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  • Game Review: Gyrostarr (WiiWare)

    Publisher: High Voltage Software
    Developer: High Voltage Software
    Genre: Arcade Shooter
    Players: 1-4
    Price: $7

    gyrostarr is an arcade shooter that adds elements that no other shooter out there has done before, but is that a good thing?

    Unlike most arcade shooters, The goal of this game is not to destroy waves of enemies that come at you, but to collect bright orbs that come at you every now and then.

    By collecting this orbs, a bar located at the top of the screen will be filled, Fill the barr up to the first hoop, and you beat the level, fill it up completely and you go to bonus level.


    Bonus levels are very easy to get and not fun at all, I found my self avoiding the orbs JUST so that I didn't have to go through the bonus level, What it is, is a regular level, except that the enemies are taken off leaving you with nothing to do, except collect orbs and bombs.

    There are some power ups you can grab along the way such as three bullets per shot, rapid fire, bigger bullets, ect, unfortunately these power ups only last a few seconds, and there is no way to know precisely how long the power ups last (unless you count in your head while playing)

    Aside from being short lasting, they are not very impressive, anyone could have thought of bigger bullets, and faster fire rate as a power up, but at least we are getting them.

    Also, for whatever reason, you can blow away orbs and power ups with your bullets, something you DON'T want to do, which will make you stop and think before you pull that trigger, luckily, you can ether press up or down on the D-pad and it will launch some type of electric hook which will grab power ups and orbs that you may have blown off, or are simply out of your reach.

    Three bullets at once!? what WILL they think of next?

    Gyrostarr allows you to play with up to three friends, which is fun.....but confusing, That is why it is best to play with just two people, That way you won't be asking others which ship is yours and how many times you have died, just to find out that the ship you THOUGHT you were all along was actually your friend, and that sucker who kept dying was actually you.

    The graphics are average for a wiiware game, some power ups DO make bright and shiny bullets that may catch you eye for a second or too, but other then that, everything is pretty average.

    The game features some ok beats but are usually overshadowed by the sound of bullets, explosions, and speed boosts wich may or may not be a good thing depending on what you like to hear, luckily you can go to the audio options menu and choose what you want to hear the most: Music, or Effects.

    They are both at 100% as default.

    Replay Value:
    Depending on whether or not you have friends to play with, the replay value will change, if you DO have friends then it is good, and if not, then it becomes a one time play through.

    As a new addition to my reviews, I will be rating the difficulty of games from the easiest option available to the hardest. So I designed a chart to show how easy the easiest difficulty is, and how hard is the hardest:


    If you have a friend or two to play with, you just HAPPEN to have $7 on your pocket, AND you like this type of games, then I say GO FOR IT! but if you are an only child with no friends to play, and you could use the money for something else, then I would recommend you passing out on this one.

    Final Score:

    my review survey
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