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    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:15
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    XCM Universal YPbPr 1080p VGA Box
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from Play Asia / Buy from Divineo China / Buy from Amazon
    Price: $59.00

    Overview : A true universal VGA box compatible with the new generation consoles on todays market (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii) and also with Xbox.

    Compatible with both PAL and NTSC system, it is available with European or US power supply. A plug and play installation will give you Ypbpr input with all consoles, now with a 1080p resolution!

    Features :
    • High quality 3rd party product.
    • Fully Compatible with all component devices - e.g. x-box, x-box 360, PSX3, Wii, DVD players, etc...
    • Compatible with PAL or NTSC system.
    • Double scan conversion (31.5KHz for NTSC, 31.25KHz for PAL,67.5KHz for 1080p).
    • Output resolution ; up to 1080p
    • Plug and play installation.
    • Connect compatible YPbPr device to your VGA monitor.
    • Integrated YPbPr to RGBHV converter.
    • Supports 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.
    • Applications: TFT LCD monitor, CRT monitor, Set-top box, Display projector.
    • Works on LCD TFT monitors.
    • Video output: VGA.
    • Automatic video source mode detection (film/graphic).
    • Motion-adaptive interfiled de-interlacing.
    • Get the power from USB port of consoles or PC, no extra power supply needed.
    • Comes with 3 component cables - PSX3, Wii & XB360.

    Quality/Usability : The XCM 1080p allows you to hook up your PS3/Wii/Xbox360 computer monitor via VGA. With all the new consoles and the ability to output into high-definition, and the high costs of HDTV's, not everyone has them. But we actually do...our computer monitors.

    Included in the package, you'll find the following items:
    • XCM 1080p VGA box unit
    • USB to USB-miniB cable
    • Component cables:
      • Wii (non-shielded)
      • Xbox360 (shielded, includes optical digital audio connector)
      • PS3 (shielded)
    • Instruction booklet

    Unfortunately, no VGA cable was included. This was probably due to cost factor. Had XCM included the cable, price of the product would of been higher. So to keep the price down, they didnt include the VGA cable.

    Like all cables that XCM releases, they are sturdy and high quality cables. You will not be disappointed.

    The VGA box itself is also sturdy and well built. The outer casing is made of opaque clear plastic. The connectors are standard quality and nothing special. Something caught my eye though. Under the VGA CARD slot, although the connection is a male connector, there was a female type connector. This connector uses the two screws similar to that when you're connecting your monitor to your video card on your PC. You can see it in the image below but on the mock up images, you dont see it. To fix this problem, simply remove the shield around it so that you can connect the cable.

    Before purchasing this product, you must know that the VGA box does not change the output resolution. So you should check your monitor to see if it supports the resolution you are going to be used.

    Connecting everything to the VGA box is fairly simple and is explained easily in the instruction manual. On top of the box is a switch that allows you to switch between VGA and COMPONENT. The front has a MONITOR and VGA CARD port. On the back, it has YPbPr inputs. To the left are SOUND IN, SPEAKER OUT and 480p~1080p/1080i switch. And on the right side is the USB POWER port to power the VGA box.

    All images looked crisp and I didnt have a problem with any of the consoles. Just remember that the Wii can not upscale images as it is not capable of doing so.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM Universal YPbPr 1080p VGA Box is a useful product for those who do not have HDTV. It would of been great if they included the VGA cable as the box allows you to switch video signals. So you can use video signal from your console or connect to your PC's video card to output to your monitor. Its understandable that they left it out to keep costs low. If you have an extra VGA cable around the house, you wont have to worry.

    Images via comments ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:09
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    XCM Multi-Console Component Cable v3
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia / Buy from Divineo China / Buy from Divineo France
    Price: $39.99

    Overview : Finally a single cable to connect ALL your consoles to your TV! No more switchbox's needed, this cable can handle it all. Finally you can free up those extra inputs on your TV for other devices!

    Features :
    • Fully Compatible with Xbox 360™, Wii™, PS3™/PS2™, PSP Slim™, Xbox™ consoles.
    • Built in switch prevents interference of other consoles while in use.
    • High quality shielded cable.
    • Supports Component Signals (Stereo).
    • High Quality and High Speed of Transfer Signal.
    • Supports Dolby Prologic.
    • Supports DTS 5.1 Channel System.
    • Supports DOLBY Digital Surround Sound.
    • Supports Stereo Sound.
    • Supports Optical Signal on Xbox 360™.
    • Compatible with Surround Sound Receiver or Integrated Amplifiers.
    • Supports CRT, Plasma, LCD or any HDTV System
    • Supports D2 (480i/480P); (720i/720P) & D4 (1080i/ 1080P) technology.

    Quality/Usability : XCM has released another multi-console component cable but unlike v2, v3 supports not only Xbox360, Wii, PS2, PS3 but now PSP and the original Xbox! This is an all-in-one cable for your whole entire entertainment center.

    There are five plugs for your console: PSP, PS2/PS3, Wii, Xbox, and Xbox 360. On the other end are the component cable inputs that connect to your TV. On the "switcher" itself, you have six switches: PSP, PS2/PS3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360HD and 360SD. So just switch to the system you are playing with.

    The quality of the cable is sturdy and very durable. The visual quality that the cable outputs is on par with that of the stand alone cables. I did not see any ghosting or any lag. The colors were bright and crisp from what I have seen during the testing. Switching between consoles only took a couple of seconds for it to be displayed. However, switching between consoles on the switcher can be a little annoying. Sometimes you'll "overshoot" the switch that you want. So you'll have to slowly push the switch.

    In my original review of the Multi-Console Component Cable v2, I mentioned that the cable from system to system is fairly long. Its long enough if your system was near or next to each other. But after upgrading my entertainment center and having my systems in different locations, the cables were not long enough especially if you have them on different shelf heights. The cable from the TV to the switcher has a decent length to it.

    Below is a video on how to connect the Multi-Console Component Cable v3:

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM Multi-Console Component Cable v3 works great like its predecessor. Quality and build is sturdy. Visual quality is great as well as the color. However, the length of the cables from system to switcher and to other systems isnt long enough if you have systems in different locations or on different shelves. If you have majority of the systems and they are near each other, you wont have all those cables dangling and it frees up your AV slots. However, if you only have 1 or 2 systems, this is not worth the cost. The price tag of $39.99 is fair but $29.99-$34.99 would be the sweet spot.

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    by Published on February 1st, 2011 21:50
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    The world of gaming can be a nasty place. The internet seems to highlight the worst bits; full of bickering, flaming and criticism, it's a cruel world. Just ask Treyarch.

    I suppose that's what happens when you take a bunch of passionate and opinionated folk and cram them in the same cyberspace together. Of all the Holy realms of geekdom, gaming seems to be the one where the old saying, "You can't please everyone" rings particularly true.

    To tell the truth, I expected all out war this past couple of weeks.

    by Published on January 1st, 2011 18:17
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    Fable: The Lost Chapters
    publisher: Microsoft
    Developer: Lionhead Studios
    Genre: Action RPG
    Players: 1
    System: Xbox Original

    Fable 2 is coming up, so it might be a good idea to do a "pastview", eh?

    Fable had promised gamers the world; or at least leader of lionhead Studios Peter Molyneux had promised it. One of the oddest surprises about the original Fable which had failed to deliver anywhere near the promises of peter M. was that it was still an absolutely fantastic game.(I wasn't really mainstream at the time, so wow, I could only imagine what he actually said was gonna be in the game at the time o_0) Fable still held its own in the gaming world for a few reasons; one, it had an intense magic and melee combat system. Two, it had a hugeopen world and lots to do. And three, you could be a hero in the game, or a villain, and the line wasn't drawn that clear either.Fable: The Lost Chapters was essentially Fable 1 with some the stuff that SHOULD have been in the original. This included more side missions, weapons, magic, and other things, but nothing truly warrenting a repurchase of the game. if you were like me, however, and never had the game in the first place, it was a spectacular deal.

    Fable had a pretty average combat system for its time; emphasis on melee without many different combo attacks, magic that was sweet but ran out too quickly, and a bow for ranged attacks. But the combat system was very fluid, and battles commenced in seamless real time on the overworld. Boss battles were grand and fun. The only problem was that the combat system wasn't very deep. Racking up combos then delivering finishers was fun with melee, but thats about as deep as it went. magic was pretty fun, but overall not as helpful as melee, and rendered pretty useless in comparison. the Extra skills that you could purchase at the Guild made things a little more interesting, but not by a huge amount. Overall, Fable had a very fluid and easy to use combat system, but it didn't contain the depth of such games as Ninja Gaiden and God of War. The control you have in battles and the overworld is spot-on. The controls don't stick, the camera isn't jumpy or messy, and it all around works well.

    What was probably the main selling point of the game was its twisting storyline. This was one of the few games where you have immemse amounts of decisions that truly affect how the rest of the game will be played out. And a lot of these decisions actually are decided by your moral standing.(A study once showed that only 5% of the players of Fable could actually stand to be bad all the way through. I know I ended up with a halo, though I wanted to be an assasin :/ )These choices don't just affect the story, they effect you and the people around you. If your bad, people will tend to avoid you or run away when they see you. If your good, people flock to you, and usually bug the crap out of you. but its not so black and white. You can be good or bad, or a mix of the two. Or closer to good then bad, or vice versa. Even the quests you complete at the Guild will decide how people veiw you, so much that if you don't actually do anything, people won't know you. on the other hand, if you take on many quests and emerge victorious each time, you'll get famous. If you drink too much booze you'll get a beer gut, if you work out enough you'll get buffer, and really many things effect your character in adverse ways. And best of all, the choice is up to you. It could even be called a 'benchmark in gaming interactivity', if you use the term loosely.

    With Fable 2 on the horizon, it may be a good idea to pick up Fable: TLC if you haven't already played it. Its selling for dirt cheap now, and its still a fun game today. Its backwards compatible with the 360 as well. So if you've run out of games to try and want a new experience for cheap, give it a go. Be sure to look out for our DCEmu Fable II review coming soon.
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 17:00
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    Game Review: Stepmania (PC, Xbox, PSP)
    Publisher: MIT
    Developer: MIT
    Genre: Rythm video game
    Players: Up to 2

    We've all heard of the Konami Arcade game Dance Dance Revolution, and it’s numerous sequels and ports.
    A lot of us have it on our home consoles, breaking it out during parties or even using it for exercising. I’m here to review a homebrew PC clone of DDR. This clone is called Stepmania.

    The Default Stepmania Menu

    Now some of you have probably heard of Stepmania. It isn’t at all new, in fact it was first released in November of 2005!
    But it’s free and open-source, with I-Pod, PSP, and Xbox ports, and is guaranteed to entertain.
    Now my Stepmania experience is on the Xbox, with StepmaniaX. It was relatively easy to set up too. The downside that I can think of is that you have to go and find songs, announcers, background animations, etc, to get it working properly.

    It immediately worked with the DDR PS2-GC-Xbox Dance Pad and plays/feels exactly like the real thing, with the only problem being that if you are using the Dance Pad, it can be a tad bit annoying setting up the controls at first. However, once you’re finished setting the controls up, it works great!

    Doesn’t it look exactly like DDR?

    Stepmania is also very customizable. From background animations to arrows to songs, you can make it what you feel is best, and if you don’t like what’s available on the internet, you can learn how to make your own content and custom songs!

    Overall, Stepmania is free, (unless you want the optional but recommended dance pad, which is only $20) and will keep you entertained with the thousands of songs you can add to it, I recommend you check it out. With that said, I definitely recommend the PC and Xbox versions, with the only cons being the way you have to setup the game itself and the controls, making it a lot more difficult to work with at first compared to DDR. The PSP and iPod versions however, I really dont care for myself. Even though these ports are very similar to the original PC version, you must keep in mind that it IS a dancing game, that you should be using a dance pad for. Honestly, what’s the point of playing a dancing game if you’re going using a d-pad or a click wheel?

    So, to wrap this up:
    PC and Xbox -

    PSP and iPod -
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:57
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    Publisher: Tecmo
    Developer: Team Ninja
    Genre: Third-Person Action
    Number of Players: 1
    Price: $15 (can be downloaded to xbox 360 hard drive)
    or $10 if you can find a used copy in a store.


    You play as a ninja by the name of "Ryu Hayabusa" and start out with a "special" sword, you later unlock more weapons and moves as you SLOWLY progress through the game by violently slaying fiends (demons, monsters, evil creatures, my LMS teacher, call them what you will) with well lasting AND animated combos.

    This kunai smells funny


    The gameplay is simple, go in a room, get killed, go in it again, and try to survive by locating patterns in you'r eneimes movements, block and counter attack when needed, or simply smash every face button on the controller and hope for the best, as the enemies fall, they will drop orbs that can ethr give you health or money to upgrade your character.

    Aside from having weapons, you also have magic called "NIMPO" you can preform this spells when you are found in a difficult situation as they will assure you a critical hit on an enemy, even on one of those amongst the most law defying fiends. But use them with caution, as this "NIMPO" will not come back on their own, you have to recharge them with a potion that costs money.

    Hmmm....is it just me, or is the big guys face inside out.


    This game looks better then most if not all wii games out there, seriousley, I am very surprized by what the regular xbox can do, the level of detail on ryu is astonishing, from the metal plate on his head, down to the kunais found at the side of his legs, everything is very well polished and well thought out animations can only help.

    CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW THE PICTURE (it ecceeded the 500 pixels width rule)


    Depending on what weapon you choose to adopt as your own, you will hear different sounds, if you have a sword you will hear constant metal bashing against the your oponent's armor, if you choose a staff you will hear the sound of wood banging against whatever it is that you wish to hit with it, tho one thing you will always hear, is the sound of wind being broken by the peed of your attacks.

    The background song MUST fit in well with the game due to the fact that i don't remember hearing one .


    Once you are done with the game on normal difficulty, you can always go back and beat it on hard to unlock new costumes, other then that, i see no other reason to.


    This game is going to spit on your face and laugh at you while you are naked because you just saw ryu's big breasted friend. The cutscenes are the most cinematic and well preformed I have ever seen in a game making you wish they were longer.

    so, ya doin anything this saturday?

    I give this game:
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