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  • shadowprophet

    by Published on July 13th, 2006 15:17

    Some Sad news that has went unsaid For far too long, The man you see here is Alan Kotok, And hes a very important man. You may find yourself asking why If you dont already know. He Helped create the First Video Game and the First JoyStick.
    Here is an article found thanks to Tatsujin Via IRC,
    Here is the Alan Kotok Story.

    Alan Kotok, 64, created joystick

    Sarah H. Wright, News Office
    June 13, 2006
    Computer pioneer Alan Kotok, an MIT alumnus who helped create both the first video game and the gaming joystick, died of a heart attack in his home in Cambridge, Mass., on Friday, May 26. A native of Philadelphia, he was 64.

    Kotok (S.B. 1962) entered MIT at age 16 and became swiftly involved in developing chess-playing computer programs, designing new systems for MIT's Tech Model Railroad and, with a group of friends, coming up with their original video game, Spacewar. Tim Berners-Lee, founder and director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is housed in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, described Kotok as "one of the early wise men of computer science."

    The unflappable Kotok was "not only technically adept well beyond the norm, but also possessed a childlike delight in all things ingenious or intriguing. Wit, wisdom and sheer human warmth defined him, yet he commanded total respect. He would humbly take on anything which simply needed doing," Berners-Lee said.Kotok had been W3C associate chairman since 1997. In highlighting Kotok's many contributions to the field that literally grew up with him, Berners-Lee pointed to Kotok's important programs for early Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) and IBM computers, including the well-known Kotok-McCarthy chess program at MIT, which became Kotok's S.B. thesis.

    Kotok spent 34 years with DEC in numerous leadership roles, retiring in 1996. He served as technical director for product strategy and development groups in telecommunications, storage and Internet. While at DEC, he was chief architect of the PDP-10 family of computers and a logic designer for the early DEC PDP-6 computer. Later, he became chief architect on the influential DECsystem-10 timesharing computer system and a senior consultant to Digital's Alta Vista project, an early Internet search engine.

    Gordon Bell, senior researcher in Microsoft's Media Presence Research Group, worked with Kotok at DEC in the 1960s. Kotok was "calm, constant and unflappable with a wonderful sense of humor. He loved telephony and probably knew more about it than anyone in the company. This was invaluable to us as communication is the mainstay of computing today."Kotok also provided leadership as a member of the Corporate Strategy Group, which advocated early adoption and integration of Internet and Web-based technologies.

    Kotok, whose daughter Leah affectionately called him "King Nerd," had a lifelong interest in all things mechanical. His love of trains, which surged into passion at MIT, arose in childhood: His father owned a New Jersey hardware store that sold toy trains at Christmas, and Kotok set up the annual train displays.As for electronics, a family legend tells how Kotok, then 5, stuck a metal screwdriver into an electric outlet and was tossed across a room. Kotok himself recalled this with characteristic understatement -- "I was always interested in electrical engineering!" -- in a 2004 interview.In the same interview, Kotok described his 1956 encounter with a "giant thinking machine" on a school field trip to the Mobil Research Lab in New Jersey as the "spark that triggered me.

    We went through a programming exercise, punched up the cards, put them into the machine and the printer clank-clanked and we got the answers. I said, 'Computers! This is it!'"
    Kotok married the former Judith McCoy in 1977; she died in 2005.Kotok is survived by two daughters, Leah Beth Kotok of Ashburnham, Mass. and Frederica Beck of Prescott, Ariz.; a son and daughter-in-law, Daryl and Shelly Beck of Greenfield, Mass.; and two grandsons.

    The funeral was private. A memorial service is being planned for the fall.Donations in Kotok's memory may be made to the Westfield Center for Early Keyboard Studies, P.O. Box 505, Orcas, WA 98280; the Computer History Museum, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043; or the Judith Kotok Memorial Scholarship, c/o the Longy School of Music, One Follen St., Cambridge, MA 02138.

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    by Published on July 13th, 2006 07:00

    Another great JGJ Mod from Vettacossx has just reached my doorstep!! This JGJ Mod Is awesome and its sure to get a few laughs!! Osama VS Saddam, A comedy Mod!! This one cracks me up!! It's sure to be a vettacossx classic!! Here is what he had to say about this Awesome Mod!!

    Well we have decided to do a PACK of COMEDY MODS for next our few projects. An awsome idea from the guy who puts the M in JMV MODS Mysteryman of DCemu! The first of four jgj mods we are working on.. MYSTERY HAD A GR8 IDEA!!! Lets make them laugh!!! SOME FUNNY MODS first off is the already complete Osama VS saddam 1 of 4. Next mystery suggested a pee wee mod so we are doing PEE WEE GOES POSTAL mod. Then its on to the O.J. DID IT! mod and then last but certainley not least, Is the PNJJ short for PLEASE NO JESUS JUICE- as you may have guessed this is a mod where the lil boy shoots his way out of michel jackson park (neverland ranch) I think its called ....lol...

    ( for those who do not know JGJ is a 2d sidescrolling shooter homebrew game
    jump gunnar jump...keep in mind that if you use 1.5 run the no-kxploit tool on this HAVE FUN!!! )

    *Awesome Work vetta This stuff is Classic, I love it And im sure others will too! Keep up the awesome work !!

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    by Published on July 13th, 2006 06:36

    Vettacossx the modder of the millenium continues working tirelessly to bring you all the joy of your favorite characters to life in Mod form, This time hes updated his halo JGJ Mod to V.3!!
    Here is what he had to say about this update!!

    I finished updating the halo mod for jgj to the most recent engine. Theres alot of new things in the newest version of the engine for jgj so heres
    another JMV MOD for all my fellow DC-Homeiz

    background added,
    yellow and orange chests that blow up after 1 bomb,doors,
    ( doors are opened by finding the corisponding COLOR key.....for the door you want to open exampl: red keys open red doors ect..)
    Halo PSP Vs#3 by JMV MODS DCemu PSP NEWS

    Thanks again goes to Vettacossx for improving the quality of homebrew For all to enjoy!!

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    by Published on July 8th, 2006 09:30

    Vettacossx, Is at it again!Does this man ever sleep? lol, This time he has brought us a nice new assortment of SMW Skins, This version 2 pack has some nice new additions hes created, here is what he had to say..

    hi vettacossx here from JMV MODS DCemu
    heres--> SMW skins vs2 another lil
    update for our SMW skins pack hope you guys enjoy

    heres whats new
    characters change colors properly
    YOSHI ( my fav)
    DC-Homie Goomba
    Stewy griffin ( family guy)
    Strobing Toad
    METAL SLUG ( thanks to nick 666 for the request )

    JMV takes request from members for any of there mods !!! Remember DCemu
    members only

    Thanx again to Vettacossx Keep up the great work bro!

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    by Published on June 28th, 2006 04:32

    And the news just keeps on comeing in! In a related article to the EGM PS3 interview they managed to snag an interview with Reggie Fils-Aime Nintendo's Vice president of sales and marketing,
    and Reggie had some interesting things to tell us, in this full interview below!

    Live Via Wii-Mote
    Reggie believes we will love the Wii

    Is Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo's Execuative Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, worried about launching the Wii? He says no. Why? Because he believes in you-the gamers. Are you going to let him down? Read what Reggie thinks....

    EGM: We have to talk about the name: "Wii" Why the change? Was "Revolution" that bad?

    Reggie Fils-Aime: Nintendo knows our fans love the "Revolution" name. But the fact is, Revolution as a name is not idea; It's long, and in some cultures, it's hard to pronounce. So we wanted something that was short, to the point, easy to pronounce, and distinctive. That's how "Wii," as a console name, was created.

    EGM: But couldn't you have chosen a name that still got your message across, only with fewer connotations to certain bodily substance?

    RF: We had a number of different names we were evaluating. But in the end, "Wii" as a console name was, in our belief, the perfect choice. I do think the fans will accept it. And in terms of all the dirty jokes, frankly, we could have come up with a range of other names where that type of stuff would have happened anyhow.

    EGM: Did you do any focus testing? Anyone hint "Wii" might not be such a good name for a console?

    RF: There was no focus grouping, and quite frankly, focus groups are a little outmoded in terms of how to get good consumer feedback. But we did a range of things in the end, I think that some members of the media are getting more hung up on the name than the consumers or fans are. Believe me, I have walked the [E3 show] floor. And as I walked the floor, whether someone's wearing a Sony PlayStation shirt, a Microsoft shirt, or Nintendo paraphernalia-i'm talking to a lot of fans and asking them the question: How do you feel about the name? And i'm hearing a hell of alot more positives then negatives. I'm hearing acceptance-and support-for the decision we've settled in on. As we more forward, my expectation is we're going to hear more supportas people get comfortable with the name.

    EGM: But could you have gotten the same support by choosing a more marketable name?

    RF: I can create dozens of what-if scenarios, everything from the name to what I would have done differently to launch the Nintendo DS. The fact is, we have made the decision. We're moving on, and we are seeing alot of acceptance by the consumer. In the end, we feel that "Wii" as a console name is the right choice.

    EGM: Did you give yourself a high five when Sony announcedthe price of the PlayStation 3?

    RF: When I first heard their announcement, I was suprised. Arguably, you could say, shocked. When I heard the arrogance in their comments to support the price, I was even further shocked. They will do what they will do and we will do what we will do. The fact is, the Wii console will be the most affordable system. [Nintendo President Satoru Iwata] has gone on record that Wii will be priced less than $300, but certainly, I see a huge window of opportunity with our next home console. And we will take full advantage of that opportunity. [shortly after this interview, Nintendo announced the Wii will retail for less than $250-ed]

    EGM: That's sure less than Sony's $600 PS3. Do you think you may have missed an opportunity by now announcing your price after hearing what Sony is charging?

    RF: In our minds, the first step is the consumer making the decision by asking, "Will this remote feel good in my hand," "What types of games can I play," and "What can I invision Nintendo doing with this?" That's step one. And that's what we wanted to accomplish at this years E3. Step 2 is beginning to appeal to the more rational side, in terms of what 's the pricing and what's the launch date. Step 3 will be truely exciting the consumer by detailing the specific launch titles. We've announced Wii sports as a launch title, and Ubisoft has announced that Red Steel will be a launch title. and when the consumer sees all of that, I have no doubt that the excitement's going to be there for the Wii console.

    EGM: Do you foresee the Wii being the No. 1 system this generation?

    RF: I can certainly invision that. What gives me that confidence? A number of things. First, the fact that most of the show is dead except for our little corner of E3. And no disrespect to any publishers, No desrespect ...
    by Published on June 28th, 2006 01:15

    Wow an exciting day for news no matter how you look at it! Here is another interesting bit of news for you. EGM In issue 205 page 20-22 Held an interview with Kazou Hirai, President and CEO of sony computer entertainment America.
    Answering many questions people may still have about there upcomeing powerhouse. Here is that very interview.

    Sony sure of more PlayStation domination

    Kazuo Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, is all
    smiles about the Novemer launch of the Playstation 3. why so happy? This guy firmly believes the PlayStation brand will dominate for another generation. Find out why Hirai thinks the PlayStationis here to stay....

    EGM: The PlayStation 3 is a powerful system, but graphics aren't everything. Are you worried Nintendo might be strikinga chord with the casual gamers?

    Kazuo Hirai: It seems to me they are going after a completely differentdemographic, perhaps a limited (younger) demographic...which has kind of been their niche since the N64-- certainly with the GameCube. But the fact that they're not pushing technology...they seem to be going in a different direction, certainly, from where we're going and what we are trying to accomplish.

    EGM: But they are actually going for a largerdemographic with their simple-to-use controller.

    KH: I think it depends on what kind of software you have as well. what we've done over the past 12 years is pretty much just add two joysticks to the controller. And I think we can get into the history or the concept behind the motion sensor controller as well, but that certainly adds another dimension of play for PlayStation3 users. so, the proof is in the pudding, ultimately, I think that (Nintendo has) always wanted to break out of their nichemarket, and it's been tryingto do since N64, so again, proof is in the pudding. Only time will tell. but it didn't seem to work with the GameCube.

    EGM: Hardly any PS3 games use the motion sensor. Is this some tacked on feature?

    KH: Completely the other way around. We wanted to keeo it under wraps as long as possible. we limited it to one internalstudio, the guys over at developer Incognito, and incorporate into Warhawk.
    I Talked about the original PlayStation controller--that's where history began. We then added the two joysticks, then we added the vibration functionality. Then we launched the DualShock 2 with pressure sensitive buttons, so everything we've done over the past few years was to make (the controller) more intuitive, make it more a part of your body, to more accurately convey what you're doing in the game itself. And now it's the motion sensor. So if you look at how the controller's evolved for the PlayStation, this motion-sensing technology is really something that's a natural evolution in terms of the next steps for the user to be able to take his movements and have it accurately track and respond on the screen.
    a lot of people have asked me, "Is this something that you guys thought of last week?" The answer is absolutely not--it's been in (parent company Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken) Kutaragi's mind for the longest time. and it just follows and natural progression of what you cna bring to controller technology.

    EGM: Let's talk price, The PS3 may be pretty, but it's going to cost a whole lot of pennies. Is $599 a viable price in the long run?

    KH: If you look at what we've paced into the box. I think it actually is a good value proposition. Now, in absolute dollar terms, is it higher than $300? Yes, it is. But I also think thatwe have a history of making sure our consoles have a 10 year life cycle. We've done it with PS1; you've seen how vibrant the PS2 displays are out there, both in terms of first-and-third party software support, so we're well on our way to making sure that the PS2 has a 10 year life cycle. So, to me, even if you buy it at the initial $599-dollar price point, that's a viable console that you're going to keep the next 10 years.

    EGM: But can the PS3 reach the mass market at a $599 price point? Especially looking at the competitions lower prices?

    KH: I'm not saying that we are suddnely going to do a price change tomorrow, but if you look at the history of how we've priced our products from 12 years ago, you'll see our trends. I got the same question back in the day; PS2 $299? That's not a mass market product, because at the time PS1 was $170, $149 bucks, what ever it was . I mean, how are you going to break into the mass market? well, the PS2 is $129 now , and it's an absolute mass market product. So I think you can look at the trending line, and two years out, three years out-I'm not even going to make a prediction- but there's no guarantee that it's still ...
    by Published on June 27th, 2006 03:26

    StrmnNrmn Has made an update to his blog with interesting news! This time he talks speed, Here is what he had to say.

    Whenever I start to answer questions on the comment pages I always end up going into too much detail for a quick response and end up deciding to put up a new post instead. I hope this isn't too annoying

    In response to Plans for R6 xiringu and ukcuf16 had a couple of interesting suggestions for performance improvements.

    First up, from xiringu:
    instead of working with a 300x200 screen, work with only half height 150x200 and then display an empty line every other line to get the final 300x200.
    That's an interesting idea - it's a trick that's been used by demo coders for years to get a few extra fps. I'm not sure this is going to provide all that much of a speedup to Daedalus though The reason for this is that currently rendering only contributes a small amount to the overall cost of each frame, so even if rendering time was totally eliminated, the framerate wouldn't change much. As an example, let's take something like Zelda which currently runs at around 4 fps. At 4fps it means each frame takes 1000/4 = 250 milliseconds to render each frame, which is broken down something like this:

    CPU emulation: 200 ms
    Display list parsing: 40 ms
    Rendering: 10 ms
    Total: 200 + 40 + 10 = 250 ms (i.e. 1000/250 = 4fps)

    Assuming that we could totally eliminate the rendering time, this would now look like:

    CPU emulation: 200 ms
    Display list parsing: 40 ms
    Rendering: 0 ms (no cost)
    Total: 200 + 40 = 240 ms (i.e. 1000/240 = 4.17fps)

    So the very best we could hope for in this case would be a .17fps improvement in the framerate

    ukcuf16 wrote:
    Just wanted to ask if there is ever going to be frame skip in later versions
    What ukcuf16 is suggesting is that the emulator renders one frame, then skips the next. Alternating frames like this should halve the cost of rendering, at the cost of making the framerate a little less smooth.

    Again, this is an interesting idea, but I don't really see this having much impact on the framerate as things stand at the moment. Working out the potential speedup is a little more complicated, as we have to take the average time over two frames. The numbers look something like this:

    Frame1 CPU emulation: 200 ms
    Frame1 Display list parsing: 40 ms
    Frame1 Rendering: 10 ms
    Frame2 CPU emulation: 200 ms
    Frame2 Display list parsing: 0 ms (skipped)
    Frame2 Rendering: 0 ms (skipped)
    Total: 200 + 40 + 10 + 200 = 450 ms
    Average: 450 / 2 = 225 ms (i.e. 1000/225 = 4.44fps)

    So even implementing a frame skip mechanism would only give a tiny 0.5fps speedup.

    To take this example to its ultimate conclusion, let's assume that I could somehow eliminate the entire cost of display list parsing and rendering:

    CPU emulation: 200 ms
    Display list parsing: 0 ms (no cost)
    Rendering: 0 ms (no cost)
    Total: 200 ms (i.e. 1000/200 = 5fps)

    Even if I could somehow (magically) reduce the cost of rendering to 0 milliseconds, we'd still only see a 1fps speedup. However, if I can halve the cost of CPU emulation (which is much more likely given the speedups already seen with the new dynarec engine) this is what the calculations look like:

    CPU emulation: 100 ms (now twice as fast)
    Display list parsing: 40 ms
    Rendering: 10 ms
    Total: 100 + 40 + 10 = 150 ms (i.e. 1000/150 = 6.66fps)

    At the moment I feel that there are more gains to come from optimising the CPU emulation, which is why I've been concentrating on this area recently. As the cost of CPU emulation falls relative to rendering then the ideas suggested by xiringu and ukcug16 will start to become more attractive.


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    by Published on June 18th, 2006 14:24

    Ahman Has released a new plugin for his iR shell called Bookr070, This iR shell plugin allows you to view PDF and TXT files using a modified version of the homebrew PDF reader Bookr.

    To use this plugin Just copy the contents of the folder bookr070 into one of the empty iR shell plugin directories. Then use iR Shell configurator to complete the plugin install by assigning the file suffixes (PDF and TXT) to the plugin locations.

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    by Published on June 18th, 2006 13:43

    Vettacossx Has finished a new mod for us today!! Called supermario jooleem!!
    Here is what our very own Vettacossx has to say.

    I just finished my next mod for my fellow co-members here at DCemu this is a MOD of a puzzle game in which you basicly have to create squares with the MARIO THEMED jewels...THIS MODS FOR YOU puzzle game lovers have fun

    keep up the great work vettacossx!!

    *Edit. everything has been tried to get this file uploaded to dcemu and for some reason it wouldnt accept (this problem seems to be unique to this file) :\
    So please download file

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    by Published on June 18th, 2006 12:17

    Ookm Sheds some light on his firmware module. It seems that some users can not tell the difference between a mod chip and Ookm's firmware module. So to clear the confusion ookm put this page together to explain some of the differences. Here is what he has to say.

    This is a "PSP Multi Firmware module"
    Not a "mod chip" :P

    "PSP Multi Firmware module" Actual Size(simulation picture)

    the "PSP Multi Firmware module" is
    1. for Developer & Hacker to Develop Homebrew or Research FW
    2. for FW 1.00/1.50 user to play with New FW Function & unbrickable
    3. for bricked PSP to unbrick their PSP (need another FW 1.00/1.50 PSP or "PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor")

    PSP Multi Firmware module
    price less than USD50-

    EASY to Install !!
    just soldering 20 points

    features list:
    * ALTERA MAX 3000A Cost-Optimized CPLD
    * 480 Mbps High Speed USB 2.0(PSP built-in) :P
    * Brand New 32MB Nand Flash onboard (same type as used in PSP)
    * Stable and reliable flashing software freely available for download
    * PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor(option) *NEW

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