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  • XCM releases The Wildfire Light Gun for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

    XCM is getting to release their latest light gun, The Wildfire Light Gun. The Wildfire Light Gun can for used on the Xbox 360™/Xbox 360™ Slim and PS3™/PS3™ Slim console.

    2 Built-in Modes:

    a. Exciting mode - with this mode you are able to act as the soldier, holding the gun in your hand, point to the TV screen, and because it is has a motion sensor, you will feel like you're in the game! You can completely enjoy first person shooting experience by simply moving your arm to aim and shoot.

    b. Lazy mode - with this relaxing mode, you can lay down on your bed or sit on your couch with your hands by your side, holding each controller on each hand and just move your fingers to play the game. No matter if you're aiming or shooting, it is quite simple and easy. Relax and enjoy the game play.
    • Built-in fast sweep 180° watching scene button. A nice feature to quickly check the enemy behind you.
    • Built-in autofire function.
    • Built-in double triggers
    • Compatible with Xbox 360™ Wired Headset
    • Compatible with the latest PS3 firmware
    • Wireless design
    • Super high sensitivity precision and smoothness
    • Note: Official Xbox 360 WIRED controller is REQUIRED if playing on Xbox 360™. NO Play and Charge USB cable. WIRED controller is used to recognize USB signal and activate light gun.

    Expect a full review. You can purchase this from Play-Asia and Amazon and will retail for $99.99.
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