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  • Game Review: BioShock (PC / Xbox 360)

    BioShock Review

    Developer: 2k Games
    Publisher: 2k Games



    A new FPS has shown up with promises of great gameplay and great story without needed muitplayer to make it successful (unlike halo :P )

    We will see how true to those claims the game really is...


    Notable Awards:
    • 2007 PC Game of the Year
    • 2007 Xbox 360 Game of the Year
    • 2007 FPS Game of the Year
    • 2007 Overall Game of the Year



    A regular First Person Shooter, nothing out of the ordinary here.



    The game is a 1 player only.



    The game begins with you in an airplane in the late 1950's when it suddenly crashes and our the only survivor or so your lead to believe ...

    You then come across this big tower in the middle of no where in the ocean, you enter and soon take a sub down to the city of Rapture...

    You soon get ambushed and eventually found out it was a bad idea to come down here. The first plasmid is introduced (think of it as magic in a RPG) after your encounter with a Big Daddy, even though you dont actually fight it, its still a pretty sight to take and dont want to mess with.

    And soon your tangled up in this rescue operation for atlas and...

    Well im not gonna spoil the story for you,
    you will just have to play and find out,
    its such a great story



    Game is typical among all FPS except for the plasmid system, which allows you to strike enemies with electricity, fire, and a few other elements.

    The way you combine these powers with your surroundings is up to you.
    For example you could shock an enemy in the water for extra damage, and it will shock all other enemies in the water also.
    You could light a propane tank on fire then use telikenieses to throw it at your enemies for extra damage , ect...
    its all up to you.

    You will also need powers to melt ice, or freeze things to advance in the game.

    The weapons are nice with upgrades and all the works and make you fell invincible at times.

    Another pretty cool thing was the hacking minigame which is a remade version of the PC classic PIPE:

    Multiplayer would have been good in this game, whats better then shotting your friends and complete strangers with plasmids?
    But its still very good without it as you can see from the awards.

    There was no lag or anything in the game that I experience, everything ran smoothly



    The graphics on this game are very well done.
    From the glossy look to the water, everything looks very nice compared to other FPS's.

    Some Pics to show its "awesomenesses"


    Audio / Sfx:

    The game contains a rich classical score and well as may songs popular from that time era that sometime play in the background.

    Such songs as:
    Papa Loves Mambo
    Waltz of the Flower
    How Much is that Doggy in the Window
    Oh Danny Boy

    and a few other as well...

    Also there whole classical score is free to download from their site:

    Over all its very well done and pulls it off with the game well.

    The voice acting it also extremely up to par.
    They have a real emphasis to them from the Irish talking Atlas to the little sisters and as well as the Big Daddy sounds are pretty creepy.


    Replay Value:

    The game doesnt exactly have a replay value to it.
    After you finished, you will want to put it away until you fell like play it again a couple of month later, like me.



    This game is really something to look at on how new games coming out these days instead of the usual rubbish we get today should be. This game is extremely good and is recommended to anybody who has a 360 or even PC (and soon PS3 also )


    • Excellent story
    • Voice Acting
    • Weapons and upgrades
    • Many plasmids to choose from
    • Graphics
    • Musical score

    • No Multiplayer


    Final Score:

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