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  • Sterist

    by Published on January 4th, 2010 23:02

    via Daedalusx64 forums

    Daedalusx64 rev 450 changelog:
    by Salvy
    [*] Removed empty folders left from previous commit
    [!] better description for our Advanced Options
    [~] Added Europe version of Paper Mario and also enabled hack for Pilot Wings 64 in roms.ini

    rev 449:
    by Kreationz

    This is a huge commit and likely to have a few regressions.
    [-] Removed all non-PSP platform related code
    [~] Quieted some compiler warnings
    [-] Removed some uneeded/uncalled functions
    [-] Removed some un-needed checks in the CPU emulation (Small speed-up)
    [-] Improved a cache routine (Small speed up, slightly less choppy sound)
    [!] Chenged how VI are handled a bit (removes unneeded excess VI CPU Events)

    Submit feedback here and download via comments. ...
    by Published on September 27th, 2009 07:18

    via Daedalusx64.com forums

    Daedalusx64 Alpha 432 is available on the SVN.

    [!]Reverted most of the changes from Revs 305, 316, and 318 (Fixes a couple crashes, speed regressions, and Mario Head stuttering bug )
    [+]Hash every third line of textures for updating (Faster Texture Update)
    [+]Re-added Dynarec Loop Optimization (Works in as many titles as it used to, but still causes problems/freezes in some)
    [+]Added Frame Skip 99 to debug build for testing
    [+]Added more settings to Texture Update
    [~]More comments will only show in Debug builds (Some messages still remain)

    Notes: GoldenEye No longer freezes on Runway or other levels, Mario Head no longer stutters without DD enabled. All speed regressions since 300 should be fixed now. Some reverted changes will be restored in future revs as speed/stability issues are worked out. This is a large commit and may have a few minor issues.

    Download via comments and report feedback to Daedalusx64.com forums ...
    by Published on September 26th, 2009 08:21

    via daedalusx64.com

    Daedalusx64 Alpha revision 431 is now available on the SVN.

    [+] Implemented ClearZbuffer
    [+] Added a hack for South Park Rally (It should be playable now)
    [+] Blendmodes for Mortal Kombat 4 (Menus and Text is visible now)
    [!] Added DLParser_GBI0_DL_ShadowOfEmpire WIP code
    [!] Added correct savetype for MK4, and 2 more games will use Double Display and OoT Nightmare Mod been added on rom.ini..
    [!] VertexStride and such for ShadowOfEmpire ( takes care of ghosting and other glitches on SOTE)
    [~] Lens of truth fix for OOT
    [~] Removed leftovers from 3.71 [ It might brake some stuff..]

    Download via comments and report feedback to Daedalusx64.com forums ...
    by Published on June 6th, 2008 06:10

    via Torch

    Yet another revision, supporting both Phat and Slims!

    that's what appears to be the changelog after reading the release thread. if i'm wrong, please correct me

    mad props to Torch over at QJ

    Download via comments
    use great caution when installing. refer to readme
    if you do not trust your memory, i would recommend installing
    UPMS with utilities (google it) for flash0 usb access without granting XMB access
    by Published on October 3rd, 2007 03:41

    via MyXMB

    These are compatable with Custom and Official firmwares 3.7X+

    It never really occurred to me until now that if you want to test large amounts of icon sets, you can just stick the entire pack in your theme folder! [ms0:/psp/theme] and delete the one's you don't want via the same way to select them.

    regarding this package, I honestly dont know anything about it's theme's authors or how many of them were made for 3.7X or converted to it, but it looks like a portion of them are from Sony.

    the package was recompressed to save optimal space (~3mb)

    mirror 1:
    Download Here
    ^ better mirror ^

    mirror 2:
    Download Here

    *fixed broken link* ...
    by Published on September 16th, 2007 09:48

    via dash-hacks network

    i counted the themes in their amazing package.

    there's a total of 121 full themes, as well as another 50 or so fonts, waves, vol bars, icons, etc. all for 3.5X :thumbup: i recompressed their package so the download would be smaller (only by 2mb) so now it's 92mb, or 168 uncompressed.

    it covers a vast array of interests, games, shows, n movies, it's worth a peek

    Quote Originally Posted by greg (dash-hacks network)
    Heydabop, OWfx, and the whole NTTR group (Zomg, Schmilk) have devoted what I imagine would be countless hours of screenshot-ing, crediting, and testing all the archived themes. Enjoy!
    This theme pack was not assembled by it's themes' creators

    Mirror 1:
    Download Here
    (better mirror ^)

    Mirror 2:
    Download Here

    --remember to make a back-up before flashing
    --do not flash to a PSP Slim. 3.60+ requires a conversion from anything below it, to my understanding ...
    by Published on September 8th, 2007 19:43

    via irshell.org

    1. have iRshell 3.60 or 3.61 installed first. Download it here.
    2. copy the 2 folders in the rar to your root, overwriting files

    Release notes:

    This is another maintenance release which fixes the incompatibility issues with CFW 3.52-3/4 from Team M33. To news posters, please retain the donation link.

    New Features:

    Now fully compatible with Team M33 3.52-3 & 3.52-4 CFWs.
    Enhance the alarm clock function to support PSP suspend mode which means the alarm will still be triggered while your PSP is under suspend mode (sleep mode). The alarm volume will always be at max and is independent of your PSP volume settings. You will still hear the alarm even if you've muted your PSP volume. Thanks to Adrahil for providing the alarmlib source code to illustrate how the magic is done.

    Work In Progress:

    The previous Youtube video by StoneCut showing the 2-player PS1 games via usbhostfs using 2 PC joysticks with remotejoy output is only a proof of concept. Having your PSP connected to a PC to play 2-player PS1 games may not be very useful.

    I'm currently working on 2-player PS1 game support via 2 PSPs using WiFi adhoc and I need to purchase a 2nd PSP for testing. If you want to help, you can use the following link to make a paypal donation.

    To show my appreciation, those who donate more than US$10 will be added to a private support forum from which you will have access to earlier beta builds and support. Since the release of iR Shell 3.6, I've received 2 donations. Thanks to Jeffrey Y. and Toan L.

    If you'd like to see the previous 2-player preview video again then check here:
    Donation Link:

    be sure to donate if you are willing and able

    Here is, for the most part, what this release fixes:
    I'd just like to point out that 3.52 M33-3 and M33-4 currently do not work properly with iR Shell and cause all sorts of problems, mostly related to ISO/CSO launching.

    For the time being please do not update to anything newer than 3.52 M33-2 to get the most use out of iR Shell. The technical reason for this is that the new UMD video player in M33 firmware collides with iR Shell's mp3 player in RAM. Don't worry, a fix is in testing. There will be an updated version at some point that should fix these issues. Please don't ask when, we don't know.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on August 31st, 2007 01:39

    via Playstation Universe

    according to this article, "upscale PCs and playstation 3's" are the only systems capable of rendering 4D games at playable speeds

    We all know what 3D graphics are - length, width & depth, but how many know what 4D graphics are? If you are one of the millions of people thinking 'What the %&$* are 4D graphics?', don't be alarmed. You've already seen them. Shocking isn't it? We all remember Kutaragi proclaiming not too long ago that PS3 would utilize 4D graphics, but what exactly did he mean?

    4D, from a developer’s point of view, is is the progression of Life in time. It is where every tangible object in your game is living and constantly changing. As a result, change becomes an integral part of 4D graphics.

    But how does all of this become possible? The answer is the dynamic rendering of procedural textures. Sounds complicated, but it's not. Let me explain; Procedural textures are textures which are linked to an algorithm. Instead of the texture being drawn pixel by pixel, you define the way these pixels have to be lit to produce the texture you want.

    When the procedural texture is placed somewhere, you utilize an engine for actually generating these bitmap textures. They have life. They can change in a way you define them, especially through time. In a lot of the current games, the randomized textures method is used. Developers use one bitmap and just map it on randomly in the environment to create the design for that specific area. Every texture is not defined or unique. So, the method to create procedural textures allows for more control.

    Allegorithmic is a utility set which allows an extensive realization of procedural textures. With it you define the procedures way using MaPZone, and then use ProFX to rasterize the images, producing the final result to be displayed by a renderer or a game engine.

    for the full article and a couple video demonstrations of the sexy 4D graphics, click the link at the top of the post :thumbup:

    Edit aug 31st:

    for an "almost full explaination" of what 4D and 5D is, read this:
    by Published on July 7th, 2007 23:04

    via http://cwcheat.consoleworld.org/


    - [ALL] now there is an header with the index (addr, +byte, ASCII) in the memory editor
    - [ALL] now it's possible to choose if ASCII should be shown on screen in the memory editor with ASCII ENABLE = 0/1 in the
    - [ALL] now it's possible to choose the number of bytes shown on screen in the memory editor (0-13 with ASCII enabled, 0-17
    with ASCII disabled)with MEMEDIT BYTES= # where # is the number of bytes
    - [ALL] added checks in the memory editor for the starting adress to avoid going out of range
    - [ALL] added effectively L/R scrooling support in the memory editor. they will scroll of -/+ 0x10000
    - 0000017 [ALL] added a simple text insertion method which you can navigate with LEFT/RIGHT and change text with UP/DOWN.
    Middle dots are considered end of line, everything modifyied after then will be discarded.
    - 0000017 [ALL] Now it's possible to edit cheat names. To do so press R TRIGGER + CROSS while selecting the cheat name you
    want to change. To discard changes press O (or X if you swapped buttons) and to confirm changes press X
    (or O if you swapped buttons)
    - [ALL] now the cheat search menu will allow the user to press UP when selecting the first option to get to the latest one
    and viceversa (just like most of the other menus)
    - [ALL] new options in the cheat search menu: start text search and continue cheat search. They are meant to start and
    continue a search for a text
    - 0000017 [ALL] Added a text search system. It supports up to 30 chars, and can search ASCII/UNICODE/ASCII+UNICODE
    encoding and can be case sensitive/unsensitive
    - [ALL] The text search system can autosense if it has to make unicode or ascii codes (unicode codes skips the second byte).
    A codeline is made for each char and the current char is copied as value.
    - [ALL] changed the space used by the db reading functions to <= 128kb (this space is alloched during bootup and freed after

    right on!! cheat away

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...