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  • shadowprophet

    by Published on July 26th, 2006 20:55

    Hi everyone, I just want to officially announce the grand opening of a new Dcemu site,
    RPG-NEWS is now officially open, SO everyone drop by, and keep checking back for daily updates on all your rpg needs From tips and strategies to cheats and walkthroughs, News and updates,

    You can bet if its Rpg related you will be able to find it on rpg-news and if its not there yet, Its coming soon! So stop by and keep coming back. It only gets better from here on out!!

    So join us Here For all your RPG Needs!!

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    by Published on July 24th, 2006 21:21

    Hi guys, Its time for something completely different!

    Introducing the first annual Dcemu awards! This is where your opinion really makes a difference,
    But we need you to make nominations for all your favorites per category, Everything from your favorite Coder, to staff member, and even commercial software releases. Ever covered all the bases this round, But al our work amounts to nothing if you don't go make your nominations for each category.
    After all nominations are made, they will be hand counted by staff and narrowed down to four finalists!
    You will then be asked to come back and vote for your favorite finalist!
    Once a winner has been crowned, there will be a special awards ceremony held in honor of the champions, Where awards will be given!

    But remember these are special forums with special rules. So to avoid confusion for the staff later on during the hand count process. No double posting, No chat, These forums are for making nominations for your favorites only,

    So without further ado, Let the nominations Begin!

    What are you waiting for GO! GO! GO! ...
    by Published on July 23rd, 2006 17:15

    Hi Guys A new Mod from vettacossx has landed on my doorstep this morning,
    Sorry for the rush job on the post, I woke up late this morning And I really have to update My Shameless Plug , Lol So here in Vettas own words, Is a little about this file

    Heres a lil GFX mod for the new tetris attack clone by pspanel de pon
    this is a complete GFX mod front to back....beggining to end with some
    MODED snes pics of the original incorprated... JUST BETTER
    (and as we all KNOW the snes version just isnt what it should be on the
    snesTYL emu so if your a tetris attack fan this one is right up your alley!!!)
    this is a gr8 engine credit goes to pspanel de pon for this gr8 TETRIS
    ATTACK CLONE! all ive done is made the GFX more complete to tie everyone over
    untill its updated as always enjoy JMV mods...and Enjoy TETRIZI ATTACK

    Keep up the awesome work bro!!

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    by Published on July 21st, 2006 18:46

    Two Great Vettacossx Turrican Mods have landed on my doorstep today guys!!

    First up is Devel may cry!! This mod is truely jaw droping!! You can tell Vetta Has been working overtime to make all our homebrew dreams come true!!

    Then we have simpsons Homers Rampage Dawd Mod, This one is for the simpsons fan in all of us!

    After trying both these mods, and picking my chin up off the floor,lol, Im left wondering whats next from our Bro Vettacossx, And then of course I went to make this post and found that Vetta indeed has Gave us some insite to his future works of wonder!!

    Vettacossx Things to come

    Resident Evil mod.
    MegaMan X mod.
    SONIC X mod.
    METROID (of course).
    ff7 BARRET mod.
    ff7 VINCENT mod.

    and any other request I get from my fellow DCemu PSP-NEWS members enjoy

    About these file's. Like the last, these file's were too large to upload in one peace, Just download both parts of each file, and let win rar do the rest,

    Wow, Talk about a busy man!! lol Thanks again goes to Vettacossx Who Has taken the modding scene by storm!! Keep up the great work Brother!!

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    by Published on July 20th, 2006 21:36

    Wow!! Another Awesome Vettacossx Release has just graced my presence!! This round We have an equally stunning mod both visually and acoustically. This one Is based on metal Slug!! And its the complete bombdigity! But who better to tell you about that then Vettacossx himself!! Here is what he had to say about This awesome Release!!

    Hi its vetta again wasup guys I did this mod themed with metal slug for our
    friend nick 666 of the forums because with all the new engines floating around
    to play and tinker with I managed to forget about a certain metal slug mod
    request so without further ?ADUE?( lmao)
    JMV mods brings you metal slugg turrican mod based on the arguru turrican
    engine with some sweet music you halo turrican users are familiar with, thanks goes out to sp,arguru and nick666 for this mod. And as always enjoy jmv mods of DCemu pspnews!!

    About this file. Like the last, this file was too large to upload in one peace, Just download both parts and let win rar do the rest,

    Thanks Goes out to Vettacossx for keeping the mod fires burning on frighteningly hot levels,
    Your a true credit to the community Bro keep up the great work !!

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    by Published on July 19th, 2006 20:00

    Wow Hears a really nice Mod that just landed on my doorstep this morning! Halo-Turrican Is quite simply the Best Mod i've played thus far! This mod is amazing, Quite possibly vettas best work yet!!,
    You guys have to try this one!! Here is what our friendly neighborhood supermodder had to say about this awesome release!!

    Heres Halo-turrican-mod JMV mod developments The best halo mod yet hands down done with psp3d's new arguru game turrican... I've done a lil GFX and SFX modding with a very nice halo theme!
    So have a look if you like halo,turrican or metroid fusion this mod is for you!!!... thanks to :
    arguru and team for the most promising homebrew since SMM!!!!... ranks up
    there with ...callisto,smw and smashbros gp!!! and there L.A.S.T sfx heavy metal theme !!

    There are 1.0-2.6 supported versions included in the zip along with a read me as always stay tuned to DCemu psp news to see what JMV has up there sleeves next?! ....enjoy!!

    About this file, The original file was to large to upload in one peace, So I had to split it up. Just download both parts into the same directory and highlight part one extract normally and winrar will do the rest!

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    by Published on July 16th, 2006 09:45

    I found this on one of my regular visits to irc,
    Inside the readme is no Address to a source page.
    But this is the proof of concept (unflasher) By a Coder known as Slasher, I cant be certian if this is our slasher we have at Dcemu or an unrelated slasher. But none the less. I must warn you. As with all apps that flash your psp firmware you run the risk of bricking your psp by useing this!!!
    Here is what the readme had to say..

    This program is meant to 'Unflash' your POC Firmware recently released by DarK_AleX.

    Just simply run the program, and it will undo any changes that the POC firmware did.

    This software is a use at your own risk program. Writing to the flash is always dangerous, and although this program has been tested and confirmed working, the author takes no responsibility if you happen to brick your psp. Use at your own risk!

    - Slasher

    Well thats all there is to say about this, Again Though, Remember by downloading and useing this app you run the risk of bricking your psp!!

    Download and Use this At your very own Risk, Leave feedback Via Comments Below
    by Published on July 16th, 2006 08:23

    Vettacossx Has Done it again! This Time hes created Shadowprophets Blazing Bats- JGJ mod!!
    I have to say im personaly fond of this one lol

    ( for those who do not know JGJ is a 2d sidescrolling shooter homebrew game
    jump gunnar jump...keep in mind that if you use 1.5 run the no-kxploit tool on this HAVE FUN!!! )

    I Love this one, Keep up the great work vetta!!

    Download and give feedback Via comments Below
    by Published on July 15th, 2006 13:35

    Umm hi. this not some joke, This is the proof of custom Firmware concept By Dark Alex. Theres so much to be said about this, That ill let the readme tell you, However, Know that You risk Bricking your psp If you try this, There have been many success stories with this tho,

    Some features that this can do are.

    Execute normal pbp's (1.00 ones, no-kxploit)

    meaning you wont need to have 2 folders in your PSP/GAME folder to make homebrew run.

    hide corrupt icons. (it's not enabled, look at the file /PSP/SYSTEM/config.txt to see how to enable this feature)
    So, even if you still have the two folder homebrew setup. you can still hide the corrupted icons.

    skip the gameboot logo at startup.
    Very useful feature
    Recovery mode:". Hold R while starting your psp, will boot Recovery mode.
    Recovery mode is not more than a simple application that will let you to use the usb, and execute a program under ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP, that could be, for example, a sony updater or the 1.50 -> 1.00 downgrader

    This allows you to recover potential bricks caused by the writing of bad fonts /videos/sounds... to flash.
    ( This wont let you recover critical things like overwriting prx file in flash)

    With this, you may have a chance to unbrick your PSP, if the brick was caused by writing bad fonts/videos/sounds the flash. (Again this wont allow you to recover things like overwriting The prx files)

    Autoexecution of a program at the startup. See the configuration file at /PSP/SYSTEM/config.txt to see how to use it.

    To install this Just unzip and copy the psp folder on to your memstick, And click yes on any overwrite warnings.

    access the file "config.txt" in PSP/SYSTEM with notepad , to do any changes that need be with this mod later.

    This is a pretty user friendly program so other then these things you will know what to do once you get there

    Again, All I have to say is, Try this at your very own risk, Know that you do run a risk of bricking your psp by trying this!!

    Download and try this at your own risk, Leave Feedback Via Comments Below
    by Published on July 14th, 2006 00:34

    Its a great day for 1.5 psps isn't it? Today with special thanks to Jas0nuk and his amazing patience for my barrage of questions, He lead me to the file that made devhook legal, via a special patch that was created by Mtwomg, This is Devhook 0.44 that emulates firmware version 2.7 on 1.5 psps!!! Complete with working web browser with flash support and rss!! (on 222 mhz anyway).
    This is all ready to go!

    Remember special thanks goes to Booster ,For createing Devhook, Mtwomg, For Makeing it legal, And Jas0nuk, author Of the devhook umd only version patch for 0.42, Without these three people, This Program wouldnt be possible on this site!!

    1. Download DevHook 0.44 from here

    2. Go into the MS-Root folder in the DevHook download and copy the dh and psp folder onto the
    root of your mem-stick

    3. Download pbp unpacker

    4. Download 2.60/2.71 update from 2.6/2.71

    5. Open the update with pbp unpacker and extract all the files to wherever you want (the file needed is the data.psar)

    6. Get the data.psar from the extracted update and put that onto the root of your mem-stick

    7. On the psp choose devhook installer and start that, then when you are in the eboot start the installer, at the end if you want to copy your flash1 read what is says on the screen, which should be something like "press O to copy flash1 registry files"

    8. Download the decrypted 2.60/2.71 dump from somewhere I have a link but cannot provide it (the reboot.bin will be what is needed from the decrypted dump)

    8.5. (Only if you're setting up 2.71). Copy ms0:\dh\260\flash1 to ms0:\dh\271\.

    9. Now from the decrypted 2.60/2.71 you downloaded you will need the reboot.bin, copy the reboot.bin into ms0:\dh\260\flash0 (or ms0:\dh\271\flash0 for 2.71) and also copy it into ms0:\dh\kd and replace the one that is currently in there

    Mini Guide courtesy of chriscooke109

    Download and Give feedback Via comments

    Just so as you all understand, this means that every single PSP Game released should now be playable on Firmware v1.5 Consoles, an awesome day for homebrewers and a great way to legally play your UMDs Games on older firmware. ...
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