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    by Published on March 19th, 2020 17:03
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    byuu v3 is released. byuu is a multi-system emulator that focuses on accuracy and ease-of-use. It is currently in early release beta status. byuu is an upcoming multi-system emulator that aims to provide the accuracy of higan, with the ease-of-use of bsnes. It seeks to accomplish this by catering to the common 99% of use cases, rather than higan, which tries to cater to every niche. As such, certain advanced functionality will not be available in byuu; however, the emulator will be significantly easier to use, like bsnes.

    Planned roadmap:
    v1: support for gamepad mapping and the save state manager
    v2: support for other controller types (mice, light guns) and multiple-players
    v3: support for Famicom Disk System, Super Game Boy, and Sega CD emulation
    v?: support for per-system input mapping, cheat codes, movie recording, and run-ahead functionality
    v?+X: optional scanline renderers for each core to boost performance substantially
    v?+Y: additional emulation cores from outside of higan (PS1, Saturn, N64 would be most promising!)

    byuu v1.1 changelog:
    Famicom: emulated the X24C01 EEPROM for Bandai-FGC boards (no X24C02 support yet)
    Mega CD: CDC PCM DMA can only write to current bank [EkeEke]
    Mega CD: CDC DMA address setting now clears d0-d2 for proper transfer alignment [EkeEke]
    Mega CD: improve power-cycle handling (not perfect; best to restart the emulator between each Mega CD game still ...)
    PC Engine: trigger VDC coincidence IRQs at start of scanline (fixes Bomberman '94, Air Zonk start screen rendering issues)
    PC Engine: improved RCR interrupt emulation (fixes Air Zonk in-game)
    PC Engine: fix VDC DCR writes (fixes Gaia no Monshou, Magical Chase, etc)
    PC Engine: reduced VDC access delays (fixes Wonder Momo, but may not be hardware accurate)
    PC Engine: improved instruction timing
    PC Engine: added Avenue Pad 6 emulation (higan only for now)
    WonderSwan: window emulation improvements
    byuu: BIOS firmware settings window improvements
    byuu: can now load firmware from inside ZIP archives
    byuu: added trace logging tool
    byuu: added manifest viewer tool
    byuu: add path overrides for saves, BPS patches, and DSP firmware files
    higan: fixed a serious issue with the "Create New System" option from the launch screen
    nall: fixed a subtle yet important issue with Natural/Integer::bit() that allowed out-of-range bits to be set


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/03/byuu-v3.html ...
    by Published on March 18th, 2020 22:00
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    Wine v5.4 is released. Wine is a project to allow a PC running a Unix-like operating system and the X Window System to run x86 programs for Microsoft Windows. Alternately, those wishing to port a Windows application to a Unix-like system can compile it against the Wine libraries.

    Wine v5.1 Changelog:
    Unicode data updated to Unicode version 13.
    Builtin programs use the new UCRTBase C runtime.
    More correct support for Internationalized Domain Names.
    Support for painting rounded rectangles in Direct2D.
    Text drawing in D3DX9.
    Various bug fixes.


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/03/wine-v54.html ...
    by Published on March 18th, 2020 21:23
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    Mednafen v1.24.1 is released. Mednafen is a multi-game-system emulator, for various platforms, including emulation of the following systems:Atari Lynx,Famicom,GameBoy (Color),GameBoy Advance,Neo Geo Pocket (Color), NES(both NTSC and PAL),PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD) and SuperGrafx,PC-FX,WonderSwan (Color).

    Mednafen v1.24.1 Changelog:
    February 27, 2020:
    NES: Changed some macros in the CPU emulation code to not have leading underscores.
    February 25, 2020:
    Use sem_clockwait() or sem_clockwait_np() when available, instead of sem_timedwait().
    NES: Don't memset() MDFN_PixelFormat object.
    February 23, 2020:
    Fixed build errors on FreeBSD relating to the multithreading code.
    February 22, 2020:
    Fixed broken semaphore emulation code used on non-Windows platforms when sem_timedwait() is not available(1.24.0-UNSTABLE regression).
    February 15, 2020:
    Altered Linux joystick API detection in the configure script, to avoid compiling with Linux joystick support in lieu of SDL joystick support on *BSD systems
    with Linux header files installed.
    February 11, 2020:
    Fixed AltiVec-related build errors on 64-bit POWER/PPC.
    SS: Added kludges to fix NBG2/NBG3 background layer offset problems in "Fighters Megamix".
    February 2, 2020:
    SNES-Faust: Replaced assert() in the DSP-1 emulation code with a SNES_DBG()
    January 23, 2020:
    PSX: Implemented a partial fix for missing notes/instruments in the music of "Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout".
    December 30, 2019:
    PSX: Don't ignore the sample loop address set via ADPCM header when the loop address register was written only before the end of voice on startup delay.
    Fixes sound effect glitches in "Re-Loaded: The Hardcore Sequel".


    http://www.emucr.com/2020/03/mednafen-v1241.html ...
    by Published on March 18th, 2020 20:43
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    PC gamers are being asked to donate their unused computational power to help researchers better understand the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
    [email protected] is a distributed computing project for disease research which uses idle resources to simulate protein folding.
    By downloading [email protected], PC gamers can help researchers develop treatments for COVID-19, which has so far killed over 8,000 people and caused global disruption.
    "The data you help us generate will be quickly and openly disseminated as part of an open science collaboration of multiple laboratories around the world, giving researchers new tools that may unlock new opportunities for developing lifesaving drugs," said [email protected] director Greg Bowman in a post detailing the project.
    Early projects are geared around understanding how the virus interacts with human host cells, and developing new antibodies to disrupt it.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...earch-covid-19 ...
    by Published on March 2nd, 2020 19:17
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    MAME v0.219 is released. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

    What's news in MAME:

    MAME Testers Bugs Fixed
    - 06790: [Graphics] (surpratk.cpp) suratk: Missing star field rotation effect in final level. (MetalliC)
    - 07079: [Gameplay] (suna8.cpp) sparkman, sparkmana: Player 2 button inputs are not read correctly. (dink)
    - 07428: [Media Support] (vsmileb.cpp) vsmileb: Unable to load media. (Ivan Vangelista)
    - 07557: [DIP/Input] (karnov.cpp) wndrplnt: Coin inputs no longer work. (MetalliC)
    - 07562: [Graphics] (seibuspi.cpp) rdft: Line scroll effects have regressed. (MetalliC)

    New working machines
    Advance Bright Ltd / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. Decathlon [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
    Bandai / SSD Company LTD Mahou Taiketsu Magiranger - Magimat de Dance & Battle (Japan)
    [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood, ShouTime]
    Conny / VideoJet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Pocket Dream Console (France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
    Consumenta Computer / Loproc Conchess (standard) [hap, Berger]
    Game & Watch: Pinball [algestam, Ryan Holtz]
    Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Dream Life Superstar (Version 0.3, Mar 16 2007) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
    Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Mission: Paintball Powered Up [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Star Wars - The Clone Wars [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Hasbro Designer's World (Version 1.0, Dec 20 2005) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto 1X [Berger, blitzchess.fr]
    HP 86B [F.Ulivi]
    Merry Circus (Version 1.0.2) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
    MGT 20-in-1 TV-Spielekonsole (Germany) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
    Mortal Kombat (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle]
    Performance Designed Products / Disney / Jungle Soft Disney Game It! Classic Pals [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Plug & Play Game Controller with 200 Games (Supreme 200) [TeamEurope]
    Retro Dance Mat (110 song Super StepMania + 9-in-1 games) (PAL) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
    Senario / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. My Sports Challenge (5-in-1 version) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
    Senario / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. My Sports Challenge (6-in-1 version, QVC license) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
    Senario / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. My Sports Challenge Plus / Wireless Sports Plus [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Senario Guitar Super Star (Fender Stratocaster style) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Shiggles Inc. Club Jenna Presents: Jenna Jameson's Strip Poker [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
    Sports Trivia Professional Edition (Senario, Plug and Play) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    TaiKee Interactive TV Games 49-in-1 (PAL) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
    Tech2Go / WayForward Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant and Monster Mayhem [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Tomy / SSD Company LTD Champiyon Pinball (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime, David Haywood]

    New working clones
    Albert Computers, Inc. Albert [rfka01]
    ASEM S.p.A. AM100 [rfka01]
    Ataque Androide - Moon Cresta (FAR S.A. Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    Battle Balls (Portugal) [Apocalypse]
    Blood Bros. (Korea) [Jorge Silva]
    Dharma Doujou (Germany) [Darksoft]
    Double Wings (Asia) [Asayuki, pacman70]
    The End (SegaSA / Sonic) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
    El Estivador (Spanish bootleg of Port Man on Galaxian hardware) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    Final Star Force (World?) [Jorge Silva]
    Galaktron (Petaco S.A.) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    Galaxian (Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    GTAC Do-Do [R. Belmont, rfka01]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Academy (German, 04-10-88) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Academy (German, 06-03-89) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Berlin 68000 (v0.02) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Blitz- und Problemloesungs-Modul (set 2) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Genius 68030 (v4.00) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto II (set 2) [Berger]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 2, v4.00 2 EPROMs) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 3, v3.00) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 4) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 5) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM IV (v6.00) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM IV (v7.00) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM V (set 2) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Mega IV (set 2) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Milano (v1.01) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Modena (set 2) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Modena (set 3) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Monte Carlo (ver. MC2) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Polgar 10 MHz (v10.1) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Portorose 32 Bit (v1.01) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Rebell 5,0 (set 2) [hap]
    Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Super Mondial (ver. AB) [hap]
    The Lord of King (bootleg) [hammy, caius]
    Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware, Ichi-Funtel) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    Mr. Do! (Fabremar bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.60, DK PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
    New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61, DK PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
    New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61a, C1 PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
    New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61a, DK PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
    Olivmandingo (Spanish bootleg of Mandinga on Galaxian hardware) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    P-47 Aces (ver 1.1) [Derick2K, rtw, trap15]
    Pang (bootleg, set 7) [jordigahan, Pikolo, ClawGrip]
    Puzzle & Action: Tant-R (Japan) (bootleg set 4) [jordigahan]
    Puzzli (revision A) [SpinalFeyd]
    Raiden II (easier, US, prototype? 11-16) [neSneSgB]
    Rampart (Joystick, smaller ROMs) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    Ribbit! (Japan) [Apocalypse]
    Saitek / Tasc Kasparov RISC 2500 (v1.03) [hap]
    Seicross (set 2) [Zab, The Dumping Union]
    Sirio II (Calfesa S.L. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg, set 2) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
    Space Pilot (set 2) [chaneman]
    Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (USA 920312) [Lions3]
    SWTPC swtpc S/09 OS9 [68bit]
    Tasc ChessSystem R30 (Gideon 2.1, prototype) [hap]
    Tasc ChessSystem R30 (The King 2.20) [hap]
    Tasc ChessSystem R30 (The King 2.23, unreleased) [hap]
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version N) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
    Three Ds - Three Dealers Casino House (set 2) [Patrik Styrnell]
    Time Killers (v1.00) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
    Triumph-Adler Alphatronic P10 [rfka01]
    Triumph-Adler Alphatronic P50 [rfka01, Carl]
    Viper Phase 1 (New Version, Portugal) [Jorge Silva]

    Machines promoted to working
    Care Bears TV Games (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) [Ryan Holtz]
    Gimix 6809 System [68bit]
    MIPS Magnum R4000 (be) [Patrick Mackinlay]
    Simba / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. TV Sports 10-in-1 / Decathlon Athletic Sport Games [David Haywood]
    Winnie the Pooh - Piglet's Special Day (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) [Ryan Holtz, Sean Riddle, David ...
    by Published on January 31st, 2020 20:31
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    After a short break, the ScummVM Team is pleased to announce a bugfix release for the 2.1 series - ScummVM 2.1.1, codenamed “:More Sheep:”.
    This release contains a substantial amount of fixes and minor enhancements. The most notable ones are: better multi-language support in the GUI, improvements in FM TOWNS/PC-98 audio, optimisations of the cloud saves, a couple dozen SCI script fixes, improvements to Blade Runner and fixes to another 7 engines. Also, this is the first release with official support for the Nintendo 3DS. Additionally, we added cloud support to the Nintendo Switch port.
    For a more comprehensive list of changes, please refer to the Release Notes.
    As always, the set of pre-built executables can be found at our downloads page.
    Enjoy, and have fun!

    https://www.scummvm.org/news/20200131/ ...
    by Published on January 30th, 2020 19:48
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    Sega Europe is abandoning plastic packaging for its physical games, after it today announced the introduction of recycled cardboard cases for all its PC products.
    The news comes just months after Sega subsidiary Sports Interactive revealed it would be using specially designed recyclable cardboard cases for Football Manager 2020.
    Studio director Miles Jacobson said at the time that he hoped the wider industry would soon follow suit.
    Now, three months later, Sega Europe has expanded upon the work done by Sports Interactive to deliver recyclable packaging across its entire PC portfolio, starting with Total War: Rome II - Enemy at the Games Edition, which is set to release next week.
    Much like the packaging used by Sports Interactive for Football Manager 2020, the new cases are more expensive to produce, but are made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials.
    This increase is partially offset by savings in shipping costs, thanks to the reduced weight overall. Sega Europe quoted Jacobson's initial statement on the additional cost, saying it's "a price worth paying to help secure the planet's future."
    "This initiative underlines Sega Europe's commitment to reducing its plastic waste and its ongoing efforts to implement environmentally friendly business practices," said Sega Europe president and COO Gary Dale.
    It was estimated that the decision to go green with Football Manager 2020 would prevent up to 20 tonnes of plastic waste. Sega were unable to provide figures on how much waste this portfolio-wide move could prevent, but suggested it would be exponential.

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...-all-pc-titles ...
    by Published on January 2nd, 2020 22:12
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    MAME v0.217 is released. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

    What's news in MAME:

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 00232: [Graphics] (skyfox.cpp) exerizerb, skyfox: Missing parallax effect. (sasuke)
    - 04344: [Graphics] (galivan.cpp) ninjemak and clones: Continue countdown on game over displays incorrectly. (sasuke)
    - 05380: [Interface] (apple2gs.cpp) apple2gs: Command-line media options not recognised for cards set in INI file. (R. Belmont)
    - 05387: [Timing] (snk6502.cpp) nibbler: Some animations run too fast. (AJR)
    - 05606: [Gameplay] (crvision.cpp) crvision and clones: Sound plays too slowly causing game delay issues. (Michael Zapf)
    - 06782: [Gameplay] (apple2gs.cpp) apple2gs [chsm2100]: Chessmaster 2100 player clocks do not count. (R. Belmont)
    - 06946: [Misc.] (galivan.cpp) dangar, dangara, dangarb, dangarbt, dangarj: Black warp screen between areas is missing. (sasuke)
    - 07196: [Timing] (snk6502.cpp) nibbler: Game slows down periodically in two-player mode. (AJR)
    - 07482: [Color/Palette] (apple2.cpp) apple2, apple2e and clones: Graphics colors do not match the original machines. (R. Belmont)
    - 07493: [Graphics] (galivan.cpp) dangar, dangara, dangarb, dangarj, galivan, galivan2, galivan3: Incorrect text colors. (sasuke)
    - 07494: [Graphics] (terracre.cpp) horekid, horekidb, boobhack: Coffee break doesn't show. (sasuke)
    - 07501: [Sound] (snk6502.cpp) nibbler: Snake sound missing when materializing in two-player game. (hap)
    - 07502: [Sound] (ms32.cpp) f1superb: Machine is flagged as lacking sound emulation, but plays sound. (ArtLine)
    - 07510: [Cheat System] An unnecessary separator is displayed at the top of the cheat menu. (kunikuni)
    - 07524: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) new2001, queenbee, squeenb: Input settings are not saved. (hap)

    New working machines
    Bondwell Holding Bondwell Portable Computer Model 14 (German keyboard) [rfka01]
    Cosmo Gang (US) [hap, Lord Nightmare, coolmod, The Dumping Union]
    CXG Systems / Newcrest Technology Sphinx 40 [hap, Berger]
    CXG Systems / Newcrest Technology Sphinx Dominator (v2.05) [hap, Berger]
    France Double R La Regence [hap, anonymous]
    Intec InterAct Complete Video Game 89-in-1 [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Lexibook JG7415 120-in-1 [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
    MiWi2 16-in-1 + Drum Master [David Shah, David Haywood]

    New working clones
    200 in 1 Retro Arcade [eanbowman]
    Acorn Computers / Slogger Acorn Electron (Stop Press 64i) [Nigel Barnes]
    Arlington Horse Racing (v1.40-D) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
    Magic Bubble (Adult version, YS1302 PCB, set 2) [hammy, The Dumping Union]
    Mandinga (Electrogame S.A. bootleg of Amidar) [ClawGrip, Rampa]
    Megatouch 5 (9255-60-50 R0G, Bi-Lingual GER/ENG version) [TeamEurope, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
    Mera-Elzab Meritum I (Model 1) [element853, Robbbert]
    Osborne Osborne-1 with SCREEN-PAC [Vas Crabb]
    Snow Bros. 2 - With New Elves / Otenki Paradise (Nyanko) [jordigahan, Heckler, ClawGrip]
    Tron (5/12) [cdjump @ klov]

    Machines promoted to working
    Jungle Soft / Ultimate Products (HK) Ltd Zone 40 [David Haywood, BeckyRGB]
    Lexibook Zeus IG900 20-in-1 (US?) [David Haywood, Sean Riddle]
    Star Wars Arcade (US) [O. Galibert, Caps0ff]
    Wing War (World) [O. Galibert, Caps0ff]

    Clones promoted to working
    Channel Three [TeamEurope, Grull Osgo, Ivan Vangelista]
    Star Wars Arcade (Japan) [O. Galibert, Caps0ff]
    Wing War (Japan) [O. Galibert, Caps0ff]
    Wing War (US) [O. Galibert, Caps0ff]
    Wing War R360 (US) [O. Galibert, Caps0ff]

    New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
    21 (Sigma) [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
    BaoBaoLong BBL380 - 180 in 1 [zhongtiao1]
    Buttobi Striker [SpinalFeyd, R. Belmont]
    Cars 2 (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Chameleon RX-1 [starlord, ClawGrip, Recreativas.org]
    Digital Equipment Corporation VT52 [Dalby Datormuseum, Matt Burke, AJR]
    EOD Performance Inc. Vanguard MK1 [Caps0ff]
    Fantasy Story [David Haywood, caius, The Dumping Union]
    Fish Life Amazon Playful Edition (Japan) [Musee Bolo]
    Golden Tee Golf (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Golden Winner [@LosTrastosDeXaX, ClawGrip]
    Hasbro Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box (Spain) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
    JAKKS Pacific Inc Star Wars Blaster Strike [Sean Riddle]
    JAKKS Pacific Inc Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hero Portal [Sean Riddle]
    Kattobase Power Pro Kun [SpinalFeyd, R. Belmont]
    Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Star Wars Rebels [TeamEurope]
    Lexibook JG7425 221-in-1 [TeamEurope]
    M&D unknown M&D handheld [zhongtiao1]
    Majesco (licensed from Konami) Konami Collector's Series Arcade Advanced [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    Oxford Instruments ITC-4 Intelligent Temperature Controller (Version 2.04) [ClawGrip]
    Pro-Nets Technology Speedcom VD56SP [ClawGrip]
    Pub Time Darts [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
    Rowe International CD-100B LaserStar [unknown]
    Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party (satellite) [SpinalFeyd]
    Sweet Land [anonymous]
    Takara / Sammy / DCT / SSD Company LTD Gachinko Contest! Slot machine TV (Japan)
    [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime, David Haywood]
    Techno Source Handy Boy 11-in-1 (TV Play Power) [Sean Riddle, GameHistory.org]
    Toy Story Mania (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    unknown VRender0+ bowling game [SpinalFeyd, hammy, The Dumping Union]
    Virtual Ping Pong (Conny / SDW Games) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
    VTech Genius Junior Profi (Germany) [TeamEurope]
    VTech Genius Tabletop Black Magic CX (Germany) [TeamEurope]
    VTech PC Super Color (Spain) [ClawGrip]
    VTech V.Baby [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]

    New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
    Abit 486 EISA-AE4 [rfka01]
    AEG Olympia Olyport 40-21 [rfka01]
    Aquarius System (ASI) MD-4DUVC [rfka01]
    Arche Technologies Inc. KMA-300G-25 [rfka01]
    Blood Bros. (Modular System) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
    Bull ...
    by Published on January 2nd, 2020 22:06
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    RetroArch v1.8.2 is released. RetroArch is a multi-system emulator for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and *BSD. It is formerly known as SSNES. Its design and background is quite different than most other emulators as RetroArch does not implement an emulation core itself. RetroArch talks to libretro, a generic emulator core API. This means that RetroArch is core agnostic, and it does not care which emulator core is running.

    Currently there are libretro implementations for systems such as SNES, NES, GBA, GB/GBC, Genesis, and even arcade games (Final Burn Alpha).

    libretro isn't only usable for emulators. A preliminary port of an open source reimplementation of Cave Story has been ported to libretro as well.

    RetroArch believes in modularity. The application itself is a command-line driven application suitable for HTPC and/or headless use. There also exists a GUI frontend for RetroArch, supporting every single config option available in RetroArch.


    http://www.emucr.com/2019/12/retroarch-v182.html ...
    by Published on November 25th, 2019 17:45
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    Ootake v2.92 is released. Ootake is a PC Engine emulator for Windows. Ootake is the most frequently updated PC Engine emulator available for windows, and Ootake is also one of the more complete. Also, Ootake is FREE unlike Magic Engine.


    http://www.emucr.com/2019/11/ootake-v292.html ...
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