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  • Brainy142

    by Published on May 28th, 2008 23:00

    Elaun has given us a lot in just a matter of days

    Uploaded a work in progress version to show what I've been doing.

    For now:
    -It resets properly on the Wii (still not able to return to the loader, though.)
    -Reads files from the front Wii SD slot (saving disabled, forgot to reenable it before uploading, but you can remove the return lines on SYS_FileOpenWrite and SYS_FileWrite to make it work.)
    -Wiimote suport, tried to map the buttons on the wiimote and nunchuk more or less like the gamecube ones, wiimote IR aiming and nunchuk up-motion jumping.

    -Wiimote disconnects too fast, need to read the libogc headers again and determine how to make the idle time longer.
    -If the wiimote disconnects, screen turns grey (only the game screen, not the status bar or menu) and stays this way until you reload the game (starting a new game won't help)
    -Maybe you'll have to disconnect and reconnect the nunchuk to your wiimote to make it work (again, this is a 1-day, no-prior-experience implementation, it will be fixed)
    -Something else I can't remember.

    That's it, please don't complain about the wiimote implementation and SD card reading yet. The wiimote code is completely new to me (and I don't know about the real stability of the code on the libogc cvs) and the SD reading doesn't use libfat yet, but use the wiisd functions from the latest libogc CVS.

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