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  • IndianCheese

    by Published on September 9th, 2008 04:24

    Ever since I got my iPhone, I have been struck with the difficulty that while my RAZR V3t had a very useful AIM app that handled messages by SMS, my iPhone was dumbfounded by the idea of instant messaging on a cell phone. Now that the app store is available, people are turning to apps such as AIM, MobileChat, and several others to get their IMing fix, however, these apps are quite glitchy concerning staying logged in, receiving messages while not using the program, etc. Until a fully stable solution is unveiled including notification of IMs, stable log-in, and an interface that doesn't look and feel like it was tossed together, I will stick with my solution: AIM TXT.

    Right off the bat, if you use IM services other than AIM or have few text messages per month, you can probably overlook this.

    Here's how it works: you send a text to 246246 (AIMAIM), then give them your screen name and password. They log you in and give you a list of options, to which you reply with a number (e.g. 7 is buddy list). You can call up your current online buddies, send IMs, change your status, go away, go invisible, and almost anything other basic AIM functions.

    Here's a few pros and cons to choosing this over the apps.

    -Notification. This is a BIGGIE for me. Since AIM TXT works over SMS, it informs you as if it was a text message. No matter what app you're using, or even if your phone is asleep, you will be informed of the IM.
    -Login stability. Your login is entirely on the server end, so you can ignore it for as long as you want, respring, or restart and you will be logged in until you send 246246 the word "logout."
    -Familiar interface. Obviously, since it runs through SMS, everything looks and sounds exactly as if you were texting someone.
    -No data plan needed. Running on T-Mobile without T-Zones and don't have a way to access the internet? That's not a problem since the service is all SMS-based.

    -Uses up texts--fast. Although this may not be a worry if you are lucky enough to have an unlimited messaging plan (like me), this method will suck up your available text messages fast if you are a moderate to heavy user (like me) and can't stand to be away from AIM for a moment (like me).
    -No GUI. Unfortunately, starting an IM conversation isn't as simple as tapping a screen name and typing. Instead, you have to send an SMS to 246246 saying "send *screenname* *message*" to start a conversation, but after it is started, replies work just as they do with normal texts.
    -Extra text gets annoying. You'll most likely start to get annoyed with the "(You can reply to this message)" after EVERY...SINGLE...MESSAGE...or even the repetitive screen name in every SMS as well.

    More info on AIM TXT available here ...
    by Published on February 17th, 2008 00:04

    I haven't posted on DCEmu for a few weeks now, but something has been bothering me for a while now.

    The Nintendo Wii was a VERY successful console, totally outselling both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 (which had over a year on the Wii, mind you). But here is what is bothering me: now what? Will all of Nintendo's future consoles be fully interactive like the Wii? Will they all do as well as the Wii has? How far will Nintendo take the idea of interactive gaming? And are we going to see the end of push-button gaming in the future?

    So far, new consoles are usually better graphics, faster processors...you know, the works. But it's not everyday that a gaming company takes the leap that Nintendo did. In my own opinion, it seems that Nintendo would want to stray from this path that other consoles seem to live by and rather take advantage of the possibilities of interactivity. But I haven't the slightest idea what this may entail, or what kind of "interactivity" we may see in the near future.

    I'd like to know what you all think. Please respond via comments. ...
    by Published on August 25th, 2007 05:22

    http://www.xart.co.uk/ has released a new version of Melody for the PSP.
    Fixes Playlist & MyRating that broke in the updated ID3 Parser.
    It appears that DCEmu had missed an earlier update to 1.0.3, in which the ID3 parser was updated. This means that if your PSP was freezing when trying to run Melody, there is a very good chance that this update will fix that bug.

    Download ...
    by Published on June 28th, 2007 23:19

    ControlPanel is an unreleased project I started a while back. It used to be for flash space only, but I evolved it into an application that can be used when you are updating to an OE firmware; this version is for when updating to 3.40 OE-A. It can free flash space, backup and restore your current theme (since themes get erased when updating, you can back it up before updating and restore it afterwards), and installing the LocationFree player (LFTV was removed by DAX because of limited flash space). Enjoy!

    You may have noticed that this version is 340a. I will try to make a ControlPanel version for any future custom firmwares.

    Wow, I got 1,000 posts AND released an app in the same day! I am on FIRE!!!

    EDIT: It seems that I forgot to mention something very important. In order to use the LocationFree Player installation option, you must first use the "free flash space" option. If you have freed your flash space with another flash-modding application, you should still refree it because the LocationFree installer is only guaranteed to work with the modifications made by this app.

    Download ...
    by Published on January 8th, 2007 23:21

    If you are one of the lucky, like me, who have a LocationFree base station, you know what a hassle it is to load up Devhook everytime you want to watch some TV because of its removal from OE firmwares. Well here is how you can revive the lost LocationFree Player in your flash!

    As always, I take no responsibility for anything that happens to your PSP. It worked on mine, but it may not on yours for whatever reason.

    Here's what you'll need:
    • A PSP with 3.02 OE-B (3.03 OE-A could very well work, but has not been tested.)
    • A dump of 3.00, 3.01, 3.02, or 3.03 firmware
    • PSP Filer
    • A LocationFree base station already registered to your PSP

    1. If not already, put the firmware dump onto your PSP.
    2. Start PSP Filer.
    3. Go into flash0 (press start until flash0: is the selected drive).
    4. Go into the FONT folder.
    5. Delete "jpn0.pgf".
    6. Highlight "ltn0.pgf" and press X then O.
    7. Switch to "ramdisk:".
    8. Highlight "ltn0.pgf" and press X then R.
    9. Rename the file "jpn0.pgf".
    10. Switch back to "flash0:" and press L+R+left to switch to HACKER MODE.
    11. Go into the FONT folder and press X then /\.
    12. After the message "1 file copied!" is displayed, go back into the Memory Stick.
    13. With relatively the same process, copy the following files from the dump into their corresponding folders in the flash:


    You may also need to permanently disable Network Update with X-Flash...that might take up enough flash space to upset this process. IDK, it was disabled on my PSP when I did it.

    In addition, if your base station is registered to your devulated (emulated with devhook, best word i ever made) firmware, you will also need to copy your system.dreg and system.ireg files to your flash1.

    The LocationFree Player will now be accessable on your PSP. Please note that the procedure above deletes the Japanese system font and replaces it with, basically, a dummy file, so Japanese text appears a slight bit warped, but readable for the most part, and a random underscore will occasionally appear in place of some English characters and/or symbols. But it sure beats the sh!t out of starting Devhook every time!

    Enjoy, fellow TV addicts!

    If any coder is up to making a program that does all of this automatically, go ahead (but it would be nice to see my username in there for partial credit.) ...
    by Published on December 22nd, 2006 02:53

    Portable television is now at everyone's fingertips. A sale going on now at Circuit City is offering the LF-PK1 Base Station and installation disc at a sale price of $150. Check out the link here:


    In case you are unfamiliar with LocationFree technology, LocationFree lets you watch TV, DVDs, VHSs, DVRs, and any other A/V device with an IR port...streamed wirelessly over the internet to your PSP, PC, or LocationFree TV. The original list price was (and still is in many stores) $350, but this sale at Circuit City has temporarily knocked off $200 from the price (1/3 of my future PS3 yay).

    One of the best parts is that this model is only $150, yet it has wireless capabilities, unlike it's newer $200 brother, the LF-B10. WTF?!?!?

    Please note that the $150 price does not show up on the link given. You must place the item into your cart to see the sale price. Many online stores do this at the manufacturer's request.

    Order yours today (cause there is no cooler PSP accessory out there)! ...
    by Published on December 11th, 2006 23:20

    The ICP Phlash Portal was, without a doubt, the best portal of its time. Sadly, I have not released a new version in quite a while now, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to make new versions of it.

    If I do release a new version, it will obviously have the same features, games, apps, and links that it already does, but I was thinking about a more intuitive and sleeker interface, rather than the curves and colors already used. I am also thinking about a name change. I was thinking about something non-portal and non-PSP related to make it really cool sounding, like "Quasar". If you have anymore name suggestions, please let me know.

    Vote by poll via comments ...
    by Published on August 12th, 2006 17:52

    Hey guys, I would just like you all to know that now that the ICP Phlash Portal has won 1st place in a Flash competition at...that OTHER site...I have released another new build of it as a "celebration" of sorts. The only available way to update it right now is by Network Portal Update. If you have version 2.0, click the update button and follow the onscreen instructions. If you don't, search for it in the forums here to find it, then install and update it.

    Enjoy! ...
    by Published on July 20th, 2006 22:35

    If you have downloaded the portal before 7.21.06 at 10:45 A.M. EST, you need to redownload and install it to fix various issues with it.

    It's finally here--the one we all have been waiting for...version 2.0! There are so many new features I don't know where to start!

    • 11 new games
    • 2 new links
    • Toolbar
    • ICP Download Network
    • Graphical touch-ups
    • Built-in Google Search
    • Integrated PSPWXP and X5 (if installed)
    • 1st Time users' guide
    • Everything freakin' works!!!

    It is also released in either EXE installer or ZIP archive format. Download below! For installation instructions, go to http://www.icpphlashportal.tk/ and click the Download button.

    EXE Installer:

    ZIP Archive:

    NOTE: A few beta testers have informed me that they received "Content cannot be displayed" errors when using the EXE installer, which works fine for me. Please note that the run path when installed is "file:/psp/game/icpphlashportal/home.swf". Also, after installation, you will notice an EBOOT.PBP file under the game menu. This is just a decoration to cover up an otherwise Corrupted Data icon.

    And please don't link to the download link on the portal site. That would severely hurt my bandwidth.

    Thanks, and enjoy! ...
    by Published on July 3rd, 2006 22:27

    NOTE: If you have 2.70+, this does not apply to you 'cause you need homebrew for this.

    I have accidentally found a way to run Game Sharing programs on with 1 PSP. You don't even need the UMD! However, you will need the UMD to obtain the program just one time. Here is what you need:

    Ok, here is what you do:
    1. Put in the Namco Battle Museum UMD
    2. Run iR Shell
    3. Go into the UMD folder
    4. Choose PSP_GAME
    5. Choose USRDIR
    6. Choose DAT
    7. Copy UPLOAD.DAT somewhere onto your Memory Stick
    8. Go to Memory Stick where you pasted UPLOAD.DAT
    9. Rename it to UPLOAD.BIN
    10. Highlight it and press X
    11. Confirm "Launch User Application?"
    12. Game Sharing portion of Namco Battle Museum will start

    This is great if you want to take the classics with you without taking the UMD or if your friend has it and you don't. Not sure if this can have any further development in the Game Sharing hack field, but it sure is interesting!

    I have attached a video of me running it. . ...
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