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  • Easy Plugin Manager v1.1 for 6.20 TN

    News via http://www.psp-ita.com/?module=news&...2&view_reply=1

    Last update from PataPork for his Easy Plugin Manager 6.20 for TN a convenient plug-ins manager, through which you can activate / deactivate the plugin are in your console without the need of having to connect to your computer. The manager will do a check of the various plugins and collect them in categories, in order to restore clear vision. This latest version also allows the automatic creation of TXT file with a convenient built-in file browser.
    Compatibility is guaranteed with CF 5.XX, TN 6.20, and 6.35 ME PRO CF 6:37 .

    Changelog, screen and download:
    .: Changelog:.
    - Added automatic creation of the folder "seplugins" if non-existent boot homebrew
    - Added possibility to change the load order of plugins
    - Added ability to add new plugins in the list upload (via built filebrowser)

    Download Here
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