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  • Eviltaco64

    by Published on August 20th, 2008 15:59

    via Kotaku

    So far the Guitar Hero on the Wii has suffered from lack of extras and downloadable content, but that's all about to change. Screw the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Guitar Hero: World Tour - the Wii version lets you play with your Miis! A special Mii Freestyle mode was revealed at Activision's Games Convention 2008 press conference will allow Wii owners to jam out with their Miis, learning the game or just fooling about with friends who have come over to your house to try and figure out why you got the Wii version of the game.

    But wait, there's more! The Wii version also gives players the ability to play air guitar and air drums with their Wii remote / nunchuck combo, so ... yeah. There you go. ...
    by Published on August 20th, 2008 15:56

    via Kotaku
    Home looks nice enough, but it also looks a little...bland. I can wander around aimlessly playing games in my living room, I don't need to log onto my PS3 to do it! But an adults-only section? That sounds much more enticing. Home boss Peter Edward has told ICGamers that, while there won't be any such areas when the service first launches, "in the long-term, we expect to see them". Don't go expecting some kind of Second Life-ish wang fest, however, as adult areas are more likely to introduce things like gambling and 18+ movie trailers. No reason it can't go the other way, either - if Sony can restrict access to areas of Home based on a user's age, they can just as easily create kids zones crammed to the brim with over-excited 11 year-old boys and junk food commercials. ...
    by Published on August 20th, 2008 15:53

    via Kotaku

    Yes, yes, we know. Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 for Japan only. While it's multi-platform in North America and Europe, there's been no official announcement of the Xbox 360 getting that title there. That doesn't stop this Japanese retailer from teasing the possibility of an Xbox 360 version of the game being released. A prophecy of things to come or merely wishful thinking? YOU DECIDE.

    No, wait. SQUARE ENIX DECIDES. Hit the jump for a close-up of the store made box art.

    The box says in big characters:
    "And at last

    That game...!?" ...
    by Published on August 20th, 2008 15:42

    Mike and Mike are hip-deep in Games Convention 2008 coverage as we speak, tackling press conferences and getting all handsy with games. Midway just announced what we can expect to see from them. On the list, not a whole lot new, though This is Vegas is included. I wonder if that means hands-on?

    Midway's press conference, set to start right about now, will be hosted by German entertainer Oliver Pocher and a guest line-up that includes: TNA iMPACT! star Christy Hemme, as well as the creators of Wheelman and This is Vegas. Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon will also be presenting the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, and will be revealing a selection of new characters.

    Sounds like the presser will score us some news. Make sure to check back to read what surprises they unveil and check out our running list of Games Convention 2008 coverage here.

    Read the rest at Kotaku ...
    by Published on August 20th, 2008 15:40

    via Kotaku

    Black and white mayhem galore! Instruments of death include: airplane engines, moving trains, chainsaws, oil drums and tornadoes. If that wasn't enough, the MadWorld has the best character name in recent memory: Herr Frederick Von Twirlenkiller.

    by Published on August 20th, 2008 15:32

    via Gizmodo

    Thanks largely to those meddling kids at Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry—who were investigating cases of people burned by too-hot-to-handle nanos—Cnet says Apple admitted today that some first-gen iPod nanos were overheating and said that it will replace any first-gen iPod nano that smokes or sparks (or blows up).

    Apple says the issue has been traced back to a single battery supplier, and affects less than 0.001 percent of first-gen nanos. So if yours is bubbling or you're using it as a space heater for your pet mouse, hit up AppleCare for a replacement. There's a big question here though: If Japanese officials hadn't gotten involved, would they have made this announcement? I don't think so, even though it's not like exploding iPod nanos are an undocumented phenomenon. ...
    by Published on August 20th, 2008 15:28

    via Gizmodo

    Over at a German games convention going on now, IGN has come across a new Xbox 360 controller by Microsoft. Apparently it looks pretty much identical to the old one (pictured here) but includes an entirely redesigned directional pad (which makes sense, because the current d-pad isn't so good)...

    Read the rest Here ...
    by Published on July 9th, 2008 11:46

    Well, I remember seeing something called the "State of Homebrew as of August 2007" on DCEmu before I joined.

    Since a lot has changed in the homebrew world, why not post another update?


    So far, there is not really any easy way to boot unsigned code on the Xbox 360, however, Team Xecuter of Xbox 1 fame, has been working at hacking the Xbox 360 for awhile now, and at one time promised us that they would hopefully succeed in finding a good exploit by 2008.
    As of right now, there are two methods of booting homebrew on the Xbox 360.

    Method #1 - Join the XNA club and develop or try out free homebrew games.

    Method #2 - Use the shader-exploit in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Video Game discovered by the Wii60 team. This method, however, is nowadays out of the reach of many, as it only worked between updates 4532 and 4548 (which is Halloween 2006 - November 2006). This also required a serial cable and your Xbox 360 to be modded to boot a special version of the King Kong game. But if you did everything properly, you could boot Linux (I've seen uBuntu working on youtube)!


    As of right now, the Nintendo Wii is the only seventh generation console that has been hacked and is able to boot unsigned code. The Wii scene is right now beating the PSP scene and has a lot of good homebrew here and on the way, like a homebrew Nintendo 64 emulator (and apparently Sega CD emulation).

    As of right now there are a few methods of running homebrew/unsigned code on the Nintendo Wii.

    Method #1 (recommended) - Use the Twilight Hack exploit in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
    All you do is put it on an SD card, copy it to your Wii, boot Twilight Princess, load the game, move around, and it crashes the game due to some sort of buffer overflow, which results in the ability to boot unsigned code, from where you can install the Homebrew Channel.

    Method #2 - Use the more modernized version of SD Media Launcher and boot Gamecube Homebrew.
    This used to be the popular method of playing Homebrew on the Wii, but has since become obsolete thanks to the Twilight Hack.


    As of now, PS3 comes in 4th Place, behind the PSP, Wii, and DS and ahead of the Xbox 360. As of right now, there are 2 methods of booting homebrew on the Playstation 3.

    Method #1 - The PS3 is able to run homebrew on Linux, with fullspeed NES, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulation. Sadly, there's a limit, as Sony made it so you cant really use all the power PS3 offers in Linux mode (I believe it has something to do with the GPU and not being able to use all cell cores).

    Method #2 - With the 20GB (American/Japanese), US 60GB, EU 60GB, and 80GB PS3s, you are able to boot PS2 homebrew. Even though the PS2 wasnt very popular in the homebrew world, it still has NES (FCEUltra PS2), Sega Genesis/Megadrive (PGEN), and a decent SNES Emulator (SNES-Station).

    In March of 2008, Dragula96, a respected PSP coder, posted a video on YouTube showing a Hello World Exploit. This means that we might actually see some good things in terms of homebrew down the road for the PS3.


    The PSP has probably had the biggest homebrew scene so far. Starting in 2005 with an exploit in Wipeout Pure, which viewed HTML in a browser. Hackers used this to find the Address of the UMD Drive, and found out that the PSP's executable file was EBOOT.PBP.
    Since then, there has been custom firmware, PSP phone (official and homebrew), numerous applications (like iRShell and PSPTube), and not to mention Fullspeed PS1 emulation and decent N64 emulation.
    As of July 9, 2008, the PSP scene is still going strong. Although not as strong as it was in 2006 and 2007, it is still getting many homebrew releases everyday.

    There are several methods of booting homebrew on the PSP, but I will discuss the more popular ones.

    Method #1 - For firmwares up to Official Firmware 3.50, there are numerous exploits. Starting at Firmware 3.03, you needed the unpatched Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Firmware 3.11 and 3.50 use an exploit in the unpatched version of Lumines. All of these exploits will downgrade you to Firmware 1.50 and are for use only on the PSP-1000 model.

    Method #2 (Recommended) - The Pandora Battery.
    Not only can it downgrade your PSP-1000 to 1.50 (from where you can go onto Custom Firmware) and your Slim PSP to 3.XX/4.XX Custom Firmware, but it can also be used to unbrick your previously damaged PSP. This tool also works on all the official firmware updates so far, and reception has been universally positive.

    by Published on July 8th, 2008 05:24

    Game Review: Stepmania (PC, Xbox, PSP)
    Publisher: MIT
    Developer: MIT
    Genre: Rythm video game
    Players: Up to 2

    We've all heard of the Konami Arcade game Dance Dance Revolution, and it’s numerous sequels and ports.
    A lot of us have it on our home consoles, breaking it out during parties or even using it for exercising. I’m here to review a homebrew PC clone of DDR. This clone is called Stepmania.

    The Default Stepmania Menu

    Now some of you have probably heard of Stepmania. It isn’t at all new, in fact it was first released in November of 2005!
    But it’s free and open-source, with I-Pod, PSP, and Xbox ports, and is guaranteed to entertain.
    Now my Stepmania experience is on the Xbox, with StepmaniaX. It was relatively easy to set up too. The downside that I can think of is that you have to go and find songs, announcers, background animations, etc, to get it working properly.

    It immediately worked with the DDR PS2-GC-Xbox Dance Pad and plays/feels exactly like the real thing, with the only problem being that if you are using the Dance Pad, it can be a tad bit annoying setting up the controls at first. However, once you’re finished setting the controls up, it works great!

    Doesn’t it look exactly like DDR?

    Stepmania is also very customizable. From background animations to arrows to songs, you can make it what you feel is best, and if you don’t like what’s available on the internet, you can learn how to make your own content and custom songs!

    Overall, Stepmania is free, (unless you want the optional but recommended dance pad, which is only $20) and will keep you entertained with the thousands of songs you can add to it, I recommend you check it out. With that said, I definitely recommend the PC and Xbox versions, with the only cons being the way you have to setup the game itself and the controls, making it a lot more difficult to work with at first compared to DDR. The PSP and iPod versions however, I really dont care for myself. Even though these ports are very similar to the original PC version, you must keep in mind that it IS a dancing game, that you should be using a dance pad for. Honestly, what’s the point of playing a dancing game if you’re going using a d-pad or a click wheel?

    So, to wrap this up:
    PC and Xbox -

    PSP and iPod - ...
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