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  • Medal of Honor dev nearly quit amid Taliban rage

    There were two specific incidents when I decided I just couldn't do it', says Greg Goodrich

    The furore surrounding the Taliban’s inclusion in the multiplayer of 2010’s Medal of Honor reboot nearly caused the executive producer on the project to quit, it has been revealed.

    During 2010, politicians, media outlets, NATO soldiers and their families put pressure on publisher EA to omit the faction from the game, whilst others called for an all out ban on the title.

    The controversy eventually ended when EA relented and developer Danger Close changed the playable Taliban faction’s name to ‘Opposing Force’.
    In an interview with Games Master, executive producer on the title Greg Goodrich claimed he had twice written a letter of resignation and had sleepless nights over the matter.

    "Having to deal with the secrecy of these communities, keeping their reputations intact and holding their livelihoods in the palm of my hand - not even having earned the right to yet... then having that break out,” he said.

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