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    by Published on December 14th, 2014 22:49
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    Grab a $20 BestBuy Gift card with 2 select Nintendo 3DS games!
    Add two of the games below to your cart and a free $20 Best Buy gift card will be automatically added as well. Plus, you'll receive free shipping.
    Check it out: BestBuy 3DS Promo ...
    by Published on November 24th, 2014 22:43
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    by Published on August 3rd, 2014 00:28
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    Hi all, its been a while since i gave the sites a fresh lick of paint but the time has come, ive had to fix a PHP coding issue which prevented some pages from showing and thankfully its worked.

    The 3DS News site now features the latest 3ds games that have been released and the bestsellers from both sides of the pond.

    As real life makes it harder to post every last bit of news, i have turned back to what made DCEmu great and that is concentrate on Homebrew and Emulation news, i will post the latest chart news and interesting stuff relating to the site involved but posting every damn bit of gaming news has had to go, i do use automated systems to post the latest releases in the UK and USA so you will always know whats being released.

    Heres some of them pages:

    3DS Ebay Auctions Usa
    3DS Auctions Ebay UK
    Bestselling 3DS Games Usa
    BestSelling 3DS Games UK
    Bestselling 3DS Accessories Usa
    Bestselling 3DS Accessories UK
    Bestselling 3DS Consoles Usa
    Bestselling 3DS Consoles Uk
    Newly Released 3DS Consoles Usa
    Newly Released 3DS Consoles Uk
    Newly Released 3DS Accessories Usa
    Newly Released 3DS Accessories Uk
    Newly Released 3DS Games Usa
    Newly Released 3DS Games Uk

    Thanks for your time and for visiting our 3DS News site here --> http://3ds.dcemu.co.uk/ ...
    by Published on May 15th, 2014 20:50
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    Target, hosts a price drop on Nintendo 2DS systems this week. Nintendo's portable console is currently $99.99 there, and is available in Electric Blue and Crimson Red colors.

    by Published on May 9th, 2014 00:19
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    3DS sales leapt up last week in Japan on the back of Mario Golf: World Tour.
    In total 42,500 3DS consoles were sold for the week ending May 4th, well ahead of PS Vita and Vita TV, which has combined sales of 25,500. All data courtesy of Famitsu.
    It’s another 10,000 week-on-week jump for 3DS, which shot up by the same amount last week thanks to the arrival of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (No.2 last week, No.4 this week).
    Mario Golf, however, could only manage second place as it’s a return to the top for Yokai Watch on 3DS.
    Yokai Watch is an RPG that launched in July last year by Professor Layton developer Level-5. It has spawned a comic strip and earlier this year became an anime TV series, and has been a mainstay at the top of the Famitsu Japanese Top Ten this year. It’s now closing in on 1m sales and a sequel – Yokai Watch 2 – is set to arrive this July.
    Level-5 is now considering bringing the series to the US and America.

    Here are the hardware numbers:
    Nintendo 3DS LL: 36,050
    PS Vita: 23,966
    PS4: 11,692
    PS3: 9,917
    Wii U: 8,217
    Nintendo 3DS: 6,597
    PSP: 1,906
    PS Vita TV: 1,640
    Xbox 360: 146

    And here are the Top Ten games:
    1. Yokai Watch (Level-5) 3DS – 70,021
    2. Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo) 3DS – 58,743
    3. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Bandai Namco) Vita – 26,852
    4. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (Square Enix) 3DS – 24,796
    5. Mario Party: Island Tour (Nintendo) 3DS – 24,596
    6. Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo) 3DS – 11,080
    7. Style Savvy: Trendsetters Tokimeki Up! (Nintendo) 3DS – 8,289
    8. NES Remix 1+2 (Nintendo) Wii U – 8,173
    9. Child of Light (Ubisoft) ETC – 7,857
    10. Dai-3-ji Super Robot Taisen Z: Jigoku-hen (Bandai Namco) PS3 – 6,966

    by Published on April 15th, 2014 00:47
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    Target is offering a Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon X hardware bundle at a steep discount this week, pricing the set at just $99.99 while supplies last.

    The package includes a black-and-red Nintendo 2DS and a digital copy of 2013's Pokemon X. The bundle is regularly priced at $149.99, and the 2DS hardware itself normally retails for $129.99.

    If you'd prefer to manage your Pokemon collection on a larger pair of screens, Target is also offering a $40 gift card with Nintendo 3DS XL purchases through April 19.

    by Published on April 5th, 2014 19:27
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    XCM Tattoo Unisex Touch Winter Warm Gloves for Smart Phone Devices
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from GoldenShop
    Price: $8.99

    Overview : You might have come across the problem to use the touch screen mobile in winter? XCM tattoo phone glove made just for iPhone, iPad and similar touch enabled device, it made of high quality material and built in the conductive contact place on the fingertip of the gloves (capacitive tips for thumb, index finger and middle finger), guaranteed to keep your finger snug and warm on that cold windy day, the XCM tattoo phone glove has a cool tribal tattoo design and almost always eye-catching.


    • High quality 3rd party product.
    • Made of high quality material and built in the conductive contact place on the fingertip of the gloves (capacitive tips for thumb, index finger and middle finger).
    • Works on smart phones, tablets or other touch screen devices.

    Quality/Usability : Ever tried to use your smartphone or tablet in the blistering cold where your fingers freezes? What about trying to use your phone with your gloves on but nothing registers or your gloves are just too bulky?

    XCM has a glove that allows you to use your smartphone, tablet and other touch screen devices without freezing your fingers.

    The glove is made of soft cotton/polyester material. From what I can see, it comes in one size and one color only. It does have 2 different tribal designs to choose from. In regards to size, I'm 5' 9" and I think I have average size hands and it was a bit snug but did stretch enough that my fingers were at the tip of the glove.

    On the thumb, index and middle finger, there are three conductive contact place on the fingertip of each glove. This allows you to swipe, select and even zoom in or out.

    Does it protect your hand from the cold and blistering wind? Yes. But don't expect it to be winter gloves where you can use it to throw snowballs. One thing I did notice was that if your hands get sweaty, the moisture will come through the glove and leave wet marks on your device.

    Conclusion : Overall, the gloves work fine. I didn't have any problems with it not swiping or pinch zooming. It would be nice if the gloves ran a little bigger or at least offered 2 sizes (S/M and M/L).

    All your photography news, reviews and deals.

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    by Published on April 3rd, 2014 14:54
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    For those of you who dont know the Gateway 3DS is a Flash Cartridge for the Nintendo 3DS, i received a review sample before Xmas but i was waiting for the day i could do justice with a review, add to that the bad press Gateway got over their software being used on clone 3DS flash carts which may or may not have bricked many consoles.

    Lets move on to last weekend, Gateway released 2 new firmwares in the space of hours and this is where the Gamechanger happened, the Flash cart could now hold multiple roms, if you own 20 3DS games the last thing you want is to carry 20 carts around, your liable to lose them or they may get broken or stolen etc, well now you dont need to, its as simple as that.

    What you Need

    First off you need a Nintendo 3DS with firmware in the 4.1 to 4.5 range, this is the hardest bit at present, new Nintendo 3DS consoles will come with a much higher firmware so sadly you wont be able to use them, look in 2nd hand shops and the likes of Ebay and make sure you have proof before hand.

    Assuming you have a 3DS with firmware 4.1 to 4.5 on you will also need

    2GB SD Card or maybe even a 4GB
    Gateway 3DS Blue and Red Card
    To use with the Blue card a 1GB Micro SD Card
    To use with the Red Card as higher MicroSD card as you can afford im using a 16GB for now.
    Adapters to read SD/MicroSD Cards on PC
    Your PC Obviously.


    The Installation of files is easier when theres a video guide to watch and theres no better on the internet than the following guide, its up to date except for the part when you put 3DS Roms on the MicroSD, you no longer have to do it that way (make an image file), now you just drag and drop.

    Watch this Video and use it as a reference:

    If you have a 3DS above 4.5 then the Gateway 3DS cant work on your 3DS, if you have one below 4.1 you can use the games listed here to upgrade to firmware 4.1 -4.5 making sure that wifi access is turned off at all times.

    Now since the video was made some of the guide is now obsolete, like i mentioned you dont need to make an image file, you just drag and drop 3DS roms onto the root of the MicroSD Card inside the Gateway Red 3DS Cart. If your using a Large Micro SD Card then format with exfat.

    So with everything installed and a test 3DS Rom on your Gateway 3DS Card you then turn on the 3DS, go into System Settings (make sure wifi is off at all times) go to other settings, go to profile, click on Nintendo DS profile.

    It then brings up a menu with Gateway on it with several options, the first option to Launch gateway mode is the most exciting, because when you click that it goes back to the main menu then you just press select and on the top screen it brings up your games to try, the Gateway 3DS on the 20 games i tried was flawless, its region free and compatible with all present retail games including eshop games.

    Another option on the cart is the ability to back up your own 3DS Games (yes it plays perfectly well roms that you find elsewhere but its illegal so i cant say where to get them), the games can be backed up onto the SD Card in the 3DS, then all you have to do is transfer the file to the Micro SD Card in the Gateway Red Card and all of your games can be stored on the one card.

    You also have the Emunand Mode but to be honest you have to be extremely careful and because i like my 3DS as is and im not risking it for no one i suggest viewing the video to make sure your doing it right..

    So is it Worth it?

    If i was asked when it first came out i would say yes but its a fair bit of messing about but with the recent Omega 2.1 firmware release and the fact that Gateway are upgrading features all the time this is a great card despite the price.

    The Gateway 3DS turns your Region Locked Nintendo 3DS into a fully region free Console, why they lock consoles mystifies me in this day and age, also and this is great is the fact that you can back up all your 3DS Games and have them stored on one cart making it so great for changing games at will. Next is the option to play games that are downloaded, piracy is never a good thing but the option to play them and play them perfect is now viable.

    For me id like to see the Gateway 3ds open to all 3ds consoles and most importantly i would like Native 3DS Homebrew and support for not only Eshop titles but also virtual console titles.

    What an awesome bit of hardware and yes its worth the wait, keep away from the clones and always download from the official site and mirrors and use the resellers and support on the Gateway 3DS Site.

    Is it worth it , thats a hell yes ...
    by Published on April 2nd, 2014 23:30
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    Nintendo will launch a new Pink + White version of the 2DS in UK on 16th May.
    The handheld's colours and release date tie in with the upcoming 3DS platformer Kirby: Triple Deluxe, which arrives in Europe at the same time.Nintendo is listing the new design for £109.99 on its UK online store, the same price as the existing models.The 2DS originally launched last October in Black + Blue and White + Red flavours and had sold more than 2.11m units by the end of 2013.

    by Published on March 28th, 2014 21:00
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    A new 'Peach Pink' 2DS will launch in the US on April 11, sold exclusively via GameStop.
    The US retailer made the new hardware color available for pre-order from today, March 28. The Peach Pink SKU comes with a pink rear case and white front face, with pink buttons and a pink stylus. It also ships with a Disney Magical World carry case, but it will not include the game of the same name.

    It will sell for $129.99 - the same price as other standalone 2DS units - and launches April 11, the same day as the US release of the Disney Magical World 3DS game.
    First images of the new machine are in a gallery above.
    This is the first new 2DS SKU to release Stateside in 2014, following Red and Blue Pokemon-bundled 2DS units which hit shelves in December.
    Nintendo revealed 2DS in August. The redesigned handheld plays the entire library of cartridge and digital 3DS and DS titles, but only in 2D. It features a fixed, slate-type form factor instead of the 3DS' folding clam shell design, but maintains 3DS hardware features such as dual screens, wireless connectivity and touch-screen interactivity.
    The handheld was designed specifically for younger players and "anyone looking for a more affordable entry point into the world of Nintendo hand-held video games".


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