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  • mesosade

    by Published on June 25th, 2007 21:45

    you may have all seen the recent news of the editor beeing released. well...i started to play around and so far i have come out with this...

    Before you go nust about piracy i'm NOT releasing a hacked rom...this is a PPF patch that is applied to a mario 64 (U) extended rom. If you need to extend the rom here's the tool (made by the same guy who made the editor)


    here's the patcher, it's fairly straightforward to use don't let the iso selection confuse just choose fle type, any filetype, choose the extended rom then select the patch and done! Than enjoy my crappy work.

    Few things about the game:

    i only did up to entering the castle there's nothing different there...

    the idea is you arrive and the door is missing OMG! than well...you'll find it and than you'll find out what you need to do next and what comes next is going to be really hard with a keyboard...but i hope you enjoy it anyways...i'll call this 0.1 for now :thumbup: note there's always some glitches with a beta...as with this it sometimes has graphical errors and a dor you have to unlock goes a bit crazy when you do...



    P.S let me know if you got into the castle =] ...
    by Published on June 23rd, 2007 21:56

    Yet another swift update from the man vl-tone

    info via vl-tone's blog

    Bug-fix release for Toad's Tool 64, now at version 0.3b.


    •A bad bug in Windows that was triggered when right-clicking causing TT64 to crash or refresh the window was eliminated.
    •Some imported textures weren't correctly saved to ROM (creating a dot in the corner). This should now be fixed.
    •The "Rotate Camera" button should now be hilighted as it should, when a level is loaded.
    •Manually entering decimal values in the parameter bar would cause the wrong number to be entered instead. Also fixed.
    •On Windows TT64 should now stop using CPU cycles when it's window is deactivated or minimized.
    •Fixed a bug where clicking on cancel when opening a ROM would generate a script error.

    Some people seem to have problems opening a ROM even if it was extended, for example generating a script error while loading in TT64. I guess that there are some variations in the ROM versions, and that even if the ROM extender works on a ROM, it doesn't guarantee that it will be compatible with TT64. In future versions I'll implement a more thorough check to ensure people open/extend the right version.

    Bad news: it seems that levels that I thought would be very reconfigurable, (Bowser courses, Lethal Lava Land) actually are limited by the fact that they rely on the main level collision data. If you move platforms in these levels, the collision data won't move with it. Dealing with this will require some pretty complicated collision data editor. I guess that this problem will encourage me to work on it sooner than expected. But don't expect miracles, it's not as simple as enabling movement of individual vertices in the collision data.

    The Documentation is still not finished, but I made a few changes (mainly the styles and layout).

    I'm gonna leave town for 6 days starting Monday, instead of Sunday. But, I'm also gonna be outta town later today, and be back by Sunday afternoon/evening, leaving me Sunday night to finish the documentation before I leave for my vacations. I'll also try to improve the download page and FAQ before I go. ...
    by Published on June 21st, 2007 19:23

    Who said the N64 scene was dead?
    As i'm sure many of you might of heard of the infamous mario 64 level editor that appeared on youtube well it just so happens that the public BETA has JUST been released! This is what VL-tone had to say at his blog

    I would’ve needed another day... But since I was threatened an angry mob of fans I had to release it today

    So... Documentation is not finished, I’m late for work, but you can now download Toad’s Tool 64 Beta v0.1 at:


    Want to know what it exactly it does? check out here:

    http://web.mac.com/qubedstudios/iWeb...B40080712.html ...
    by Published on February 22nd, 2007 11:19

    update on strmnnrmn's blog:

    Plans for R10

    Now that R9 is finally available, I'm ready to start making plans for R10. Firstly, I really don't want to leave it so long between releases again. The longer I leave between releases, the more hype builds up, and the harder it is to meet people's expectations. I prefer the idea of doing fairly frequent, incremental releases rather than relasing versions with huge sets of changes periodically.

    So I'm currently planning to release R10 sometime around the end of March. The question is, what should I focus on?

    The areas which clearly need lots of work are speed and compatibility. Unfortunately it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation - if the emulator runs slowly, it doesn't matter if certains roms don't run, because they'd still be unplayable. On the other hand, there's no point in having an ultra-fast emulator if it doesn't run the games people want to play. As I see it, I have to keep working on both of these things - in the long term, it doesn't make sense to concentrate on one and not the other.

    I think the best approach is to alternate on work between the two areas. R9 saw significant speed improvements, but almost no progress with compatibility, so I'm currently leaning towards trying to get a few of the more popular titles running. But you're the ones who are going to be using the emulator, so I want to hear your views on what I should work on next.

    Please reply to this post with your opinions on what I should work on next. Have a good play with R9 to see what's changed - maybe some things are working better than you expected. Maybe some things are no longer working? Here are a few suggestions:

    Speed. Make it faster generally? Is there a specific game that runs slowly which you'd like to see an improvement with?
    Compatibility. Should I work on FlashRAM support? Is there a specific game that doesn't boot, or crashes the emulator? Does your favourite game boot, but then crash when you try to start playing?
    Audio. The audio support is quite new. Are there certain games where it doesn't work? Should I try to improve the audio so it's less choppy?
    Graphics. Maybe your favourite game runs, but there are significant graphical glitches?

    Save Games. Save game support is currently 'in' for EEPROM and MemPak based saves, but very flaky. Should I work on improving this so you don't lose your hard-earned progress?
    Savestate. Would it be better for me to implement savestate support, so you can save an resume a game at any point?
    As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to be away all next week, but I'll try to post as many comments as I can before then. When I get back I'll work through the comments and announce what I'm going to concentrate on for R10

    -StrmnNrmn ...
    by Published on October 9th, 2006 16:30

    Hi all just a re-release of my homebrew package 'sourlime' edition.

    The files are as follows:


    gpsp: GBA emulator (GBA bios needed!)

    rin test: Gb/Gbc emulator!

    DGEN: the Sega megadrive emu!

    PSPM: master system and game gear emu!

    Daedulus: n64 emulator!

    snes9xtyl: snes emulator with media engine

    CPS1: CPS1 capcom emulator

    CPS2: CPS2 capcom emulator

    PSpectrum: Spectrum emulator

    PSPUAE: Amiga emulator


    ELOADER! YES! now 2.xx users can use this package with the eloader with tif exploit for 2.7 users!

    DEVHOOK: fully installed devhook


    IRSHELL: best shell for psp out there


    LUAPLAYER: plays lua scripts/games

    psp-ftpd: an ftp server for your psp (zx-81's great work )

    PSPRADIO!: an radio for psp using wlan!

    MAPTHIS!: a gps used with WLAN!

    Scrabble Assistant: hehe i liked it :P

    afkim: a messenger client for psp!

    unzip: unzip files on your psp without a pc (great with links web browser)

    links web browser: browse the internet without 2.6 firmware!

    titan homebrew manager (surprisinglu useful)

    PSPwarp: image editer (good fun)

    personal meditation: ummm it was a cool idea at the time?

    return to 1.5 firmware from 2.7 eboot: very useful when emulating 2.7 firmware!

    Portable paint: just have a guess what it is :P

    pspcapture: captures psp screenshots


    PSPrythm: a drum music app for psp (very good fun)

    Smashgpsp: super smash bros remake!

    IRIS 0.2 with the following mods:

    star wars model pack

    up high map

    princess peach castle alpha map

    Some games by deniska:

    178mb required for this whopping package!
    download size is 80 mb!

    Here's the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KQHMAVDX

    Please note that the eloader will not work with all the apps! so don't expect it too and flame me for it!

    credit for suggestion goes to:
    and anyone else i was too tired to thank ...
    by Published on September 27th, 2006 17:07

    for all those people who have just downgraded to 1.5 and are wandering what on earth you're gonna do now might be interested in my homebrew pack.
    This'll install the following applications into the correct dir of your psp

    plz note that you have to define where your psp is the installer.

    This pack comes with:
    gpsp: GBA emulator (GBA bios needed!)

    PSPVICE: Commordore 64 emu!


    rin unofficial: Gb/Gbc emulator!

    Smashgpsp: super smash bros remake!

    DGEN: the Sega megadrive emu!

    PSPM: master system and game gear emu!

    Daedulus: n64 emulator!

    snes9xtyl: snes emulator with media engine

    Luaplayer: plays lua scripts apps and games!

    psp-ftpd: an ftp server for your psp (zx-81's great work )

    CPS1: CPS1 capcom emulator (as suggested by mokoto)

    CPS2: CPS2 capcom emulator (as suggested by mokoto)

    PSpectrum: Spectrum emulator (as suggested by dejkirkby)

    PSPUAE: Amiga emulator (as suggested by dejkirkby)

    THEMEPSP: Edit firmware's in devhook (recommended for experienced users ) (as suggested by dejkirkby)


    IRIS 0.2 with the following mods:

    star wars model pack

    up high map

    princess peach castle alpha map (guess who suggested to put in this? dejkirkby...thx )

    PSPRADIO!: an radio for psp using wlan!

    MAPTHIS!: a gps used with WLAN!

    Scrabble Assistant: hehe i liked it :P

    afkim: a messenger client for psp!

    unzip: unzip files on your psp without a pc (great with links web browser)

    links web browser: browse the internet without 2.6 firmware!

    this takes up (i think) a whopping 140mb so you might want to be in possesion of a 256 mb mem stick BUT if not install to any folder you want and just put the files you only want into your psp manually.

    the exe is 57mb to download

    there nice and big lol


    This has been the 'lemon' release expect 'lime' soon
    (yes it's fruit i am random )


    I've just uploaded it should work ...
    by Published on June 27th, 2006 20:34

    I think i'll release my first 'proper' retexture now for super mario 64 here:

    but first this is what it is...

    what is retexturing?

    it's when you use a plugin such as RICE for project 64 to overlap current textures in the game without illegaly modifing them.

    where to get rice...

    here's a link here (Open in new window): http://www.box.net/public/y3lfe6zqt6

    what's in this retexture?

    so far i've done the GUI and most of the of the castle yard in nes sprites...here's a screenshot (note: it's an old one so it's a bit more updated than the screen shot)

    how to install

    i suggest using project 64 for this because i don't know if this works on any other one...once downloaded rice extract than put the files in the plugin program file for project 64 once done delete the file that tells you to 'move bmglib to emu folder' so it doesn't confuse emu and as it says move the bmglib file to emu folder (the main one) NOT plugin folder! once that has been done create a folder called hires_texture (it must be exact!) than once you extract my project (which should be attaed below) move the SUPER MARIO 64 folder into hires_texture. After all that stuff is done boot up the emu go to settings make graphic plugin rice and go to configure graphic settings make sure advanced settings is turned ON after that go to texture settings and click load hires textures if available. AFTER ALL THAT load up the mario 64 rom(being your own of course) than VOILA! I hope you all enjoy here it is now.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...