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  • Malksta

    by Published on July 25th, 2009 21:26

    via sega-dc

    translated with Google Translator

    A new game for the Dreamcast from Maturion! SDLFighter is a kind of space shooter and has been ported from Maturion to get a little "einzuüben" for the pending port of the x86 emulator DOSBox.

    Unfortunately SDLFighter could hardly be tested, so if you have problems, the game on its real hardware to execute, should Maturion easy way in the Forum Report. Controller, and sound should also be included in the Dreamcast version, the DC keyboard is also supported.

    About this link you can download DC-SDLFighter and you in the forum to exchange.

    Note to international visitors: As in all of Maturion's releases, an English Readme file is included. Note to international visitors: As in all of Maturion's releases in English readme file is included. ...
    by Published on July 21st, 2009 19:12

    via PSPhacks

    installation instructions from zzxxzzxx
    01. Download MacroFire v2.4.1
    02. Unzip To Anywhere (Eg. Desktop)
    03. Turn On PSP
    04. a. Connects PSP TO PC VIA USB Cable
    b. Use Card Reader To Access Memory Card
    05. Go To Root Of Memory Card
    06. Opens SEPLUGINS Folder (ms0:\SEPLUGINS\)
    (Create Folder If It’s Not There)
    07. Create (1) POPS.txt, (2) GAME.txt, (3) VSH.txt If It’s Not There
    08. Open & Add ms0:/seplugins/macrofire241/macrofire.prx In All 3 *.txt
    09. Copy “macrofire.prx” & “macrofire.ini” From Your Unzipped Folder And Paste It In SEPLUGINS Folder (ms0:\SEPLUGINS\macrofire.prx & ms0:\SEPLUGINS\macrofire.ini)
    10. Exit USB Mode & Unplug USB (Or Insert Memory Card To PSP)
    11. Hard Off your PSP (Slide & Hold Off Switch For About 3 Seconds)
    12. While Holding Down R Trigger, Turn On Your PSP (You’ll Enter CFW Recovery Mode)
    13. Scroll Down To Plugins And Enter
    14. You Should See 3 (Or More) Lines:
    15. Enable All 3 By Pressing “X” While Beside Them
    16. Select “Go Back”, Then “Exit”
    17. PSP Will Start Up Normally

    1. Enter A Game
    2. After Loading Completes
    3. Press “-” & “+” For VOL (It Should Enter MacroFire Menu Screen) ...
    by Published on December 8th, 2008 20:07

    via dcemulation

    Russian Dreamcast programmer alex updated GPF's port of gpsp, a GBA emulator for Dreamcast. alex improved the emulation speed a lot - gpspDC is a lot faster now. With some 2D games gpspDC runs now with around 60-90% of the original speed! alex is still trying to improve his emulator. You can find binaries (including source code) of gpspDC attached below

    Thanks to Elch from SEGA-DC.DE for pointing us to this release. ...
    by Published on March 11th, 2008 20:58

    via Zentendo

    First Arwings were discovered, and then hackers discovered playable Dark Link. Now, almost ten years after its first debut on the Nintendo 64, hackers have made a way to allow four players to go head to head or co-op in Ocarina of Time.
    Multi-player Hack in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    The video's source,, says that a public copy of the game is coming soon for download.

    Click here to watch the video ...
    by Published on August 13th, 2007 17:22

    via cooliscool


    Utility of Time is a tool that allows a user to view and edit Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask actor (.zobj) files, map files (.zmap), visually place and change actors (also known as models, or NPCs in most cases) in the loaded room, save them, and inject back into the Debug ROM, and much more. Actors are represented as cubes in place of the actor. It's open source, too.

    Graphical Features:

    Uses OpenGL 1.1 - 1.4 features for rendering. 1.4 compliance is not necessary but highly recommended.
    WASD FPS style camera system.
    Full polygon mesh support (geometry).
    Lacks texture support in releases, though allows RAW texture dumping.
    Vertex colors used for primitive coloring and shading (most maps look quite nice ).
    Per-Vertex alphas.

    Release 0.83.1 Changes

    + Self contained through tabs. No more map mod dialog, everything you need is all in tabs (hide or show by clicking the button with the "<" or ">" character to the left of the window). Tabs are "Graphics", "Map", and "Map Continued". Graphics is limited right now, but will contain more in the future. Map options are the same as the old map mod dialog.
    + Dumping of actor information to a txt file ("Map" tab).
    + Manual vertex entry through the "Graphics" tab.
    + In 0.83, the picking engine would very rarely fail due to the objects drawn in the back buffer being the same scale as those shown on screen. Fixed.
    + Tool Sensitivity slider in the status bar. Should help actor or vertex positioning on larger scale models or maps (ie, box.zobj and spot00_room_0.zmap, respectively).
    + Press T to cycle through textures. I know, it's a silly thing to do, but at least you can see what textures are in use until I have time to fully rewrite the renderer. RGBA textures are red only because VB .net's overflow checking is like a morman mother who hates bit shifting (OoT uses 16bpp RGBAs, which OpenGL can support, but most GPUs don't like them, so I have to convert them to 32bpp). Will most likely be fixed next version.
    + FPS is now part of the on screen display (top right corner).
    + If zav.ini is not present or is null (first time setup), the setup dialog's cancel button will be disabled.

    Download Binary

    Download Source Code ...
    by Published on June 26th, 2007 23:53

    via Emergency Exit

    McZonk releases a new version of Quake 2 PSP as he will not have as much free time, be warned it is a buggy build, however.. Have fun

    Here's what McZonk said in his blog.


    I will be less or even not be available in the next days. My first exam is soon and I really should begin to learn. Well I already should have started, but it is the same every semester
    I also want to start coding again after I passed my tests. I was coding for around two weeks now and got a pretty decent version. I am a little bit unhappy with the current version, because it is still very buggy, but I do not want to be away for a few weeks without releasing it. You can spam tons of bug reports, I only will answer when I have enough time. Thanks for all support and all nice comments I got over the time.

    Click for download ...
    by Published on June 24th, 2007 19:24

    via McZonk's Blog

    News for the un-informed

    Quake 2 Handling
    Today I have fixed a few bugs and added some features in Quake 2 like the surrounding box when the opponent has quad damage.

    Click for screenshots


    I also test multiplayer a lot. When only single player was working I never really played. I have noticed some bad movement problems. I have rewritten the analog nub code and allow to increase the turning speed by factor 4. I will test none linear analog input and speed accuration to get a better movement.
    Click for Screenshots

    Those three screen shots show the multiplayer menus. The first one is the multiplayer menu where you can select the wifi connection: none (for playing against bots), adhoc and the names of your saved connections. I will add the dialog to configure them in the future. The second and third one are the menus for creating and joining a server.
    I will need a few expierenced testers so I can improve the movement and aiming. You should be able to handle Quake 2 console and be a good player. So if you do not know what is a strafe jump or /bind do not ask. The other ones join the chat and ask (do not post comments about getting a beta tester).


    Quake 2 Mapping
    Before I can release the next version I need some multiplayer maps. Sure you can play base1, base2 and base3. But those maps are no good multiplayer maps. The gameplay on the psp is slower and you will usually play with 2 to 4 players, so huge maps with less connections are not what you want to play.
    So it is time to make some maps. I want you for model some small Quake 2 multiplayer maps with textures from the demo. I will deliver those maps together with the next release.
    Here is a small idea of a map I made this morning. The maps should be small but balanced.


    Time to get some friends

    If I look at the results of the poll, I have obviously done the false thing: single player is prefered. But let me explain my point of view. I played a giant multiplayer match with some old classmates two week days ago. This game was the trigger that makes me working on Quake 2 again. I want it on psp. Now it is done. Since the interest in single player is so huge, I will work on this next.

    Quake 2 PSP Multiplayer
    I ported the network stuff and add some code to select a wifi connection or open adhoc mode (untested at the moment). Now you can play Quake 2 against your mates on psp or pc. The console can act as server and client. So you can make psp vs psp games without a pc as server. Movement and aiming on the psp is pretty hard, so only a battle with consoles is fair. Before single player is finished, get some friends or at least some bots and play against them.
    Stupidly I build some bad bugs into my graphics code, so I was forced to use the old one with clipping and sky problems at the moment. It is also a little bit slow.
    The reason why I just release a video is that the setup for multiplayer is a little bit complicated at the moment. You need some help of the console and I want to put everything into menu first. When I release now I will get tons of problems and bug reports and I do not want to deal with that. I hope to have time enough the next week, before I really have to learn for exams.

    Getting owned by my girl
    I tested some combinations of psp/pc and server/client with different people and it works fine. Thanks to my very patient beta tester Reh. Now watch the video and look forward to a release.

    Video is located on the blog ...
    by Published on April 15th, 2007 00:51

    I am saddened by this sudden turn of events..

    Wandria, as of now is dis-continued =(

    Zion has expirienced a life turning event and completley given up coding in search of his long lost brother [21 Years]

    Wandria's source code will be released in a few days for some coders to muck with [or continue Wandria]

    Meanwhile, heres Wandria's latest Alpha [Extremley In-complete]

    [All comments removed, some people think this is bullshit]
    by Published on March 30th, 2007 00:02

    Rockstar's highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV's finally gets a first trailer.

    GTA IV will be released Oct 16, 2007 for the Xbox 360 and PS3

    by Published on March 10th, 2007 19:08

    Via StrmnNrmn's Blog

    Weekend update

    It's been a busy week at work, what with catching up after my week off and GDC, so I've not managed to post as many updates as I'd have liked.

    On Daedalus I've been starting to take a look at the list of potential optimisations I listed and working out what to tackle first. To help me do this my first job is to do some work on Daedalus's profiler, to try and figure out where the biggest wins are going to come from. Hopefully I'll be able to report back with some interesting findings this weekend.

    On a related note, I've spent the morning looking at converting the source control I'm using at sourceforge from CVS to Subversion. I've been meaning to do this for some time. I've never really been a fan of CVS, and as I'm using Subversion for other projects at work and at home I thought it made sense to migrate Daedalus over too.

    So you can now access the latest Daedalus source* through Subversion:

    svn co https://daedalus-n64.svn.sourceforge...alus-n64/trunk

    With CVS I usually only updated the source alongside every release. Ideally the repository would contain an up-to-date copy of my local build, but I've had problems in the past where people have distributed 'intermediate' builds of Daedalus PSP, bugs and all. I only ever release new builds when I think there are enough new features and its stable enough to make it worthwhile for people to download and install; updating a source a bit less frequently gives me a bit more control and helps prevent everyone's time being wasted with intermediate builds. I think that I'm going to continue with this policy for the time being. We'll see how it goes.


    *This is still just the R8 source which I lifted from CVS today. I'm in the process of testing whether this compiles OK, then I'll refresh the repository with all the changes from R9. I'll update this post when the R9 source is available.

    Edit: R9 source commited to Subversion, all seems to be compiling OK. ...
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