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  • Emeriastone

    by Published on January 31st, 2007 04:25

    Team C & D have already readied their Psardumper for the 3.10 firmware version.

    Note that this isn't a fake, I've tested it and its 100% real unlike the fake yesterday.
    Get the 3.10 US firmware from your update icon.

    Further instructions.

    1. Download both firmware 3.10 and the New Psardumper.

    2. Put the psar_dump2 and psar_dump2% into your game or game150 folder.

    3. Use PBP Unpacker to extract the fw 3.10 DATA.PSAR to the root of your memory stick.

    4. Run the dumper. You should have no errors

    Download and Give feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on December 11th, 2006 23:27

    Earlier this year in June I purchased a used PSP from GameStop for my girlfriend. It was a 2.01 and after downgrading and purchasing a memory stick it was the perfect gift item (she loves video games).

    Today I went with my friend to two local GameStop retails stores looking for a used PSP to have some fun with. Being not allowed to examine them at one store, we tried looking at the other GameStop only to discover from the manager that it's now GameStop policy to UPDATE all the used PSP console systems when refurbishing them. All GameStop stores are doing this now.

    It's time to act. If you want anything worth having in the PSP world, now is the time to go out and get it. Try looking wherever you can, because the days of the used PSPs--and original PSP motherboards--are numbered. ...