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  • Joytech to put cheap plastic crap on your Wii remote

    OK, so you know how you swing the Wii remote like a tennis racquet or a golf club in Wii Sports? Wouldn't that be a little easier if the remote actually looked like a tennis racquet or golf club? No? Not even a little? Well too bad, Joytech is releasing a set of cheap-looking plastic Wii remote attachments to fulfill such a purpose anyway.

    In addition to the sports pack pictured above, Joytech also plans on releasing a rounded controller grip for the remote (perfect for playing NES Virtual Console games), a set of silicon gloves to protect the remote and nunchuck and, most exciting of all, a rechargeable battery pack and docking station to keep your remotes nice and energized. No price has been set for the units, which are due in stores this winter.

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