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  • Psyberjock

    by Published on September 2nd, 2007 12:56

    This isn't really a software release or news, but I would like to share a couple hilarious and cool videos made with the PSP and the Chotto Shot. Then I'd like to challenge everyone with a Chotto Shot / Go!Cam to share their funny videos made with their PSPs.

    Here's the background:

    My friends came to my apartment today and we were messing around with my Chotto Shot. My friend Takashi is a really funny guy and he'll do almost anything for a laugh. The crazy video is a result of his antics. The other video is my friend Kenji who wanted to get in on the action. His wasn't quite as funny, but much cooler (He's the epitome of cool).

    I hope you enjoy them and remember! Accept the challenge! Try to make something funnier or cooler! Good luck!

    VIdeos Via Comments - Wraggster ...
    by Published on May 30th, 2007 13:25

    Here's an update to my Simple Random Sentence Generator. It's a pretty big release! New additions:

    Chuck Norris Facts Generator!

    Homework Excuse Generator! <-- Thanks to Buddy4point0 for the idea

    Of course it still has the Engrish Generator built in and you can choose which category you would like to view within the app.

    Here's the change log from the readme.txt:

    v 0.3
    @9. Added initial Chuck Norris Facts
    @10. Added initial Homework Excuses
    @11. Added a menu for choosing between Engrish, Chuck Norris Facts, and Homework Excuses.
    12. General text formatting, small code commenting changes.
    13. New favorites files depending on the current category. Review those favorites from that category.

    Here's some sample sentences:

    Mr. Norris jumped forward in time and headbutted Mr. T just as he was about to stick a q-tip in his ear. I couldn't stop giving him high-fives!
    Chuck Norris once karate-chopped himself in the teeth. It was so godlike!

    My homework was eaten by a mouse!
    My homework fell into a large chasm and I couldn't get it back!
    I was keeping my homework in an alligator's mouth to hide it from a lion but then a gerbil took it and devoured it!

    she was being Pim Pim. pretty to meeting I.
    Yay! Cubic Cube is holding for feeling kindly.
    Mary are calm in delicious centuries.
    GLASS BOWL, these well pretty utensil.


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on May 28th, 2007 11:43

    Here's an update to my random Engrish generator: Simple Random Sentence Generator (SRSG).

    I have added some new options and increased the rate of funny sentence generation as well as increased the number of sentence patterns. As a result you should get funny sentences more often and be able to do more with them.

    For all of you who were waiting for a standalone version, here it is. You no longer need to have Lua already installed on your PSP. Just drop the folder into game150.

    I also managed to get a better screenshot (using luawindows) so you can see what this thing actually looks like and how it performs.

    Here's the changelog from the readme:

    FEATURES AND CHANGELOG (key features marked with @):

    v 0.1
    @1. Randomly generated crazy Engrish sentences.
    @2. Ability to save funny sentences to a text file. Please check the favs.txt file for your saved sentences.
    3. Exits to lowser properly. (press select from the main screen)
    4. Hidden feature (was used in debugging, might be useful) Press the <down> button to redisplay the current sentence. (might be good after saving)

    v 0.2
    (Removed #3 since it is now standalone)
    (Removed #4 in place of a better feature)
    @5. Ability to go back to the previously generated sentence. Useful if you accidentally skip a good one and want to save it.
    @6. Ability to review your favorites file from inside the program. It will display one sentence at a time. Once the end of the file is reached, press the button again to start over at the top.
    @7. Increased the number of patterns, words, and streamlined some patterns for better sentence generation.
    8. Added prompt to ask for an action when the program is first started.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on May 25th, 2007 16:37

    Here it is, my first publicly released program!

    Written in and requiring LUA, for your gaming pleasure.

    Basically it is an ENGRISH generator. It creates random sentences from word lists and sentence patterns.

    It can take a little time to get a good funny sentence, due to it currently having too many words in too few categories. I hope to improve this and other features in future versions.

    It can create a very large number of original sentences, many of which should be entertaining if you like Engrish. Be patient and keep pressing generate!

    If you find one you like, you can quickly and easily save it to a text file for later viewing and sharing with friends.

    Sources: lua.org, engrish.com (for vocabulary ideas), luaplayer.org, and EvilMana's tutes. Thanks guys!! Couldn't have done it so quickly without you!

    Please check the included Readme.txt for additional information.

    For more information on Engrish, check out: www.engrish.com

    Screenshots are from the in-game graphics. I couldn't get my screenshots to take in Lua for some reason.

    If I forgot anything, I'll try to update ASAP.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on November 13th, 2006 10:36

    Here's a mod I just finished on my PSP. It was damn hard and took 30 hours over three days. I decided to do this mod because this PSP was bought used and the previous owner pulled up the silver ring on the UMD tray. It was included with the PSP but was scratched to hell and bent. I decided soon after I bought it that I would replace it, but it took a year before I decided what to do with it.

    I used Llama's LED instructions and Everett's Push LED Mod instructions to assist me in my main board soldering points. The rest I dreamed up myself.

    I mostly made things up as I went so I didn't take any work in progress pictures since I never knew which way I was going to go next.

    That being said, I probably won't make a how-to. Considering the difficulty level of this mod, if you can't figure it out yourself, you'll probably just break your PSP or UMD tray. I used to mod my dreamcast and xbox, and this is by far the hardest thing I've done so far. If I get a lot of requests, I'll describe it and maybe make some graphics, but I doubt I'll take the PSP apart again for fear of having to solder some things again.

    Bit more about the mod and pictures: UMDs work, the pictures show my PSP with a UMD in the tray and without. You'll notice on the last picture my electric tape peeled a little bit inside my UMD tray. A little light leaks through, but isn't an issue. One problem that I do have is that my UMDs stick a little bit when I want to take them out. I can take them out easily, they just don't kick out like they used to. I hope that will correct itself as things settle into their new shapes and positions. Also, I do have tatami floors. That's what the woven reeds are from. I do live in Japan afterall.

    Well, here's the pictures: (note: I watermarked these myself and did so as a tribute to my favorite homebrew site. No one asked me to do so and I request that you leave them intact.)

    More Pictures via comments ...