always though, Newton's law of physics comes into play here, and for every good gameplay action theres a bad one. This time, Newton's a little off--there are bad parts to the gameplay, but the good outweighs the bad by a margin. While combat and battling is fun, after a few hours it will get extremely repetitive, and the very thin level of stealth featured in the game is just annoying. After killing the same enemy type thousands of times, it starts to decline significantly. Also, later in the game when your outnumbered 5 to 1 and your Viking teamates aren't doing too well, things start to get frustrating. Enemies block and counter all you attacks, and magic gets useless. Still, for the most part Viking has some good hack-and-slash fun to be had, if very shallow fun to be had.


    Asgard is a one-trip ticket
    Once your done, your done for good. You can easily do most every task the first play through, and afterwards there is literally nothing to do. exploring the island doesn't work because everything is the same, fighting doesn't work because you've done it so much, and powering up doesn't work because most extra combos never do anything at all. Except for the main storyline which is a good 12-15 hours long, replay Value isn't there.

    Lets get to it then! (Ya got blood onma knife....)

    Presentation: 1.5/5
    Confusing menus, bad story, and lack of character development whatsoever deserves to go to whatever the Norse inferno is.

    Sound: 2/5
    While it has decent sound effects, voice acting is horrific and music isn't there.

    Graphics: 3/5
    They aren't bad, but there aren't good. Despite decent character models, this game screams mediocrity.

    Gameplay: 3/5
    Fighting is great fun, but for only so long. Soon repetition sets in, and it becomes a chore to finish the game.

    Replay Value: 2/5
    Beyond one play through, there is no replay value.

    Overall: 2.5/5

    This game screams mediocrity. While gameplay and combat is interesting, everything else just either falls or isn't interesting in the least. Creative Assembly had an interesting idea, but it just didn't work out quite right.
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:23
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    download the .wav file to hear my audio review.


    Hello and welcome to my first audio review,i am fg54.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Published and developed by: Frontier Developments
    Genre: Adventure
    cost: $10.00
    Number of Players: 1 or 2

    One of the first things i would like to point out is that this game looks better then most full priced wii games out there thanks to its beautiful enviorment and artistic look, i still haven't goten tired of just looking at the game and shaking things around with wind.
    The point of this game is to explore and solve puzzles with the wind as you get new powers.

    this game doesn't have alot of sound effects, but what it does have. is a wonderful and relaxing background song that goes seemeengly with the game.

    you control your character with the nunchuck and the wind with the weemote, both are very responsive.

    gorgeous waterfalls, mountains, trees and even caves along with an equally impressive art style. make this game fun to look at.

    this is an adventure game with some puzzle solving on the side.
    the main puzzle is figuring out what to do next and where to go. due to the games lack of direction, there is no map or arrows telling you where to go, the only arrow i found was one pointing towards a powerup that was right netx to it, as if i needed it to figure out that the big shining rock was special. the game is also very short, about three and a half hours long and not alot of replay value.

    Unfortunatley, once you beat this game, there is virtually no reason to go back to it other then to play arround with the wind and to obserbe the beautiful enviorments, it is quite a relaxing experience, specially with the soothing music playing on the background.

    This is in my opinion the best wiiware launch title out there, so if you want to dip your toe in a gorgeous and interactive experience brough to you by wiiware, take off your socks and take them to your nearest pawn shop, purchase 1000 wii points, and download this sucker.

    I give this game: four out of five stars
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:23
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    Platform: DS
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Game Freak
    Genre: Adventure/Puzzle/Strategy
    Players: 1 - 4


    Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl) is another great addition to the Pokemon series, with new Pokemon, attacks, and areas in the whole new region. It''s not like any other Pokemon game out there.


    If you've played any Pokemon game before, you would know that you have to battle, catch, and raise Pokemon for your advantage, not to mention solve puzzles and do chores for people. You can even play some minigames along the way to becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time. In Pokemon Diamond, this is all presented in a great way through the graphics, game layout, and the overall awesomeness of the game.


    The graphics of Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl) are pseudo-3D, meaning they seem 3D, but aren't really 3D. The Pokemon still have 2D sprites, but the rest is just plain amazing. The trees, rocks, hills, and even the NPCs look 3D, which adds to the cool factor of this game.


    This is probably one of my favorite aspects of Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl), seeing as the music is very stunning. Most of the music in Diamond (and Pearl) is calm, but some areas throughout the Sinnoh region have upbeat, energetic music to fit the mood. The music is just plain awesome, which is why I have some of the OST tracks on my iPod (no joke!).

    Replay Value:

    200 hours into the game, and the fact that I still enjoy it shows that Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl) has a great replay value. I spend my time trying to catch all the Pokemon I haven't caught, raising my low level Pokemon, and even going through Sinnoh battle trainers I haven't yet, or re-battling trainers using the Vs Seeker. No matter what Pokemon game you're playing, they never get old.


    Pokemon Diamond is the latest installment in the handheld adventure portion of the Pokemon series, and it is a great one. It's worth the $35 (or 30, I got it on launch, so I can't remember) USD, and with all of the great new features, it's a bargain. I actually hated Pokemon after the Gold/Silver/Crystal time period died down, but when I tried the Japanese version of Diamond my friend had, it was my 7 year old childhood all over again. I still play it, and I'm still trying to do everything that is possible to do in this game. I definitely recommend Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl).

    Overall Rating:

    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:23
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    Because we all know exactly how it is, just to reinforce your state of mind about this game, since it hasn't really been released in Europe...

    This is the reason I bought a Wii

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Nintendo in correlation with Game Arts
    Players: 1-4
    Genre: Fighting
    Wifi: Yes

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the third entry to one of the highest rated and best selling fighting games of all time, finally makes its way to the States, and soon Europe. Featuring a list of over 35 of your favorite Nintendo IPs, Brawl's maniacal furious fighting finally hits home. We all knew it was gonna be good, but just how good is it?

    A story without a word
    While Brawl never really does have a official(per-say) storyline, Adventure mode is a 8-10 hour journey that, for the most part, is the storyline. The story is such a jumbled mess that you can't help but just think "wow...are you joking? This is awesome!" In this story, you go through all 37 playable characters who are all taken straight from Nintendo's famous-franchise patent corner. They all learn, through one way or another, that they must help each other to fight off the invaders, to save not only themselves but all that they know. Now getting to the header--in this story, the characters never actually speak (with the exception of Sonic) which at first seems annoying, but once yo think about it, would Mario really sound like Mario if he was going over formulated battle plans in a high-pitched Italian accent? No. Yet, many of these characters do have voices, so the argument could be turned either way. In any case, the story really makes no sense, but it has to be that way in order to incorporate 1) People who live in a Mushroom(of all things) Kingdome, 2) People who live in a war of conspiracies and stealth, and 3) to incorporate people at one time lived as an animal in Mobius who live at the speed of sound. Get the picture? (It took me a while too) Oh, and this game has Wiinternet capabilities, meaning you can slash and bash your best friends over the Wiinternet. But be warned-- don't exceed 4 different consoles, or you will get lag like you've never lagged before. However, classic one-on-ones have narry a bit of lag, so should you limit it, you have no problem on the Wiinternet. Just be careful when you choose to play random players--games don't start till theres four, and that means massive lag.

    Sonic and Dedede.

    The Wii's Finest
    With the exception of Super Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. is the best looking Wii game out there. Character Models are absolutely splendid, and seeing many of your favorite Ninty characters for the first time in full 3D is really something else. These are the characters at the top of their game and style right here. The effects of each characters Ultimate attacks, from Mario's fire to Sonic's insanely fast Super Sonic speed all are done without a hitch, giving this game some of the best visual effects that Ninty has ever done. Animations, while fluid and work fine, could have been a little more...expressive. Explosive? its hard to find the right word, but they just seem too...overdone, seeing as almost all of Mario's (example) repertoire is straight out of the first Smash bros. This really isn't a problem so much as a fan annoyance. So far I've been ranting on about the great foregrounds and amazing effects, but what about the backgrounds? Good. But not great. Now, before you put a bullet into my head (Put the gun down please!) the backgrounds look fantastic. They are varied, and colorful and what not. But after playing each one a few hundred times, they get a little repetitive. And Adventure mode's backgrounds ARE repetitive, I'm not even gonna try to save them. But heres the deal--when your beating the crap out of the other players, who is gonna be looking at the backgrounds anyway? Ah, you see? Not really to big a deal anyway. Now, for the FOREGROUNDS of the BACKGROUNDS. The platforms and such are basically a bunch of textures, usually repeating textures(most things are...) but as far as the arena you fight in, they often change enough to keep the arena appealing to the eye for a good while while. Theres not really too much to say here...

    Snap Crackle Pop. This time NOT rice crispies.
    Sounds. Sounds in each fight are limited to what the player does, not so much the environments. Meaning, there is no ambiance or atmospheric sounds in Brawl.(honestly, its practically 2D, what do you expect?) In Adventure mode, the sounds are only varied by a margin from single-player, as very few enemies actually make sounds. The only real fighting sounds you hear in this game are those of the fighters themselves, pummeling enemies into the ground. While these are the only sounds, they were recorded and placed great. After a while, they do get a bit repetitive, but this game is an odd one for sure; no matter how many times you hear the same sound, it never gets annoying. I can't tell you why, I just can't think of an instance where I've ever gotten annoyed by Ike's constant screaming. A conundrum...As for music, this title sports some of the best original soundtracks ever to be taken straight out of another game. They take the song, beef it up, and throw it in Brawl. Music really does determine the mood in this game, as the final bosses dirge-style rock makes you wanna blow 'em a new one, while Mario's light-hearted, uh, 'Mario' style music just makes you wanna sit back and enjoy the fight, for recreational purposes. To be fair, this game has one of the most basic sounds and music in the industry, and yet, it all works so well....it sure is an odd one.

    The Classic 4-player brawler returns in style!
    Gameplay, drives this game. It is the fuel that, if changed in any way, would be the end of the great series. So it is a great thing that while they didn't change it severely, they tweaked a already great formula to make it even better, for the most part anyway. Brawl is like the other Smash bros before it; and adrenaline fueled 4-player beat or be beaten fighter, with a huge range of Nintendo mascots by its side. Its a Ninty fanboys dream. In Brawl, you also get a range of items to help you bring down the competition, from bats to pokeballs. A new idea from ninty made its way to this game in the form of Assist trophies. Que, you ask? Assist trophies are NPCs that, well, assist you during a fight. Each Assist trophy contains a different original Nintendo character that didn't make the cut into the game as a playable character. They all have some form of temporary effects behind them, such as time slowdown, throwing bricks, or even just getting on your nerves. Unlike Melee, items don't really play too much a part in determining a battle this time around. In fact, alot has changed from Melee. I'll start with the bad. The charm is gone. While i can't fully describe this, the charm is what makes people always come back to it, and makes people feel accomplished. Unlocking characters in the variety of often wacky ways was one of Melee's best traits. This has been ripped out of Brawl. You can literally unlock practically EVERY character simply by playing through Adventure mode. You find em, you got em. You don't even have to fight em. Another thing is trophy collecting. Without the minigames that Melee had in Brawl, trophy collecting isn't near as addicting as it once was. Music collecting a great addition, but its not the same. And Target test is the same for every character. I mean the EXACT same. The characters become less personalized by these small changes. Some of the best characters were taken out, though replaced, they really oughta be in there. Besides the extreme lack of old-world charm, Brawl is the greater of the three in terms of shear furious action. Multiplayer action is still great fun, and with a level builder(even if its a pretty bad one, comparatively speaking) local multiplayer is the new black. Classic mode is the same as always, you beat the crap out of a series of people before taking out the master hand. All-Star mode makes a triumphant return as well. Home-run and Infinite mode also return, this time sporting 2 player co-op. Boss mode is great fun after you beat Adventure mode, too. RIP, adventure minigames....


    Does it ever end?
    Replay value is something every smash bros game had going for it, and this entry is no different. With 37 playable characters across over 20 battle arenas, with friends this game can last forever. Not to mention all the different modes and gameplay varieties. In a classic Brawl alone you can change so many options to keep this game going, its astounding. A huge adventure mode will keep you, maybe not interested, but PLAYING it for a while. I highly doubt you'll go back to Adventure mode when you done, though. And since the charm of unlocking and collecting is taken out of this game, fighting is really the only thing to do after getting stages and characters. Internet multiplayer really extends the fun, but you need to have a few friends who can play you to get the most out of it. Still, the insane levels of customization you can do with this game will keep you for a long, long time. Just don't expect to find as much fun as Melee gave you. But lets face it, Melee spoiled us silly.

    Lets get to it then! (Standing around like a bloody idiot)

    Story: 3/5
    C'mon, its practically not even there. Still, tons of points to Ninty for successfully bringing all its mascots together in a storyline, even if a bit broken.

    Graphics: 5/5
    The best yet seen on the Wii. Backgrounds could use a little more work, but everything else is so well done it doesn't even matter.

    Sound: 4/5
    While music is amazing, sound effects are repetitive, but not annoying. No ambiance.

    Gameplay: 4.5/5
    Its back and better then ever. Brawl's fighting mechanics are the best they've ever been, but it seems they forfeited style for shear greatness.

    Replay Value/Multiplayer: 5/5
    After the main game, theres so much to do it'll make your head spin. And fighting friends over Wifi is only one part of it.


    Truly the Wii's finest yet. Its what we've come to expect of Nintendo over the years, not this mini-game crap. This is proof that Nintendo's still got it.

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