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    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:15
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    XCM 1080p Mega Cool VGA Box
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia / Buy from Divineo China / Buy from Divineo France / Buy from ConsoleSource / Buy from Amazon
    Price: $79.90-120.00

    Overview : Connect any Component Video source to any VGA monitor for the best resolution possible! Supports up to 1080p HDTV resolution! New sleek design.

    Features :
    • Supports PC video display resolutions up to UXGA (1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz) or HD TV (up to 1920 x 1080)
    • Supports 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p
    • Display pictures from your console (Game Cube, Playstation 2, Xbox, PSP Slim, Wii , Xbox 360, Playstation 3) on your PC monitor (up to 1600 x 1200) or HDTV (up to 1920 x 1080)
    • Supports SDTV, HDTV, XGA, SXGA, and UXGA video formats.
    • Works on both PAL & NTSC systems.
    • Easy Plug and play installation.
    • Connect any compatible YPbPr (component video) device to your VGA monitor via Integrated YPbPr to RGBHV converter.
    • Applications: TFT LCD monitor, CRT monitor, Set-top box, Display projector
    • Works on LCD TFT monitors
    • Video output: VGA
    • Automatic video source mode detection (film/graphic)
    • Motion-adaptive interfiled de-interlacing
    • Uses the power from your USB port, no extra power supply needed!

    Quality/Usability : I dont like to have lots of wires dangling or have to constantly plug/unplug cables so I opted to use the XCM Multi-Console Component Cable v3. The XCM 1080p Mega Cool VGA Box is housed in a sturdy chrome casing with component cable input, VGA input and output, stereo speaker input and USB power input. The top of the XCM 1080p Mega Cool VGA Box contains a SOURCE button as well as directional pads. The SOURCE button lights up when in use (blue for component and green for VGA) and allows you to switch between your computer/laptop or consoles. The directional pads allows you to change resolution and frequency on your monitor.

    Below is a video of the Mega Cool VGA Box being used with the Multi-Console Component Cable.

    I connected my PSP Slim, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Dell computer to the Mega Cool VGA Box and to my Dell 24" 1080p Widescreen monitor. All worked flawlessly without a problem. Pictures displayed just like it would on a TV/monitor. There were no lags or distortions. I liked that you were able to change the resolution and refresh rate from the VGA box rather than going through all the menus on your monitor/TV. What I dont like however is that it only supports 1 component cable. Luckily, I have the multi-console cable but others might not and this may be an annoyance.

    When switching devices, it does not remember the display resolution. So you'll have to go and change it each time. Its not a big problem but would be nice if it remembered the previous setting. I like the fact that it gets it power through the USB. Having multiple consoles, TV, satellite box, computer and other devices plugged in, I am running out of sockets in the surge protector. So using a USB port from either the Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 or PC is a PLUS in my book. If you're not using that device that the VGA box is connected to, it wont be powered. So you'll have to turn it on.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM 1080p Mega Cool VGA Box works great but as mentioned, it only allows for one component input. So if you have a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, you can only connect one. If you want to play a different console, you'll have to unplug the cable and insert the other one. If you're like me and want to make your life easier, I suggest looking into XCM Multi-Console Component Cable v3. One cable that has all the connections for all consoles. When you want to use that console, just move the switch to that corresponding console and you're ready to go. No unplugging or plugging needed.

    Would be nice if this was extended to incorporate additional component cables and turned into maybe a selector?

    Images via comments ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:15
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    Razer Arctosa USB Gaming Keyboard
    Manufacturer: Razer
    Site: Buy from Amazon (Silver) / Buy from Amazon (Black) / Buy from Razer
    Price: $49.99

    Overview : Engineered with industry- leading gaming technology from Razer, the Razer Arctosa comes with outstanding features like fully-programmable Hyperesponse™ keys with macro capabilities, customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching and 1000Hz Ultrapolling™, giving you the competitive edge to perform faster and better in-game.

    Say goodbye to amateur hour; your gaming abilities can be brought to the next level now.

    Slim Keycap Structure with Hyperesponse™ Technology
    The Hyperesponse™ keys of the Razer Arctosa reduce key latency and maximize response for critical actions during competitive gameplay ensuring fast, accurate and consistent actuation response in the intense frenzy of competitive gameplay.

    Selective anti-ghosting capability around WASD gaming cluster
    The Razer Arctosa addresses "ghosting" signal failure that occurs when you press multiple keys simultaneously on traditional keyboards. Selective anti-ghosting around the WASD gaming cluster on the Razer Arctosa allows more commands to be entered at any one time without the "ghosting" signal failure.

    Fully-programmable keys with macro capabilities
    Too many keystrokes to enter and too little keys? Sometimes we wish we had more fingers (or maybe an additional arm for that can of soda or beer while we're in the middle of a raid.) The next best thing would be fully programmable keys with macro capabilities that enable instantaneous, multiple commands with a single keystroke. Buy armor and weapons or execute complex manoeuvres with a single key with the Razer Arctosa. Some things are better than extra fingers (or arms).

    • Fully-programmable keys with macro capabilities
    • Selective anti-ghosting for WASD gaming cluster
    • Slim keycap structure with Hyperesponse™ technology
    • Easy access media keys
    • Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows key
    • 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching
    • 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time
    • Detachable wrist rest
    • Approximate size:
      • 470mm (length) x 165mm (width) x 20mm (height) - without wrist rest
      • 470mm (length) x 222mm (width) x 20mm (height) - with wrist rest

    System Requirements:
    • PC with built-in USB
    • Windows® XP / x64 / Vista / Vista64
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Internet connection (for driver installation)
    • 35MB of free hard disk space

    Quality/Usability : Although this keyboard is mainly for PC and PC gaming use, this review mainly revolves around console gaming with the use of XFPS 4.0 Force for PS3 and Speed for Xbox 360. This can also be used with XFPS Rateup for PS3 and XFPS Sniper Plus for Xbox 360.

    The Razer Arctosa came in a very nice packaging. The keyboard was packed in black cardboard box with a black sleeve case in the middle of the box that holds the manual, software CD on the back of manual, stickers and inserts. You can install the software on the CD (which the program connects to the internet and downloads the latest software) or download from Razer's support website. I personally prefer to download from the support website since it usually contains the latest updates. I'll discuss a little further about the software below. The keyboard is well built and excellent quality. The keyboard is black as well as the lettering on the keys. Black on black looks nice on cars but not so good on this keyboard. It makes the letters difficult to see in low light conditions. Holding the keyboard at a certain angle, you can see the letters and numbers since it shines. Since I have a desk lamp on top of my computer desk and my keyboard on a keyboard draw on my desk, its hard to see since the top of the desk overshadows the keyboard and blocks the light from the desk lamp.

    The Arctosa is a very sleek looking keyboard with a nice profile. On the bottom top of the keyboard are feets/stands that flip out to provide some height. The palm rest can be removed by loosening a few screws. I wonder why the used screws to hold it in place rather than clips.

    On the top right corner of the keybard are three (3) LED indicators for Caps, Number and Scroll lock. These LEDs are really bright and can be blinding when looked at. Beneath these indicators are eight (8) media buttons. At first glance these buttons are not raised or protruding and you would think maybe they were touch sensitive but when you press on them, they click. The media buttons consists of play/pause, stop, previous and next on the left side and volume up, down and mute on the right side. There is also a Razer logo in the center of the that acts as a button which is used for switching macro profiles. The buttons work well so as long you're in the right application. When you have the software installed, it provides a menu to tell it what program you use to listen to music or watch movies with such as Windows Media Player, iTunes and Real Player. Using the keyboard for normal tasks such as web browsing, Word document, etc. However, ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:15
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    WaterField SleeveCase Laptop
    Manufacturer: WaterField Designs
    Site: Buy from SFBags
    Price: $39.00-100.00

    Overview : Over 100 different sizes. Proper protection starts with a proper fit. Our San Francisco sewing shop churns out a dizzying array of sleeve sizes in 1/2" increments to ensure a custom fit for your specific laptop.

    Cushioned with high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a ballistic nylon shell, our SleeveCases function as a stylish stand-alone laptop case or can be inserted into another bag. And no need to take your laptop out of its snug compartment when going through airport security—it's TSA Checkpoint Friendly. We've got your fit. It's a slam dunk.

    Quality/Usability : So ever since owning my 13" Macbook, I have been carrying it around with the iSkin SOHO Macbook Sleeve Case. Although it has served its purpose, there was no pockets to hold paperwork or CDs and no strap. I had to hold it in my hand. Having reviewed many Waterfield Designs products, why not give another product of theirs a shot as well as a review.

    Like most of WaterField Designs cases, its made of a durable nylon shell with a checkered board type bottom. The inside is lined with high grade neoprene so you dont have to worry about your laptop being scratched or anything. The fitment of the case to the laptop is perfect. Not too tight and not too loose. Another thing I noticed is that all cases have a strap or loop. This allows you to put 1 finger through the loop to help anchor the case while you slide/pull out the device.

    The back pocket allows you to insert papers, CDs, cables or anything you might need. However, depending on the size of your mouse and power supply brick/cable, the pocket may hold it. Inserting letter sized papers (8.5"x11") into the pocket will stick out allowing you to grab them easily but also fold the edges or crease them. Since this review is based on a 13" Apple Macbook (Black), the size of the case is 12.78" (l) x 8.92" (h) x 1.08" (d) which is big enough to hold letter sized paper. If you have a netbook which is smaller, the case will be smaller and will have paper sticking out or you would have to fold the paper in half.

    The strap is very durable as well. The hooks are made of metal and not cheap plastic or aluminum. The padding on the strap has two different textures on each side. One side has a leather texture while the other side has a dotted rubber material similar to that of a basketball. There is no specific side but more of your preference. Of course, if the leather side is on your shoulder, it will be sliding where as the rubber texture wouldnt.

    Price of the SleeveCase starts off at $39. As you get bigger in bag size, so does the price which can go as high as $59. You can choose your case to be inserted horizontal or vertical but there is no additional charge to this.

    If you want to add a flap, it will cost an additional $15.

    You can also add straps which ranges from $12 (regular strap), $18 (padded strap) or just D-Rings for $5, if you want to use your own straps. You can view different straps here.

    Now, if the small pocket on the side does not hold your power cable, mouse or any other accessory, you have the option of purchasing a "Piggback". This will cost you $25 and the pouch clips onto the D-Rings. You can also purchase the Piggback separate by going to this link.

    Conclusion : Overall, the WaterField SleeveCase Laptop is another great product by SFBags. There is nothing to complain or anything negative...well, maybe except for trying to keep it clean. Make sure you dont put the cases on any crumbs because with the nylon, there are small crevices and small food particles can get caught inbetween the grooves. $39 is a great price point for such a great product but as you add stuff to it such as flap, shoulder strap, Piggyback, price can get a bit hefty. Prices vary for everyone as some would want a flap, while others dont, some would want strap, while others dont need it. On average, you're looking to spend between $39-$75 based on what options you add.

    Whats great about SFBags is that if you dont see your laptop manufacturer, you can submit your laptops info such as manufacturer, brand and dimensions and they would help you find the correct size. Even though it might not be listed, one of the current sizes can fit your laptop.

    Images via comments ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:09
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    iSkin CERULEAN F1+TX BT Headset
    Manufacturer: iSkin
    Site: Buy from iSkin
    Price: $189.99

    Overview : Nothing feels better than having the freedom to do the things we love without being tied down by wires. The CERULEAN F1+TX gives you the freedom of wireless sound from your iPod, mobile phone or computer. It delivers crisp, clean stereo sound and superior headset functionality in a sleek and compact design that's attractive, easy to use and feature filled.

    The CERULEAN F1+TX was built with iTunes in mind and integrates flawlessly. It also works well with other audio applications on your PC or Mac for a hassle free listening experience. If you have just upgraded to OS X Leopard, don't worry.... it works there too.

    Since everybody has a unique pair of ears, we ship the F1 with two different earhook shapes. They are designed to be comfortable and keep the F1's in an optimal listening position at all times.

    Charge your F1 and TX using any powered USB charging port or USB 5V(DC) wall charger, power options are endless. Your F1 is fully charged in just over 2 hours and ready for over 8 hours of continuous music play back. You can get up to 10 hours of talk time on a single charge.

    The CERULEAN F1 features full Bluetooth 2.0® compatibility and contains the necessary profiles to work with many of today's Bluetooth® mobile devices.

    Features :
    • Small, light weight and ergonomic design
    • Multi-point pairing
    • Operational range 33 feet (10m)
    • Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 equipped
    • Music playback 8 hours
    • Talk time 10 hours
    • Standby 300 hours

    Suggested Users :
    • Listen to audio from iTunes®, DVD's, CD's or any applications wirelessly.
    • Listen to and remotely control your iPod wirelessly.
    • Stream stereo music from your iPhone and use your F1 headset for phone calls simultaneously.
    • Compatible with most mobile Bluetooth devices for hands free calls and music.

    Quality/Usability : With how technology is advancing in today's world, wireless is starting to play a major part in our lives ranging from mobile phones, internet, music players and remotes around the house. Cerulean thought they would chime in on the wireless technology by releasing a wireless combo known as the iSkin Cerulean F1+TX, for our beloved iPod and cellphones. The F1+TX allows you to listen to your iPod without the hassle of cords dangling from your headset and doubles as a hands-free headset for your mobile phone.

    The F1 is the model of the headset. The TX is a small dongle that attaches to your iPod. Included with this package is a USB cable for charging the F1, pair of alternative ear hooks, foam earphone covers and extra rubber rings for the earphones. Also included is a USB adapter for the TX so that you can stream music from your computer to the F1 heaset.

    The F1 heaset looks similar to some of the bluetooth headsets you see on the market for mobile phones but instead of only one, there are two. Both are connected via a small cable. All of the controls are on the right headset. The face of the headset features a multi-function button (Play and Pause) with an LED status light. The back has an ON/OFF switch. The top has a NEXT and PREVIOUS track controls. The bottom has a Volume UP and Volume Down buttons as well as the USB charging port. A small microphone is on the front of the F1.

    The TX dongle does not have as much features or buttons on it. All there is on the TX is iPod plug with a USB charging port to the left side of the TX and a LED indicator on the front face. It's compatible with any Apple device that uses the standard 30-pin connector.

    According to iSkin, the first charge should take about 6 hours but any charge after that should take only 2 to 3 hours. With new products that requires charging, I usually let it charge overnight. With moderate use of listening to music only, the F1's battery lasted a couple of days. If you forget to turn off the headset, you'll obviously drain the battery more quickly.

    Once the F1 is fully charged, you'll need to pair it to the TX. To do so, its similar to that of pairing it with your mobile phone. Plug the TX into the iPod and turn the F1 on by holding down the multi-function button. Thats it! The TX draws its power from the iPod battery so you will experience shorter battery life on the iPod.

    The F1 doubles not only as a headset to listen to music on both the iPod or mobile phone but it is also a bluetooth headset. But do remember that when you're using the F1 to listen to music on your mobile phone, that you phone must be A2DP compatible. Not all phones will allow you to use stream music to a bluetooth headset. You'll need to pair the F1 to your phone. The process is the same but without the use of the TX. Simply set your phone into pair mode and hold down the multi-function button on the F1. Once paired, you can use the controls on the F1 to answer calls (press once), ignore calls (hold down until you hear a beep), adjust the volume, redial, and place calls on mute or hold.

    If you receive ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:08
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    ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Macbook
    Manufacturer: invisibleSHIELD
    Site: Buy from invisibleSHIELD
    Price: $54.95 (full body coverage); $39.95 (standard coverage); $24.95 (wrist rest coverage); $17.95 (battery coverage)

    Overview : Your search for a(n) Apple MacBook 13 inch case, skin, or cover is now over. The invisibleSHIELD™ is an exceptionally clear and virtually indestructible film that will protect your MacBook 13 inch from unsightly scratches. Our exclusive nano-memory™ technology covers and shields your device, keeping it as pristine as the day you took it out of the box.

    The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD applies directly to your MacBook 13 inch, providing the toughest, most durable protection you will find. The invisibleSHIELD has its origins in the military, where it was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris. Now you can use that same powerful technology to protect your MacBook 13 inch.

    The invisibleSHIELD is only .2 millimeters thick making it the slimmest MacBook 13 inch skin or MacBook 13 inch cover of its kind. It is so tough that we back it with a lifetime guarantee. So, if it ever does wear or scratch, we will replace it for free, for the life of your device. And if you ever need to remove the invisibleSHIELD, no problem; it comes off clean and leaves no sticky residue.

    If you're still not convinced, check out our demo video and see for yourself how strong the invisibleSHIELD™ really is.

    • Full Body coverage: Top, bottom, wrist rest, track pad and mouse button(s).
    • Standard coverage: Top, wrist rest, track pad and mouse button(s).
    • Wrist Rest coverage: Wrist Rest only.
    • Battery coverage: Battery only.

    Quality/Usability : I thought I would spice up the reviews with something not gaming related.

    I've been wanting to protect my 13.3" Black Macbook from scratches or marks and possibly give it that glossy look but still keep its cool black color. Since its black, its more visible and noticeable if it there was a blemish so I thought I'd give ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD for the 13" Macbook a try. You've probably have either heard of invisibleSHIELD or seen some form of their advertisement such as key scratching ipod, pen trying to go through invisibleSHIELD. They protect everything from your precious iPods, to cellphones to cameras and even your PSP.

    invisibleSHIELD comes in a cardboard tube. Inside the tube are two complimentary bottled solutions (just water), squeegee, instructions and 3 invisibleSHIELD sheets. One sheet contains the cover, second sheet contains the battery and bottom and the third sheet contains the wrist rest, button and trackpad. All invisibleSHIELD products are clear giving you the ultimate protection without changing the looks.

    I've installed numerous DecalGirl skins on consoles and those were easy. Even if you messed up, peeling and reapplying was easy. So I thought this would be a walk through the park....boy was I wrong. First, they suggest washing your hands so that your fingerprints arent all over the sticky side of the invisibleSHIELD. OK, I have no problem with that. Next, spray your fingerstips with the SHIELDspray (its just regular water) and peel the invisibleSHIELD off the paper backing. Once peeled off, hold the invisibleSHIELD in your hands with the adhesive side up. Lightly spray the front (instructions states to spray back also, why? I dont know) of the invisibleSHIELD. DO NOT spray on the laptop itself. Once you have applied water to the invisibleSHIELD. Apply it to your laptop and slide it into place. STOP! What they didnt mention is that this method is for glossy Macbook's. My Black Macbook is matte. Its not glossy like the white ones. Had it been glossy, installation would have been a lot smoother. So sliding into place on a matte surface would be very hard to do as the invisibleSHIELD grips onto the matte casing. Since I can not slide into place, I had to lift up the invisibleSHIELD. Use the squeegee to push the excess moisture and bubbles away from the center to the edges. Again, it was impossible with the Black Macbook.

    Since I'm a perfectionist and a bit anal when it comes to things like this, I had to lift and re-align the invisibleSHIELD multiple times on the cover. Just when I thought I had it, it was uneven. So I had to take the whole part off and reapply. Doing this also stretched out the invisibleSHIELD. So when I finally had it aligned correctly on three sides of the cover. The fourth side was too long. No way for me to even it out.

    The battery was easier as the invisibleSHIELD piece was small and easier to handle. Same goes for the rest of the bottom invisibleSHIELD. But you would think that the wrist rest, button and trackpad would be even easier. Wrong. The illustrated image at the top from invisibleSHIELD shows that the wrist/trackpad area should be four piece. The piece I received was one big piece. I couldnt even take the trackpad or button piece off. You can see the indentation or semi-cut out but was unable to remove it or ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:08
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    iSkin SOHO Macbook Sleeve Case
    Manufacturer: iSkin
    Site: Buy from iSkin
    Price: $59.99 (For 13" MacBook or Similar Sized PC Laptop); $64.99 (For 15" MacBook Pro or Similar Sized PC Laptop)

    Overview :
    It's what's inside that counts.
    On the go with your laptop means keeping it safe and the iSkin SOHO does just that. With elegant style and cool colors, SOHO features a multi-layered design to absorb the hits and dings that would normally damage your laptop.

    MacBook, meet your match.
    Made for the MacBook and Macbook Pro, the SOHO's distinguished good looks, coupled with legendary iSkin fit and finish, makes it the perfect accessory for your laptop and your outfit. It also fits PC's with similar dimensions.

    Right down to the zipper.
    Zipping around town means you need quick access to your computer. The SOHO features an iSkin designed ergonomic zipper that's easy to grab and pull. It also looks great!

    Look good anywhere.
    Combined with the iSkin ProTouch Keyboard Protector, the SOHO is ideal for students, business users and just about anyone who prefers to be anywhere but at a desk. It also makes a great heat barrier when using your MacBook on your lap.

    • Specifically made for Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro
    • Works with similar sized PC laptops
    • Slim two-tone design
    • Colored stitching
    • Simulated premium leather finish
    • Reinforced, durable, outer shell
    • Color-matching, plush padded lining
    • Sure-grip custom iSkin designed zipper pull
    • Clam-shell design for easy access to laptop
    • Inner elastic screen straps
    • Multi-layered construction
    • Stylish yet elegant
    • Reinforced spine
    • Available in a variety of color styles

    For MacBook or similar PC
    Length: 13" (33cm)
    Width: 9" (23cm)
    Depth: 1" (4cm)

    For MacBook Pro or similar PC
    Length: 14.1" (36cm)
    Width: 9.6" (25cm)
    Depth: 1" (4cm)

    Available in a variety color combinations:
    • Amazon: Black with Pink
    • Graphite: Black with Grey
    • Magnum: Black with Red
    • Sahara: Black with Orange
    • Azure: Black with Blue

    Quality/Usability : I have been on a hunt to find that perfect notebook sleeve to carry my Macbook instead of lugging around my North Face laptop backpack. I didnt want anything too bulky and simple but at the same time, being stylish. iSkin's SOHO seems to fit the bill. iSkin is known for the iPod cases and their PSP carry cases.

    The iSkin SOHO is made of black "premium synthetic leather" with colored stitching and colored lining all around. The outer hard shell and inner lining protects your precious laptop from everyday hazards such as minor scratches, bumps and spills. The sides where the zipper is located does not offer much protection like the outer hard shell but dont worry, the zipper does not touch laptop either as it is also lined. The zipper contains a iSkin logo but it would have been nice if it included two zippers instead of one. The SOHO also protects your lap from the heat coming from the bottom of your notebook.

    What I also like about the SOHO compared to some other sleeves on the market is that you can use your notebook while its in the sleeve since it has two elastic bands on the top of the case. So when you open the SOHO, the lid of your notebook also opens at the same time. The inner lining is the same color as the zipper and stitching and also has "iSkin" imprinted all over.

    The SOHO fits perfectly around the Macbook without adding much bulk but still giving ample protection at the same time. You can also place this into a carry bag or backpack without a problem. But I feel that the SOHO is mainly aimed towards Apple laptops rather than PC laptops.

    CAUTION: Remove the laptop from the SOHO while connected to an external monitor or when used for extended periods of time. iSkin is not responsible for damage caused to your laptop when used with this product.

    Conclusion : Overall, the iSkin SOHO Macbook Sleeve Case is great for any college student or a freelancer like me who meets clients every so often. Its elegant and nothing too flashy or fancy on the eyes. Since this is a sleeve case, there are no additional pockets and no strap, so holding it may cause you to drop it. So if you carrying a mouse, charger and other accessories with you, you'll need to carry a bag with you. I no longer have to expose my Macbook to potential damage and its easier to use on public transportation. Its so convenient...just unzip and open. No more removing laptop from sleeve and having to shove it back in when I'm done or rushing to get off train/bus. Just close and zip it up. Although its probably the best looking and best protecting case, the price will hurt your wallet compared to others out there. Its either spend a little bit extra and know you're getting protection or take the risk of buying something cheaper and potentially damaging your laptop and having to buy a new one later on.

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    by Published on February 1st, 2011 22:30
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    News via Nmax

    EmuCenter2 is a simplistic interface that combines the best emulators *
    cfor video game consoles with greater simplicity

    * Console emulation: enables a computer to run games like a video game console

    Highlights :

    - A simple interface that combines all your games (emulation, pc or internet).
    - Brings together the most popular console emulators for both 32 and 64 bits.
    - Sets all emulators for immediate use with good settings.
    - Brings together the most common settings for all emulators on the same page.
    - Automatically sets the controller for all possible emulators. (plug and play
    - Automatic and regular update of EmuCenter2 and its emulators.
    - Download the game covers with a few clicks.
    - Automatic seeking of description and a slideshow of the game (Work in progress to make the last 2 points automatic)

    Supported consoles :

    - Nintendo : Nes, Super nes, Gameboy, 64, Gamecube, DS and Wii
    - Sega : Master system, Genesis, Gamegear, Saturn and Dreamcast
    - Sony : PlayStation 1, 2 and PSP
    - Other : Neogeo and arcade systems (Capcom CPS, Taito, Sega model 2, Arcade LaserDisc, ...)

    version (Complete / Full)
    - Ajourne emulateur PCSX2 (PS2) -> SVN 0.9.7 build 4271
    - Ajourne emulateur Dolphin (GAMECUBE / Wii) -> SVN R 6954 x86/x64
    - Fixed some games appearing in the wrong section

    Version beta (partial)
    - Prevents automatic search of covers more than 3 times per day
    - Fixed various bugs
    - Improving the filter before renaming a search (pouches, descriptions)
    - Add passive mode to share games MD5 (avoids an error)
    - Add a delay of 3 sec. before applying an update
    (Supposed to fix an error when updating: s) (partial)
    - Allows a large amount of ROM to be displayed without problems
    - Option to display a list of games in list
    - Redisplays description when the cursor returns to the game
    - Add a search function pocket auto
    (Uses a database being created)
    (Option to share the results are output to enlarge the database)
    - Removes extension displayed in the title description
    - Attempts to correct aspet ratio pockets Nintendo DS (110px/100px) / (partial)
    - Fixed interface colors applied even if cancel
    - Attempt to filter the name of the game before finding description
    - Adjourn translations (Français corrected: fredi125-> fredi8282@hotmail.com)
    - Google Images.nl for Dutch language
    - Corrects the name of a language Deutsch -> Dutch (Netherlands)
    - Improved search function description and slideshow
    - Fixed bug: Unable to delete a file storage for Megadrive
    - Add support for missing extensions (*. rom; SEGACD *. mp3, ...)
    - Fixed refresh after adding faulty games (PS2, Sega Genesis)
    - Straighten resolution does not MAMEUI modifiée (partial)
    - Added option to change the language interface
    - German Language added Thank tom9358
    - Allows the addition of several storage directories games section
    - Recursive Search games in their cases
    - Adds a 1900x1080 resolution 16 / 9
    - Fixed bug when adding bios when there is already
    - Try to avoid having the residue icon JoyToKey
    - Add support for missing extension (PSX, Fusion)
    - Fixed window Desmume partially hidden for small resolutions
    - Saving window position before leaving EmuCenter2
    - Compact the interface principale
    - Copy inftead move the games when adding (Partial)
    - Adds search function automatically description (EN) and slide show of a game
    (To function, the name of the game must be perfectly written)
    - Adds a description and a slideshow (5 images max) for games
    - Allows the addition of several games in one section of a sudden
    - Fixed location of the backup bios Saturn
    - Improves various things (Partial / Partial)
    - Fixed an error in the update
    - Simplifies the operation of the daphne emulator in EmuCenter2
    '.\EmuCenter2\EMULATEURS\daphne\roms\README - daphne roms PART1 (Arcade LaserDisc emulator).txt'
    '.\EmuCenter2\JEUX\Arcade\README - daphne roms PART2 (Arcade LaserDisc emulator).txt'

    http://xotob14.free.fr/viewpage.php?page_id=2 ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 21:15
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    Sony intends to spread the PlayStation Suite much further than Android phones - even iOS and Windows are part of the plan, and they're made by the enemy.

    The exciting potential is for PlayStation Suite games to be offered far and wide, rather than be restricted like produce for App Store and Windows Phone 7.

    "There are a variety of operating systems, but we're focusing first on Android," said Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai, in a conference translated by Andriasang.

    "There's also Windows, iOS and so forth, but we don't have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start.

    "We're not ruling out PSS even on products like Sony Internet TV Powered by Google (Google TV) if adoption rate increases, or if it will help push adoption greatly."

    "We have a completely open stance with carriers and handset makers," he added.

    To begin with, PlayStation Suite will deliver classic PSone games to Android phone users. But in the future, Sony wants the Suite to evolve into a hardware-neutral development environment where brand new games and content are made.

    Through a PlayStation Certified seal of approval, Sony will pin-point which devices work properly with PlayStation Suite. And with a QA system, Sony hopes to avoid the Suite becoming a swamp of questionable quality.

    Final Fantasy VII on Android would tempt.

    The announcement of PlayStation Suite came at Sony's PlayStation Meeting last week. The big news there was the unveiling of Next Generation Portable (aka PSP2). Eurogamer's blanket coverage of the event has been cobbled together in one handy place.

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20...ts-ios-windows ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 20:16
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    Sony looks poised to bring its PlayStation 3 motion controller Move to PC, opening up alternative uses for the device.

    The synopsis for a panel at GDC next month entitled 'Update on PlayStation Move development' includes the comment "We will discuss the new Move Server project that will make it possible for academics and hobbyists to develop software using the PlayStation Move controller on their own PCs."

    The talk is to be presented by John McCutchan, SCEA's lead of the Game Systems team in Developer Support.

    No further information on Move Server is available at present. Rumours are also swirling that Microsoft is soon to offer official support for its Kinect motion controller on PC, following a vast a number of inventive hacks for the device.

    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/article...-server-for-pc ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 19:42
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    Dead Space 2, the dismembering space horror sequel from EA and Visceral Games, has taken the top spot on the UK chart in a week of few releases, knocking LittleBigPlanet 2 into second after just a week at the top.

    Dead Space 2 is the only new entry in a reshuffled top twenty which sees Black Ops slip to its lowest position yet of fifth. FIFA 11 and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood both gain a place at Activision's expense, sitting at third and fourth respectively.

    Interestingly, the addition of Dead Space Extraction: Move to the PS3 bundle didn't quite manage to tip the sales of Dead Space 2 in the favour of Sony's machine - 56 per cent of sales were for Xbox 360, with 40 per cent on PS3 and the remaining 4 on PC.

    Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2010 UKIE Ltd.

    Last Week This Week Title
    New Entry 1 Dead Space 2
    1 2 LittleBigPlanet 2
    4 3 FIFA 11
    5 4 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    2 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops
    3 6 Just Dance 2
    10 7 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
    6 8 Wii Fit Plus
    15 9 Art Academy
    11 10 Just Dance
    7 11 Mass Effect 2
    8 12 Kinect Sports
    12 13 The Sims 3
    9 14 Gran Tursimo 5
    16 15 Wii Party>
    13 16 Dance Central
    20 17 WWE: Smackdown Vs. RAW 2011
    17 18 Read Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare
    Re-Entry 19 EA Sports Active 2
    18 20 Wii Sports Resort

    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/article...op-of-uk-chart ...