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  • shadowprophet

    by Published on June 17th, 2006 14:51

    At least Matt of Kotaku.com thinks so, why is that? read on to find out more about this interesting but odd customer service experience.
    (From Matt @ kotaku.com)
    I recently wrote in to Capcom customer service with some gripes about their recent PSP release of Monster Hunter Freedom. A very nice customer service girl replied. (I will leave her name out in respect of her privacy) She explained why certain features turned out the way they were despite some advertising to the contrary and apologized on behalf of the company. She then offered to send me a small gift as a token of their sincerity. She was very respectful and professional. I was flattered and gave her the address where she could send my free gift.
    I was surprised when I received a box from UPS the following week and opened it to view my new Capcom loot. I must admit I was expecting a t-shirt, psp screensaver, or some other leftover shwag from E3, but instead was greeted by a gift box containing a barbeque utensil set. You might be wondering about the stuffed piglet that is also in the pics. That is an official Monster Hunter Freedom poogie doll that was given out with pre-orders at the gamestores. It is the mini-gift that was also included and ties the barbeque set to Capcom. Now please don't think that I am in any way disappointed. Capcom has already surpassed the customer service norm by simply replying to my rant of disappointment, let alone sending free gifts. And I have more than enough leftover E3 shwaq so I really didn't need any more. This just caught me off guard coming from the company whose only relation to barbeques are cooking zombies with flamethrowers. Maybe if the barbecue tongs made zombie noises while I used them, it would be more relevant. Or even hearing Ken do his signature yell from his flaming uppercut whenever I flip a burger with the barbeque spatula? Then everyone would know I was using the coveted Capcom barbeque set. Of course then all I need now...is a barbeque.


    Well it appears capcom likes to keep there customers happy. Hmm I wonder if its too late to complain about Dead aim??

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    by Published on June 17th, 2006 03:05

    It Seems Psp2Gamer Has made an interesting windows xp shell, this works with your psp web browser, either links2 on 1.0 and 1.5 or the sony web browser for higher firmwares,Heres a little of the readme.

    MediaCenterPSP v2.00 Readme


    -A wireless connection (For full functionality)
    -Minimum Requirements:
    -System Firmware v2.00, 2.01, 2.50, v2.60, 2.70, 2.71
    -System Firmware v1.00, or 1.50 (With The help of the Links2 browser)
    -1.5MB of space on your Memory Stick Duo
    -System Firmware v2.71
    -5+ MB of Space on your Memory Stick Duo (For downloads)

    (Portal Installation)

    Extract/Place the folder "PSP" in the ROOT directory.

    Note: This will not harm your files. Also, if you want to take full advantage of then smaller size,
    erase older versions of MediaCenterPSP

    (Accessing Portal)

    Open up the "Web Browser" under "Network", and type the following:


    (MediaCenterPSP Support)


    1) Email Me at shaakenstad@gmail.com, subject label
    "MediaCenterPSP v2.00 Flash" I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    2) PM me on the Playstation message boards. My handle is "PSp2gamer"

    -Due to the overwhelming amount of e-mails I recieved with Version 1.00 and 1.50, I would just like to
    say that it could be a little while before I can give you a reply/answer. Thanks

    Copyright © 2006 PSp2gamer All Rights

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    by Published on June 17th, 2006 02:06

    It looks like we have some affiliate forums up and going today, From our very own Bullhead, PsPHead Forums Is a brand new site and lets face it lol, even the greatest forums had to start somewhere, So lets stop by and visit him N~see whats up.

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    by Published on June 16th, 2006 14:51

    kotaku.com Has received a report that states rumors of a psp2 where unfounded, rather a psp fix seems to be works. Here is what that report had to say.

    Last week, a Kotakuite contacted us, bringing word of a PSP focus group in New York City. Sony sent out preliminary questions that were centered on the PSP, how it was used, etc. The feeling was that the company was focus testing for a PSP2. Our reader just got back from the focus group. Bad news: doesn't seem like Sony is planning a PSP2 anytime soon, but rather something the company is calling "PSP Fix". Moreover, there was talk of "iTunes like" downloadable content. It being a focus group, that's pretty much what the dealio was: talk. Hit the jump for what he had to say. Got back from focus group tonight. It's more non-news and more evidence of Sony's lack of understanding about what propels gamers to game. The talk revolved mainly around a thing Sony's calling "PSP Fix"...which sounds intriguing but is really just a Jampack for PSP. LAME! Mainly demos, MP3s, movie trailers, behind-the-scenes stuff, etc on this PSP Fix thing. Other names were offered up as it was agreed that "fix" has too many druggy connotations. There was talk of cool things like GPS functions, maps, and PDA life software apps on said "Fix", but it was all suggestion...sadly... The only interesting thing of note was that a "iTunes like" service for PSP was discussed. We were asked what we would want to see for the service and asked to rank those things 7 to 1. Downloadable "iTunes like" content like:
    1. You Tube/User Videos
    2. Music Videos
    3. Full Length Movies
    4. 30 Minutes TV shows
    5. 60 Minutes TV Shows
    6. HBO Programs and such, like The Sopranos
    7. I forgot the 7th thing...but it was nothing fancy
    Talk of software emulation--PS1, Homebrew-- was heavy among the group but the consultant Sony had hired played dumb.
    I'm starting to pity Sony...

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    by Published on June 16th, 2006 13:00

    A little belated, As somehow this news slipped by me.

    But yesterday (june 15th) was the one year anniversary of Swaploit, As some of you may remember, until Swaploit came along homebrew was only a fevered dream to anyone but 1.0 users. Then it was only one week later that CybBlade Pawstick and Killer-x of PS2DEV Brought us KillerXploit The single most important app in psp homebrew history!

    Many of you may not even know what im rambling on about as most homebrew today comes ready to drop and drag right on your your memstick. But without the efforts of CybBlade Pawstick and killer-X,Simply put homebrew on psp's above 1.0 firmware simply wouldn't be possible. Today even though belated in our well wishes. We wish a happy birthday to psp homebrew as we know it.

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    by Published on June 16th, 2006 11:08

    LLAMMA has finished an interesting LED mod for the psp consisting of placing LEDs in each trigger button and the center of the D-pad and face buttons. The LED’s are powered by the PSP’s battery and they turn off automatically when your PSP gets low on power.
    This is an awesome hardware mod for the PSP. But your gonna need some decent soldering skills To solder The LEDs onto the circut board.

    Tools Needed

    *000 Phillips Screw Driver

    *Low wattage (15-20) Quality Solder Iron or variable temperature Solder Station

    *X-Acto or other blade for stripping/scratching off the insulation on the wire

    *Small Tweezers

    *5/64 Drill bit and drill

    Supplies Needed

    *30AWG Magnet Wire (enamel coated) (NOT 30AWG Kynar)

    *0603 SMD LED’s

    *10 Ohm Resistor for 4 blue

    Complete Tutorial can be found Here Enjoy!

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    by Published on June 16th, 2006 10:34

    Enengizer has announced that they will be making a new product line called energi-to-go, gameing power packs, for mobile devices.
    There has been no specific details on how powerful these battery packs will be, But you can suspect since there from energizer they will be top quality.
    These Energi-To-Go power packs will support PSP, DS and GBA users by providing a four(Energizer e2 lithium AA batteries) battery power pack which is completely rechargeable and an adaptor for the device of your choice .
    The Energizer Energi-To-Go Power Pack line is expected to hit sometime in September of this year retailing at $29.99.

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    by Published on June 15th, 2006 10:09

    Those guys at neocdz must never sleep! Because they have done it again!

    Here is all the information I could find about this exciting release. Credit for the translation of the readme goes to Jeff C And he has our thanks!

    Now on to The translated readme.

    Only supporting the compressed ROM set for MAME 0.106.

    Clone set containing home purpose ROM is not supported.

    Protected/encrypted ROM set is not supported.

    Games with special input port or dip switch are not supported.

    Due to the lack of memory on the PSP, only the ROM sets smaller 128Mbit (16MB) are supported. (I haven't tested the upper limit of the supported ROM size)

    There may still be some ROM sets that cannot be started even they comply with the conditions above.Info from Read Me.

    Thanx Jeff C for the translation

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    by Published on June 15th, 2006 09:32

    Shortly after the release of StrmnNrmn's Daedalus R5. StrmnNrmn started to question Psdonkeys earlier release.

    He had this to say,

    PSdonkey made this comment when releasing a pre-release of R5 last week:
    I went ahead and compiled the new source for everyone and also added a couple of minor changes to the source for speed improvements.
    As I have no way of getting in touch with him directly, I'd like to ask him publicly if he could forward me a set of diffs for the 'speed improvements' he applied. Not just because this is a requirement of the GPL (the license under which the Daedalus PSP source is made available), but because I think it would be beneficial to the project to apply these changes to the main source tree. Having said that, I suspect PSdonkey might simply have been attempting to take partial credit for several weeks development work. I'll let you know if I receive any diffs...

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    by Published on June 15th, 2006 09:04

    DickyDick1969 has released a new version of pimpstreamer, This one runs on higher firmwares!! Here is what he had to say!

    Allrighty… Thanks to jonny for combining all the 1.5 code to only the idct stuff, and the brave work of raphael to make a “mips” only version of the idct code instead of using the ”me”. After a few (not so trivial) adjustments here and there I managed to make the first 2.x PiMPStreamer version…
    Yes!! It runs now on 2.x PSP’s !! Enjoy!! Just put the 2.x files in the PSP/GAMES dir and edit the pmp.ini for server settings and eLoader will pick them up. (tested on a 2.6 white psp)
    Note: Some key combinations don’t work yet (pressing start to refresh will do evil.. workaround is to go to another dir and back). Also you cannot run full speed here, advise to set the server on /2 framespeed
    Also the .62 stands also for some minor issues solved in the server and psp client (1.5).
    This is what I call real co-operetative developing: working all together to a solution…. (don’t know if it is intended) On the other hand… it is quite a mess in PMP Mod land, with about a dozen of MODS and contributors.. perhaps someone should take all the source up to now and make a grand version…
    This really makes my day, after being a little bit sad not showing up in the summer pspupdates list….. (jonny deserves it)


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