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  • Nintendo Wii News

    by Published on September 2nd, 2018 20:55
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    dborth has released a new version of the GBA Emulator for the Nintendo Wii:

    [2.3.7 - August 28, 2018]

    * Allow loader to pass two arguments instead of three (libertyernie)
    * don't reset settings when going back to an older version
    * Fix a few potential crashes caused by the GUI
    * Other minor fixes/improvements
    * Compiled with latest libOGC/devkitPPC

    download https://github.com/dborth/vbagx

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    by Published on August 26th, 2018 21:43
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    Nintendont v4.484 is released. A Wii Homebrew Project to play GC Games on Wii and vWii on Wii U.

    -Works on Wii and vWii on Wii U
    -Full speed loading from an USB device, or a SD card
    -Loads 1:1 and compressed .ISO disc images
    -Loads games as extracted files (FST)
    -Play retail discs (Wii only)
    -Play backups from writable DVD media (Old Wii only)
    -Memory card emulation
    -Use real memory card (Wii only)
    -GBA-Link cable (Wii only)
    -Play audio via disc audio streaming
    -Bluetooth controller support (Classic Controller (Pro), Wii U Pro Controller)
    -HID controller support via USB
    -Custom button layout when using HID controllers
    -Cheat code support
    -WiiRd (Wii only)
    -Changeable configuration of various settings
    -Reset/Power off via button combo (R + Z + Start) (R + Z + B + D-Pad Down)
    -Advanced video mode patching, force progressive and force 16:9 widescreen
    -Auto boot from loader
    -Disc switching
    -Allow use of the Nintendo GameCube Microphone
    -Use the official Nintendo GameCube controller adapter

    download https://github.com/FIX94/Nintendont

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    by Published on August 21st, 2018 23:24
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    Tantric, Zopenko, Askot have released a new version of the Nes Emulator for the Nintendo Switch:


    * Updated to the latest FCEUX core
    * Allow loader to pass two arguments instead of three (libertyernie)
    * Added PocketNES interoperability (load ROMs and read/write SRAM)
    * Added option to not append " Auto" on saves
    * Added soft and sharp video filtering options
    * Removed update check completely
    * Compilation fixes for DevkitPPC

    Download https://github.com/dborth/fceugx

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    by Published on August 19th, 2018 22:35
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    Wiimpathy has released a new version of the Tandy CoCo/Dragon32 emulator for the Nintendo Wii:

    Xroar 0.4

    * Long filenames truncated in the file browser.
    * Moved options in the menus to compensate crt overscan.
    * Recompiled with DevkitPPC 31 and latest SDL-wii.
    * Some cleanups.

    download https://github.com/Wiimpathy/Xroar-Wii

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    by Published on August 19th, 2018 22:31
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    dborth has released a new version of the Snes Emulator for the Nintendo Wii:

    [4.3.8 - August 16, 2018]

    * Partially update core to 1.56 (with less accurate but faster Blargg audio core)
    * Improved audio synchronization with dynamic rate control - fixes audio crackles
    * Memory optimizations to free up more MEM1 for Snes9x
    * Disable multi pixel format support for a speed boost
    * Add MSU1 support (thanks qwertymodo!)
    * Add BPS soft-patching support (thanks qwertymodo!)
    * Allow loader to pass two arguments instead of three (libertyernie)
    * Backport some MSU1 fixes from snes9x
    * Fix a few potential crashes caused by the GUI
    * Compiled with latest libOGC/devkitPPC
    * Remove update check completely.
    * Compatibility fixes for newer devkitppc.
    * Compile fixes for Gamecube
    * Compile fixes for Linux

    download https://github.com/dborth/snes9xgx

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    by Published on July 30th, 2018 21:34
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    New from Wiimpathy:

    Beebem Wii

    Beebem Wii is a port of Beebem gp2x(0.6-1), a BBC micro emulator. It's a computer by Acorn Computers released in the 1980s.

    If you load Beebem from the Homebrew channel as a standalone homebrew, the default softwares folder is /apps/beebem/discs. Copy your .ssd or .dsd games in this folder.

    To load a program, open the main menu, chose 'Run new game', and select the file. It will try to start the file automatically. By default, some Wii controllers buttons are mapped to BBC keys. You may need to reconfigure the buttons per game. Go to 'Configure game buttons', change the keys and select 'Save game configuration'. The configuration file will be saved in /apps/beebem/kbd. A virtual keyboard is also available in-game.


    A : Confirm
    B : Back
    + : Open virtual keyboard
    Home : Open main menu

    Classic controller:

    A : Confirm
    B : Back
    + : Open virtual keyboard
    Home : Open main menu

    GameCube controller:

    A : Confirm
    B : Back
    R : Open virtual keyboard
    Start : Open main menu


    Here are the available settings in the 'Configure game options' :

    Audio latency : When enabled, the sound is better. It's particularly useful for music since it drops less samples, but it adds a delay and sound effects loses sync.


    Top/Centered/Bottom/Scaled : It's scaled by default, it's the only option to show the whole screen by removing some lines. The BBC is 320256 and here we're at 320240.

    Use 240p mode : Enable double strike mode for low resolution display.

    Enable Bilinear filter : Toggle filter between sharp or smooth pixels.

    Nudge CRT (useful for FireTrack/Castle Quest etc) : This shifts the display vertically.

    Floppy drives

    floppy 0/1 R/W : Enable floppies read/write access.


    Beebem can be used as a plugin in WiiFlow or any compatible plugins loader. You'll find the necessary files in WiiFlow/plugins. By default, the plugin looks for the games in a /roms/BBC folder that you'll need to create. Edit bbc.ini file if you want a different path (romdir).

    One extra button (Wiimote -/GC Z) can also be configured, but is not accessible in the menu. You have to edit the mapping files (.kbd) manually. Change this P1_MINUS value per game or globally in /apps/beebem/config/default.kbd.

    Another option you can edit is DISABLE_CURSOR. Change value to YES to hide the cursor(not tested!).

    All credits go to the original beebem authors. Dedicated to 'the Wii scene is dead' people. It's 2018 and there are still updates for Genesis Plus GX, Snes9x GX, USB loader GX, WiiFlow Lite etc. And there's a new homebrew game called Newo Asteroids too.

    download https://github.com/Wiimpathy/BeebemWii

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    by Published on July 30th, 2018 21:11
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    10. Nintendo Switch

    It seems that Nintendo are getting pissy against sites offering roms of their Systems, heres the news:

    • The sites are among the most notorious online hubs for pirated games, according to Nintendo, and face millions of dollars in potential damages. With the launch of NES Classic Games on their Nintendo Switch coming up soon in September, it means we are in for another wave of crackdowns by big 'N' over any site that offers Emulators or Retro ROMs for playing Nintendo games on other platforms.
      This week, Nintendo took two of these sites to court. In a complaint filed at a federal court in Arizona, the game publisher sues LoveROMS.com and LoveRETRO.co for copyright and trademark infringement.

      Both sites are believed to be operated by Jacob Mathias and his Arizona company Mathias Designs LLC. They offer access to a wide variety of ROMs, including many Nintendo games.

      “The LoveROMs and LoveRETRO websites are among the most open and notorious online hubs for pirated video games,” Nintendo writes in the complaint.

      “Through the LoveROMs and LoveRETRO websites, Defendants reproduce, distribute, publicly perform and display a staggering number of unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s video games, all without Nintendo’s permission.”

      In addition to the copyrighted games, the sites also distribute proprietary BIOS software, while using trademarked logos and characters, Nintendo notes.

      While some ROMs sites may be hobby projects, Nintendo sees these two sites as professional operations that profit from its works.

      “Defendants are not casual gamers but are instead sophisticated parties with extensive knowledge of Nintendo’s intellectual property and the video game industry more generally,” the company notes.

      Through the lawsuit, which also lists a count of unfair competition, Nintendo hopes to shut both sites down. The company requests statutory damages of $150,000 per infringing Nintendo game and up to $2,000,000 for each trademark infringement.

      This means that, with more than 140 copyrighted titles and 40 trademarks on the record, theoretical damages could go up to a staggering $100 million.

      Nintendo further requests a permanent injunction ordering the sites to stop their infringing activities while handing over domain names to the game publisher. At the same time, Nintendo wants the operator of the sites to reveal the sources for the infringing ROMs.
      Click to expand...
      As noted above, Nintendo is demanding a list of all 'uploaders' that filled up the site with these nasty illegal backup ROMs, so if you were nice sharing member, get ready to receive a letter if the site's owner caves into all the pressure from the lawyers, but so far he still fighting and operating the sites.

      NEWS SOURCE: Nintendo Sues Console ROM Sites For ‘Mass’ Copyright Infringement (via) TorrentFreak

    by Published on June 19th, 2018 21:12
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    SuperrSonic has released a new version of the media center for the Nintendo Wii:

    Hello there, I've been maintaining a personal version of WiiMC, at the time I just wanted to correct the aspect ratio in 4:3 mode (672->704) and remove deflicker filtering. But soon after, I started experimenting and looking for features I never use and remove them to increase memory. I removed the picture viewer, NTFS/EXT libs, themes, and disabled a large amount of codecs.

    I allocated more memory for the GUI, and added some new things:

    -Enabled ADX audio decoding

    I mean this is a gaming console so why not support game music formats?
    So far only ADX files from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams seem to play incorrectly.

    -GameCube controller support

    Every button from the wiimote (Form Baton) is currently mapped.
    Please note that there are still some things that require the pointer.

    -The option to disable the H.264 deblock filter on a per video basis

    To disable simply change the extension of your video to ".dash".
    Disabling this increases decoding speed a lot, but decreases visual quality, however depending on the video you can get away with it quite well. Keep in mind that the Netflix app for Wii does this for both main and baseline profiles.

    -Added an option to enable the volume normalizer audio filter. (A restart is needed when changing from methods)
    -Added an option to always zoom videos to 4:3 ratio. (H zoom should be ~133%, this setting only works if your Wii is set to 4:3 mode)
    -Added an option to enable deflicker, 480i and 480p supported.
    -Added an option to scale screen width to 720.
    You will find these new options in the settings menu. For volnorm set it to "2" to enable volnorm method 2.

    -Added Screen Burn-in Reduction support
    To enable simply go to Settings->Global, it will dim the screen if the screen saver is active after 4 seconds.
    This setting requires ahbprot disabled.

    -Added an option to switch to 240p mode.
    This setting can be found in the global section.

    Update June 11, 2018: Exit during video playback when using autoboot, default value for burn-in is now taken from system settings.
    Update May 16, 2018: Added Wiimpathy's autoboot file support, added 240p switching.
    Update April 22, 2018: Enable GC controller to work in window prompts, add max VI width setting, hide YT quality levels from the settings menu.
    Update April 17, 2018: Enable seeking in http streams, added new options to the settings menu, added global setting for skipping deblocking, added burn-in reduction.
    Other minor changes:
    -subfont-autoscale set to 0
    -add .thp as a valid video extension
    -disable forced marginV = 20
    -sub settings now start with marginV 20
    -re-use ffmpeg vorbis (whoops)
    -removed some misc libass settings that might have affected performance.

    Update June 17, 2017: A fix for specific videos(MKV files with certain framerates) that would hang if using frameskip.
    Update June 10, 2017: Added a full version including all the features of WiiMC-SS, without removing anything.

    WiiMC-SS features:

    704(square) screen width.
    Attractive pointer.
    GameCube controller support.
    Enabled ADX decoding.
    Optional 240p mode.
    Exposed the volume normalizer filter.
    Added ".dash" extension, using this extension will skip the deblock filter.
    Made the deflicker filter optional.
    Removed picture viewer to increase memory.
    Removed NTFS and EXT libs to increase memory.
    Disabled some minor codecs to increase memory.
    Default to gray theme.

    download https://github.com/SuperrSonic/WiiMC-SSLC

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    by Published on June 2nd, 2018 21:08
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    Always nice to see the Wii Get new homebrew and this an update to Beats OF Rage

    finally update MinGW to MinGW32-W64

    * based on GCC 8+ ...
    * best C/C++ for Windows
    * more accurate, robust and compatible
    * this is the same compiler of SDL, MAME, ...

    updated SDL2 2.0.8 (May 24) for Windows
    * support for NVidia Shield

    download https://github.com/DCurrent/openbor

    via https://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=16619
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 10:35
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    15. Raspberry Pi

    The awesome multi system supporting emulator has a new release, heres what systems this release is for starting with PC, Apple Mac, Android, IOS, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, PSVita, Xbox Original, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Raspberry PI:

    RetroArch 1.7.3 has just been released! Grab it here. This latest version has also been uploaded to the Google Play Store. If you’d like to show your support, consider donating to the team. Check here in order to learn more.
    RetroArch now has a WIMP GUI, powered by the powerful multimedia framework Qt! This feature is available currently for Windows and Linux. macOS users will have to wait a while longer for this feature to arrive to their platform.

    The WIMP GUI works as a companion to the main RetroArch window. You bring it into view by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. From there, you can do many tasks:

    • Select a game from any playlist
    • Browse the file system or any attached media storage device and load a game.
    • Scan directories for content and generate system playlists.
    • Associate cores to an entire playlist or associate only one entry of a playlist to a specific core

    Some things we’d like to note:

    • This has been the combined work of bparker and Tatsuya79 that have worked tirelessly on this for a month. We are aware of several features that we’d like to implement, such as playlist editing, grid view layouts, etc.
    • We are open to feedback on the GUI.
    • You will likely not see this WIMP GUI on Android or iOS (or any game console for that fact) anytime soon. WIMP interfaces don’t lend themselves well to devices that rely on touchscreen or gamepad-based controls.
    • (For Linux users) The Qt GUI should definitely work on X11. If you’d like to run it on Wayland, make sure you have the appropriate packages installed for Qt5 in your package manager. Be aware that Qt 5 cannot gracefully fail right now in case a platform module/plugin is missing from your system. This means that if you invoke the companion UI by pressing F5 on Wayland, and for whatever reason the platform module that Qt relies on in order to work on Wayland is not there, there is no way for RetroArch to gracefully fail there and just not show the companion UI. There will be a crash instead. Unfortunately we have talked to some Qt developers and they see no other way around this for now. The same situation applies for DRM/KMS right now. If we can find a better solution to this, we will certainly return to it.
    • (For mac Users) You will have to wait a bit longer for this to arrive to the Mac port unfortunately. Hopefully that wait is not too long.
    • We would like to still improve initial bootup times for the companion UI. Right now, on first initial startup, it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds (depending on your harddrive and its performance), but on subsequent boots should only take 2 seconds or less for first startup. Hopefully by resorting to Link Time Code Generation and other avenues we can shave off some more seconds off this boot time.

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://www.libretro.com/index.php/r...-7-3-released/

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