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  • Wooden Sega Saturn laptop sits nicely on your antique dresser

    If there's one thing better than a new Ben Heck mod, it's seeing something his army of apprentices hascooked up. This time, Turkish modder c_mon has produced a striking wooden Sega Saturn laptop. It's got a 5-inch LCD screen pulled from a Sony PSOne in the lid, built-in speakers and a fan to keep things cool in the enclosure. The case copies the mould lines from the original Saturn, with the natty addition of an electroluminescent wire that puts us in mind of Tron when the device is running. Keen-eyed visitors to our gallery below will notice that the laptop's lid actually bears the logo of Saturn automobiles -- it's deliberate as the modder couldn't get his CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutter to play nicely with Sega's curved logo. Incorrect marque or not, we can all agree it's much more handsome than previous efforts.

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    1. Wriggler's Avatar
      Wriggler -
      I like the idea of Electroluminescent wire but it would look better with the original black case,no dark room picture though that`s a shame as it would be nice too see.